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Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects
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9-May-2019, 7:43 PM
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9-May-2019, 7:50 PM
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pehache said:

oojason said:
Yes mate, it is bit of an old post. The ‘Why isn’t it easier to acquire Harmy’s Despecialized Editions?’ post from the ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread, may be more useful?

Well, that’s not really the point, I fully understand the reasons why the files are not easily accessible.

My point is: the black market is generated by the difficulty to access the files (and somehow it can be an endless fight)

The black market would exist regardless even if there was a Despecialized website with a simple ‘download here’ link on it.

The black market existed before Despecialized for other projects, also exists for other easier-to-get projects, and will exist for future projects to come.

It’s unfortunate, nobody here likes it, yet that’s the way it has always been. From con hall stalls & dodgy video shops year ago, to modern dodgy websites selling projects, to ebay and other sites… and you’ll also find many of these scammers also sell other projects too.

oojason said:
Have you informed HanDuet there is an issue with for acquiring ESB? (When I receive PMs asking for help from members I’m surprised so few have actually contacted HanDuet to give him a heads-up that something has gone wrong and requires fixing or addressing).

In Section 10 of HanDuet’s superb guide:-

'If you find any errors, have feedback, or can think of ideas for improving this guide, please leave a comment on my Facebook page. I will also post on that page when a new version of this guide is published, so please “like” the page if you’d be informed of future updates:

Again, not really my point. I know I will eventually find the files (actually it’s already the case). I am just wondering what can think a newcomer who is told “RTFM”, who does, and who nevertheless fails accessing the files…

I think it is the point - if there is an error with the Guide, or the Guide isn’t functioning as it should, then it’s best to let HanDuet know of it, for him to try and fix and address, yes? As it says in the Guide itself. And also so others don’t have the same frustrations and issues too.

Or that the person PMing for assistance hasn’t previously made a post asking in the relevant thread - or even read through the relevant threads - to see if the issue they are having has already been addressed.

There are tons of threads and posts here, with 2 consequences :

  1. the newcomer can easily be lost without knowing where to start searching. I’m not a pure newcomer here, but still I often feel lost in the forum.
  2. the newcomer can even think that the answer to his problem is indeed already somewhere in the threads, and won’t dare asking again

You probably knows where is every bit of the content of this forum, because you have been here for years.

And anyway, not everybody can read/write english easily…

You’re right - there are many, many threads on the Despecialized Editions within this site (along with other project and topic of conversation too).

Which is why there are there are Index Threads pinned at the top of most sections of the site listing the more relevant threads for projects and/or conversation of interest etc - including a section for the Despecialized Editions in the Index Thread of the Star Wars Preservation section - to help members find relevant information.

In the ‘General Assistance’ section, there is an easy to find thread with useful information on the Depecialized Edits too, titled 'Some info & help for Harmy’s Despecialized Editions of the Original Trilogy….

Also, in the ‘Help’ section pinned at the top of the site, there is also information on how/where to find the more relevant threads for the Despecialized Editions.

A little patience, some thought, and willingness to find and follow the guide (or Solkap’s guide - and others too) has resulted in thousands of people obtaining the Despecialized Editions over the years. Many of whom don’t speak English, or possess IT skills, or fancy/expensive equipment etc.

And for people who did struggle to acquire them… HanDuet, Harmy, Solkap, .Val, NJVC, and many, many others of the community here have kindly and generously helped people out over the years to acquire them, answer questions, come up with solutions or alternatives etc.

It isn’t a perfect system - but it’s the best we can do, and has worked for many people, over many years.

As once Jay said (I think), we could put a pinned thread with ‘Despecialized Editions - Info In Here’ on every part of this site - and we’d still get people making new threads asking where the Despecialized Editions are, how to get them, why isn’t it easier to get them, etc.