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Color Averaging

There’s quite a lot of disagreement on how the colors in the Original Trilogy looked. Many sources disagree. An idea that I’ve had for a while is to somehow take all these sources and then try to find an average or a commonality to get the closest to the original source as possible. Is this even feasible?


Video said:

Be honest! You hate black people, don’t you?

Of course not!

White people: Do you know what gentrification is doing to black neighborhoods? Do you have any idea?

Yes, I think we know that gentrification primary displaces minority groups. It’s not a secret.

Why is being a former drug owner a bad thing but being a former slave owner totally okay in White America?

First of all, being a former drug owner is not universally a bad thing. There are many good people who have been former drug owners. And there aren’t any former slave owners in America now – they’re all dead. I would say that being a former slave owner is worse than being a former drug owner.

Do you honestly think the structure of America is not based on racism?

I honestly think there’s a difference from a structure that has racism built into it (like 19th century America) and a structure that does not inherently have racism built in. Right now, we could be in an ideal world where racism does not exist – it’s totally feasible. However, there are still somethings in our culture that hinder that goal. I feel that this is very different from a society which allows things such as slavery.

Do you really think you discovered America? Do you really think it’s yours?

It depends on how you define “discovered.” Obviously we were not the first to get here, the Native Americans were here thousands of years before we “discovered” America. So, in a way, you can say that the people who came in the Paleo-Indian migration discovered America. On the other hand, you may define discovery as contact, and if you take it as that, then the Norse were probably the first to get here. And no, I don’t think any particular person or group should “own” America.

When I’m upset, I’m an angry black man. (Or black woman!) When you’re upset, you’re just upset. Aren’t you angry white man?

I think this is a common sterotype that should be removed from our culture. If anybody is upset, we should just say they’re upset.

Why isn’t racism illegal?

I hate to bring up the “slippery slope” argument, but I think it applies here. Racism can be seen has a consequence of various rights that we have: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. Making racism totally outlawed is frankly impossible. So, we should approach the problem from a more cultural perspective, and try to make it as taboo as possible, for lack of better words.

Why is gaining the black vote so important, but mass incarceration against black people isn’t?

Hold on there, I don’t think anybody is saying that mass incarceration isn’t an important issue. It’s one of the most pressing issues in America today – and it needs a solution. I don’t think anybody is just dismissing this problem.

Why are all of you afraid of black people?

Afraid? I’m sorry, but I’m not catching on.

What are you going to do about systematic racism?

Let me share an analogy I heard a couple of days ago: Society is a machine. It is designed to hopefully make a system around humans and bring them to their highest. Modifying the systems takes time – look how long it took for us to get rid of slavery. So, it isn’t going to come immediately. We’re going to have a long road ahead of us, and that includes making laws to mitigate some types of racism, and making the public conscience more accepting.

Why must you own all the media outlets?

I think that’s a result of a greater problem. Nobody’s doing this intentionally. See my response to the systematic racism question.

Why does every race qualify for reparations except for black people?

Again, see my response to the systematic racism question.

A long time ago (really not that long ago) you guys prevented black people from learning how to read and write. But, why did you let them keep a Bible?

I’m not sure if I understand this fixation on the past. Yes, we made mistakes. Tons of them. Let’s learn from them. I don’t think there’s much to be gained from analyzing and tearing apart the actions, thoughts, and words of people who are long dead. But, to answer your question, I just think it’s because religion was treated differently back then than now. You just had to have a Bible. It’s your religious duty.

White people, historically you’ve never liked black people, but why have you always accepted black people’s money?

Because people like money, no matter who it comes from.

What does colonization mean to you?

Well, colonization did have a lot of horrible effects, especially on Native Americans and slaves. I think it was a down period in humanity and how collective discourse with each other. It was a terrible period in many ways.

You do know crack and cocaine are both drugs, right? Can you find out why Bill Clinton thinks one should carry a harsher sentence than the other?

I’m not a mind reader, you know.

When are you going to arrest Governor Synder?

I’m not qualified to speak on that.

When we’re talking about slavery, why are you uncomfortable? It’s a part of American history?

Because it was a terrible and inhumane thing.

Why do you want to adopt the “fun” part of black culture, but not the true lifestyle of black Americans?


Why do you wear shorts in the winter time?

I don’t know. Maybe people just like doing that.

The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **

Lord Haseo said:

yhwx said:

JawsTDS said:

Even after 7 months, I believe THE FORCE AWAKENS still holds up as one of the best SW films yet. What I wouldn’t give for a theatrical re-release with ROGUE ONE. It was the best cinema going experience I’ve ever had – despite the film being letterboxed and on a tiny screen. Only doing IMAX from here on out with SW films.

Agreed. Maybe we’ll see a theatrical re release of all the films after Episode IX.

Or maybe just before IX comes out…

Another possibility.

The ending is still incredible. Curious as to what everyone’s reaction was with the Luke Skywalker reveal? I recall the crowd in the theater being very quiet (and most likely surprised) and not clapping until the credits. All the other returning characters were given a huge reaction.

The ending is exactly what it should have been for the plot that was written. I am not mad that he didn’t speak either because it builds hype for what will be said during Rey and Luke’s first meeting. As if I needed another reason to be hyped up for Episode VIII 😉


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