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Mac's Wishlist Of Ideas/Suggestions For Improving RETURN OF THE JEDI


These are exciting times! After the highly-anticipated and amazing ESB:R was completed and released to the public, we are now finally at the next stage of having an official thread for Adywan’s ROTJ:R 😃

In preparation for this moment, here is a detailed wishlist of ideas and suggestions I’ve worked on consolidating over the past handful of years, things I personally would love to see for fixing/improving ROTJ in any edit, especially for Revisited. There certainly will be ideas here that Ady will be unwilling/unable to go along with, and that’s absolutely okay and expected, but at the very least, I truly hope this list will be helpful and inspirational to him (or to anyone) during his endeavor in creating ROTJ:R.

As you will see, this outline did get to be extremely long and extensive, so this is the reason why I figured it’d be best to create my own thread… and it’s probably more proper this way, too, instead of bombarding the official suggestion thread with this behemoth, haha. Let me tell you guys, by the way, this certainly did help pass the time during that wait for ESB:R 😉

The sources for this list is primarily from my own personal knowledge of the film and the fixes/ideas I always wanted to see be addressed, but there actually are plenty of ideas in here which were inspired from other people’s as well (from this site and anywhere). I’m sorry I didn’t go through the trouble of keeping track of which and whose ideas I’ve borrowed from, and so if there are any of you who have made a similar suggestion of something in the past, it’s great we agree! 😄

Alright then, here we go!..


  • A complete color correction.
  • Rebuilt much of the sound mix with new sound FX.
  • Re-rotoscoped all the lightsabers and laser blasts for consistency and other errors.
  • Enhanced the sounds of the lightsabers to be like ESB:R, keeping many of the original ROTJ sounds but replaced some of the ‘less good’ sounds.
  • Added subtle facial expressions (‘cantina-izing’) wherever appropriate on costumes/puppets to give aliens more life. More on some than others, especially: Jabba, the Gamorrean Guards, Salacious Crumb, Nien Nunb, Yoda, Admiral Ackbar, Ewoks, and any other creature/puppet that gets enough screen time.
  • Enhanced/replaced the FX of most explosions all throughout.
  • Enhanced/replaced starships/crafts/vehicles wherever needed.
  • Enhanced/replaced starfields all throughout wherever needed.
  • Fixed/replaced many garbage/uninteresting mattes where needed.
  • Improved/replaced many composite shots and removed black lines all throughout.
  • Added/fixed the rank insignias for any of the Imperial officers that needed it.
  • Added red rear engines to all Ties where missing, like in ESB:R.
  • Edited the Death Star II to have more varying perspectives where possible, instead of the exact same side every time.
  • Edited/trimmed/added/reorganized many shots to help the plot and dialogue issues anywhere needed. Overall, making ROTJ better and not overly childish, but not too different where it may contradict the other OT films and sequels. This edit should be more extensive than ANH:R and ESB:R.
  • Edited/trimmed/added/reorganized the soundtrack wherever necessary to accommodate the various edits in the film.
  • Edited/removed scenes involving the rescue plan at Jabba’s palace so it makes better sense (still not perfect, but as good as it can be with what footage is available).
  • Fixed R2’s flashing light to be flashing a consistent red/blue color in all shots, as in ESB:R.
  • Edited it so R2 uses more of his ANH/ESB beeps and chirps in place of a couple of the newer ROTJ sounds. Just comparing R2 to his ANH self, he is noticeably different, so this will even out his ‘sound bank’ in the trilogy. And as for ANH:R HD, inserted the replaced ROTJ sounds to there.
  • Improved Han’s character where possible so he is not overly goofy in many scenes, not as sarcastic in the acting, and not unnecessarily jealous towards Luke.
  • Improved Boba Fett’s character and gave him a more dignified ‘death’ at the Sarlacc Pit.
  • Added brand new characters throughout the film, mainly for the 2nd and 3rd acts. The characters with names will be notable side characters (characters such as Wedge, Biggs, General Veers, etc); they are added so it doesn’t feel quite as one-sided with the main characters running the show and they can provide some extra characterization/diversity to their respective groups. In ANH and ESB, there were all kinds of notable side characters, but ROTJ was lacking in this regard. It really doesn’t matter who they are exactly, however, since new characters are needed and as a potential way to pay homage to the EU (‘canon’ or ‘Legends’), why not cherry-pick some worthwhile characters from there?
    – Characters include:
    – Col Serra - Human Male, early 40s, Strike Team Lieutenant, Features: Gruff looking, dark wavy hair, and a cybernetic patch over left eye. His demeanor can be fun at times. Old EU. For the expanded Rebel briefing and the battle on the moon.
    – Lieutenant Shara Bey “Shay” - Human Female, late 20s, A-Wing Pilot, Green Four, Features: Light skin and dark curly hair. In relationship with Kes and mother of Poe Dameron. New EU. For the expanded Rebel briefing and space battle.
    – Sergeant Kes Dameron - Human Male, early 30s, Pathfinder Ops, Features: Hispanic with dark hair and goatee. In relationship with Shay and father of Poe Dameron. New EU. For the expanded Rebel briefing and the battle on the moon.
    – Nik Sant “Gramps” - Human Male, late 50s to mid 60s, Pathfinder Ops, Features: Old but sturdy, and has a big white beard. For the expanded Rebel briefing and the battle on the moon. The original guy was interesting and has a fan base of his own so we need to see more of this character (and no, he will not be Rex from the Clone Wars - retconning can work in certain instances, but in this case it is forced only because they both have a white beard).
    – Zahk’u - Alien male humanoid, Pathfinder Ops, Features: Bluish-gray scaley skin, big eyes, and excellent sniper. For the expanded Rebel briefing and the battle on the moon. This is a completely new side character I made up, as a way to add an alien to the commandos and a very handy sharpshooter (to diversify the weaponry).
    – Captain Sarkli - Human Male, 30s, Imperial officer on Endor. Old EU. For certain shots during the battle on the moon. It would make it more interesting to have an Imperial, someone who is like General Veers, who would be as a ‘gatekeeper’ on Endor for the heroes to get past.
    – Lieutenant L’ulo, Male Duros, A-Wing Pilot, Green Two, Features: strong facial features. New EU. For the expanded Rebel briefing and the space battle.
    – Various other human/alien male Rebel commandos - For the expanded Rebel briefing and the battle on the moon.
    – Various other minor human/alien, male/female pilots - For the expanded Rebel briefing and space battle.
    – Various 30-60yo male/female Rebel officers - For the expanded Rebel briefing.
    – Various Imperial troopers and officers - For fixing some continuity issues, for the Battle of Endor, and for the liberation of Coruscant.
    – Various Ewoks - For scenes during the battle on the moon.
    – Various Coruscant human/alien male/female civilians (at least 30 individuals) - For the liberation of Coruscant sequence.
  • Added original character look-alikes for fixing and/or shooting new shots/scenes. Because they have distinguishable faces and don’t wear masks, the stand-ins for Luke, Han, and Mon Mothma will have to either be shot from behind or at a distance, but never a front close-up on their face.
    – Han Solo - For a couple shots during the Sarlacc and for some shots on Endor (some shots he needs the camo). Will also need a good voice actor who can sound like Han for some new dialogue.
    – Luke Skywalker - For new shots during the Sarlacc and for some on Endor (in his camo).
    – Chewie - For important parts during the Sarlacc fight and for some on Endor.
    – Boba Fett - For new shots at Jabba’s palace and at the Sarlacc fight. Will need a good voice actor who sounds like him for some new bits of dialogue.
    – Darth Vader - For some new shots and small fixes elsewhere.
    – Leia (in disguise as Boushh) - For a couple shots in Jabba’s palace. Also, a good voice actor who sounds like her for some new bits of dialogue.
    – Lando (in his disguise) - For a couple shots in Jabba’s palace.
    – R2 - For some new shots on Tatooine and Endor.
    – 3PO - For some new shots on Tatooine and Endor. Will also need a good voice actor who’ll sound exactly like 3PO for some new dialogue.
    – Palpatine - For one or two new shots, namely for when he is thrown into the chasm.
    – Mon Mothma - For the liberation of Coruscant.
    – General Dodonna - For a small cameo during the liberation of Coruscant. Could also manipulate certain ANH footage of him to accomplish this.
    – General Crix Madine - Replaced the original actor entirely for a new actor in mid 40s who shares very similar physical characteristics as the original. Hear me out: The goal here is to have this character give a better closure to the briefing and to expand his character by having him as another leader figure during the final battle (it’s strange his scenes were originally cut from the film). And, with no disrespect to the original actor, he was rather goofy looking with that hair and beard too.
    – Wicket - For some new shots during the battle on the moon.
    – Ackbar - Just a good voice actor who sounds like him for new bits of dialogue.
    – Jerjerrod - Just a good voice actor who sounds like him for new bits of dialogue.
  • Edited multiple scenes/shots so that it appears the OT characters are actually interacting with newly inserted characters, where possible and beneficial. This will greatly help make the addition of these new characters feel seamless.
  • Edited it so there are clearly more individuals involved in the Strike Team. Most times it felt like there were only 7 before, but there should be 20, at the very least.
  • Edited the Imperials, by removal of and addition of shots, so they appear to be a greater threat on the Endor moon and in space.
  • Inserted shadow troopers (not to be confused with death troopers) to the Battle of Endor as the Emperor’s ‘best’ troops and to add an extra element of badass. These should basically be stormtroopers, but in very dark gray or black armor (or perhaps camouflage), so many of the original white stormtroopers can be painted/altered to be them.
  • Added additional starships and background action in certain shots during the final space battle.
  • Added/edited shots to make the climatic battle more epic, including more action and more losses on both sides.
  • Added a few new ships to the Rebels during the space battle, including the Assault Frigate Mk II. Various star systems should be rallied together for this and so it makes sense to see some other unique Rebel ships.
  • Added a new Imperial Star Destroyer class or two in some shots during the space battle, such as possibly the Interdictor-class.
  • Added new scenes of certain starships in action during the space battle (which didn’t get enough screen time action originally), including: A-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, Home One, Executor, Tie Bombers, etc.
  • Added more new cockpit views inside Rebel and Imperial starfighters (with the camera facing outside the cockpit and towards the pilots). This way it makes the fights more energetic and personal, as it was in ANH.
  • Removed many of the ridiculous antics from the Ewoks and edited it so they can actually be perceived as fearsome little warriors. They utilize their small size and knowledge of the lands to their advantage.
  • Edited it so it’s more believable that the Ewoks/Rebels eventually turn the table and defeat the Imperials. This includes more teamwork between Rebels and Ewoks, and more dangerous and plausible traps to replace the ‘silly’ ones.
  • Edited it so the first main reveal of the Emperor’s throne room is when Luke sees it. Narratively, this works great; this way also, we can enjoy seeing more areas of the station as we did in ANH.
  • Edited it so Vader is, overall, a stronger character and will seemingly have more to do in ROTJ.
  • Edited certain shots with Vader so he doesn’t appear as weak during the duel with Luke. Vader should lose only because Luke eventually gets the upper hand (get it?) while going on a raging whirlwind.
  • Added Endor Prime (with vertical rings) and/or the moon of Endor in the background to any space shot where either would be seen.
  • Edited/rearranged/added/removed a lot of scenes for the ending so that the vibe is more of a bittersweet feeling, rather than ‘Dances with Ewoks’ and complete happiness out of everyone. There was just a massive battle and, though they were victorious, there were so many losses.
  • Edited it so there is a more meaningful sequence at the end that involves the removal of the Empire and the formation of a New Republic at Coruscant, in place of the SE montage celebration at various planets.


Note: Ordered chronologically as best as possible.

Opening Logos/Return Of The Jedi

  • New 20th Century Fox opening, just like in ESB:R
  • New Lucasfilm logo, based on the Disney ‘black’ logo, just like in ESB:R.
  • Recreated the opening crawl to match speed and font as ESB:R.
  • Reworded the crawl so it’s similar to but has more substance than the original. Mentioning more about the current state of the Rebels is important, which they could actually be in slightly better shape than how it was implied originally (as time goes on, more and more systems are rallying together to destroy the oppressive Empire). And, since the Emperor is a significant figure in all of this (and his final showdown), he should be mentioned too.

The original crawl (for comparison to the revised):

Luke Skywalker has returned to
his home planet of Tatooine
in an attempt to rescue his
friend Han Solo from the
clutches of the vile gangster
Jabba the Hutt.

Little does Luke know that the
GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly
begun construction on a new
armored space station even
more powerful than the first
dreaded Death Star.

When completed, this ultimate
weapon will spell certain doom
for the small band of rebels
struggling to restore freedom
to the galaxy. . .

The revised crawl:

Luke Skywalker has returned to
his home planet of Tatooine
in an attempt to rescue his
friend Han Solo from the
vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Meanwhile, the REBEL ALLIANCE
has rallied together as they
desperately prepare for their
first offensive at Coruscant,
the capital planet of the

Little does the Rebellion know
that the Empire had already
begun constructing a new and
more powerful Death Star to
secure the Emperor’s tyrannical
rule of the galaxy. . . .

  • Added an extra period in the ellipsis to match the rest of the crawls that have 4.

Vader’s Unexpected Visit

  • Replaced the original shot with the Death Star already in the background and a Star Destroyer flying over head. First, it makes more sense that Vader’s shuttle would come from his personal ship, the Executor. Also, the shot should feel less similar to the beginning of ANH and it should be a better reveal of the second Death Star.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – The camera pans down from the crawl to show a beautiful view of Endor Prime (in relation to the camera, the planet should have vertical rings).
    – Then, in that same shot, a pair of Star Destroyers jump out from lightspeed; followed closely behind, the massive Executor also shows up with them. Having these large ships jumping out of lightspeed to begin the film will help this intro be different than the others.
    – Then a shot looking up to the Executor’s underside hanger as an Imperial shuttle and a pair of Ties disembark and fly off camera. Edited this shot in a way so it doesn’t feel too similar to the beginning of ESB (with the probes leaving the Star Destroyer).
    – Then a new long-view shot from another perspective of the Executor, two Star Destroyers, and Endor Prime in the background as the shuttle & Ties approach the camera. As they do so, the camera pans with the shuttle to reveal an awesome look of the new Death Star looming above the moon of Endor.
    – Then the original interior of the shuttle, “Command station, this is ST3:21. Code clearance Blue.” Edited it so he begins speaking this line a bit sooner in the shot. A string of thousands of cargo ships are now somewhat noticeable outside, busily moving both ways between the moon and Death Star; shuttles such the Zeta-Class from Rogue One would have great purpose being here (and as a “oh I remember those from RO”).
    – Removed the original interior shot facing toward the pilots during “We’re starting our approach, deactivate the security shield.” This isn’t needed and both pilots look bored here anyway, especially the one talking.
    – Then the shot of the Imperial technician inside the Death Star, “The security deflector shield will be deactivated when we have confirmation of your code transmission. Stand by.”
    – Then the close-up view of the screen. Edited the hand so it has a glove, for continuity.
    – In that shot, we hear the technician start to say the line, “You are clear…”
    – Removed the other interior shot with the pilot’s saying the last “We’re starting our approach.” This isn’t needed either since they obviously already have started their approach. Removing these kinds of shots also tightens the sequence and improves the pacing here.
    – Then a new shot behind and following the shuttle and Ties as they’re getting nearer to the Death Star. We hear the tech from the previous shot finish the last words over the com, “…to proceed.”
    – In that same shot, the shuttle’s wings then begin to fold up and the Ties soon after leave formation. All kinds of shuttles carrying massive sheets of metal are more easily seen around the Death Star. Many cranes are busily at work too.
    – Then the original side-view shot of the shuttle approaching the hanger. Added a missing hanger here to the far right to match the previous shot. Inserted more of the interesting construction going on.
    – Then the shot of the shuttle landing inside the Death Star. Edited the officer on the catwalk in the middle so he is facing forward, to be consistent with the next shot when he says, “Inform the commander…”
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • The music will need to be reworked for this sequence with all of the edits and trims.
  • Enhanced all viewing screens to have a subtle ‘modernized’ FX, like in ESB:R. Some need it more than others.
  • Added transparent ice-blue colored shields for all openings separating the hangers from space throughout the film, as seen in Rogue One.
  • Removed the sirens while Vader’s shuttle is approaching and landing in the Death Star. Though Vader is a big deal, it feels unnecessary to have these sirens; they make more sense when there is an actual emergency such as later when the DS is under attack.
  • Removed the cylinder-shaped thermal detonator from the stormtrooper’s belt at the first view of Jerjerrod. The only issue here is it looks out of place, otherwise it’s no problem.
  • Fixed it so the officers/stormtroopers standing in the first establishing shot and the other shots of them standing in the background are consistent with each other.

Jabba’s Palace

  • Added subtle enhancements to a few of the background landscape/mountains to appear more ‘exotic’, like in ANH:R.
  • Removed 3PO saying “Lando Calrissian and poor Chewbacca never returned from this awful place” since this no longer works for this edit.
  • Inserted new dialogue for 3PO, to replace that original, where he also gives some short but much-needed exposition to the current situation which couldn’t be stated in the crawl or elsewhere. The idea is to have the rescue make better sense than how it was originally, namely by making Chewie already caught (better than handed over) and providing a logical reason why Luke wasn’t there in the rescue from the beginning.
    – The conversation is as follows:
    – The original shot with 3PO and R2 as the latter make his original first “beeps”.
    – In the same shot 3PO says, “Of course I’m worried, and you should be too. Poor Chewbacca is now held captive in that awful place and we never heard back since from either Princess Leia or Lando Calrissian.”
    – Then close-up front view on just R2 as he makes “long beeps”.
    – Then close-up front view on just 3PO responding, “Well, that’s why Master Luke sent us. He did say he must first complete those important journals from Obi-Wan Kenobi, you know. But by then we could be disintegrated, or worse.” It should be assumed that Luke has been spending time at old Ben’s home reading many of his journals to create a new lightsaber (which he did and already put in R2) and learning much about the Force (which he is currently practicing/perfecting) that may be useful for this predicament and his own future. Ben likely knew Luke would come back here and discover the journals after his death; this would be the only logical way Luke could have obtained as much wisdom as he does without speaking with either Yoda or Obi-Wan since ESB.
    – Then it continues as normal with the original view behind 3PO and R2 where the latter makes “short beeps”, to which 3PO replies, “Don’t be so sure. If I told you half the things I’ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you’d probably short-circuit.” Then R2 makes his worried “beeps”.
  • Improved the matte of Jabba’s palace in the distance.
  • Added a new (5sec) long view shot facing the front facade of the palace with a land bridge (the two droids are small and seen moving along on it) leading up to the huge main gate. Inspired by one of McQuarrie’s paintings, this is so this new and impressive palace can be seen more gradually, as well as a better way for showing off the size of the main gate than what was attempted on the blu-ray.
  • Removed the blu-ray zoom-in on the door with the droids approaching it (by 5 secs, just before R2 makes his beeps) to accommodate that new and more interesting shot.
  • Added some motion blur to the door droid exiting and re-entering the hole in the door.
  • Edited it so the door droid’s two brackets (that startled R2) are seen going back up to his neck, for continuity, as he’s saying “matby cosa”, just before going back inside the door.
  • Edited a more accurate background looking outside beyond the main door as R2 and 3PO are inside. It will still be bright, but some details can still be made out.
  • Fixed the large door closing too soon in the background so it’s consistent with the close-up shot of it closing.
  • Added subtitles to Bib Fortuna’s character to give intelligible meaning to his otherwise gibberish. Hear me out: It’s an opportunity to potentially learn something interesting about his character if we can understand him, just like Greedo or Jabba had subtitles and they were interesting. Otherwise, the scenes with Bib tend do to drag on.
  • Edited and slightly condensed the sequence so the pacing moves a bit faster between C3PO, R2, and Bib, by removing some unnecessary bits of dialogue and shots.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – “Tae doela!” <subtitled> “You there!”
    – View of Bib, “Day wonna wonga?” <subtitled> “What brings you to our domain?”
    – View on 3PO “Oh my… Dee wonna wygo” <subtitled> “We come respectfully.”
    – Then the short shot on R2 as he says something quick too.
    – View on 3PO when Bib says “Botto!” <subtitled> “Speak up!”
    – 3PO “We bring a message to your master, Jabba the Hutt.”
    – Then a brief shot of R2 as he quickly “beeps” something toward 3PO.
    – Then the med-view shot on both droids as 3PO adds (as if just reminded by R2) “…and a gift.” It can be assumed that Luke told the droids to remember to say ‘gift’ so that the vile and greedy gangster would be more apt to welcome them; without a gift, he likely would not.
    – View on Bib, whose interest is now piqued “Day Jabba wonga?” <subtitled> “A gift for Jabba?”
    – Then view on R2 making some other short “chirps”.
    – Then view on Bib again "Ne Jabba no barta <subtitled> “Jabba cannot be disturbed…”
    – “Eezai ohkto” <subtitled> “…but I will take it to him.”
    – "Izzi kata o mohkti <subtitled> “Come, show it to me.” One could think he’s either wanting the gift for himself or he’s desperate to please Jabba.
    – “Ne charda so dehdi” <subtitled> “He will be very pleased.”
    – 3PO “He says that our instructions are to give it only to Jabba himself.”
    – Then the original (but trimmed) shot of Bib, looking disappointed and perplexed at this news.
    – Then view on 3PO again, “I’m terribly sorry. I’m afraid he’s ever so stubborn about these sort of things.”
    – Then view on Bib as he angrily says, “Noht cha!” <subtitled> “Follow me!”
  • Removed 3PO saying “Gift? What gift?” and also removed the shot of R2’s subsequent response afterward. It isn’t needed and 3PO shouldn’t be as clueless about Luke’s plan; however, he will be surprised later to find out the ‘gift’ is actually them, which is funny.
  • Removed the Gamorrean guard randomly growling and Bib’s reaction to that. It doesn’t add anything of importance here; it only bogs down the scene.
  • Fixed Bib Fortuna’s right hand gesture to be consistent between shots, while he’s persuading R2 to show him the message.

