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Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions

Yea the only ones on the DVD are

Martin giving Ellen’s boss a ticked

Ellen talking to Brody after grounding Michael

The town council deciding whether or not to fire Martin, they all agree to fire him except for Vaughn who votes against it

The shark attacks the pilot underwater

Here’s some pretty rough footage of the other scenes

I never understood them releasing some scenes but not others on DVD

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

^…^ said:

Thanks a lot! Yep, so many shots for Rogue One, sadly so short that it will be hard to put them back… we’ll see!

For now, I’m working on some sort of automated colorization script, but nothing works well… I wonder if someone has recolored any of the b&w scenes, even in low resolution!

I wouldn’t worry just yet about Rogue One, a lot of deleted scenes will probably be on the blu ray though in sure not every shot will be

Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions

Slavicuss said:

Jp4195 said:

Just occurred to me, anyone ever attempted it not sure on the quality of the scenes but still it would be interesting anyway, quint annoying that poor kid with the clarinet needs gets me every time and it shows where he got the piano wire lol

I recently completed a hybrid edit of JAWS. It contains all the extra material from the ABC TV edit only.
Using the fullscreen VHS (PAL) remastered 25th anniversary release from 2000 of JAWS.
The 5.1 soundtrack has been replaced with the original mono audio from the 2005 2-disc R1 (NTSC) 30th anniversary edition,adjusted for PAL speed-up.
The deleted scenes (widescreen 4x3) ,taken from the R4 2005 2-disc (PAL) release have been cropped to 4x3.
The additional deleted insert shots (2) - not available on home video - of Quint’s tackle box,I borrowed from a copy of the ABC TV edit.
The added footage has been colour-corrected,cropped and framed to match the 4x3 presentation.

Extra scenes:

  1. Ellen Brody feeding the dogs.
  2. Brody & Cassidy alternate/extended dialogue.
  3. Mayor and Hendricks extended dialogue during band practice.
  4. Amity Music Shop.
  5. Amity Town Hall/Quint’s truck.
  6. Bounty hunters arrive on the island - extended.
  7. Bounty hunter shark kill frenzy.
  8. Hooper and Brody make their way to autopsy the shark.
  9. Two insert shots of Quint’s tackle box.

This version now contains all the language and violence of the theatrical cut with the extra material exclusive to the TV version.

I did the same for JAWS 2 - again,using a commercial fullscreen VHS tape and all additional footage from the TBS extended TV edit.

Awesome, I’ve always wanted to do something like that using the dvds with the deleted scenes included in them, sadly not all of Jaws 2’s scenes are in the DVD 😒

Good editing programs and software

So I’m thinking of starting to edit a few things, I’ve always played around with stuff but I’d really like to take a serious crack at it, I’d like to know what some good programs/software would be to use if (nothing extreme just replacing music,color correction, splicing clips together maybe muting tracks etc)


Get ready for "Star Wars - Shroud of the Sith", a radical fan edit of "The Phantom Menace"

Sheepish said:

Progress update: I’m getting a new microphone to re-record the Jar Jar and Nass dubs, as the quality in the cuts I’ve made prior to now is a bit wonky, and I simply don’t like it. The perfectionist in me is having trouble showing an unfinished product. However, I do want to show you guys what I’ve done so far in a relatively cohesive manner. So what I’ll be doing is releasing a screener with a placeholder voice for Jar Jar, Nass, and the Gungans. I’ve made something that is fairly close to what the end result will sound like, so I’m happy enough to release it for previews. I’m rendering the cut as we speak, so your patience will be rewarded soon.

Thanks again for waiting. You guys are awesome. I’ll release it with a disclosure explaining any differences the cut may or may not have with the final version, and any concerns I have with the cut that I’m hoping to get opinions on.

Everyone who has commented here and/or PM’d me will receive an invite.

In the words of Shimi Skywalker when she sees Anakin all grown up “now I am complete”


My personal battle to successfully burn a AVCHD/Blu Ray Disc

towne32 said:

Keep in mind that not all blu-ray players support AVCHD. So, make sure that yours does!

