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23-Dec-2016, 11:26 PM
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Interesting and productive discourse lies in the reasonable space between protecting delicate flowers from the slightest offense and promoting a crude free-for-all. We aim to provide an open and lively discussion forum while keeping things civil, hence the following rules.

Hard Rules

All members are subject to these rules in all sections of the forum. The General Chat/Off Topic section is once again moderated, so all rules below apply to that section as well.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning, followed by any number of temporary bans at any arbitrary length as determined by the moderators. Excessive rule-breaking will eventually result in a permanent ban. If you need to ask how many offenses are required for a permanent ban, you should probably reconsider your posting style.

Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete offending topics and posts without warning.

  1. Stay on topic. (Determined in part by the OP. See General Guideline #3 below for details.)
  2. Don’t attack other members personally. When debating, argue the point, not the person. Respectful criticisms of debate style (logical fallacies) are acceptable.
  3. While there are no specific restrictions on profanity, please exercise restraint. Dropping an F-bomb here and there isn’t going to get you banned, but excessive profanity shouldn’t be necessary to make your point.
  4. No politics; only light discussion of current events is permitted, and only in the Off Topic section. Your signature, which appears beneath all your posts, may not contain political content or social commentary.
  5. No image-only posts unless the image has a direct bearing on the topic at hand and it adds value to the discussion. Images may not contain nudity or graphic depictions of violence, death, etc.

Breaking the following rules may result in an immediate and permanent ban with no prior warning:

  1. Do not harass other members, either publicly or via PM. Any unwanted contact after a request to stay away will be considered harassment.
  2. Personal attacks and slurs based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. aren’t tolerated under any circumstances.
  3. Socks (fake accounts where you pretend to be someone else) and team accounts (accounts used by more than one person) aren’t permitted. If we find you using a sock, we’ll ban both the sock and your primary account as well as any related accounts, and possibly IP addresses.

General Guidelines

  1. We encourage you to assist new members in learning the ropes, but making fun of them isn’t helpful. Either politely point them in the right direction or say nothing at all.
  2. Don’t moderate unless you’re a moderator. If you see problematic behavior, report it. Report new members you suspect to be trolls/socks, but don’t accuse them publicly without proof.
  3. The OP is considered the thread owner and sets the topic and tone for a thread. The mods will defer to the OP’s preference in determining whether posts veer too far off topic.
  4. Again, the Off Topic section is no longer unmoderated; the same rules apply there as any other section.
  5. If you see any spam or spambot posts on the site please report/PM them to a Moderator asap (as you hopefully would if you saw anything else suspicious on here). Do NOT reply to, or quote, the spam or spambot - and do NOT click on any link they post.