Jabba The Hutt

  • Moved the dance/music sequence to here. Hear me out: This sequence will be highly edited to go with our first look of Jabba and his lair. The dance segment should be removed from where it originally was anyhow, so moving it here is a way to conserve some of its ‘better’ moments.
  • Removed the “Lapti-Nek” and “Jedi Rocks” songs. Neither one of those were good.
  • Inserted a new and more fitting style of music that could sound like African drums, tribal, or Arabian to us. There are no lyrics, so Sy Snootles is no longer needed.
  • Removed the Max Rebo band itself. They are not needed, especially the worst of the bunch, Joh Yowza (the silly big-mouth bug added in the SE). The two dancers are all that should be featured in this routine and the music is assumed to be heard from ‘space speakers’.
  • Edited/arranged certain GOUT and SE footage to create a hybrid of the dance/music routine. The dance/music is coming to a closure soon from when we first begin watching it.
    – The new sequence can go as follows:
    – The music starts to fade in a second before the previous scene ends (of the droids being led by Fortuna in the long-view shot).
    – Then the OT wide-angle shot within an arch, lined with audience members and the two dancers in the middle.
    – In that shot, removed Boba who’s barely seen (as he should now be elsewhere in the room) and edited the barely-noticeable Jabba for continuity with the next shot.
    – Then a close-up shot of Jabba sitting there relaxed and smoking a bong. The perfect first reveal of him. Edited it so he doesn’t look off to the side at the entry (not yet). In that same shot, inserted a dangling chain being held by his right hand.
    – Then the OT close-up shot of Oola, the Twi-Lek, as she’s dancing and apparently held by a chain.
    – Then an edited quick shot of Leia (in disguise as Boushh), standing somewhere with other audience members who are moving to the rhythm.
    – Then an edited quick shot of Lando in disguise also. Could use an OT shot with him (while he is in the background and Sy Snootles is singing) and insert that of him in a new area among other members. These consecutive shots establish that those two heroes are presently in this room; whether a first-time watcher will know who they are or not is fine either way.
    – Then the SE shot of Oola elegantly twirling around.
    – Then the SE shot of Boba Fett somewhere in the back flirting with the girl, putting his hand to her chin, and walks off. This shot is just fine - since Fett is kept in this edit anyway, this establishes he is currently in the palace also (even the best bounty hunters can’t always be working, after all). Plus, it leaves in some much-needed (and attractive) females - the backup vocalists are arguably the only good thing about “Jedi Rocks” and so, since there is no longer singing, this nugget is good to keep.
    – Then the quick OT shot of Oola kicking her left foot up.
    – Then the OT close-up view of the ‘fat dancer’ as she jiggles by.
    – Then the SE view from above and behind Jabba, with Boba walking past and the dancers seen below.
    – Then the SE shot of Oola winding down to the floor. By this time the music is already coming to a closure.
    – Then a close-up shot on Jabba, looking pleased but doesn’t say anything. We now hear the audience beginning to clap and the music ends here.
    – Then the last SE shot with Oola (starting to head off the floor) and the ‘fat dancer’ (acknowledging the audience’s continued clapping).
    – Then a shot of Jabba when a deep audible ‘gong’ sound is heard and he looks over to the entry way.
    – Then the scene continues as normal from there with the shot of Bib Fortuna, 3PO and R2 now entering the room.
  • Edited it so, in certain shots during the music/dance, Jabba is still seen holding the chain with right hand and a bong in the left.
  • Edited out any Max Rebo Band members in the background (visibly playing music) from any potential shots being used for the dancers.
  • Removed the toad thing from the main floor for all shots it’s in, for continuity. Inserted it up by the entryway where it should be, as seen later.
  • Edited it so, in all shots used, Jabba is not seen dancing/wiggling to the music. His tail can move like a relaxed cat but that should be it. This crime lord enjoys the entertainment but is chill.
  • Removed all shots of Oola trying to escape, falling down into the Rancor pit, and getting eaten. Hear me out: While it is a classic moment, it works better for the narrative if the audience is surprised with Luke as he is dropped into the Rancor pit. Plus, for continuity (because of the rearrangement of this sequence), it would no longer work to see her get eaten anyway since she will be seen seated next to Jabba during Luke’s message later. So, for later on, it should be assumed that Oola’s slave duties were simply taken over by Leia.
  • Edited it so the Han in carbonite isn’t seen in the background of any shot during the dance/music sequence. This reveal should be left until later when Jabba shows it to the droids.
  • Alternate Idea: If not that idea of having music moved to there, removed the entire musical and dance number of this sequence altogether.
  • Added some smoke from Jabba’s mouth/nostrils/pipe while he is smoking from the bong.
  • Inserted R2 to be alongside C3PO coming down the stairs, for continuity, since he is seen moments later just behind 3PO before they both stop in front of Jabba.
  • Replaced Greedo’s dialogue from ANH that’s heard in the background for some other subtle ‘alien’ sounds instead.
  • Edited it so Bib Fortuna is seen walking to Jabba’s side only once. He did it in the long-shot and again in the close-up.
  • Edited the direction R2 is facing when he stops moving so it matches the next shot, as well as Oola’s hunched position.
  • Inserted R2’s 3rd leg being shown retracting where it was suddenly missing in the next shot.
  • Added subtitles to Jabba’s “Ooh Shooda” to mean “It better be worth it.” This would be a great and very fitting first line for his character. With this line, right off the bat we get a good sense that he is impatient and if he isn’t pleased, bad things will happen.
  • Enhanced Luke’s recorded hologram to match the quality of ESB:R holograms.
  • Fixed the flipped shots of Luke in the hologram, since his lightsaber and part in the hair were on the wrong side. But if it can’t be fixed, at least it’s justifiable that it’s a recorded hologram.
  • Fixed the reversed footage during “I know that you are powerful, mighty Jabba…” by making the smoke behind Jabba go up instead of down, along with the steam and bubbles from the bong.
  • Inserted a quick shot of Boba Fett also standing there listening to the hologram.
  • Removed the needless close-up view on Salacious Crumb right after Jabba is laughing.
  • Added a more purposeful close-up view on Leia’s face/mask (in place of the removed shot of Crumb) who is watching Jabba’s reaction and then looks back to the rest of Luke’s holo message.
  • Removed the needless and silly laughter from Salacious Crumb, including the close-up shot of him, just after “R2, you’re playing the wrong message!”
  • Added subtitles to Bib again as he whispers in Jabba’s ear, “Bargain rather than fight? He’s no Jedi.” Edited the “He’s no…” to sound more Huttese instead of English, but kept “Jedi” as is.
  • Replaced all front-view shots of Solo’s carbonite to the correct ESB:R version.
  • Edited the conclusion of this scene so the pacing is sped up slightly, by removing one of the shots with the audience laughing and an unnecessary bit of dialogue from 3PO.
    – The ending scene is as follows:
    – Jabba says, “There will be no bargain.”
    – 3PO to R2, “We’re doomed.”
    – Jabba continues, “I will not give up my favorite decoration.”
    – Then the camera pans to reveal captain Solo and we hear, “I like Captain Solo where he is.”
    – After the revealing of Solo still in carbonite, then the original view on R2 as he turns his head to see it.
    – Then an edited short view on 3PO already looking in that decoration. He doesn’t point and turn to R2.
    – Then one more shot of Jabba, a close-up view on his face, as he says a new line in closure, “…but I will take the droids with pleasure.” He then begins to chuckle/laugh. This will add that much more of a greedy and menacing personality about Jabba’s character.
    – For that shot, used an original shot during the negotiations for Chewie (which is no longer kept) where Jabba was laughing and originally said, “This kind of bounty hunter is my kind of scum”. Reversed this shot so Jabba can now speak the new line first and laugh after, then trimmed the shot so the close-up on him laughing is shortened from what it was originally.
    – Then a quick (1 sec), close-up view of Salacious Crumb as he starts to laugh along with Jabba. As annoying as he is (on par with Jar Jar imo), his laughing overall will be greatly reduced - only two instances, including this, where he is laughing.
    – Then the original long-view shot of the room with 3PO and R2 standing there as the crowd is also starting to laugh. Trimmed this shot just a bit.
    – Then the closer-up view on Han Solo with some laughter continuing in the background. shortened this shot just a bit also.
    – Then wipe to next scene as normal.
  • Removed 3PO’s “R2, look. Captain Solo, and he’s still frozen in carbonite.” It interrupts the flow of what Jabba will say next in this edit, and it isn’t truly needed anyway since it’s obvious.

The Torcher Chamber

  • ‘Alienized’ the rats in the dungeon, just as the lizard on Dagobah in ESB:R was ‘alienized’.
  • Fixed R2 in the background of the hallway to be moving in a logical manner and to be consistent with the next shot.
  • Enhanced the tentacle with CGI so it’s slightly more animated and actually wraps around 3PO.
  • Edited it so the guard makes contact with the tentacle when he hits it away from 3PO.
  • Replaced the ‘cartoony’ sounds and screams to instead be more ‘robotic’ sounding, for the robot whose feet are being burnt.
  • Fixed the burner to actually touch the droid’s feet and edited it so it doesn’t look like steam is just shooting out from inside its feet.
  • Added some subtle sparks at the joints to the background droid each time it is stretched at the limbs. This will make it look like the machine is really trying to split him apart, rather than some short tugs.
  • Edited the movement of EV-9D9’s mouth/jaw so in certain parts it’s better-synced with the words she speaks.
  • Enhanced a few of EV-9D9’s movements, like with the probe droid in ESB:R, so she feels less ‘puppet-like’ in some shots. Her hand can have more articulation too.
  • Edited EV-9D9’s arm so it doesn’t unnecessarily point when she says “and disintegrated him”, since she’s not pointing at anyone in particular, not even to the droid being pulled apart to the left side of her.
  • Edited it so the droid’s feet are still being tortured and even melting in the background, but it’s subtle and any background noise of this is not distracting.
  • Restructured the final shots of this scene so it flows more nicely in order to have a better closure, which will be on R2, instead of the tortured droid. This will then have more of a ANH feeling too.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – View on EV-9D9 as she’s standing upright while saying, “You’re a feisty little one…”
    – Then medium-shot view on R2 and part of EV-9D9 as she continues, “…but you’ll soon learn some respect. I have need for you on the master’s sail barge…”
    – Then close-up view of EV-9D9 for when she finishes, “…and I think you’ll fill in nicely.”
    – Then close-up view on just R2 who whistles a ‘worried sound’. Wipe to next scene.
  • Removed the last unnecessary close-up shot of the droid’s feet being tortured again.

The Max Rebo Band and the Bounty on Chewbacca

  • Completely removed the Max Rebo Band and the negotiations over Chewbacca from here. The musical routine (featuring only the dancers, and greatly edited) will now either be moved to when we are introduced to Jabba, or removed entirely. Chewie should no longer be brought in as a prisoner by Leia since this now contradicts the aim for ‘improving’ the original nonsensical rescue plan. Some good memorable moments cut out, but with nostalgia aside, it is for the better this way.

Freeing Han From Carbonite

  • Edited it so there is an establishing shot showing significant time has passed and when Leia (in disguise) is sneaking around. It will be late at night, when people are supposedly asleep.
    – The establishing shot is as follows:
    – Inserted the original outside shot of Jabba’s Palace to here and edited it to be an impressive night time with at least one of Tatooine’s moons up close (in a way so it doesn’t look like Earth’s moon).
    – Trimmed this shot to be 4-5sec and removed the music that was heard playing from the palace originally.
    – Removed the toad and the little critter it slurps up - too distracting and childish, on par with Jawas falling off of Rontos. We are just enjoying the beauty of this shot.
    – Some cricket-like and/or other subtle nightlife sounds can be heard.
    – Removed the wipe that was originally after since this now leads into the next scene.
    – Then the interior shots with Leia sneaking around.
  • Included a few new interesting shots with Leia sneaking around and even knocking out a guard. Adds some intrigue to this unknown character (for new viewers), slightly opens up the palace, and adds a small bit of action.
    – The new shots can be as follows:
    – After the exterior night shot, then a new interior shot in a darkly-lit room focusing on one of Jabba’s goons standing guard by an entryway (he could be exactly like the guy who was tossed against the wall by Chewie in the original). He’s leaning against a wall and dozing off, but suddenly he notices something and before he can fully react, he is knocked against the wall unconscious (this is based on the original shot when Chewie tosses that goon against the wall in Jabba’s lair; this time, though, it is Leia, showing she can be physically capable when necessary).
    – Then we see the boots of the perpetrator walking by the slumped body. The camera moves up to reveal this mysterious character (Leia still in disguise).
    – Then a new shot of her quietly and swiftly running down a dark circular stairwell.
    – Then the original shot inside Jabba’s lair which pans to show Leia sneaking out in the hallway.
  • Alternate Idea: If not that idea, then have the original shot of Leia in the hallway lead after the exterior shot.
  • Edited it so Leia no longer carelessly bumps into the wind chime, if possible. One would suspect it was actually Jar Jar in disguise.
  • Toned down the volumes of the sound FX (slightly) of her footsteps, the ‘thump’ from the block being lowered, the de-freezing process, and the exchanged dialogues. Since there are people seen in the same room sleeping, it should feel plausible to us that Leia can rescue Han without waking anybody up (if it weren’t already a trap).
  • Trimmed off the last 5 seconds in the shot that excessively focuses on Leia’s masked face as she is backing up and just standing there watching the de-freezing process.
  • Added those trimmed 5 seconds to focus on the more interesting view of Han in carbonite during the de-freezing process.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the melting process in some areas to appear more natural/realistic looking.
  • Inserted the arm restraints around Han’s biceps from ESB that were missing.
  • Edited it so the added arm restraints noticeably melt with the carbonite, to help with continuity later.
  • Edited the dirt on the front of Han’s shirt to be consistent in all shots, if possible, including in the prison cell with Chewie later where it looks too clean. Afterward it doesn’t matter as much.
  • Edited what looked like a smug expression on Leia during “You may have been a good smuggler…”. Her mouth should be slightly open so she appears to be still worried about the situation during that shot.
  • Removed the unnecessary shots showing Salacious Crumb and others laughing after Jabba says “But now you’re Bantha fodder”.
  • Edited it so Jabba’s tongue gets closer to Leia’s face and may even flick up some of her hair.
  • Edited the final shot with Salacious Crumb so his laugh here is somehow less annoying. He can laugh here, though.

Two Pals Reunited

  • Removed dialogue from here that may contradict what Chewie should know for this edit. Also removed Han’s whole “Luke’s crazy” dialogue, which added nothing except made him sound like an ungrateful idiot.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – It all goes on as normal until Han asks, “What’s going on?”
    – Then Chewie ‘responds’ for a short while.
    – Then Han replies (edited out seeing/hearing him scoff just beforehand), “I’m out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur.” This is a fun quote to keep and we don’t have to know what all Chewie just told him.
    – Continues as normal from there.

Luke Arrives

  • Added the same background to the outside beyond the main door when 3PO and R2 entered, though this time it wouldn’t be as bright outside, since it’s only early morning (which is why Jabba and others are still snoozing).
  • Inserted a landspeeder somewhere in the background while the gate is opening. Just a small visual reassurance to the audience that Luke got there as fast as he could and didn’t waste time walking long distances.
  • Edited the door so it opens and closes at consistent rates as established before.
  • Added a subtle ‘thump’ sound FX when the large door shuts in the background.
  • Edited it so, instead of Force choking, Luke uses the Force to make the two guards hunker down and fall asleep (and they begin to snore). Luke shouldn’t resort to killing/harming anyone yet; very foolish to do so before any negotiations, even if he might think Jabba won’t agree.
  • Added subtle ‘Force bass’ when Luke uses the Force on the two guards.
  • Edited it so (in addition to or instead of the snoring) Luke whispers “Sleep” as he’s putting the first guard asleep. Just so it is clear for the audience that Luke was putting them to sleep, and not harming/killing them.
  • Removed the CGI Dug walking down the stairs from the Blu-ray. If the CGI didn’t look so poor, it could’ve been acceptable.
  • Added subtitles for Bib Fortuna again for here. One can infer what is being said, but it still adds an extra layer of complexity about Bib to actually understand what he is saying.
    – The dialogue is as follows:
    – Bib, “Yo macka chipowan Skywalker, Jabba mo botowa tu.” <subtitled> “You’ve come this far, Skywalker, but Jabba will not see you.”
    – Luke, “I Must speak with Jabba.”
    – Bib, “Shhh. Es tosit.” <subtitled> “He’s asleep.”
    – Bib, “Jabba no tusen di hunka bi. No bargain.” <subtitled> “Jabba will not be releasing your agents. No bargain.”
    – Luke, “You will take me to Jabba now.”
    – Bib, “Ataka bu Jabba now.” <subtitled> “I will take you to Jabba now.”
    – Luke, “You serve your master well.”
    – Bib, “Ay sota vanlocha.” <subtitled> “I serve my master well.”
    – Luke, “And you will be rewarded.”
    – Bib, “A chunoh ayo ahtot.” <subtitled> “I will be rewarded.”
    – Then, with a slight edit, Bib speaks to Jabba, “Gabba nopez Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker.” (“Luke Skywalker” is now swapped places with “Jedi Knight” from how it was originally) <subtitled> “Presenting the noble Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker.” This can be kinda funny.
  • Removed Boba from the shot where he’s suddenly standing beside the laughing Jabba, for continuity, but kept him there in future shots since he is seen moving to that spot later.

