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4K restoration on Star Wars

nickyd47 said:

The Phantom Menace was shot on 35MM so that can be true 4K, however the other two prequels were shot digitally and not even at 1080p

TPM’s effects weren’t done at 4k though, so most of the movie will still have to be upscaled. And since they probably won’t go through the effort of replacing the handful of VFX-free shots with native 4k material, I’d even guess they’ll just upscale the whole thing.

Das Imperium schlägt zurück - Despecialized Edition 2.1 (German)

benduwan said:

mal ne frage zum lauftext.
da steht am ende:…" - hat tausende ferngesteuert raumsonden bis…".
müßte es nicht heißen “ferngesteuerter”?
auch wenn es im OT so ist,wollte nur mal wissen ob es ein fehler in der rechtschreibung war/ist.
frohe weihnachten.

Also ich lese da “ferngesteuerte”, nicht “ferngesteuert” 😉

Aber tatsächlich wäre wohl “ferngesteuerter” richtigER… ist mir nie aufgefallen. Eigentlich sollten aber beide Varianten stimmen.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

What I also found weird about TLJ is the fact that so little has been made out of Luke’s lightsaber. It was - quite literally - a throwaway item, wheras in TFA Maz even made a big secret out of how she got it. A question which probably won’t get answered either (unless JJA decides to fix as much as possible of what RJ messed up).

Topic A New Screenshot Comparison Site - Bug reports and Feature Requests

Taking this from NeverarGreat’s thread I think you misunderstood my problem then: What I want is to be able to quickly switch between two version even blindly, and even when their tabs are not positioned next to each other. As it is now I have to carefully move the cursor up above the tabs, and back down to the correct tab. But I have a better idea: Right now you allow to upload up to 6 images - can you maybe add keyboard support so that you can change the image by simply pressing its number key?

Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation <strong>(V1 Released!)</strong>

This is really awesome! Do you take feature requests? Actually I only have one: Right now the fact that you can have multiple images to compare (which is awesome!) poses the problem that two images that aren’t directly next to each other (in the Bond example “SE DVD” and “35mm”) can’t be quickly compared. Would it be possible to also change the image when hovering over it (instead of just the title tab), to switch between the currently selected version, and the previously selected one? I.e. you first hover over “SE DVD” then over “35mm” and now, when moving the cursor on and off the image, it switches between these two versions?

Maybe there’s an easier way… a check box next to each title (whereas only two can be selected) would do as well.