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A request to allow political discussion again on the OT.com


A post for requesting political discussion to be allowed again on the OT.com

I appreciate and respect the previous decision of Jay and mods to ban the discussion of politics on the site a couple of years ago. It seems the multiple requests, warnings, temp-locks, post deletions, temp-bans, and even a fresh political thread, all aimed at improving the level to some sort of civil and decent political discourse were repeatedly ignored and went unheeded.

Yet, many of those members involved from that time are no longer on here on site. This is a more civil and welcoming place than that era, and there was some genuine and quality debate and points of view taking place in the political discussions at times (in amongst the shite, grudges and drama).

It would give also the ‘Off Topic’ a welcome boost to the number of discussions taking place in there. Maybe with more interest and footfall in the political threads people will take notice of some of the other cool threads in there too.

Would it be possible for the moderation staff to consider whether to allow political discussions on the site again?

If the ‘shitposts’ or antics of the past were to return, the moderation could simply re-instate the banning of discussion politics once again.

I fully respect and understand the decision should the mods decide not to bring political discussion back. Just thought I’d ask.

The FE Renegades thread; from the people who post ‘go kill yourself’, ‘fuck you’, ‘let’s throw abuse’, and more at OT staff & members. Four years on and still throwing accusations, slurs and abuse at the OT & anyone outside their Salacious Crumb filled clique. + FE Discord “to vent” more at the OT. Wook’s take.


Have you considered the possibility one of the reasons it’s more civil and welcoming is because politics are not allowed?


We have been contemplating a Election 2020/politics channel on the discord as a compromise.

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