The Rancor

  • Fixed the laser blast to go straight up to where the sparks are later falling down from.
  • Edited the trap door to be slightly larger and kept this consistent in later shots, if possible. Makes more sense this way so it isn’t by dumb luck that someone steps on such a small area.
  • Edited Lando, just when the trap door has opened, so he doesn’t move towards Leia. This fixes the continuity issue of him doing this again later in a close-up shot.
  • Added a quick (2-3sec) shot as we’re tumbling down a dark, murky tunnel (either as or with Luke). If done right, this can be effective at adding a little more to the unknown horror Luke is heading down, instead of being nauseating. This shot is just prior to Luke falling into the pit itself. With the layout of the trap in mind, from where Luke drops in at the top and where he falls into the pit itself, he had to have tumbled down a slide-like tunnel that curved.
  • Edited the floor with the small decorative holes (while Jabba’s being pushed towards it) to slide away and reveal the flooring with larger gaps, for continuity.
  • Edited Jabba’s eyes so it actually looks like he’s looking down into the pit during all shots of this sequence.
  • Edited the lighting/colors slightly for inside the Rancor’s den so this sequence appears more nightmarish.
  • Slightly sped up the Rancor’s animation accordingly in just a few areas where it felt too slow, helping the creature appear to be ‘less animated’ and a greater threat.
  • Added motion blurs to the Rancor’s movements where necessary.
  • Fixed the Rodian’s fingers seen in the crowd so they don’t appear to be barely hanging from the actor’s hands, just before the Gamorrean guard gets picked up.
  • Fixed it so the Rancor is seen reaching for the Gamorrean guard with its right hand, instead of the left, so it’s consistent with the next shot.
  • Edited/enhanced the VFX of the Rancor’s hand swiping away the Gamorrean so it looks much better.
  • Removed the lame segment when the Rancor reaches for Luke a second time, Luke hits it with a rock, and the Rancor cries in pain.
  • Inserted new shots (to replace those previously removed shots) which shows the Rancor trying something new and more threatening to get Luke. It will then show Luke having quick reflexes also.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – View from behind Luke (someone who looks like Luke) backing up against against the rock wall with the Rancor coming towards. We see the exit door behind the Rancor here.
    – Then the Rancor’s head comes down to eye level toward Luke, growling and getting ready to strike.
    – Then in that same shot, the Rancor quickly lunges at Luke with it’s head and mouth open. We hear a ‘chomp’, but it gets nothing but wall as Luke quickly dives out of the way.
    – Then the scene continues on as normal with Luke running past the Rancor to the exit.
  • Edited it so Luke doesn’t make multiple attempts to shake open the barred exit. It’s silly that he keeps trying, rather than immediately thinking of something smart to do.
  • Edited the pacing so that the Rancor comes after Luke a bit more quickly, forcing Luke to react more quickly.
  • Edited it so the skull hits the button more directly. As it was originally, it looked a tad too low for pressing the button.
  • Edited it so the crushed button console doesn’t illogically cause as much sparks once the skull hits it. There can still be some small sparks.
  • Edited the last shots involving the dead Rancor to remove a continuity issue and to reduce (only reduce) some of the cheesiness.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – The original shot of Jabba when he says “Bring me Solo and the Wookiee…”
    – Then, removed that shot of Lando moving through the crowd, since he wasn’t there in the previous shot when Jabba said “Bring me solo and the Wookiee”. He rushes to the wrong side of the room anyway.
    – In place of that removed shot, inserted an edited shot of Boba excusing himself from the crowd and leaves the room while Jabba continues “They will all suffer for this outrage” in the background.
    – Then the shot of the Rancor’s bleeding head and the sobbing keeper being lead away. Trimmed this shot a bit so it doesn’t drag on quite as long as originally. It’s childish, but there’s something still fun about it, so it can stay.
    – Then it continues as normal with Luke being led up the stairs by Lando.
  • Edited out the random worm-with-tongue thing in a couple shots that’s hanging from the ceiling at the top left corner of the screen near 3PO. It wasn’t there before, looks dumb, and is distracting.
  • Removed Han saying “Good. I hate long waits.” It was intended to be funny because he was waiting a long time in carbonite, but instead (given the current context) this makes him sound like he’s given up on life and in a hurry to end it; he’s expressing a complete lack of appreciation for his friends, which is not how Han should come across as. Sometimes, in this case, saying less is better.
  • Removed the close-up shot with Salacious Crumb laughing right after Han had used to say “Good. I hate long waits.”
  • Removed Boba from the background (who was originally standing next to Bib) in a couple of these shots while 3PO is describing the Sarlacc Pit. He should now be out of the room, and soon we will seen why.
  • Added subtitles for Jabba’s response to Luke at the end of this sequence. This is an opportunity for this to have meaning and something in character of Jabba.
    – The dialogue is as follows:
    – Luke says, “You should have bargained, Jabba.”
    – Jabba responds, “Yah cha nah choo” <subtitled> “I prefer your death.” or “I’ll profit more with your death.”
    – To which Luke replies, “That’s the last mistake you’ll ever make.”

The Informant (brand new short sequence)

  • Added a brand new sequence where Boba Fett is informing Vader about Luke arriving at Jabba’s palace. The goal is to give Fett more purpose being in the movie by showing why he is still hanging around at the palace instead of possibly finding other paying jobs.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – First, (without a wipe beforehand) a new close-up establishing shot of the Death Star. Two Tie Interceptors may fly by the camera.
    – Then a medium close-up shot on a holographic Boba Fett as he says, “Skywalker is here as you predicted.” (Having the “as you predicted” tells us that there was indeed a prior conversation about this)
    – During that shot, the camera moves away from him to reveal who he is speaking to - Vader.
    – In that shot, when he is revealed, Vader replies, “Good.”
    – Then a front view of Vader (with Fett’s hologram partially in view) as he continues, “Bring him to me and see to it that he is unharmed.”
    – Then a shot of just Fett’s holographic face/helmet when he replies, “Won’t be that easy. Jabba wants him in pieces.”
    – Then a close-up shot on Vader’s face/mask. He is growing impatient and on the verge of using the Force choke on Fett. Then in a stern tone he orders, “I want him alive, bounty hunter.”
    – Then a non-holographic shot of Fett (with hologram of Vader partially in view), knowing he doesn’t have much choice now as he gently nods and says, “It will be done.” He shouldn’t say “As you wish” again like he did in ESB because, as it is, there is already enough of that from Vader to the Emperor.
    – In that shot, Fett is in a dark and private room in the palace during this conversation.
    – Then wipe to next scene.
  • Alternate idea: If not that idea, then just have the scenes play as normal without it.

On The Sail Barge

  • Removed the SE establishing shot with the Banthas in the dune.
  • Removed the SE long-view shot of the Sail Barge coming towards the camera (looks nice but it’s not different enough from the original that’s already being kept).
  • Added a brand new establishing shot of the dune sea to replace those other SE shots.
    – The shot is as follows:
    – Birds-eye extreme-long view of an impressive and vast desert. Nothing but wisps of winds can be heard.
    – Then 1.5seconds in, from off-centered below, a hovering barge and two smaller skiffs can be made out as they come into frame and move towards the horizon ahead (6-7sec total).
    – Then the original close-up front view of these crafts. Kept the already-fixed animation of the goon walking across the Sail Barge.
  • Enhanced/replaced some of the dune background shots to be more impressive and vast where needed.
  • Enhanced some of the FX and movements of both skiffs in all shots where needed.
  • Removed R2 from sitting beside Jabba in two shots, for continuity, since he was already seen moving around the barge serving drinks and later bumps into 3PO.
  • Removed the entire awkward chat between Luke and Han on the skiff. Hear me out: It has little importance and it reveals Han’s apparent jealousy to Luke again, which is not wanted. The only thing relevant here was finding out Han’s eye sight is slowly returning, but that’s already established earlier when Leia says “Your eye sight will return in time”, and then again later while he saves Lando from a Sarlacc tentacle. Otherwise, it would have been good to have kept some dialogue between the two here had it been different dialogue originally.
  • Alternate idea: Cropped the scene between Han and Luke so it ends right after Luke says “There’s nothing to see. I used to live here, you know.”
  • Fixed the reversed footage of Jabba when he says “Soon you will learn to appreciate me.”, by putting the goblet and chain in the correct hands, correcting his nostrils, and Leia’s birthmark.

The Sarlacc

  • Removed the SE beak (however, later there will be a beak, but it is different and better looking than the SE version). So initially, it’s just an empty hole like how it was in the GOUT. At times we will notice the new beak, other times we will not - it’ll be the best of both worlds.
  • Removed all of the SE ‘squeals’ from the Sarlacc and replaced some of the other sounds to be hissing and other more threatening sounds fitting for this kind of creature.
  • Removed any sign of tentacles and spikes when the camera sees the pit the very first time in the long-angle shot (while the crafts are slowing to a halt), until later.
  • Edited the Sarlacc during its establishing shots, if possible, so the creature has interesting characterisitcs about it and appears more ‘alive’.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – First the original shot of Luke as he’s nudged to the plank and looks below.
    – Then the first SE shot of the pit where tentacles are just now beginning to emerge; spikes are also slowly protruding from the inner-wall lining, like claws of a cat. It’s as if the organism keeps these hidden from desert exposure except when it senses a meal nearby.
    – Then another original shot of Luke still looking it over.
    – Then, for the second SE view inside the Sarlacc’s inner wall, a fat and short beak now starts to poke through the fleshy innard below (like how a squid’s beak can hide/appear) while the spikes continue to protrude and even pulsate.
  • Edited it so the new beak makes more natural sense with its surroundings, unlike the SE banana beak. The new beak doesn’t have a tongue since it has tongue-like tentacles already, and its beak cannot extend to where the rows of spikes are (whereas the SE beak looked like it could severely spike itself).
  • Improved the FX of any of the dated SE CGI tentacles where needed.
  • Fixed any shots where the Sail Barge and skiffs appear to be resting on the sand so that they’re actually in the air as should be.
  • Fixed the wobbly skiff that Luke and co. are on, in the wide shot just after “His Excellency hopes that you will die honorably.”
  • In that same shot of “His excellency hopes…”, edited this entire shot so the framing of the window and what should be seen outside (including the siding of the barge) are accurate.
  • Removed the strange white object out in the sand on the far left while R2 is just getting to the top of barge.
  • Fixed Luke’s feet in the long shot from taking another step (when the 2nd skiff flies by), since in the previous shot he already made his last step.
  • Added the missing top of the emitter to Luke’s saber when R2 reveals it.
  • Fixed the flipped shot when the goon lunges the pike at Luke to jump in.
  • Fixed Luke’s left hand so it appears he’s going to grab the plank with both hands, to be consistent with the next shot.
  • Removed the quick shot showing Luke’s saber falling in the air (just before the next quick shot as it drops into his hand). It isn’t necessary and, more importantly, it’ll make his stunt appear that much quicker.
  • Added obvious slash marks and a few severed body parts anywhere necessary.
  • Removed the gloves on Lando’s hands while he’s falling off the skiff and hanging on to the rope. He was never wearing gloves before.

Fett Is In Over His Head

  • Enhanced the FX of Boba’s take-off from the barge and trimmed the last few frames of this. The last few frames show an awkward movement as he’s in the air.
  • Removed the unnecessary quick over-head shot of Lando’s first call for “Help!”, since it isn’t needed and he can be seen hanging there again soon anyway.
  • Edited/added/removed/reorganized shots to show a far better confrontation with Boba Fett.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – First, Boba is seen taking off from the Barge.
    – Then the original close-up view on Luke looking up to the sky (inserted his lightsaber blade as he is bringing this up for defense). We hear the sound of Boba’s jetpack in the background.
    – Then a new close-up shot of Boba looking badass as he’s flying towards the camera while hailing shots from his blaster towards Luke (2seconds).
    – Then switch to another new shot from behind Boba as he is now strafing in the air but getting nearer to the skiff below. He continues shooting and all the while Luke is deflecting most of his shots (3secs). Some deflected shots even come close to hitting Boba. It’s impressive also because this contrasts Luke’s skill level in ANH on the Falcon.
    – Then a new quick close-up shot showing a deflected bolt actually hitting and destroying Boba’s gun barrel.
    – Then the original quick shot of the skiff as it gets blasted by the goon from the barge. Edited it so it shakes a bit at the impact.
    – In that shot, removed Boba standing on the skiff as it’s shaking (since he hasn’t yet landed on it).
    – Then the shots with Han and Chewie as they are tossed to the floor and Luke getting distracted by them for a moment.
    – Then added a brand new shot of Boba, seeing an opportunity, shooting his grapling hook from his already-outstretched hand to ensnare Luke, just as he’s landing on the skiff.
    – Then the original shot of the snare encircling Luke.
    – Then the shot while Luke is struggling in the snare (Fixed the snare so it’s consistent between shots).
    – Then a new quick close-up shot of Fett speaking to Luke in a sneering tone, “You’re coming with me, boy.” He doesn’t want to hurt Luke (yet), after all, as he still wants to deliver him to Vader as commanded. However, if the new sequence between Fett and Vader are not to happen, then leave this bit out.
    – Then the original quick shot of the goon up on the barge as he fires again.
    – Then the shot where Luke deflects this blast.
    – Inserted a new Boba getting hit on the shoulder/chest from that deflected blast.
    – Then another new shot of Boba where he’s knocked backwards to his back with the evident blast mark on his armor (he’s presumed dead). Removed the original shot of him unconvincingly dropping forward.
    – Then it continues as normal, for a short while, with the shot of Lando calling, “Han! Chewie!”
  • Edited the background of the incoming 2nd skiff to be further away from the main action, so the sail barge is just seen coming into view beside it. This shows that they are firing at Luke much sooner, which is smarter of them and allows forgiveness for why they were missing.
  • Fixed the location of Luke’s feet/body to be consistent between shots while he’s making the big jump over to the next skiff.
  • Edited it so Luke’s saber never turns off while he makes the jump to the other skiff. While in midair, his blade is edited deflect a bolt or two.
  • Edited the 2nd skiff so it’s just a little further away from the 1st skiff (and also just coming to a stop), therefore making Luke’s jump more impressive and the goons attempting to be smart by parking further out of reach. Kept the distance consistent for future shots.
  • Edited the shadows cast by the sail barge and skiffs so that they’re consistent between shots.
  • Fixed the location of where Lando is hanging in that same long shot (when Luke does the jump), so it’s consistent with what was seen previously.
  • Edited/added/removed/reorganized shots again to continue making Boba a worthy adversary.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – Right after Luke lands from his long jump, added a new quick shot of Boba moving slowly and starting to get up off his back.
    – Then the shot of Han saying “Boba Fett?” to Chewie (he only says it this one time).
    – Then the original quick shot from behind Boba as he gets to his feet and Luke is in the background at work on the other skiff.
    – Then the original front view of Boba starting to raise his arm to take aim. He’s finally had enough. Edited his cool targeting antenna to also lower to his visor for the money shot. Also added in the new blast mark on his chest/shoulder.
    – Then, in the shot while Luke is in the background still on the other skiff, edited it so Boba is suddenly tackled by Chewie in the foreground and they both fall to the deck. Boba gets a shot off, but, because it is right when he is tackled, he misses Luke.
    – Removed the shot with Luke unconvincingly kicking a goon and Boba sailing in the background. It no longer works for this edit and it looks all kinds of bad anyway.
    – Then a new quick shot of Chewie wrestling with Boba on the skiff’s floor (the camera is facing down on them).
    – Then a close-up view on Boba’s right shoulder as Chewie clearly pulls it out of socket (but doesn’t pull it completely off) followed by a pained grunt from Boba. This is a little bit of ‘fan-service’ in reference to ANH, but it’s fitting and Chewie is getting his moment to shine here!
    – Then a new shot of Chewie picking up and over-the-head tossing Boba toward the pit. With Chewie taking on Boba, this actually gives Chewie something of significance during this entire sequence. Plus, Boba did take Chewie’s best pal away from him, after all, so this is vengeance for all of that grief!
    – Then the shot with Boba tumbling down the side to the pit’s edge (edited it a bit so it appears he was tossed from the skiff). Tentacles grab Boba and pull him the rest of the way in.
    – Removed Boba’s scream as he goes in. He’s too good to scream.
    – Then the closeup shot of the maw of the pit and replaced the belch for an explosion that’s heard from inside (added some sparks and smoke). This explosion is what should cause the rippling of the inner-side wall, not a burp.
    – It can be assumed that Boba, realizing his fate, would rather suicide himself with a grenade than being slowly digested for over a thousand years. On the other hand, he may have survived and the explosion was to wound/kill the creature which he can escape more easily later. For those who say he died can claim that, and for those who want him alive can believe that too. This is best so, according to their ‘point of view’, everyone will be happy.

