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Copying from VirginMedia V6 to PC


Hi guys,

Was hoping one of you might be able to help with an issue that has started happening when trying to copy from my Virginmedia v6 box to an Avermedia 2 Plus recorder. Not something I do often but I do like to save off certain sporting event highlights.

Whenever the Avermedia is plugged in the tv screen goes blank & the Avermeiai will not record. I also have to turn off/on the V6 to get it working again. I’m assuming it is HDCP protection getting in the way but it was working about 6 months ago.

Virginmedia v6 to HDMI 1 in/2 out Splitter (

Splitter connects to my Panasonic TV ( and
Avermedia 2 Plus recorder (

Any help gratefully received as it is really annoying me.