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Pete Byrdie
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Star Wars (1977) - a general Random Thoughts thread
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11-Mar-2024, 10:00 AM

Sideburns of BoShek said:

Pete Byrdie said:

I’ve been to page 19 of this thread, and realised there’s 96 pages, and I have no idea how to find anything on this forum. So please let me know if this belongs elsewhere, or if it’s already been discussed (it surely must have been).

I don’t think the Greedo scene and the Jabba scene filmed for Star Wars but only included together in 1997 were ever actually supposed to appear together. I think it was always intended to be one or the other.

I use the Index threads pinned up in each section on here.

The OT Index thread has a Character category and also a mini index for Han Shoots First / Han vs Greedo

and these have some discussions on Jabba and Greedo:

George Lucas: Star Wars Creator, Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist… - categories 9 & 34?

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes

and most threads on the 1997 and 2004 releases probably have some sort of discussion on the scenes, and the Jabba remodel.

There is a search function of sorts; site:originaltrilogy.com jabba or site:originaltrilogy.com greedo

^ from I can’t find the Search function on this site - Is there one? How can I do a search? in General Assistance

It is kind of strange putting the 1997 Jabba scene into the film given it mainly repeats information from the previous Greedo. Even Gary Kurtz mentioned it in an interview on it.

Thanks. I’m really struggling to find my way about here.

After I posted, another thought occurred. Almost any dialogue could have been put in Greedo’s snout, and Han’s responses aren’t always necessarily specific. If the two scenes had been intended to be together, I’ll bet there was originally a different dialogue option.

Greedo talks as though Jabba has already given up on Han and has already put a significant price on his head.

Shortly after, Jabba and Han talk as though Greedo is just Jabba’s lackey and Jabba is looking for Han to pay up, threatening only then to put a bounty on his head.

Something’s off about the story at least as I’ve heard it about the Jabba scene always being intended. At least, I think there’s more detail to the story.