The Demise Of A Vile Gangster

  • Edited it so Jabba’s pupils are seeing dialating as he’s being strangled.
  • Edited Jabba’s eyes, in his final moments of being strangled, to appear bloodshot from all the strain.
  • Added the plank on the skiff in all shots where it was missing, except up until this point where it’s edited to retract (just when the skiff gets badly shot at the controls and Han falls overboard).
  • Edited it so Han falls over the railing with his feet up, so it’s consistent with the next shot.
  • Edited it so it appears Chewie catches Han’s feet sooner as he’s toppling over so that he isn’t seen miraculously hanging over the ledge by his toes (and removed the added rope from the SE).
  • Fixed the differing positions between shots where Lando is dangling at the rope over the pit.
  • Fixed the wobbly railing when Luke leaps from it to the Sail Barge.
  • Edited it so Luke appears to be moving upward in his leap (instead of downward) so it looks more believable that he actually lept from the skiff to the barge.
  • Edited Luke’s landing on the barge so it looks like he’s coming downward from his long leap (instead of looking like he was just beside the barge off-camera and grabbed on to it).
  • Trimmed the shot after Luke pulls the guy out of the window and begins to climb the side. The last few frames looked like he got to a point where he wasn’t going anywhere and just moved his legs around.
  • Edited Han’s line to include both the original and the SE line, so he now says “It’s okay… I can see a lot better now. Trust me.” Because the dialogue between he and Luke earlier may be removed, this establishes that Han is starting to see better.
  • Edited it so R2 uses something more believable than a mere zap to cut through Leia’s chain, such as something entirely new like a torch (not too dissimalar to what BB-8 has).
  • Enhanced all electrical zap FXs by R2.
  • Edited the shock to actually strike Salicious Crumb square on the head, removed the detonation on the pillow behind, and enhanced the FX of him leaping away.
  • Edited the appearance of the skiff, while Lando is being pulled onboard, so its tilt and damage match the previous shots.
  • Edited it so Luke’s hand is in a more natural position when it’s shot, to replace the original that was straight up in the air for no logical reason.
  • Fixed it so the droids fall over the correct side of the barge (starboard side). Otherwise, originally, they’d be falling into the pit, as evidenced by the sails and railing.
  • Removed the second shot with the second explosion after Luke kicks the trigger, to show them swinging off sooner.
  • Fixed Leia’s right hand where it’s holding Luke prior to swinging, but then is suddenly holding the rope in the next shot as they are swinging.
  • Added the burn mark to Luke’s right hand when they swing by the rope.
  • Replaced the stunt double’s head for Lando’s real head as Luke and Leia are swinging to the skiff.
  • Removed the sticks attached to the fins that are suspending the stationary skiff in the wide shot.
  • Edited the barge in that same wide shot to look less like a model, by retexturing and detailing it (including slots in the window covers).
  • Enhanced the FX of the skiff with the heroes as it circles around to get the droids.
  • Enhanced the explosions to look more realistic and to more accurately depict the large size of the sail barge. The original flames were too large for this size of a craft which made it look more like a model.
  • Removed the shot of R2 periscoping out of the sand.
  • Removed the fake and ridiculous side-view shot of the droids sticking out of the sand and being picked out by magnetics. Both 3PO and R2 couldn’t have believably been dunked into the sand like that from that fall. Even if so, what then after they were picked up by magnets? How did they get onboard and done so quickly?
  • Added new shots to depict how the droids could have more believably gotten on the skiff.
    – The new shots are as follows:
    – A quick shot looking down at the sand with 3PO finishing helping R2 upright. Then the shadow of the skiff immediately comes into frame near them.
    – Then in that same shot, a ramp from the skiff drops next to the droids there.
    – Then a side-view shot of just 3PO (still with his dangly eye piece) and R2 hurridly moving up that ramp.
    – In that same shot, for some levity, added new dialogue from 3PO saying, “My gears are moving as fast as they can, Artoo!”, while R2 is right at his heels freaking out and trying to go faster. Explosions are still heard in the background.
  • Edited the final explosion of the sail barge to be less substantial. It’s still a huge explosion, but the entire barge doesn’t need to blow up because of one cannon blast in the aft (even if it was on some ammunitions).
    – The shot is as follows:
    – In the final shot of the sail barge, it is seen internally on fire until finally the back half violently explodes wide open just as the fleeing skiff rounds past it.
    – In the same shot, that rear explosion splits the barge in half with the front half running into the sand below.
  • Enhanced the FX of the fleeing skiff in the final shots.
  • Added slight camera movement in the last shot following the skiff as it veers to the left (before the wipe to next scene).

The Heroes Leave Tatooine

  • Edited the initial flight paths of the ships to be more direct/straight as they leave Tatooine, before parting ways.
  • Fixed R2’s wobbly text in the cockpit screen.

The Emperor Arrives

  • Enhanced the VFX of the Ties flying by the camera and the Ties seen from outside the hanger.
  • Inserted construction vehicles that are carrying around large plates of metal. Even while the Emperor there, they should still keep working - there are no holidays off.
  • Edited it so the Emperor’s personal shuttle is something completely different. He’s the Emperor, after all, so why wouldn’t he have something that’s lavish and his own?
  • Alternate idea: If not that idea, then added some ‘Royal markings’ and/or other characteristics that makes the Emperor’s shuttle more visually unique and distinguishable, instead of looking exactly like what Vader and all other Imperial Officers have.
  • Fixed the feet/stance of Imperial troops in background, for uniformity and consistency, as well as when the certain groups of Imperials would be seen during the Emperor/Vader conversation.
  • Edited the Emperor’s head movement at the beginning of the extreme long-view shot so it matches the previous shot where he was just starting to laugh and face forward.

Twilight Is Upon Yoda

  • Removed the rear-view establishing shot of Luke’s X-Wing on Dagobah. It’s visually uninteresting since, just afterward, we see the X-Wing again with R2 anyway.
  • Added a new and more interesting, long-view establishing shot for Dagobah (with some unseen-before alien wildlife, such as a pikobi, a two-legged land dweller) in place of that removed shot, then on to the next original shot with R2 at the X-Wing. Some Bogwings may be seen too
  • Replaced any bad matte of the Dagobah forest with model Dagobah trees, like in ESB:R.
  • Enhanced the FX any of the Bogwings flying, like in ESB:R.
  • Added a very subtle zoom-in towards Yoda’s hut.
  • Fixed the continuity of the cauldron hanging over the flames, where it’s seen too far into the flames of the first shots but looks normal during “Sick have I become.”
  • Fixed Yoda’s eyes from looking cross-eyed in many shots. Some might say it’s because of his current condition, but it also makes him look like a faulty puppet.
  • Tightened up Yoda’s final dying words, subtly:
    – Instead of as “Luke… m… there is… another… Sk… Sky… Walker”, it is “Luke… m… there is. another… Sk. Sky… walker”.
  • Fixed the creases on Yoda’s blanket to match between shots better, if possible.
  • Enhanced Yoda’s ‘ghosting’ effect.

Luke’s Conversation With Obi-Wan

  • Enhanced Obi-Wan’s ghost FX to match ESB:R.

The Rebel Briefing

  • Extended/expanded the establishing shot of the Rebel fleet. Because this fleet needs to be large for the upcoming battle, inserting many more ships in formation will give a better first impression of that.
  • Fixed the VFX of many of the ‘static’ starships in the far background of the original shot.
  • Added a planet (Sullust) that’s very noticeably in the background of this establishing shot.
  • Inserted a brand new shot inside the Mon Calamari cruiser in attempt to open up the massive ship and to also make the Rebel personnel appear greater in numbers.
    – The shot is as follows:
    – A new (4-5sec) shot of an interesting, huge, white hall where several individual Rebels are seen walking to their separate destinations. There are humans, Mon Calamari, a couple Wookiees, a Bothan, and all kinds of other species. After all, this is the Rebel Alliance, an alliance of many worlds.
    – In the same shot, a female voice is heard echoing from the intercoms announcing to everyone “All officers, report to Briefing Room 1-A”. Intercoms also inadvertently heighten the scale of how many people are around, which is a very good thing for here.
    – Then on to the original shot of the two officers walking through a narrow hallway. Edited it so the camera movement is more smooth and less shaky here.
    – In that same hallway shot, inserted a second and final “All officers, report to Briefing Room 1-A” (edited the sound so it’s fitting for this narrow area).
  • Removed the original shot of Ackbar at the cockpit leaning over the railing. The plan is to have the briefing room upscaled and elsewhere further in the ship, instead of right next to the cockpit. Having the briefing room so close to the cockpit, as in the original, made Home One feel small when in actuality it is massive. Edited it be this way in all future shots.
  • Inserted a new shot, in place of that removed shot with Ackbar, of some other new characters (human and alien) at an upper level of the briefing room talking indistinctly amongst each other and taking their seats.
  • Edited and expanded the briefing room so it’s larger with an upper level for additional rows of seating, to accommodate many more Rebels.
  • Inserted the new characters throughout the briefing room (in both the original and some new shots), including: Shay, Kes Dameron, Col Serra, Nik “Gramps” Sant, and L’ulo. Shay and Kes are a couple so it would be nice if they were seen seated/standing next to each other with his arm over her shoulder.
  • Added varied hair styles from different time periods ('70s - modern) to any of the newly inserted human characters. This always helps to minimize ‘dating’ a film.
  • Fixed the timing of Mothma’s left hand to be seen pushing a control button just as the hologram itself turns on.
  • Fixed the initial direction of the hologram to move clockwise, instead of counter-clockwise, so it’s consistent with future shots.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the hologram displays. Since this is a Mon Calamari ship and Mon Calamaris are aquatic, the hologram can be interestingly ‘fluid’ in how it operates, just to add variation to holograms.
  • Edited it so Mon Mothma saying “Many Bothans died to bring us this information” is less awkward by removing the pause in her line and inserting shots to minimize the focus on her laughable expressions while she says it.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – A slowly panning shot viewing a group of soldiers while she says “Many Bothans died…”. One of the soldiers seen here could even be a Bothan.
    – Then a view of Han and Leia when Mothma continues “…to bring us this information.” Sped up the the delivery of this line of dialogue too with a lesser pause between her sentence.
    – Then it continues as normal with a view back on Mothma, who takes a moment (trimmed it a little bit) before then looking up to say “Admiral Ackbar, please.”
  • Edited the framing, during the shots while Ackbar is speaking, so that Mothma isn’t always seen. In every shot, she was just staring at Ackbar while he’s speaking; she doesn’t know what else to look at and it just was awkward looking.
  • Edited it so Han no longer interupts the scene with an uncalled for “Good luck!” and etc. to Lando. It’s just dumb. They’re going to be exchanging their “good luck” and “you too” later on anyway, which works far better than this. Instead, used this opportunity to show more pilots.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – After the shot of Lando (trimmed it a few frames before his eyes move, and so Ackbar’s dialogue finishes into the next shot), added a new shot (1-2sec) of a group of pilots looking toward their newly appointed leader. This also adds some needed buffer before Ackbar can say his next line.
    – After that brief shot of some fighter pilots, then it continues as normal with the view on Ackbar who adresses “General Madine.”
  • Inserted a new actor who is playing as Madine. He will speak and move as closely as possible to the original.
  • Edited it so Madine now says “…an Imperial shuttle” instead of “…a small Imperial shuttle”. This is to account for the change of shuttle Tydyrium, which is now to be a larger transport shuttle that can realistically hold many troops.
  • Extended Madine’s line just slightly to be “A strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator in time for our starfleet.” This extra bit right away puts emphasis on there being limited time for Han and company to get the shield down.
  • Edited it so Madine adds more meat to this briefing by also saying a formal closure. There will no longer be the interruption from Luke too.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Right after Han starts to look back up towards the front and smiling (when Leia had volunteered herself), added a new shot on Madine.
    – In that new shot, Madine replies with a warm smile, “Good.” Then his smile disappears as he then looks to the rest of the audience and says, “The strike team will debark in 1 hour.”
    – Then a new shot of some Rebel soldiers, including Sol Serra, ‘Gramps’, etc. In that shot, we hear Madine continuing, “Everyone else…”
    – Then another new shot showing pilots listening as Madine continues, “…may continue readying their ships.”
    – Then view on Madine again who pauses for a moment before speaking again, “This is our time… when we can finally strike a decisive blow against the Empire.”
    – Then view on Mon Mothma listening (if possible) as he continues, “We will liberate Coruscant, and soon again…”
    – Then view Lando listening, “…in an era of a brand new Republic…”
    – Then view on Han and Leia listening, “…have freedom and order for the entire galaxy.”
    – Then view on Madine again as he is closing his speech, “May the Force be with you all.” Having Madine say this new dialogue, not only adds a more formal closure to this briefing, but the audience will understand what the stakes are for this mission. It will also clarify what will be happening at the end of this edit (brand new sequence), when Mothma is at Coruscant.
    – Then a long-view shot of most of the room starting to stand up. The ceiling lights also turn up to full again.
    – Then a shot of Shay and Dameron, looking at each other, knowing they must now part ways. A buffer shot like this is a necessary before the next shot of Leia.
    – Then the split-second shot of Leia turning to where Luke is coming from (originally when Luke started saying “I’m with you too!”).
    – Then, inserted the view of Luke walking down the stairs (removed “I’m with you too!”).
    – Then continue the rest of the scene as normal.

The Hanger

  • Edited the shuttle class for Tydirium in all shots so it’s a Sentinel-class landing craft (the kind seen taking off on Tatooine in the SE ANH). This looks more practical for transporting parts around or, in this case, many troops (moreso than the original Lambda-class shuttle can).
  • Fixed the bad matte and the many people that are behind Han and Lando.
  • Inserted some of the notable Rebel commandos (Dameron, etc.) in the background boarding the shuttle, while Han and Lando are talking.
  • Fixed Lando’s outfit and insignia from switching sides while he says “Would you get going, you pirate?”
  • Edited it so, the Rebel commando who was originally seen wearing a cloak (just behind Han as they’re going up the ramp), could now be the alien sniper.
  • Fixed the composited shot of Lando walking towards the Falcon and pilots walking by.
  • Trimmed the shot with Lando walking towards the Falcon so it’s just a little shorter.
  • Edited the fingernail on Leia’s index finger when she puts her hand on Han’s shoulder, if possible. It’s noticeably longer than all the rest, so it could be shorter. A strange observation, but it’s noticeable.
  • Edited it so Han’s line “Ready everybody?” is intended for all the soldiers in the back of the shuttle. This insert is a nice reminder that this shuttle is actually full of soldiers, and it gives the first seamless interaction between an OT and new character too.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – First the original close-up shot of Chewie with Han finishing saying “…Let’s see what this piece of junk can do”.
    – Then a new medium shot depicting the back of the shuttle where the camera moves through an aisle with many Rebel troopers sitting on either side (Col Serra, Dameron, and ‘Gramps’ included) and Han’s “Ready everybody?” is heard over the intercom right here.
    – In that same shot, Col Serra then replies into a mic “We’re all snug and ready…”
    – Then view back to the front again with Han (trimmed all the frames with him looking back so that now he is just facing forward) and on the intercom Serra’s sentence continues “…to go back here.”
    – Removed Luke’s original reply “All set” (his lips hardly move, but edited them shut anyway).
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Fixed the exterior view of the hanger to match what would be seen inside based on previous shots.
  • Enhanced many of the original background Rebel ships in space while also adding some more.
  • Enhanced the VFX of everything seen outside the shuttle’s cockpit view before its jump to lightspeed.
  • Edited Han’s hand so he now moves the lever precisely when the shuttle makes the jump.

The Emperor’s Instructions

  • Edited the original sequence so it does not take place in the Emperor’s throne room. Hear me out: This way we will see other areas inside the Death Star, thus expanding it, just like with the first Death Star. Also, it would make it more interesting to see the throne for the first time with Luke.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – A new medium-view shot on just the Death Star. This shot is focusing primarily on the construction zones, but part of the Dish may be seen (just so it’s obvious what we’re looking at). The reason for not showing the entire Death Star (like it was originally) is just for varying perspectives.
    – Then a new close-up shot as the camera moves over a construction zone of the Death Star. Several cargo/construction ships are busily flying around past the camera; cranes are seen taking large metal plates from cargo ships to be placed on the DS.
    – Removed the medium-shot of the Throne Tower with Ties flying by (this will be saved until another time).
    – Then the long-view shot of the Emperor, Vader, and co., but completely changed the room and backgrounds. Interesting things are happening around them and the Emperor is looking ahead through a window to a large construction area outside. There are some large displays of schematics in the background (same as what were seen in his throne room originally on a screen).
    – In that shot, removed Vader’s “What is thy bidding, my master” since it should be assumed he was there for some time already observing with the group. The Emperor, sensing it is now time to put the pieces in motion, gives Vader a command and says, “Send the fleet to the far side of Endor…”
    – Then the scene plays out as normal from here with the new backgrounds all around them.

Getting Past The Shield

  • Kept the original establishing shot of shuttle Tydirium flying over the camera, but with the new shuttle appearance.
  • Edited the background planet in the establishing shot to be the planet of Endor, as established at the beginning of the film.
  • Fixed the atmosphere to blanket over the moon consistently in all shots. Originally, part of the atmosphere was missing in some shots.
  • Swapped around two shots so that one shot can still be utilized (otherwise it will be unused) and so the other shot being replaced can be useful for later when they’re flying on the moon of Endor.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – The establishing shot of the shuttle.
    – Removed the original first shot inside the shuttle of Han and Chewie looking out the window.
    – Replaced that removed shot with the “They’re not going for it, Chewie” shot. Removed that dialogue, though, and edited the outside view to match what should be happening at this time. This shot even works better here because, by the way he’s glancing over to Chewie, it’s as if Han is suddenly having doubts about the situation, which goes along nicely with his upcoming dialogue “If they don’t go for this, we’re gonna have to get out of here pretty quick, Chewie.”
  • Removed the weird blue haze seen in the space above the moon of Endor.
  • Edited it so the Executor and the accompanying Star Destroyers are more off to the side and not moving. They have no reason to be moving anywhere.
  • Edited it so, instead of the Executor, it is a Death Star technician who’ll grant access through the shield, just like how it was established during Vader’s arrival before. This will save the headache fixing the uncountable continuity issues with the Executor’s bridge, including the computer terminal that ought not be where it is.
  • Added a few Imperial fighters patrolling the area in some shots (just as they did in ESB, but fewer of them) to add extra suspense. These could be a potential threat for the heroes if they are made or make a false move.
  • Added some lights/displays to enhance the dash inside Tydirium, like with the snowspeeders in ESB:R.
  • Edited the views outside so it’s clear that the shuttle is making a direct path towards the moon (keeping its distance and still flying casually), so it no longer gets so close to the Executor and then back towards the moon. They are anticipating getting through, so there’s no reason to deviate the course at any time.
  • Removed several shots and edited the scene so that Vader does not inquire about the suspicious shuttle. First, it should be as though it’s normal for Imperial cargo shuttles to be granted access into or out of the shield, so nobody would suspect any suspicious activity - otherwise this was not a good plan. Second, it makes sense that Vader would be aware of the Emperor’s plan (at least this much of it) so he wouldn’t accidently do anything that’d delay or prevent the Emperor’s scheme from happening.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – After Han’s “Shuttle Tydirium requesting deactivation of the deflector shield” and also after the exterior shot of the shuttle flying, removed the original shots inside the Executor bridge (all of them).
    – Added a new shot of a Death Star tech at a computer (using the same setting established in the beginning) who says, “Shuttle Tydirium, transmit the clearance code for shield passage”. Dubbed the new actor with the original voice saying this dialogue.
    – Then the scene continues as normal up to when Han says, “I don’t know, fly casual.” Fixed his mouth when he speaks it too.
    – After the shot with, “I don’t know, fly casual”, added a new long-view shot following behind Vader as he’s walking in a hallway of the Executor until he eventually starts slowing to a stand-still. He’s sensing Luke. In a way, this shot would mirror ANH when Vader was walking the halls on the Death Star and sensed Obi-Wan was getting nearer to him. Having Vader on the move also gives the appearance that he is a busy guy, rather than staring out of windows so often.
    – Then a close-up low angle shot of the front of Vader’s mask. He’s standing there clearly sensing through the walls as he murmurs, “Luke…” Used and cleaned up the “Luke” line from the a deleted scene.
    – Then the shot on Luke when he says, “I’m endangering the mission. I shouldn’t have come.”
    – Then of Han saying, “It’s your imagination, kid. Come on, let’s keep a little optimism here”.
    – Then a quick new shot in the back with the soldiers (2-3sec). Some clutching their weapons and have concerned but hopeful looks about possibly making it through this.
    – Then the view on both Chewie and Leia who the latter is also looking concerned until the com eventually livens again, “Shuttle Tydirium, deactivation of the shield will commence immediately. Follow your present course.”
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • For flow with the reordered shots, removed the shot with Han saying, “They’re not going for it, Chewie.” It was a good line, but it no longer works.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the new shuttle Tydirium making its descent towards the moon and edited it so it’s flying over to join the other many crafts heading towards the moon. This is so it won’t look suspicious to Imperials scanners on the moon if they are too far off course.
  • Replaced the original shot of Vader looking out the window since he is now still in the hallway. It was a bad matte of the Death Star anyway.
    – The ending shots are as follows:
    – The close-up low angle shot of Vader’s face again, still standing and sensing Luke for a moment longer. He exhales.
    – Then a low angle med shot from behind Vader who immediately turns around and moves briskly towards the camera off screen (his flowing cape assists with the added swipe for the next scene). He is now about to report to the Emperor that the trap is begining to unfold (if he wasn’t at all aware of the Emperor’s trap on the moon, then there’s absolutely no logical reason why he would’ve let the shuttle proceed its course as originally, for he would’ve told the crew to hold them).
    – In these med-view shots of Vader in the hallway, there may be an occassional officer/droid also in the hallway heading to their individual destinations in the background, who some might glance at Vader after they pass.

