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💡 An Index & Help Thread for Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases... 💡
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31-Oct-2020, 8:50 AM
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12-Nov-2020, 7:24 AM
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For anyone wishing to chat about specific the Special Edition releases - and changes made for them. As well as a possible (though unlikely) future SE release. And of course, a discussion thread for the changes made to the OOT films (before the 1997 Special Edition), along with a separate thread for the 2006 GOUT DVD release…

‘The Changes to the Original Trilogy films & general Special Edition discussion threads’:-

• The OOT : link (1977-96)

• 1997 SE : link

• 2004 SE : link

• 2006 GOUT : link

• 2011 SE : link

• 2019 SE : link

• 2026 SE : link (“Somehow… Lucas has returned!”); a possible future SE release - though unlikely…

Mods, if you feel the above are worthy or helpful threads is it possible for them to be added to ooj’s Index above?