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Reorganising Star Wars Fanedits
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6-Aug-2020, 8:36 PM
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14-Aug-2020, 1:32 PM
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I think I’ll copy Gonk’s useful post layout to use below (thanks Gonk)

All four main Fan Project sections have now been re-organised - with their respective ‘Index & Help threads’ also updated (along with a sort through of ‘Toys & Memorabilia’ and an Index thread being created for that too):-

Toys & Memorabilia | Collections, Toys and Memorabilia - an Index of Discussion Threads…

Star Wars Preservation | An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Preservations… • Updated •

Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects | An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… • Updated •

Preservation of Other Properties | An Index & Help Thread for Preservation of Other Properties… • Updated •

Fan Edits & Projects for Other Properties | An Index & Help Thread for Fan Edits & Projects for Other Properties… • Updated •

The above re-organisation started in April - and was finished earlier today; just shy of 6,600-6,800 threads in total.

Near on every thread in the four main ‘Fan Project’ sections are now marked up to indicate their purpose and also their status; ie, whether they are ‘info’ threads, ‘info or help wanted’ threads, ‘help: looking for…’, or project threads - whether at the ‘idea’ stage, a ‘WIP’, ‘help wanted’, ‘finished’, ‘unfinished’, ‘on hiatus’ etc.

The four ‘Index & Help Threads’ in the ‘Fan Project’ sections… can be used to more easily ascertain which projects are ‘finished’, ‘a WIP’, or ‘on hiatus’ etc - as well as useful information, discussion, ideas, & unfinished project threads also listed in them.

Preservationists and Fan Editors have also been asked (in the ‘Index & Help threads’) to keep the status of their projects updated in their respective threads - whether it is an Idea, a WIP, Released, or Unfinished etc…

We do also ask that members not post requests for links in threads (unless asked to by the editor / preservationist) to try and keep discussions & feedback flowing (rather than have a flurry of ‘Request’ or ‘PM sent’ messages disputing the conversations in these threads) - yet people don’t often look around to read the Rules, Help threads, or Indexes before posting. And some ‘hit & runners’ do not care / take any notice anyway.

The mod staff could post the above link and info in every single project thread on here - and people would still post requests in these threads. Much like the numerous ‘request threads’ for the Despecialized - 40-50 separate request threads merged into a single thread here some time ago (and many more in the site’s Trash Compactor).

Also, there are some people such as this pleasant guy here (his later ‘f*** off and die’ etc follow-up post has been removed) - despite actually being given links to the information to acquire the project he was seeking.


The glut of ‘Markdown posts’ - have previously been removed a long while ago. Some may have been overlooked or slipped through our fingers… though anyone is welcome to let the mods know of any such markdown posts remaining (outside of threads talking about Markdown, that is 😉 ) - and we’ll delete or edit them.

The same applies for any accidental ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’ posts made on here - and obviously for any spam too.


Hopefully the re-organisation / sort through will prove beneficial to everyone interested in the Fan Projects featured on this site - as well as information and discussions on and about them.

There’ll likely be a few errors, mis-labelled threads, or maybe still overlooked projects during the re-organisation - so please do let us know if you see any mistakes or faux pas.

As always… we need the kind help and input of members to help maintain this great place - to also help both the site and the community here thrive.
Any ideas and suggestions for improvements (or criticisms) can be posted up - or continued if the subject is already being discussed - in the site’s Feedback Forum.

MTFBWY & Thank you 👍