Landing On Endor

  • Edited and expanded the original establishing shots of Endor (like how the intro to Cloud City was expanded for the SE) so we visually learn more about this new ‘pretty’ planet. Also added a cockpit view with the goal of helping make these additions seamless.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – A new long-view shot of shuttle Tydirium coming towards and under the camera as it’s still flying in line with other kinds of cargo ships (Zeta-Class shuttles, etc). It’s in atmosphere and below we can see a green and heavily forested landscape (5-6sec).
    – Then a quick shot from inside the cockpit where we see Han and Chewie looking ahead (This 3.5sec shot was originally in the previous scene when they were first approaching the Imperial fleet, but it’s moved to be used here).
    – In that shot, we are watching as this rich forest suddenly turns into a clearing. It is a massive mining site outside. The very important shield generator can be noticed as well, settled inside the trees just outside of the deforested area.
    – Also in that shot, Han announces (something quick to fit the shot) to those in the cockpit, “There it is” or “That’s it.” The line is dubbed and, because Han is facing ahead, his mouth won’t need editing.
    – Then a new exterior shot focusing on their objective, the shield generator. It is impressively large.
    – In that shot, Tydirium finally comes into view and the camera follows it. As the camera is following the shuttle, we are seeing more of the mining area below in the background. It is a massive hole that’s been excavated for obtaining the metals/minerals necessary for constructing the Death Star. There are many cranes and industrial facilities scattered all around inside the mine; shuttles of all kinds too. All of this unearthing and deforestation that we see is further motivation for the local Ewoks wanting to hate and kill off the Imperials and side with the Rebels.
    – Then, also in that shot, the shuttle carefully veers away from the mining site and toward a forested area. There, it slows and drops into the trees. It is landed far enough away to keep a comfortable distance, but close enough so their deviation wouldn’t pick up on Imperial scanners and to stay within walking distance.
    – Then swipe to next scene.
  • Inserted a few more Rebel soldiers to the shot as they’re leaving the landed shuttle (namely the new secondary characters).
  • Inserted an indistinct sound approaching that cuases Han to signal everyone to get down. Otherwise, what else could he have possibly heard that the audience doesn’t?
    – The scene is as follows:
    – The inital shot of the group of Rebels, lead by Han, moving away from the transport.
    – Then a new long view shot showing Rebel Commandos towards the back of the line, including Serra, Dameron, and Zahk’u.
    – In that same shot, they then all react to a faint motorized sound approaching (a speeder bike, but we don’t know that’s what it is yet).
    – Then the original close-up shot of Han signaling everyone to stop as the sound ceases.
    – Then a quick new shot with Col Serra making additional hand signal while he and others are scanning their surrounding using their weapons.
    – Then it continues as normal with the main heroes leaving the strike team behind.
  • Fixed Han’s lips so he seems to actually say, “This whole party will be for nothing if they see us.”
  • Removed the sound Chewie makes when he peers around the tree and edited his mouth closed. He should be perfectly quiet.
  • Edited the timing for when Han should actually fall back once the scout trooper smacks him square on the face.
  • Inserted Han’s correct blaster fire sound just as he is hit to the ground.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the scout trooper taking off on speeder.
  • Edited Chewie’s bowcaster to sound and shoot like how it does in TFA.
  • Alternate idea: Because one of the niggles about TFA is when Han appears to be trying out Chewie’s bowcaster for the first time, edited it to be noticeably different to TFA. It’d be as if Chewie made a recent upgrade that Han just didn’t try yet in TFA. So for here in ROTJ, the laser blasts of his bowcaster could be green, like how the weapons of the Wookiees were in ROTS.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the other two Imperial scouts taking off.
  • Fixed the timing of the bike turning on and starting to move before Leia actually switches it on.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the bike leaving as Han yells “Hey, wait!”.
  • Edited the scout trooper waiting for his cue to attack Han so that he’s offscreen before the “Hey, wait!”

Speeder Bike Chase

  • Condensed the overall chase by trimming some frames and omitting multiple shots, starting with many of the bad looking side-view shots. While this is a fun sequence, the chase goes on longer than it should, is monotonous, and detracts from the main story for too long.
  • Improved VFX and drastically smoothed out all composited backgrounds to move more naturally with the actors on bikes.
  • Fixed it so the speeder bikes no longer ‘cut’ through trees in some shots.
  • Removed the noticable sticks holding the model bikes up in some shots.
  • Removed the shot with, “Quick, jam their comlink, center switch!” It’s a stupid concept to have on those bikes, so it’s best not to bring it up at all.
  • Fixed the glove on Luke’s hand so it doesn’t switch hands between shots.
  • Inserted swooshing vegetation from the speeder bikes in the long shots and added bike shadows to the environment where needed, if possible.
  • Edited it so that the bikes do not always fly in exact sync to each other in certain shots.
  • Removed Luke saying “Move closer!”. It isn’t necessary as it’s implied already when he later says “Get along side that one!”
  • Edited it so Luke says “Quick, get along side that one!” using “quick” from the other removed line of dialogue. When he says “quick”, the camera will at this time be facing forward to the Imperial biker ahead of them, so Luke’s lips won’t have to be adjusted.
  • Removed the innitial colliding of bikes to quicken the pacing of the scene. These kinds of action will be coming up later anyway. Now, Luke will immediately leap over once the bikes are side-by-side.
  • Fixed it so the Imperial that gets pushed off hits the tree with his frontside instead of his backside, for continuity.
  • Edited it so Luke and Leia occasionally try to shoot down the Imperials throughout the chase (but miss and hit some trees). They have the guns and they’re trying to stop him, so it makes sense they’d use them.
  • Added laser blast impacts to some trees whenever Luke or Leia fires the gun from their speeders.
  • Fixed Luke’s bike so it doesn’t have its nose wobble when he pulls up.
  • Removed the entire sequence of the scout trooper going ‘super fast’. It is fun but we have to eventually progress with the plot, so it’s better to just cut this.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – View from behind the scout trooper when he looks back to see if Leia is still following.
    – Then the shot from above the scout trooper where we see laser blasts nearly hitting him, and Leia’s bike (enhanced the VFX) zooming across.
    – Then it continues from there.
  • Edited it so Leia’s bike more clearly tilts her off after the scout hits the rear engine with his blaster, instead of through acting and lunging herself off.
  • Edited it so Leia’s speeder bike doesn’t explode against a tree (since there has to be some remains for Han to be looking over later) and the scout trooper that Leia was chasing crashes because of an ominous reason (instead of a stupid mistake).
    – The scene is as follows:
    – When the trooper looks back, edited it so Leia’s speeder now does a cool skim off a tree and dives to the ground tumbling.
    – Then a shot of the trooper facing forward again for a split second.
    – Then in a new long-view shot of the scout trooper where suddenly 1 and 2 arrows pierce through his armor in critical areas. He lets out a short pained yell, hunches forward on the speeder’s bars, then both he and the bike lower out of frame.
    – Then the original side-view shot with the fallen tree as the speeder and biker crash into it (removed his original scream from here). Inserted a more evident body being tossed from the crash.
  • Removed the shot of Leia dropping her head to the ground from exhaustion. It’s really not needed, especially with the next shots that will be moved to immediately after here. It’s okay to assume that she is unconscious from the fall off the bike anyway.

Creature Of The Forest

  • Moved this scene to right after the Imperial biker crashes into the fallen tree. Because this sequence with the Ewok will be significantly shortened to only a few seconds, it’s better for flow when placed here. And this serves as a momentary breather from the long chase sequence so far.
  • Edited it so it’s now more of a mystery what creature approaches Leia and also so it’s up to the immagination what happens to her afterward. This will allow for a better reveal later once Luke, Han and co. get captured too. This is a difficult segment to lose with some enjoyable moments axed, but it does actually improve the narrative without it.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – After the shot of the Imperial biker crashing, then the shot focusing on furry legs (Wicket the Ewok) cautiously stepping through the forest. Flipped this shot because, visually, you have the biker flying left to right on screen, so it makes sense to have the Ewok walking from right back to left to where Leia is.
    – Then the shot where the furry legs approaches Leia (who is still laying unconsciously on the ground) and pokes her with its spear. Flipped this shot also to coincide with that previous flipped shot. Since there were more than one arrows shot, we figure this is just one of those things out there.
    – Trimmed this sequence right after Wicket pokes her the first time, so the mystery is kept when we do not see the Ewok in full.
    – Ominous music can be playing during these shots of the Ewok.
    – Then cut back to the continued chase between Luke and the remaining Scout Trooper, still without a swipe beforehand.
  • Used some of the footage that was omitted from this sequence, namely Leia firing her blaster, and edited it to be possibly used during the battle later.

Luke vs Scout Trooper

  • Added 1 quick laser blast from the Imperial bike shooting at Luke (in the shot when the Scout Trooper zooms past the camera).
  • Smoothed the VFX of the Imperial on the bike.
  • Inserted some missing deflected laser bolts from Luke’s saber.
  • Added PT heat marks to the cuts on the bike’s fallen nose from the saber.
  • Edited it so the Imperial biker doesn’t spin cartoonishly out of control after Luke slices the front off. Instead, while still losing control, the bike crashes in a different but cool way.

Vader’s Report

  • Moved this scene to here so it improves the flow and pacing. Plus, sooner rather than later, it feels right that we see Vader tell the Emperor about the Rebels and Luke arriving on Endor.
  • Edited it so Vader will still be on the Executor and speaks with the Emperor via hologram/video display. This way, for the sake of the narrative, we still aren’t seeing the throne room, although this time it will be teased. Plus, with important information like this, it makes sense Vader would more urgently communicate via video transmision instead of spending precious time traveling between distant locations.
  • Added new shots of Vader in his personal chamber on the Executor as he communicates with the Emperor during this restructured scene (possibly borrowed from ESB where necessary). Also, removed much of the unnecessary inbetween lines from both of them to get to the point sooner.
    – Reorganized and edited the scene to be as follows:
    – First, a quick new establishing shot focused on just the Executor. The Death Star can be noticed partially in the background.
    – Then a long-view shot inside Vader’s chamber with the camera above moving towards him. He is in front of his meditation pod facing an image/holo that’s before him (which we don’t yet see).
    – In that shot, Vader says, “Master, a small Rebel force has penetrated the shield and landed on Endor” (Inserted “Master” from another source). We hear the Emperor’s voice respond, “Yes I know.”
    – Then a close-up view on Vader, “My son is with them.”
    – Then view over Vader’s shoulder at the screen/holo of the Emperor sitting in a chair (we don’t see much of what’s behind his chair). The Emperor replies, “Then you must go to the sanctuary moon and wait for him.”
    – Then another close-up view on Vader as he asks, “He will come to me?”
    – Then view on just the image/holo of the Emperor who sinks back into the chair and says, “I have forseen it. His compassion for you will be his undoing. He will come to you and then you will bring him before me.”
    – Then front view of Vader bowing and saying, “As you wish.”
    – Then wipe to the next scene.
  • Removed the Emperor’s “I told you to remain on the command ship”, since Vader still is for this edit.
  • Removed all the other lines pertaining to “Are you sure?” “Strange that I have not. I wonder if your feelings on this matter are clear, Lord Vader”, because it is even more strange he can foresee Luke coming to Vader and yet has a hard time believing Luke could be closeby. Removing all of this dialogue helps speed up the scene and, actually, improves/strengthens the Emperor’s character.

Han Waits For Luke And Leia

  • Added new shots at the beginning of this sequence: One as an establishing shot and another for assuring the audience that the strike team was actually doing something proactive during their very long wait (must’ve been at least an hr or 2).
    – The shots are as follows:
    – A new establishing shot from Endor looking up to the sky and through the trees where we see the Death Star and a barely noticeable Executor. This is a great transition for the viewers since the previous sequence took place up above and now we’re back on the moon.
    – In that shot the camera then pans down to ground level and we see the Rebel Strike Team, hiding and waiting.
    – Then a close-up shot on some soldiers, including Dameron, standing together quietly discussing and pointing at a bulky, tablet-like device (likely about their mission). One of them is eating a snack bar of sorts (seeing food in Star Wars is a good thing - it’s world-building). 6-7 seconds total for these shots.
    – Then the original shot of Han sitting at the tree.
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Trimmed off the last few frames in the shot with Han sitting against a tree so we don’t see him hunch forward (elbows on knees). This is so he still appears more at the ready, instead of looking bored.
  • Inserted the sensor antenna at the top of R2’s dome that he used in ESB. It makes sense he’d have this out again for sensing anyone coming.
  • Tightened up the shot between R2 making sounds and 3PO announcing what R2’s saying. R2 is beeping for 1 second too long.
  • Removed the slight breathing noticed on Anthony Daniels’ stomach while R2 is whistling, just before “Oh, General Solo, somebody’s coming.”
  • Added in two brand new quick shots, each of a different random soldier behind a tree taking aim for what’s coming. This actually makes it funnier when we first see serious soldiers peering around a tree and next we see the harmless 3PO do the same.
  • Edited it so Han is actually giving an order to Col Serra before leaving. This will establish that certain members do have comlinks, which will help get the team back together again. They must have comlinks, after all, since Leia is seen using one later to contact R2 to come to the bunker (which she must’ve borrowed from Han because she obviously didn’t use it before).
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Trimmed the shot right after Han gives the order, “Take the squad ahead. We’ll meet at…” Inserted Serra into the shot to replace the original soldier approaching Han.
    – Then a new close-up of Serra moving towards the camera (and consistent with the previous shot) as Han finishes, “…the shield generator.” Removed Han’s “at 0300” because instead of predicting a time, it makes more sense that he would just radio and get back asap. The time “0300” will be referenced later in another way, though.
    – In that same shot, just when Han finishes his sentence, Serra nods and replies, “All right. Keep your comlink handy.”
    – Then the view on R2, with the shot slightly lengthened by a few frames so it can confortably fit all of Luke’s, “Come on, R2, we’ll need your scanners” here. His sensor doesn’t need to be seen out here as he could’ve put it away for now.
    – Then the final shot where the heroes are taking off. Inserted Serra in the background motioning hand signals to the rest of the squad (again, replacing the original soldier).
  • Added a swipe at the end to establish time has gone by.

Captured By Ewoks

  • Added a couple new establishing and scenic shots, as a buffer between these two sequences, to show that our heroes have traversed through the forest and time has gone by. This will then provide another way to open up the planet and see more interesting things about it.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – First, a new shot that is looking at a mossy, fallen log in the foreground where a small, harmless-looking creature is seen moving over it (moving to the left, in the same direction as the previous screen swipe). 5-6sec.
    – In that shot, the camera is slowly panning to the left the whole while in the same direction as the alien creature, until it crawls off the log and out of frame.
    – Then, in that shot, the camera stops panning when we see our heroes in the distance moving through the forest. They’re just far enough away that we don’t see the stand-in actors’ faces clearly.
    – Then another interesting shot showing more of the forest (5-6sec). The characters can be seen much more closely, but this time viewed from above and/or behind them (again just so the faces of the look-alikes don’t stand out).
    – These new shots should play out similarly to the montage of shots in TFA while Finn is out in the Jakku desert trying to find settlement; this shows the passage of time while showing off the planet.
    – Then it continues as normal with the close-up view on the ground when Luke walks by Leia’s helmet.
  • Added more destruction with some smoke and occassional sparks to the wrecked speeder that Han is looking over.
  • Edited it so R2’s ESB scanner is still seen out during these shots, up until the shot when Han asks “What Chewie?” a second time. Then it is seen being put away.
  • Fixed the odd ‘glowing’ around 3PO on the blu-ray as they’re approaching the food trap.
  • Fixed it so the carcass doesn’t swing around in the initial close-up view on it, if possible, so it appears more consistent between shots.
  • Inserted 3PO and R2 falling from the net with everyone else.
  • Edited it so the Ewoks who were initially in plain view (before all of the rest of the Ewoks come out) are hidden better, making the movement in the brush more mysterious at first.
  • Added occasional blinking to Ewoks in some shots to give them more ‘life’, like Yoda in ESB:R. Even though the blu-ray attempted this, it was only done with Wicket and it looked too CGI and creepy.
  • Removed/replaced many (but not all) of the ‘cute’ Ewok sounds all throughout the rest of the film so that they, overall, sound a little less cute and a little more like ‘tough warriors’.
  • Inserted one eye to the Ewok who clearly has cut-outs for both the actor’s eyes, but the other eye should be missing from a previous injury (so we are seeing inside of an eye socket where the missing eye is).
  • Removed a certain shot of Luke and Han where they’re smiling goofily as 3PO is being worshipped, as well as a couple other shots focused on Ewoks worshipping. It trims this sequence down a bit so the story can that much sooner proceed.

The Strike Team Avoids Imperial Patrols (brand new sequence)

  • Added a brand new sequence that establishes: the Rebel commandos are at and spying on the Imperial base; Vader is on the moon (he has to be here by now so Luke can feel his presence from the Ewok village); they are unable to reach Solo (because he’s captured); and they are increasingly in danger of being found as they are waiting.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – A new POV shot looking through electrobinoculars. The user is first looking at their primary target - the shield generator (2 sec).
    – Then the POV pans down to a guard tower with a couple stormtroopers standing in it (1 sec),
    – Then the POV pans over to a couple parked AT-STs. There could also be parked cargo shuttles (1 sec).
    – Then for last the view focuses on a large landing pad (2 sec). An Imperial shuttle is landed on it and we assume it is Vader’s since there are also 2 Tie Fighters landed on either side of it. While seeing the base, we are essentially seeing the threats in order from bad to worse.
    – In that view (and for all shots), edited it so the landing pad and shield generator are now nearly adjacent to each other.
    – Then a side-view shot with a group of commandos behind cover with Col Serra looking through the electrobinoculars. He pulls the electrobinoculars away from his eyes.
    – In that shot, while still looking ahead, he asks Dameron who’s next to him, “And still no word from Solo?”
    – Then, shaking his head, Dameron replies, “Nothing.”
    – Then a new shot directly behind their line as the audience now sees the generator and surrounding base in its entirety. The audience sees more clearly here that this place is indeed well-protected, making the later comment “This isn’t going to be easy” more substantial.
    – Then in that shot, Serra speaks with a disturbed sigh, “We’re running short on time. By nightfall we have to get inside that base… even if it’s without them.”
    – In that shot, he is interupted by faint sounds of mechanized thumping approaching.
    – Then a quick side-view shot of the lineup again as they’re all honing in on the sound. The sound is coming from behind their line-up.
    – Then close-up view on Serra who waves hand signals (1.5sec).
    – Then a moving, close-up shot of the alien sniper and some other commandos rushing to better cover (2.5sec).
    – Then a steady long-view side shot of the last of the commandos to take cover behind trees as the thumping and crunching of wood continues.
    – Then finally, in the same shot, a patrolling AT-ST comes into view beyond the trees they’re hiding behind (8-10sec).
    – Then a low angle medium shot on Sant and some other soldiers behind a tree as the walker continues walking past them (3sec).
    – Then, with the walker out of sight, a med-view on Serra and other soldiers still behind a tree. The thumping/crunching is becoming faint.
    – In that same shot, Serra says, “We’ll be spaced if we’re here much longer.” (“Spaced” is slang for dead or killed). Then pointing over to Dameron, he orders, “Keep trying to reach Solo.”
    – Then the camera focuses on the Dameron who pulls out a comlink “General Solo, this is Sergeant Dameron of the Pathfinders. Do you copy?..” Here is the first and only time that his name is said, so here the audience can have fun by connecting the dots and realize who he is in relation to Poe Dameron from TFA (and for that matter, Shay also).
    – Then wipe to the next scene with the heroes being tied and carried by Ewoks.
  • Edited these shots so it is later afternoon to early evening time.

