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The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Sir Ridley said:

Here’s my change list thus far, with changes I’m not sure about in parentheses:
• (Rewrite crawl)
• Trim or cut Poe’s tooling with Hux
• Cut BB-8 headbutting the X-wing electronics
• Trim Paige’s bombing to make it a bit less drawn out
• (Add ending from TFA with Rey arriving on the island and transition into first scene with Luke, edit sky as needed)
• (Recut to have Rey pick up the thrown saber before going after Luke)
• Cut shot of Luke drinking milk and instead show the creature looking at Rey at that point
• Cut Rey’s line “I’ve seen your daily routine, you’re not busy”
• (Cut Luke’s first “everything you said was wrong”, because I feel like Rey wasn’t completely wrong and I dislike how it was used twice like a catchphrase)
• Trim Luke tickling Rey
• Fix continuity error where Finn’s bag is outside then inside escape pod
• (Trim or cut Maz’s call)
• Trim Canto Bight balcony scene, specifically Rose’s line “I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy, beautiful town”
• Trim or cut BB-8 getting filled with coins and shooting them out
• After Finn and Rose escape, edit the sewer lid to be mostly or fully closed
• In the fathier sequence, cut some of Finn’s lines: “stop enjoying this”, “too much cover”, “make them hurt”
• Cut steam iron “ship”
• (Trim or cut BB-8 controlling the AT-ST)
• Cut Finn’s line “did he just…?”
• Cut Rey’s line about how Kylo should put on a cowl
• Cut Rey’s first lines of voice over when she is in the mirror cave
• (Add visions of violence and destruction to when Luke “looks inside” Kylo’s mind)
• Fix Yoda’s face a bit
• (Make Yoda more blue/pale and transparent like other force ghosts)
• (Extend final Yoda shot like Hal 9000 proposed and/or move scene to other spot in the film like darthrush proposed)
• Cut Poe saying “big ass door”, perhaps edit to just “big door”
• Recut to show Rose coming to save Finn earlier in the suicide run sequence to imply that he needs to be saved rather than having us believe he will successfully sacrifice himself
• Stabilize crate when projected Luke sits on it, like Hal 9000 said

This is how to do a edit of the last jedi i agree with 90% of it but i would just cut out cantobite out entirely and just have finn and rose say we need a code breaker and keep phasma vs finn.

They explain what happens on canto bite to poe right before they go in to snokes ship.

This post has been edited.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut)

I know you finshed but you should add the line from season 6 of the clone wars.

Replace my powers have doubled since we last fought. With for once you did you’re own dirty work count

The sitcom thread

LuckyGungan2001 said:

The only sitcom I’ve watched in full is How I Met Your Mother which is infinitely hilarious and endearing. Sure the finale wasn’t what we expected, but at least it wasn’t cliche. I*ve watched a lot of That 70’s Show and a few episodes of Seinfeld both of which are good but I never got around to finishing.


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