Edit: Also, you seem to keep using AVCHD and blu-ray interchangeably. Which is it that you’re trying to burn? A DVD9, or a BD25?

Well I’m currently trying to burn AVCHD on a standard DVD btw do all burners support duel layer burning (I actually need to get some DL dvds and try again, and my blu ray player is definitely able to play AVCHD, I checked 😊) other than that I’m stumped lol

Ridiculous One: A Star Wars Story

TavorX said:

-When that pilot defector mentions the call sign “Rogue One”, roll out the Star Wars credits briefly.
-When the Rogue One title appears, add “a Star Wars Toy Story” subtitle and play some bits of the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” song; some kind of spin of that.
-During the meeting at the end, and when that political leader says, “What chance do we have?” insert Han Solo’s “How do we blow it up? There’s always a way to do that.” or when Jyn is trying to give that speech, and then pauses, then insert that line among the background chatter.

Yea when jyn’s doing her speech about hope cut to Luke from ANH saying “It’s not impossible I used to bullseye womprats” and after that you can have 3po constantly interrupt her speech like “excuse me, but the odds are etc”

E.T. 35mm Feature

Found this on eBay, Russian audio, 6 reels looks to be in good shape also says it’s a Reissue and appetantly was only ran 73 times I assume it’s one from its re release in 1988 ish if I recall, E.T. is on Blu Ray and it looks incredible but if anyone wants a preservation from an actual 35mm print, (even though they did that for the blu ray) here ya go, I’m a huge fan so I thought it was pretty cool

This post has been edited.

My personal battle to successfully burn a AVCHD/Blu Ray Disc

Hi guys I’ve been trying to figure out the ways to successfully burn a hd disc for a while now, DVDs are no problem but for some reason I just can’t get AVCHD/Blu Ray down I mostly use imgburn for the actual burning process and I have tsmuxer but for some reason, despite looking up guides and settings I can’t seem to author a good disc, they all end up either not playing or just being a black screen, what could I be doing wrong, for example say I have a MKV file and I want to convert it to AVCHD/Blu Ray format for burning to a disc what exactly do I need to do with tsmuxer (I’m a pretty tech savvy guy) and it seems pretty obvious to me that you simply select the format but is there another program in missing in between, I’d really appreciate any input maybe a list of programs to use what settings to have them on ?

Thanks guys

Ridiculous One: A Star Wars Story

Just spit balling here lol

Have young Jyn look out of the opening in her false rock hiding place to see random clips of Anakin and Padme on their date

Have Vader ask Krenick where padme is when he first meets him, then after force choking him have him say “I’m a person and my names anakin”

When Vader appears out of the shadows near the fine have him scream “yipee”