The Ewok Village

  • Edited the first shots to be early evening or dusk, so by the time they are up at the tree village, it will be evening time.
  • Edited the establishing shots of the Ewok village so it is more visually interesting.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – First, the original quick shot of 3PO being carried by Ewoks. Removed the swipe afterward so this can now lead into the next new shot.
    – Then added a new wide-view shot of the camera moving forward as it pans from ground-level to way up high in the trees for an impressive first reveal of the Ewok village (similar to the reveal of the Elve’s sanctuary in LOTR). Added bird-like creatures flying between the trees in the shot. We then begin to hear some horn sounds. No swipe after this shot.
    – Then it continues as normal with the close-up of an Ewok trumpeting his horn.
  • Removed that original shot of the Ewoks taking 3PO to a dead-end up in the trees and where an Ewok swings to the other side. Doesn’t make sense to take him there and it’s nothing special anyway.
  • Removed the repeated ‘Ewok singing’ in the background while the heroes are about to be cooked.
  • Fixed Chewie’s hands from sliding down on the pole and so his arms are consistent with the next shot of him and Luke.
  • Added a new shot that establishes that Han doesn’t have his comlink on him, so he has no idea that the strike team is trying to reach him (but he likely suspects it). The comlink was taken and put in a basket with other supplies that were stripped from the heroes, but it will be given back as seen later.
    – The shot can be as follows:
    – First, the original shot showing Luke and Chewie side-by-side and tied up.
    – Then a new shot that’s away from the main crowd of Ewoks that is slowly zooming in on a basket. Off to the side there may be some beaten scout/stormtrooper helmets strung together, just to show that the Ewoks are already having their share of entanglements with the Imperials.
    – In that shot, an Ewok immediately walks to the basket, shuffles through it for a second, then takes Luke’s lightsaber (who’ll give it to Logray the Shaman).
    – After the Ewok leaves, the camera still focuses on the basket just long enough until we faintly hear “…This is the Pathfinders… Solo, are you there, sir?..” Of course it’ll feel similar to ANH when Luke was trying to reach 3PO on the comlink.
    – Then the original shot of Logray presenting Luke’s lightsaber to 3PO.
    – Then moved Han’s “I have a really bad feeling about this” to be right after that shot.
    – Then it continues as normal with 3PO beginning to speak to Logray.
  • Removed the unnecessary shot of Wicket scratching his head in bewilderment. Unless it can be moved to another section of this sequence, such as after 3PO is being set back down by Luke - that could be really funny.
  • Removed all shots of Nippet, the ‘kitten’ Wokling. There’s no good reason for this except just to look cute, which doesn’t help the matter with the Ewoks.
  • Removed the shot of Warwick and the other Ewok beating a drum. It feels childish because it is random, brief, and doesn’t signify anything.
  • Fixed the few shots where R2 can be seen untied and standing upright when he shouldn’t be, starting at the time when C3PO says “Master Luke, what magic? I couldn’t possibly.”
  • Replaced the silly sound FX when R2’s electrode comes out. Replaced it for a proper sound used other times before.
  • Edited it so R2 only shocks Teebo the Ewok once and stays in place. Once is funny, but twice is too much and too silly. This way, also, R2’s in the same place when Warwick comes to him.
  • Trimmed a few frames of Wicket looking R2 over. It goes on for a bit too long for something that is of no importance.
  • Fixed the flipped shot of 3PO when he says “I never knew I had it in me”, as evidenced by Logray (the blonde Ewok) and the other now suddenly on the other side worshiping.

A Plea For Help (instead of a cutesy campfire bedtime story)

  • Edited this scene so 3PO is now asking, with a sense of urgency, for the Ewoks’ help to fight the Imperials. Instead of it being a bedtime story, this scene will now have more relevance to the plot and gives more importance to having 3PO come along. 3PO claims in ANH he isn’t good at telling stories anyway.
    – Tightened this segment by reorganizing/trimming several of the shots as follows:
    – First the original establishing shot showing the Ewok village in the trees.
    – Then the outside view of the hut with Ewoks crowding and listening, but changed 3PO’s dialogue here so it sounds like he is in the middle of a speech.
    – Then a short sequence inside the hut with 3PO finishing explaining to the Ewoks and their leaders why they are there and the events that will soon unfold with the Imperials. This is done by significantly reordering/omitting 3PO’s dialogue, and interlacing a few shots of both the (adult) Ewoks and the main heroes listening.
    – After 3PO has finished, then the shots of the Ewok leaders discussing what to do next.
    – Then the shot of Han and Leia but edited and removed the “What’s going on?” and “I don’t know.” For the edit, they know what’s going as they would have explained to 3PO what to say.
    – Then a shot of the tribal leader speaking amongst other Ewoks, followed by 3PO saying, “Wonderful. The tribe agrees to help us” (instead of “Wonderful. we are now a part of their tribe”)
    – Then it continues as normal from there, but removed most of the ‘hooting and hollering’ from the Ewoks.
  • Removed all of the original sound FX 3PO creates during what used to be a storytelling.
  • Removed/edited certain shots so that 3PO uses minimal hand gestures.
  • Removed all shots of cuddling, of other too cute moments, and the drumming/celebration at the end.
  • Removed the Ewoks giggling as they playfully tackle Han.

Brother And Sister

  • Edited the background during some shots here to look like they are actually up in real trees, instead of in a room with matte paintings.
  • Removed Leia’s line “I know… somehow, I’ve always known.” It works better if she is speechless for a moment after what information Luke told her. Besides, if she had always somehow known, wouldn’t she have brought it up any time before?
  • Removed Luke’s pointless line “You’ve always been strong” after first saying “No you don’t”, since that added absolutely nothing to that particular part of the discussion.
  • Removed Han’s jealousy here so it doesn’t feel like an awkward soap opera. Instead, he should be there to comfort her.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Han comes outside and asks, “Hey… what’s going on?”.
    – Then Leia simply looks to him and rushes to his arms saying, “Hold me.”
    – He holds her to comfort her, then wipe to next scene. It can be infered that she tells him part of what happened.

Han Makes Contact with the Strike Team (brand new sequence)

  • Added in a new brief sequence which establishes that the Strike Team finally made contact with General Solo. This should be a big deal. Since there is no actual footage of Han for this, his voice (by a voice impersonator) will have to only be heard over the comlink.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – A new medium view shot on a group of soldiers (including Sant, Serra, and Dameron) kneeling behind a log all focusing their attention towards Serra, who has a comlink out. The camera slowly circles around them during this shot, to keep it visually interesting.
    – Serra is speaking in the comlink, “It’s great to hear you guys are okay, Solo. So far we’re dodging patrols here. How far are you?”
    – Han responds, “We’re on our way now. Should be there soon by Oh-300.”
    – Serra nods and, before he can reply back, Han continues, “And one more thing… <pauses for a second and changes tone> …we’ve found small help from the indigenous here. Some will be along with us.” Han needs to mention to the soldiers about the Ewoks they found and that they’re going to join them, otherwise, all of a sudden the Ewoks are right there collaborating with the Strike Team and none of the other members questions it, which felt odd.
    – The soldiers kind of glance at each other at this news.
    – Serra then replies, “Roger that.”
    – Dameron chimes in, “We’ll take any extra help we can get.”
    – Then a quick side-view medium shot of the alien sniper sitting in a tree as he’s looking through the scope of his rifle at the Imperial base. He’s slowly scanning the base but suddenly repositions his aim, as if something caught his eye.
    – Then a POV shot through the sniper scope as he focuses on an Imperial transport inbound for the landing pad (Vader’s shuttle and Ties are still landed there).
    – Then a lower angle medium shot of the transport slowing to a stop at a bridge of the landing platform. The cockpit has a red glow from inside for its night vision (in homage to the AT-AT that used to have a red cockpit in ESB too).
    – Edited everything in the background of this shot (namely the structures) to match what was previously established.
  • Replaced the cumbersome AT-AT for a hovering Imperial Troop Transport (ITT). The ITT can more logically unload/load personnel out in the field (in this case, Luke) and is a more practical mode of transportation in a dense forest, unlike the hard-to-maneuver AT-AT. Plus, it fits the Star Wars motto to introduce new Imperial vehicles.
  • Added a lower docking bridge for the platform (at about the height of an AT-ST) which may be used by the new transport.
  • Inserted a pair of Imperial speeder bikes riding past the transport. It’s likely these scouts are who came across Luke first.

Luke Surrenders Himself

  • Edited the outside view from the corridor to match what has already been seen of the platform earlier.
  • Replaced the AT-AT seen outside for the new transport when viewing from inside the corridor. The original AT-AT’s head wasn’t in its correct position to its body anyway.
  • Edited it so the door closes to the transport vehicle and it now takes off in the background just prior to Vader saying “The Emperor has been expecting you.”
  • Fixed Vader’s flipped belt of lights in the close-up of him inspecting Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Fixed the pole that should be next to Luke but is suddenly further away when Vader turns off the lightsaber.
  • Moved the sound FX of the door opening to be sooner, just as Vader motions his hand up, so it goes along with him possibly using the Force to open it and, more importantly, it also allows enough time for the stormtroopers to show up behind Luke, since they couldn’t have possibly appeared that quickly after when we heard the door open originally.

Regrouped Near The Base

  • Edited this sequence so it’s much darker outside, since it shouldn’t be too much longer from the time of the previous sequence (half hour to hour, tops). This would also imply better strategy on their part if they didn’t try infiltrating during mid-day. Furthermore, it becomes more convincing later that so much can happen in a single day when certain events such as this start much earlier, even if the day lengths aren’t necessarily the same as Earth’s.
  • Replaced the bad matte with the new and expanded view of the base to be consistent with what was established before.
  • Enhanced the VFX of Vader’s shuttle taking off. Also inserted the 2 Ties roaring up and flying in formation on either side of the shuttle.
  • Edited it so there are some added shots of the soldiers and also so it is they who say a certain line, instead of Leia. The commandos were here for a while doing reconnaissance, after all, so it makes sense that either one of them will voice their findings.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – After the original shot with Han and others looking to the base from a log, inserted a shot of a group of soldiers to the side taking a knee. Dameron and Serra are closer in the foreground with Sant standing next to them.
    – In that shot, Dameron (instead of Leia) tells Han, while pointing in the direction, “The main entrance to the control bunker is on the far side of that landing platform.”
    – Then the original shot of Leia saying, “This isn’t going to be easy.”
    – Then the shot with Han responding, “Hey, me and Chewie have gotten into more heavily guarded places than this.”
    – Then the shot with Wickit speaking up and 3PO responding.
    – Then inserted a (this time brief) shot with the soldiers again while they’re listening in puzzlement as Wickit is explaining something.
    – Then the shot of Han also looking in puzzlement, with Leia asking, “What’s he saying?”
    – Continues as normal from there.

The Fleet’s Jump To Lightspeed

  • Fixed the FX so ships are no longer ‘cutting’ through other ships.
    Added some more starfighters weaving through the larger cruisers to get to the front.
  • Edited out the briefing room in the background of this shot. Again, to make the ship seem larger.
  • Enhanced the cockpit view in Home One and added a more obvious glass window there, by also adding a glare and realistic reflections for all shots whenever Ackbar’s near it, if possible.
  • Removed the ‘black boxing’ around some fighters outside the window.
  • Enhanced and added digital readouts to Ackbar’s control box that’s over his lap (in this instance, a logical countdown), so the box looks more sophisticated for the admiral to command ships with.
  • Edited the jump to lightspeed sequence so that it’s coordinated better, especially since it’s a large-scale fleet making the jump all at once. This should feel larger-scale by showing other pilots, too, including Shay and General Madine (this also establishes that he is on his own cruiser, separate from Ackbar, so as to not confuse the audience later).
    – The edited sequence is as follows:
    – Trimmed Lando’s dialogue to say “We’re in position. All fighters accounted for”. Left out “Admiral” at the beginning so he can be talking to Madine.
    – Then a new shot of Madine at the helm of his cruiser “Acknowledged, Gold Leader. Liberty to Home One, commence the countdown for hyperspace.”
    – Then the shot of Ackbar and edited his dialogue to say “Proceeding with the countdown. All groups assume attack coordinates on my mark”. Changed “Proceed” to “Proceeding” and moved “On my mark” from a later dialogue to here.
    – Then the shots with Nien Nunb and Lando having their conversation.
    – Then the shot of Ackbar with the shortened dialogue saying “All craft, make the jump into hyperspace…”.
    – Then added a quick shot of Wedge in his X-Wing (reused/edited this shot from elsewhere) while Ackbar is counting the seconds over the comm “in 5…”
    – Then a quick shot of another Rebel pilot <Ackbar> “4…”
    – Then another quick shot of another Rebel pilot <Ackbar> “3…”
    – And a quick shot with Shay in her A-Wing looking set and ready <Ackbar> “2…”
    – Then, just when Ackbar says “1” in the countdown, the shot of Lando as he’s pulling the lever for lightspeed (removed Lando’s line “Alright, stand by”).
    – Just before Ackbar’s cruiser (Home One) jumps to lightspeed, added a new brief shot of Madine in the command seat with his cruiser (Liberty) jumping to lightspeed.
  • Added a greater number of ships making the jump to light speed. It will look and feel epic.
  • Enhanced the FX of all Rebel ships jumping into lightspeed and going towards a single point in space.

The Backdoor And The Decoy

  • Edited the scene to be darker outside than it was originally since this should still be early morning, but a bit more daylight than when they were looking at the platform/base earlier.
  • Edited it so the shield generator itself and this back entrance are located closer to each other, so the huge dish will be seen peaking over the trees in the background, for here and all other shots where it needs to be for continuity.
  • Edited out a tree and some branches (on the left in two shots) that are obstructing most of the view on the bunker (with 4 Imperial Scouts), just enough so it’s possible for Han to actually see the bunker well enough from his position and make the claim “It’s only a few guards. This shouldn’t be too much trouble.”
  • Inserted a quick shot, after the (trimmed) shot of Paploo the Ewok getting on the bike, of several Rebel soldiers all in the brush. Some have a look of horror that their cover is about to be blown; some are even getting their weapons ready for a probable gun fight.
  • Improved the FX of Paploo taking off on the speeder bike.
  • Edited and cropped the bike chase here. As is, it goes on too long than necessary and some of the absurdness needs to go.
    – The scene sequence is as follows:
    – Kept the Ewok soaring in the air as its trying to hold onto the bike (this part is actually funny, and it’s okay to have light-hearted moments like this now and again, when the timing is right).
    – After the Ewok finally settles into the bike seat, then we see him leaping onto the vine with the scout troopers zooming by.
    – Removed the segment of Paploo and his hijacked speeder spiraling out of control. This is when the silliness became too much.
  • Replaced the original ‘tag, you’re it!’ sequence to be something more strategic and less cartoony. While it is fun on a nastolgic level, it was hard to take the scene seriously. This will then provide the new Rebel sniper to do something useful.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – After Paploo the Ewok catches the vine, a brand new shot of the lone scout trooper as he’s holding his gun out and waiting near the bunker’s entrance (4sec). No Han Solo or anybody behind him either.
    – Then in that same shot, he is suddenly knocked off his feet by a sniper blast.
    – Then a quick side-view of Zahk’u still looking through the scope of his sniper rifle and says, “Clear to move in.”
    – Then the interior shot with Han and co. opening the bunker door. Removed the person in scout trooper seen in the background. It wasn’t made clear originally that ‘Gramps’ took on the scout trooper armor; plus, for the sake of continuity, it’s easier to assume everyone goes in the bunker.
    – In that shot, edited it so the bunker door doesn’t close shut when they continue forward. This is to enable the whole strike team going in (this fixes the issue of having any Rebels left outside where instead they all should be going in). It can be assumed the door closes later after the last one.
    – Also in that shot, inserted other commandos (including the new characters) starting to move in before cutting to the next sequence.

Luke Meets The Emperor

  • Edited the establishing shot before the throne room.
    – The shot is as follows:
    – Removed the original long-view shot of the Death Star. It was effective, but having something else would be better.
    – Replaced that shot with the original exterior view of the Emperor’s tower with the camera panning around it (which was removed from earlier, but is now used for here). Edited out the Ties flying around it.
    – In this shot, adjusted the clip to fit with the musical cue used here.
    – Then it continues as normal with the view of the elevator door lighting up.
  • Fixed the canisters on the sides of the bridge/elevator so it’s consistent between shots.
  • Fixed the stars outside the Emperor’s window, in the first wide-shot from within the throne room, to move at a consistent speed with the next shots.
  • Added the moon of Endor outside the Emperor’s window(s) in shots where it should be seen.

The Strike Team Gets Captured

  • Moved out the entire sequence with Han and co. taking over the control room from here. Part of this will be used for later.
  • Added new intriguing shots for some extra bulk to this sequence, since a lot was removed. This will show Captain Sarkli (a new character who will be the Imperial in command of the base) and the ‘best’ Imperial troops getting ready to spring the trap. Also reworked some shots a bit so that Wicket doesn’t seemingly run toward the Imperials.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – A couple new exterior shots of Imperials (mostly of the new shadow troopers) hurriedly moving through brush and over natural obstacles. They are on their way to the bunker’s entrance. The audience can notice how a lot more skilled they appear than a typical stormtrooper by their movement and agility through the forest. (8sec total)
    – In that shot, an ‘Inferno Squad’ trooper or two (designs based on the game of the new EU) may be see here (and other shots) who will essentially be the commanders for these new shadow troopers. They don’t have to be named, but just a nod to them nonetheless.
    – Then a new interior shot within the shield generator complex viewing a blast door as it opens. An Imperial officer hurriedly walks through and the camera follows him a second until he reaches captain Sarkli.
    – In that shot, Sarkli is standing in the hallway looking ahead in anticipation when the lower-ranking officer says to him, “The Rebels will be here any moment, sir.”
    – In that shot, Sarkli replies, “Very good.” He takes 2 short steps forward and then in a cocky tone he says, “They’ll have no way of escaping what’s coming to them.” The camera then moves away from him to reveal several stormtroopers already lined up at front and at the ready.
    – Then the original exterior view of the bunker with the Imperials rushing in. Inserted more Imperials moving in, namely the shadow troopers.
    – Then the original shot of R2, Wicket and 3PO where the latter (for here) exclaims, “Oh my…” Trimmed this shot and moved the rest of his dialogue for the next shot.
    – Then a glimpse of the exterior bunker again as Imperial troopers continue to enter. Inserted the rest of 3PO’s line to here “…They’ll be captured!” This shot here will then allow Wicket to leave without creating a new continuity error.
    – Then a new quick close-up shot of 3PO who is just turning around to look behind as he exclaims, “Uh w-wait…”
    – Then the original shot of Wicket running down the hill with 3PO continuing his sentence “…wait come back!” Having 3PO turn to look back establishes that Wicket is now running in that direction (behind them instead of in front), which is key, because now there are Imperials in the direction they were facing.
    – Then the original shot of just R2 and 3PO when he says, “R2! Stay with me!”
    – Then on to the next sequence of the Rebel ships in lightspeed.

