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The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

Maybe R2 having the map could be cut entirely? So there never was a complete map and Rey finds Luke through the force? Could be an interesting twist on the ‘quest to find a maguffin’ thing

I’ve edited the scene where R2 wakes up so that the map isn’t mentioned, and I moved C3P0s line ‘oh my dear friend, how I’ve missed you’ forward to this scene. It needs more work though

What do you think, would it work?

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The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

Kexikus said:

@Imhotep: I don’t think that your approach can work story-wise, as Finn goes from leaving to fighting the First Order with no explanation at all. The audience would assume he left after he talks to Rey and later he suddenly returns for no reason.

Thanks for the advice. I went back and watched the whole Maz’s castle sequence and you’re right; the scene with Finn, Han, and Maz is too short for it to work.
Hal’s cut is clearer, and placing the “where’s Rey” scene where Hux’s speech was is good. I wasn’t sure what to do with that jump cut of Rey running through the forest.

Your crawl is good, it seems more coherent. I thought I’d miss the “Luke Skywalker has vanished” line but I prefer your take.
In the “With the Jedi gone…” line it sounds like you’re referring to order 66. I like the tie in with the prequels, just wondering if that’s what you meant?

The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

Been lurking for a while but I’m keen to contribute to this thread

I’ve been working on an edit with the space laser moved to the end, this is the scene I cut to fix Finn leaving:

He never leaves the building so the next time we see him is in the basement to receive the lightsaber. I also cut Finn saying ‘please’, didn’t think it fit with him being a coward in this scene

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