Have K2 say his “I will not kill you line” every time he sees jyn

Toilet flushing sound when Tantive IV separates from the main ship

Have the Death Star plans be the wrong disc with I.O.U crudely written on them

Have the majestic play when the pilot’s mind is probed by the squid thing

The 1997 Special Editions

Here’s a list of things added/changed in the 1997 SE

Additional dewbacks and search teams are visible as the Stormtroopers search for the missing droids. An Imperial transport can be seen taking off in the background.
There is a new shot of the evening Tatooine sky that tilts down, transitioning to the scene in which R2-D2 is captured by Jawas.
The Jawa sandcrawler is revised.
The sunset progression is enhanced, with the sky darkened and stars added at the end of the sequence. The scene in which R2-D2 is captured is tinted red to resemble a sunset.
The interface on Luke’s viewfinder is altered.
A new digital matte painting of the sandcrawler and extended sky is added when the Jawas are setting up shop in front of the Lars’s farm. Artificial zooming-in is also present. More vaporators are added; they disappear in subsequent shots.
There is a new establishing shot of Ben Kenobi’s hut.
Many new shots and elements are added to the Mos Eisley spaceport. There are new CG shots of the Mos Eisley skyline, and added people, Jawas, Stormtroopers, Rontos, and other creatures.
The blur under the landspeeder is replaced with a more accurately shaped shadow.
Ben Kenobi’s line of “this place could be a little rough” just before they enter the cantina is a different take.
New aliens are seen in the cantina.
During Han and Greedo’s conversation in the cantina, the word “yes” in Han’s line, " Yes, I’ll bet you have" is not audible (but still visible).
In the cantina, Greedo fires first as Han dodges the shot and then returns fire on Greedo. This is one of the more famous and controversial changes to the film, giving rise to the saying, “Han shot first”.
A new scene has been added in which Jabba the Hutt confronts Han in the Millennium Falcon’s launch bay. This scene was originally a deleted scene from the 1977 film, with actor Declan Mulholland playing Jabba. A computer-generated Jabba replaces Mulholland, accompanied with new dialogue recorded in Huttese.
There is a new shot of the Millennium Falcon taking off from Mos Eisley.
In the shot where the planet Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star, an explosion ring is added.
The Death Star docking bay is revised to be more consistent with the one seen in Return of the Jedi, most notably in the overhead shot when the Millennium Falcon lands.
C-3PO’s line describing the tractor beam’s power systems has been restored after being omitted in previous stereo sound versions.
Some shots of Imperial officers being shot by blasters have been censored. The first few frames of these shots have been replaced by extra frames from the previous shot, usually a shot of someone firing a blaster at the officer.
When Han Solo chases a squad of Stormtroopers on the Death Star, he no longer runs into a dead end; he ends up at a hangar bay with many Stormtroopers and officers.
The line, “close the blast doors!” has been restored into the scene where Han and Chewbacca, pursued by Stormtroopers, jump through the blast doors as they close.
Two shots of the Millennium Falcon approaching Yavin have been completely re-shot.
The Falcon can now be seen landing on the 4th moon of Yavin.
A new digital matte painting is used in the establishing shot of the Rebel base temple.
Additional fighters have been added to the matte painting of the Rebel hangar.
A scene between Luke and Biggs Darklighter just before the attack on the Death Star has been inserted. This was originally a deleted scene from the 1977 film.
There are new CG shots of fighters taking off. In the original version, the fighters appeared as white spots of light flying off into the distance.
The fighters’ approach to the Death Star is now presented as a single shot, instead of two shots in the original version.
During the attack on the Death Star, many shots of the dogfighting and attack run have been replaced by brand-new CG shots.
After Red Leader’s unsuccessful trench run, the line “He’s on your tail!” was added.
The shot of the Rebel fighters flying away from the Death Star has been revised.
The Praxis effect was also added to the destruction of the Death Star.
When Luke, Han, and Chewbacca approach the throne, matte paintings of assembly members on the sides of the throne room have been digitally replaced with real humans.
James Earl Jones is now credited as the voice of Darth Vader.
“Luke’s Theme” is partially repeated in the ending credits music to accommodate the added Special Edition release credits.

The 1997 Special Editions

Handman said:

Harmy’s Respecialized Edition is probably your best bet for an HD 1997 ANH. I think Adywan did a 97 reconstruction for ESB with the DVDs and there are a few HD upscales of the LaserDiscs out there, but I don’t think there’s anything that’s absolutely the definitive must-have for those yet.

Thanks 👍

The 1997 Special Editions

So if you’re like me and have every cut of the saga released in some format (VHS/LD/DVD/Blu) then you know what it’s like to want to get the best possible quality version for every cut (preferably one day in glorious HD) but by now things have certainly come together their are the despecialized versions, HDTV preservations of the 2004 cuts but what about the 97 special editions, I know their are a few releases of ANH to be found on that magical organ of a site but what are the best quality versions available and furthermore are their preservations of ESB and ROTJ 97 the rabid collector/fan in me needs to know

Thanks guys and HAPPY LIFE DAY, maybe this year I’ll finally force myself to watch the holiday special all the way through lol

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