It’s A Trap!

  • Added a new set of shots with the Rebel fleet coming out of lightspeed. Removed some shots in favor of a more dynamic set of shots.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – A cool new shot of the Millennium Falcon in the foreground and other Rebel ships all coming towards the camera as they are still in lightspeed.
    – In that shot, the camera pans with them (inspired by the shot of the MF in lightspeed in the TFA trailer) until the camera is behind them.
    – In that same shot still, the MF along with many other ships are coming out of lightspeed with the moon of Endor and Death Star directly in front (Endor Prime may be noticed to the side too).
    – Then a quick new shot looking at the front of the Rebel ships as more of the starships and cruisers continue to come out from lightspeed.
    – Then the close-up view of Lando as he’s now seeing the Death Star.
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the entire Rebel fleet jumping out from lightspeed.
  • Edited it so the number of ships that come out from lightspeed and their positions to each other appears consistent with before going to light speed.
  • Fixed the moon in the background behind the Death Star to always be in the right location between shots, or else it’d look like the Rebel ships are suddenly approaching it from another direction.
  • Edited it so it is General Madine who says “All wings report in”, instead of Lando. We get plenty of shots of Lando already, so let’s get some more Madine where/while we can.
    – Edited the scene as follows:
    – Replaced the shot with Lando saying “All wings report in” with a new shot of Madine in his swiveling chair on the Liberty saying the same line.
    – Then the shot of Lando (same shot that was just replaced) saying “Gold leader, standing by.” Edited his lips to match the new dialogue. Added dialogue that sounds like him.
    – Then it continues as normal from there.
  • Added a new shot of a Mon Calamari B-Wing pilot leader saying, “Blue Leader, standing by”, right before the A-Wing leader shot.
  • Added a new, more dynamic panning shot of many more Rebel ships locking S-Foils to attack position (still in homage to the original shot).
  • Enhanced the Rebel ships pulling up so they take more natural flight paths and added more ships to look more epic. Trimmed away some of the last frames in this shot so there can be room for adding another quick shot immediately after.
  • Inserted a very brief shot inside the cockpit of a pilot exclaiming "Pull up, Gray 12! to a fellow fighter who is about to crash.
  • Inserted a shot of a Y-Wing not quite pulling up in time (because they are not as easily maneuverable), who skims the shield’s surface and begins to explode.
  • Added in a very brief (1sec) view on that same disintegrating Y-Wing from a different angle. This adds extra emphasis on the Death Star’s active and deadly.
  • Added a subtle rippling effect FX for the shield after impact of the starship.
  • Edited it so all interior views of the large Mon Calamari ships turn more red with the flashing ‘hazard lights’.
  • Edited the Star Destroyers in the shots so they vary in position to one another, instead of looking like ‘copy-n-paste’.
  • Fixed it so Imperial fighters aren’t suddenly appearing into frame while viewing from inside the Falcon’s cockpit.
  • Edited it so Rebel ships, including the Millennium Falcon, start firing just after the cockpit view of fighters coming in.
  • Added a quick shot of General Madine, at a control seat of a Mon Calamari, saying, “All cruisers form a defensive screen at 9 point 7-3!”, just after the shot “There’s too many of them!”.
  • Added more Rebel ships and Imperial fighters to the side-view shot with them going head-on with each other. Also edited it so that a couple get shot and destroyed; even an instance of a head-on collision.
  • Enhanced the shot of the MF being chased by Tie Fighters, with the chase edited to be further and heading away from the Mon Calamari Cruiser (otherwise Lando is doing the opposite of what he just said). Added more action happening around in this shot.

You, Like Your Father, Are Now… Mine.

  • Added a horizon of the Death Star outside the Emperor’s windows in all shots where it may be seen.
  • Enhanced the VFX of the space battle outside the window that Luke looks out of for all shots.

The Battle On The Moon Begins

  • Added motion blurs and improved the motions/animations of the AT-STs in all scenes where necessary.
  • Inserted shadow troopers and recolored several of the ordinary stormtroopers to be these new troopers in many shots/scenes. There should still be some ordinary stormtroopers, though.
  • Inserted Col Serra, Dameron, and some other new commandos to the panning shot revealing captured Rebels. Also inserted a pile of their weapons (which they’ll be able to pick up later, since they have to be able to get their weapons back from somewhere).
  • Edited it so the new Imperial character, Sarkli, approaches Han and threatens to execute his team. This will now be when the Ewoks show up for a surprise attack against the Imperials.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – After Han steps out of the Bunker with his hands over his head, new shot of Captain Sarkli walking towards him.
    – Closeup view on Sarkli saying to Han “I presume you are their leader.” Edited it so Han’s backside is barely in frame and facing this captain.
    – Closeup view on Han for a moment who keeps silent. Edited the framing so it appears he’s facing someone (Sarkli).
    – Sarkli “Well, General, this is the end for you and your Rebel scum.” He then looks off to the side and gives an order to another Imperial, “Set up to execute them all here and now.”
    – Then, in that same shot, a horn is heard in the distance and Sarkli immediately reacts.
    – Then the original quick shot of Han looking toward the forest (used before for when 3PO calls out, but that segment is taken out).
    – Then the quick shot of Leia looking to the forest also (used before for when 3PO calls out, but that segment is taken out).
    – Then the view of the Ewoks jumping up from the brush and immediately firing their arrows. Removed the Ewok with the stick telling them to fire (the horn should be enough to tell them to fire), just so the ambush feels sudden as it should be.
    – Added in a new shot of some arrows and a spear clearly piercing through some stormtroopers. Shots like these can happen for the remainder of the battle.
    – Continues as normal from there for a bit.
    – Then a quick shot of several of the commandos quickly grabbing their guns in the pile amid the action, then keeping low and running for cover in the forest.
    – Then just before the shot of Han with his blaster and the door is seeing closing in the background, lengthened the shot of the Imperials seen rushing into the bunker. Inserted Sarkli to the shot yelling in his comlink “Seal the door at my location!”. Just as he makes it through, the door starts to close.
    – Then it continues from there, but added the missing AT-ST at the front now starting to move and walk away and start the chase in the forest.
  • Removed the scene with 3PO luring the stormtroopers out. While it is kind of fun, it would be a better surprise for the Ewoks to immediately shoot their arrows at the Imperials. Parts of this scene would be edited and serve better for later in the battle.
  • Alternate idea: The shot with the Imperials coming across the two droids might work for later. This would have to be sometime before Leia calls for R2’s help at the door. The “freeze” and “don’t move” dialogues should be removed.
  • Removed the smoke from Leia’s gun when she fired it (with no added laser) while Han is running to the closing bunker door. Where she was aiming it, the blast would have almost hit Han if the blast were added, which wouldn’t look good.
  • Removed/replaced many of the Ewoks’ “Iyeeha!” and other ‘gleeful’ noises. Again, this way they can sound like a more threatening bunch of little warriors.
  • Added a new segment where Imperials are running out to the forest and tall grass, then (just like the pygmy mummies in The Mummy Returns) the Ewoks take them out.
  • Replaced the first view of the flying Ewok with a more dynamic shot, with the camera following behind him as he approaches the AT-ST.
  • Added evident marks/cracks on Imperial trooper helmets/armor after being hit by any slung/thrown rocks.
  • Fixed the background to be consistent behind C3PO and R2 between shots (3PO is not near a branch, then suddenly is covered by one), just before R2 leaves to help Han at the bunker.
  • Added a few quick shots showing Rebel soldiers in the forest shooting and being shot at by Imperials. No seen casualties with the Rebels here (yet), but a couple Imperials are hit.
  • Edited it so at least one of the catapulted rocks doesn’t hit the AT-ST. While it looks funny that it was hit repeated times in a row, if one of those would miss, then it adds that much more realism.
  • Inserted more destruction to the catapults after the AT-ST fires at them.
  • Added AT-ST laser blasts actually hitting the ground where the Ewoks are.
  • Inserted Ewoks running for cover past the 3 trees, but made it unclear if they survived when the trees are shot up.

The Space Battle Continues

  • Removed evident polygonal boarders around any space ships.
  • Added new shots of starships dogfighting, including more action showcasing A-wings and B-Wings. Some during this sequence and more later on.
  • Added shots of and/or inserted Star Destroyers using their side cannons (the ones that flank the ship’s tower structure) against Rebel capital ships. Never seen them use these before.
  • Added some new ‘heroic’ shots of the Millennium Falcon as it’s shooting away at Tie Fighters.
  • Inserted new interior shots of the MF with soldiers at the turrets firing, for here and more later on. If possible, cleaned up and used the deleted shots showcasing the original soldiers at the MF turrets.
  • Replaced the original A-Wing pilot who says “Got it”. This was originally a female who was dubbed as a male.
  • Inserted Shay during the “Got it” sequence. It’ll give her more screen-time and help sort out some confusion of who gets shot and who doesn’t.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – Replaced the original A-Wing pilot who says “Got it” with Shay in her A-Wing saying “This is Green Four - Got it”.
    – Then edited it so it’s an X-Wing that gets shot by the Tie Fighters (not an A-Wing) and then it’s an A-Wing (it’s implied it’s Green Four, Shay) who shoots both Ties.
    – Then the original shot of Green Leader who says “Three of them coming in from 20 degrees!”
    – Then a quick shot of Shay looking and saying “I see them!”
    – Then the original shot of Wedge “Cut to the left. I’ll take the leader.”
    – Then inserted an A-Wing to the shot cutting to the left from Wedge’s X-Wing after Wedge said it.
    – Continues from there.
  • Edited the Tie Fighter that Wedge barely shoots on the wing to, instead of exploding, only spiral out of control (and will eventually crash). This can look cool.
  • Edited it so the Tie that was chasing after Wedge doesn’t carelessly crash into the Medical Frigate, but instead fires several shots and evades it.
  • Inserted A-Wings and B-Wings in some existing shots throughout the space battle.
  • Added a new cool sequence involving 3 or so B-Wings destroying a Star Destroyer, in homage to a certain concept art. This will give the B-Wings a shining moment and a chance to show off their gyroscopic cockpit as they fly around.
  • Added some additional quick shots with Madine saying things and/or giving orders so he has more screen time and appears to still have a commanding role (also to have more impact for later).
  • While the camera is following the MF, added one more Ties chasing it and edited it so the Falcon is clearly using its ANH turrets for destroying this one Tie.
  • Inserted more new shots from inside the MF for the gunners as they’re shooting.
  • Added some other dogfights to the background during that chase.
  • Improved the FX of the X-Wing dogfighting a Tie Fighter outside the Falcon’s cockpit view just before Lando says, “Only the fighters are attacking. I wonder what those Star Destroyers are waiting for.”
  • Edited it so the objects outside of the Executor bridge don’t shift so much in that short amount of time.
  • Replaced the background behind the officer who says “We’re in position now.” to be consistent with the layout of the bridge in ESB:R.
  • Dubbed over the horribly delivered line “We’re not going to attack?”

Operational Battle Station

  • Edited the Imperials standing next to the laser beam so they are much smaller in proportion and aren’t standing as close to it, otherwise they could easily be getting cancer.
  • Enhanced the FX of the Death Star firing.
  • Added more ships and action happening in the shot when the Rebel cruiser is blasted by the Death Star.
  • Added a brief glimpse of Rebels inside that cruiser getting blown up, including General Madine. This cruiser getting destroyed should be his. It can add an extra punch to the losses during the battle. Then back to the exterior shot of it blowing up the rest of the way.
  • Enhanced the explosion FX of all Rebel ships destroyed by the Death Star.

The Battle of Endor Rages On

  • Added new shots of some Rebels and Ewoks behind trees/logs in battle with the Imperials. A couple casualties are seen on both sides. A thermal detonator is tossed at a group of Imperials and explodes (a great way to reintroduce these weapons since it was removed from earlier in the film).
  • Added some shots involving Chewie shooting his bowcaster at Imperials.
  • Edited it so, by addition of new shots and inserting them in existing shots, Ewoks are still using their bows throughout the battle to attack Imperials. This way it gives more logical reason how the Ewoks could’ve stayed in the fight as well as they did and to help take down the numbers of Imperials.
  • Added new shots of the alien Rebel sniper perched in a tree rapidly sniping unsuspecting Imperials.
  • Kept the Blu-ray additions to R2 when he is shot, except edited it so the electricity isn’t as severe. Also added a scorch/damage mark on his chest where he was hit for all remaining shots.
  • Fixed Lea’s mouth when she says “I’ll cover you” to Han.
  • Added a new and last scene of Col Serra shooting at Imperials.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – More new shots of mayhem in the forest.
    – Then view of Col Serra who is shooting at and being shot at by shadow troopers.
    – He shoots dead a couple of the troopers but eventually gets hit twice and critically injured. Serra hunches behind a log in extreme pain.
    – The Imperials close in on his position and he knows it.
    – He activates and holds out a thermal detonator. It begins to ‘beep’ more rapidly until he says “Damn fools”.
    – Then a long-view shot of the explosion in the trees which shows several nearby Imperials being flown to their death.
    – Then a view on Dameron as he’s shooting, then stops briefly to look toward that explosion, knowing what just happened, and he continues shooting. He realizes Serra is no more.
  • Fixed the problematic flipped shot of the Death Star’s dish for the close-up view of the dish. The Death Star can still be ‘upside down’, though, because there is no up and down in space.
  • Added some extra smaller ships (both Rebel and some Imperial) getting damaged/destroyed because of the cruiser blowing up, just for more chaos.
  • Inserted some various debris from destroyed ships in space as the battle continues on.
  • Added shots in the main space battle of some Rebel fighters and Tie fighters dog fighting while having to maneuver around huge hunks of destroyed ships.
  • Replaced/enhanced the outside cockpit view when Lando says, “Yes, I said closer…”
  • Fixed all shots with static ships.
  • Added new shots, before the scene of the Y-Wing pilot getting hit, of Tie Bombers bombing apart some Rebel cruisers. These need a moment to shine too.

The Dark Side Beckons

  • Removed the close-up shot on Luke’s saber just before “You want this, don’t you.” With it, the Emperor’s hand wasn’t consistent between shots and it wasn’t needed anyway. Kept the shot of the lightsaber when Palpatine touches it, though.
  • Edited it so Luke’s sudden attack on the Emperor appears more swift.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – Just when Luke turns around in the long-view shot with his hand outreached, edited it so we see the lightsaber hilt quickly leap from the arm rest to his hand.
    – Removed the close-up shot of Luke’s saber leaving the arm rest (once again, the Emperor’s hand was a continuity error here anyway).
    – Then the original shot of Luke igniting his saber, and it continues from there.
  • Kept the Blu-ray fix when the sabers are locked over the Emperor, but edited it so both tips can be seen; neither saber would be that long from where their users are actually standing.
  • Added yellow glows/flashes when sabers make contact all throughout, as was done in ESB:R.
  • Added subtle sparks coming from the sabers any time when they clash or lock together, like in TFA. These will be seen mainly for the close-up shots.

Turn Of Events

  • Added more quick shots of shadow/stormtroopers shooting and also throwing a thermal detonator (cylinder-shaped) of their own at the Rebels. Some Rebels soldiers die.
  • Added a quick shot of another shadow/stormtrooper about to throw his thermal detonator, but he’s shot just before tossing it. Then we see the Rebel sniper; it’s implied he was the one who shot that Imperial trooper.
  • Added more and final shots of the Rebel sniper.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – The Rebel sniper heroically continues sniping other Imperials.
    – There are some quick POV scope views as he’s taking out Imperials.
    – Eventually, the sniper sees an AT-ST which sees him also. He attempts to jump out of the tree in time, but he and the tree are blasted away (in homage to Saving Private Ryan and that sniper).
    – Then the shot of Chewie and Ewoks about to take over an AT-ST (presumably the one that just blasted the sniper away).
  • Fixed Chewbacca’s bandolier so it isn’t switching sides just before he is swinging on the vine to the AT-ST.
  • Edited one of the accompanying Ewoks before hijacking the AT-ST to look like the one that will later be inside the AT-ST.
  • Replaced Chewbacca’s ‘Tarzan yell’ as he’s swinging for one of his simpler roars.
  • Improved the FX of the AT-ST getting shot at and destroyed by Chewie’s hijacked AT-ST.
  • Replaced both silly shots of a scout trooper being spun around the tree and another clotheslined with a more serious-toned sequence.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – New shots of Ewoks and Rebels behind trees shooting at and being shot at by stormtroopers and scout troopers on bikes.
    – Then a POV shot of a scout trooper on the bike shooting and occasionally hitting some Ewoks/Rebels on the ground.
    – Then a side-view shot of the carnage he is wrecking on the ground.
    – Then again in the POV shot where eventually a vine is tightened at biker’s level.
    – Then a side-view shot showing him getting clotheslined. Not in a silly way.
    – Then a new view from on the ground where some other bikers are speeding past and then an Ewok lassoes another vine. This time it catches on the front panel and ‘trips’ the bike and flings the biker hard into the ground.
  • Added more shots of Rebel soldiers collaborating more with the Ewoks in place of those removed silly shots.
  • Added shots of Ewoks throwing rocks directly at some bikers. At that speed, a rock coming at them would almost be like a bullet.
  • Edited it so there are larger rocks that are being dropped on the Imperials and these are crushing their armor.
  • Removed the silly sequence of the Ewoks chopping the vines for releasing the two logs that smash the AT-ST’s head in. Cannot imagine how it was even possible for these natives to set this trap up.
  • Added a new sequence (to replace that removed sequence) of Ewoks ambushing unsuspecting Imperials.
  • Removed the sequence of the Ewok pulling the lever to release the collection of logs that causes the AT-ST to do a ‘break dance’ before falling and catching on fire.
  • Added a new sequence (to replace that removed sequence) of a similar scenario of a log coming down to trip an AT-ST - something that is not childish.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Some Ewoks and Rebel soldiers (including Dameron) are behind a large log on a hill, overlooking an AT-ST chasing some Ewoks as it’s about to walk by.
    – Dameron studies both the log and AT-ST for a second then says “Push this log down! Come on!” The other soldiers start pushing and the Ewoks are understanding, so all together they manage to get the log to start rolling down.
    – Then a quick shot of the large log tumbling down the hill.
    – Then a shot of it hitting the left leg of the AT-ST as it’s taking a step; it trips it, falls sideways, and crashes (but doesn’t burn, though it’s implied that with the hard crash the drivers inside are dead).
    – Then a view on Dameron as he is amazed to see that actually worked.
    – Then cut to the view on Han Solo as he’s attempting to open the bunker door.
  • Edited it so Han is actually successful in hotwiring the door open after he says “I got it, I think I got it.” While it was funny before, this otherwise shows Han’s capability to do hotwiring.
  • Edited and removed a lot during the segment right after Leia gets shot in the arm so it’s not as cheesy and campy.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Right when the door is seen starting to open, Leia is shot in the shoulder.
    – After Leia is shot, removed the glimpse of 3PO saying “Oh dear”, then moved 3PO’s concerned “Princess Leia, are you all right?” in its place here (This way you aren’t yet warned about anything until very soon).
    – We then see the (trimmed) close-up view on Leia’s face right as she’s lowering her focus from Han to the what’s approaching in the distance (the stormtroopers).
    – Then inserted a brief glimpse (trimmed) of Han looking concerned as he’s realizing what’s about to happen (trimmed it before he smiles and edited out the troopers that were originally in the background).
    – Then Leia immediately pulls out her blaster and takes aim.
    – Removed the original side-view shot while Leia is shooting, so we don’t see that the troopers are standing right there and also Han with his hands up (it’s assumed that the troopers are much further away, but incoming).
    – Replaced the original view on the stormtroopers standing and getting shot with a new view of them running towards them as Leia’s bolts strike them - the second stormtrooper to get blasted is seen aiming and about to fire a shot.
    – Then it continues as normal with Han looking to Leia in appreciation.
    Alternate idea: Instead of regular stormtroopers, it could be made so Leia just took on a couple shadow troopers.
    – So, removed the original stormtroopers running up to them and their nonsensical dialogue (at this point, the Imperials would no longer be asking the Rebels to “freeze”), removed Leia’s blaster being tucked away, and removed the “I love you” and “I know” moment (unlike in ESB, here it comes off as very cheesy and forced).
  • Edited it so Han’s hands (and 3PO’s) are no longer seen up in the air until he sees the AT-ST.
  • Edited Han’s line so he says “Get down here! Door’s opened!” by replacing “She’s wounded.” Also removed Han’s “No wait!”
  • Replaced Han’s original “I’ve got an idea” by dubbing him to instead say “We can do this” (edited his lips so it looks right to what he’s saying). The original line isn’t necessary as he now has already opened the door.

Father Vs. Son

  • Replaced Vader’s pathetic howl as he is falling down the stairs after being kicked. Instead, he only grunts just as he is kicked (which was originally heard when he hits the floor) and then removed that grunt when he lands. This, as little as it may be, goes a long way to help improve Vader.
  • Fixed the background in the shot while Vader is falling down the stairs.
  • Edited it so when Vader is kicked down the stairs, he lands on his feet and crouched (as though he ‘collected the Force’ to keep from falling to his butt). This will greatly improve Vader’s prowess so it feels more consistent with how he was in ESB, rather than being completely dominated by Luke. We are meant to pity Vader, but this went too far by making him weak, which he isn’t.
  • Fixed Vader’s cape so it’s still over his shoulder between shots.
  • Added sparks and damage to the tubular panel (which Luke jumped in and out of) once Vader hits it with his light saber.
  • Edited it so a section of that same tube continues to spark and eventually falls off immediately after Vader says “There is no conflict”.
  • Removed the set charges and smoke from the ceiling when the catwalk is collapsing.
  • Edited it so only the lower parts from where the lightsaber cuts through the supports fall and anything above stays attached to the ceiling.
  • While Vader is walking down the stairs, inserted a brief glimpse of his hand reaching out from his right side and a lightsaber hilt jumping to his hand, just before we see him igniting it. Not that it’s necessary, since an adult can easily figure how he got his lightsaber back, but it can help anyway just so it’s clear for everyone else (when I was young, I thought he had a spare lightsaber on his belt since we didn’t see him pick up the lightsaber he tossed; it wasn’t until I was a bit older that I figured it out). Plus, seeing this could also look cool.

Taking The Bunker

  • Enhanced the FX of the Tie Fighter exploding in front of the SD bridge, by making it more obvious it was shot and not just colliding into the bridge.
  • Moved the sequence of Han and co. busting through the blast door of the shield generator room to here, right after Lando’s “Come on Han ol’ buddy, don’t let me down.”
  • Added a scorch mark to Leia’s arm where she was now hit earlier, for continuity.
  • Edited it so it actually looks like the Rebel soldier makes contact with the imperial officer when he smacks him with the butt of his gun.
  • Removed Leia making mention about Imperial reinforcements showing up.
  • Enhanced the large visual screen inside the bunker.
  • Replaced and enhanced the bad matte of the power grid in the background for all shots.
  • Trimmed off the remaining frames of the shot once Han catches the charger. As it is, in the last few frames after he catches it, he suddenly doesn’t appear to be in a hurry.
  • Edited the ending of this sequence heavily so that Han and co. are not getting captured (they already have been in this edit). Also edited in the new Imperial character, Sarkli, (who was in hiding) to be in this power grid room; he is now who gets knocked into the power grid.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – After the shot of Han catching a charger, a new shot of Sarkli coming out of hiding to shoot a Rebel down and he prepares to aim at Han.
    – Then the original shot of Han throwing the charger (now at Sarkli).
    – In that shot, removed all the frames of Han winding up his throw. This way, he’s already in the follow-through motion of his throw, which causes his action to appear quicker and helps the believability for why the Imperial didn’t shoot in time (Han always shoots first).
    – Then the shot of the charger knocking Sarkli over the railing. Replacing that original officer also fixes the overall bad shot, which had black lines and the actor was seen jumping backward before actually being hit.
    – Also in that shot, fixed the computer console on the left from moving, while Sarkli is falling over the railing.
    – Also in that shot, after Sarkli is knocked over the railing, added a satisfying and cool-sounding ‘zap’ to imply that he was fried.
    – Then a new quick shot of a random Rebel soldier helping up the other who was shot (he’s just wounded). Here we hear Han saying, “Throw me another charge”. This can be somewhat comedic hearing Han saying this coming after that previous shot.
    – Then the original shot of Han being tossed a new charge.
    – Then the close-up shot of the ceiling as Han is placing his new charge there.
    – Then the original close-up shot of a gloved hand placing a charge (this shot was when we originally heard Han say “Throw me another charge.”).
    – Then the next scene.

The Final Duel

  • Removed Luke’s lightsaber that appears to be in Vader’s hand while he’s searching for Luke in the dark. It should be assumed that Luke still has it.
  • Removed all shadows cast by the lightsaber props during the climatic duel of Vader and Luke. Lightsaber blades are light and therefore should not cast any shadows.
  • Added burn marks to all surfaces and railings when hit by a light saber.
  • Removed the pre-cut on the railing bar before Luke cuts through it along with Vader’s hand.
  • Replaced Vader’s dummy hand being cut off with a better looking one, and added his other hand on the railing so it’s consistent with the previous shot.
  • Removed the shadow on the barrel from a cameraman off screen as the Emperor is walking down the stairs.
  • Replaced Vader’s cut-off hand of wires to instead be a clean slice of a mechanical hand (and cauterized). More metal and fewer wires would look better than the original stuffing of wires.
  • Edited it so Luke turns his head only once to face Palpatine.
  • Fixed it so Luke’s lightsaber blade isn’t seemingly going through the railing when it shouldn’t, as the Emperor is telling him to “fulfill your destiny”.

The Shield Is Down

  • Removed Han’s reflection seen while he’s running away from the bunker.
  • Edited it so we view the dish blowing up first (since this should nearly be the epicenter of detonation). Then, as the explosion expands, we next see the bunker’s entrance exploding (but edited it to look like it’s the tail end of the explosion rather than a detonation point).
  • Edited/removed the original shots of both the dish and bunker exploding in favor of better and more realistic explosions.
    – The shots are as follows:
    – A new shot at the front of the dish when it explodes. Debris from the dish could even collapse onto the now close by landing pad. The original explosion FX had problems (a large piece of debris bouncing back) and was too over-the-top, which all made it fake looking.
    – Then a new shot viewing from behind the shield generator while the camera pans down to the bunker entrance that Han and co. just ran out of. Here we see flames shooting out out of the door.
    – Then it continues on as normal with Han looking pleased with his handiwork.
  • Inserted some Imperial cargo shuttles in the shot where the Rebel starfighters are heading to the Death Star. They should still be busily working, although there may be fewer of them.

The Fall Of The Emperor

  • Enhanced the VFX of the Emperor’s Force lightning where necessary.
  • Edited it so the intensity of the Force lightning might match up with the Emperor’s hand movements/finger flexes. When he flexes, that’s when there a surge of intensity.
  • Fixed it so Vader’s helmet looks more consistent between shots, instead of looking normal, then blemished, then normal again.
  • Removed Vader’s “NOs” from the blu-ray version. This was horrendous.
  • Removed the glimpses of Vader’s skeleton while he’s being electrocuted. It looks cheesy and this only happens in cartoons.
  • Enhanced the electricity seen flowing over Vader’s body so it’s more evidently striking his life support system.
  • Replaced the bad matte of the chasm in all shots.
  • Fixed the cut railing so it’s consistent with before.
  • Replaced the original Emperor in the shot just when he is about to be thrown over, so he has more natural movements and is clearly trying to electrocute Vader.
  • Enhanced the FX while the Emperor is initially falling down in the chasm.
  • Removed the Force lightning from the Emperor all the while he’s falling. There’s zero purpose for him to still shoot out lightning.
  • Trimmed the original shot of the Emperor falling to accommodate a brand new shot of his final moments when he explodes.
  • Added a new shot that briefly follows the Emperor down the chasm (almost like the shot following Luke falling in ESB) until his ‘death explosion’. The explosion can be similar in style to Flynn’s death in Tron Legacy. This is to make it clear that the Emperor caused himself to explode (he accepted his death and essentially suicided himself in a ‘Force self-destruct’, otherwise there is no reason why it would ever happen - It isn’t logical if it was because he hit the DS’s core, since it couldn’t have happened that soon). This will also make the death of the powerful Emperor to be more visually interesting when we can see him briefly disintegrating before the explosion itself.
  • Fixed Vader’s wrist so it isn’t bent, caused by the actor’s wrist under the sleeve.
  • Fixed the background behind Luke while he pulls Vader away from the chasm, so there isn’t a wall so close.
  • Added lights flickering out and some electrical damage to Vader’s chest plate, making it even more obvious that his electronics were critically damaged and he is in trouble.

Into The Death Star

  • Inserted a Rebel starfighter getting blasted by a tower just as they’re about to enter the opening. This gives a better sense of danger here, so it doesn’t appear quite as easy to simply fly in.
  • Edited it so some laser blasts actually do hit the MF, but its forward shields were enough to protect it.
  • Improved some of the bad backgrounds.
  • Removed the brief pause in the dialogue “Copy. Gold Leader” so the speech flows more naturally.
  • Improved the VFX of the MF losing its dish.
  • Edited the last shot so it doesn’t appear they are about to enter the DS’s core just yet. Instead, it’s just more tunnel space to fly through. This is for better flow in the timeline.

The Executor Is Destroyed

  • Expanded the attack on and destruction of the Executor by adding, essentially, a whole new sequence of shots; edited it so Home One assists in taking down the Executor too. This way, it takes a lot more punch to take out the Super Star Destroyer, as it should.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – Added a new shot or two of the Executor shooting from all sides at surrounding Rebel cruisers. It’s dominating all that’s around while slowly piercing forward for more victims.
    – Then a shot above the Executor of an X-Wing getting destroyed and an A-Wing, that was flying beside said X-Wing, getting nicked on the wing and spirals out of control.
    – Then the original shot of the A-Wing pilot who is screaming as he’s spiraling out of control. Moved this shot to here instead of him crashing into the Executor’s bridge (something else will happen to the bridge of the Executor).
    – Then an exterior shot of the A-Wing as a laser blast from the Executor finishes it off.
    – Then a cockpit shot of Lieutenant L’ulo (Green 2) in his A-Wing exclaiming, “Admiral, that command ship is shredding us all apart!”
    – Then a shot of Ackbar in his chair saying, “There is only one way we can stand a chance against it…” The Executor and the action around it can be noticed outside the window.
    – Then a shot of Lieutenant L’ulo again with Ackbar speaking over the com, “Green 2, I want you and…”
    – Then a shot inside Shay’s cockpit (Green 4) with Ackbar still over the com, “…Green 4 to escort Gray Group…”
    – Then an exterior shot of a couple A-Wings flying while avoiding debris of a previously demolished ship with the Executor in the background.
    – In that shot, Ackbar is finishing on the com."…Approach the super star destroyer from the stern and destroy its shields."
    – Then a cockpit shot again of Lieutenant L’ulo as he responds, “We copy, Admiral.”
    – Then cockpit view of Shay again as she says, “Gray Group, on our 6 at point-three-nine.”
    – Then a new shot of a human Y-Wing pilot saying, “Forming up behind you.”
    – Then a new exterior shot of several Y-Wings grouping together with the pair of leading A-Wing fighters while there is surrounding action around.
    – Then the original shot of Ackbar saying, “We’ve got to provide cover for those fighters…” (edited it from the original line “We’ve got to give those fighters more time”, because now he is to be referring to the Y-Wings being able to get to the Executor).
    – In that same shot with Ackbar, he continues, “…concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer”. Edited what’s outside the window to match what’s been established as happening involving the Super Star Destroyer and other Rebel ships.
    – Then a new exterior shot of Home One coming towards the screen and shooting many of its forward lasers (at the Executor). It looks and sounds very impressive with the various lasers shooting at once.
    – Then a new long-view shot of Home One and the Executor as they are now essentially toe-to-toe with each other. It is epic. Home One is bombarding the Executor but is taking hits of its own.
    – In that shot, the camera then zooms/shifts to the Y-Wings and A-Wings on their way toward the stern of the Executor. They’re under flak from both the Executor and some Ties. A couple Ties in the way get blasted by the escorting A-Wings.
    – Then a cockpit shot of Shay saying, “Alright, get ready, wishbones.”
    – Then a new shot of a another Y-Wing pilot saying, “Proton bombs ready. Target is locked.”
    – Then a shot from behind the group of A-Wings and Y-Wings getting much closer to the Executor. Now they’re really under heavy flak and a couple Y-Wings get blasted.
    – Then a shot of Lieutenant L’ulo saying, “Keep steady, Shay.”
    – Then another quick shot of Shay as she’s looking nervous from all the surrounding flak yet still steady.
    – Then the original shot of the A-Wing fighters (one of them is presumably Shay and the other L’ulo) flying in to attack the Executor’s shield ‘bulb’. Updated the VFX here and extended this shot long enough to also insert Y-Wings releasing their proton bombs. This makes it much more logical how the ‘bulb’ explodes as it does.
    – In that shot, made it clear that it is the backside of the Executor that these fighters are striking, so the background should be looking toward the front of the Executor.
    – Then it continues as normal from there inside the Executor’s bridge “Sir, we’ve lost our bridge deflector shield!”
    – Then the shot where Piett replies, “Intensify the forward batteries, I don’t want anything to get through.”
    – Then, removed the next original exterior shot of the X-Wing getting blasted and an A-Wing spinning out of control (since this now already happened).
    – In place of that removed shot, inserted a new shot of Y-Wings in formation, making a turn, and launching more proton bombs.
    – Then the other original shot with Piett exclaiming, “Intensify forward fire power!” and the other commander yelling, “Too late!”
    – In that shot, edited it so there are proton bombs seen outside the window, instead of an A-Wing, that are coming in and about to hit the bridge.
    – Then the shot of Piett and other diving away from the impact. Again, edited out the A-Wing and replaced it with massive explosions from the proton bombs.
    – Edited the ‘copy-n-paste’ layout of ships and bad matte of the death star outside the Executor’s bridge window.
    – Then a new long-view exterior shot focusing on the Executor’s demolished bridge.
    – In that shot, the Executor is still managing to deal damage against surrounding Rebel ships. Even with the destroyed bridge, this shows it is still very deadly and it’s not going down yet without a good fight.
    – Then a shot of a Y-Wing pilot saying, “Keep hitting it!”
    – Then a new shot of a B-Wing pilot saying, “Let’s take out those engines!”
    – Then a new shot looking from behind the Executor with its engines getting blasted by some B-Wings and Y-Wings. One engine blows up violently which causes a chain-reaction of other engines in that row to be ruptured. Now, with a lot of its engines suddenly destroyed, the Executor is starting to slowly lose control and tilt.
    – Then a couple new shots inside the Executor where Imperials are running around in the hallways. Eventually the Imperials begin to fall and slide down hallway floors as the tilt of the Executor increases. A siren is heard going off. Scene goes on for 6-7sec total.
    – Then a shot of Lieutenant L’ulo, looking out the side of his cockpit, saying, “It lost control. It’s going down!”
    – Then a quick shot of Shay looking back and managing a relieved smile.
    – Then the original shot inside Home One with cheering as the Executor continues its nose-forward descent outside the forward window.
    – Then the close-up shot on Ackbar as he is also looking relieved.
    – Then a quick exterior shot of the Executor with the camera following it down as it’s nearing the surface of the Death Star. Some action is still going on around it.
    – Then a new quick shot inside the Death Star, with the camera slowly moving toward a series of large windows and seen outside is the monstrous Executor getting closer and closer. Imperials of all kinds are yelling and helplessly running away from this imminent collision.
    – Then a new and more dynamic exterior shot of the Executor now crashing into the Death Star’s surface. The new collision still looks awesome, but is more realistic looking than the original ‘volcano of fire’ erupting.
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Added this large impact on the Death Star to all later scenes where it should be.

Vader Unmasked

  • Inserted Luke’s saber hilt that should be attached to his belt, for continuity (assuming he is seen using it again in TLJ. If he doesn’t have it in TLJ, then kept it removed).
  • Fixed the bend in Vader’s wrist again while Luke is pulling him.
  • Kept the eyebrow-less and blue-eyed Anakin. His brows wouldn’t survive the flames any more than his hair would. His eyes are kept blue for continuity with young Anakin (plus, Luke had to get his blues somewhere).
  • Removed Anakin’s eyebrows from certain shots (while viewing on Luke) where it was forgotten to be removed.
  • Edited the back of Anakin’s heavily scarred head so it looks more like how it did in ESB when he had his helmet off then.
  • Edited the top of Anakin’s head so it’s less ‘egg-shaped’ because of the cap he is wearing.
  • Edited the chest lights so they no longer are flickering. His life support system is gone now, and Anakin knows it. Kept the added signs of damage to those controls from the Emperor’s lightning.
  • Added a tear starting to come down Luke’s cheek during “I won’t leave you”, since a tear path is present in the very next shot.
  • Added the missing tear path on Luke’s cheek just before he starts to lower his head.
  • Inserted the missing chin plate on Anakin’s helmet in the last shot when Luke lowers his head.

The Death Star’s Destruction

  • Enhanced the VFX of the core.
  • Enhanced the various explosions/shield waves given off from the main reactor after Wedge and Lando shoot it.
  • Improved the VFX of the main reactor collapsing on itself (just before the whole inside explodes).
  • Inserted a scene, after the shot of the MF leaving the inner core of the Death Star, of Jerjerrod telling the surviving Imperials to retreat. This settles a minor plot hole by visually confirming for the audience where any of the surviving Imperial ships have gone (all of a sudden they’re not there and they couldn’t have possibly been all destroyed); same with the Imperial ground troops.
    – The scene is as follows:
    – After the shot with the MF leaving the DS core, a close-up shot viewing a complex Imperial computer panel where more and more lights are flashing red. The camera then pans up to a technician who looks up and exclaims, “The main reactor was destroyed!”
    – Then the wide-view shot on Jerjerrod in the foreground as he stares ahead in dismay. That Imperial tech and array of computer panels are in the background. Used this shot from a cleaned up deleted scene (the deleted scene where Jerjerrod was originally ordered to destroy Endor).
    – In that shot, replaced the original Imperial tech with the new one as he continues “Sir! What orders?!” Inserted other Imperials in the background looking concerned in place of the originals.
    – Still in that same shot, the camera then begins to zoom in on Jerjerod and, befuddled, he replies, “Send the alert… all remaining ships and ground troops… will retreat.” The shot hangs on him for just a little longer for dramatic effect. Dubbed in his new dialogue and edited his lips to match the new words.
    – Then a quick exterior long-view shot of some Star Destroyers with one making the leap to light speed. The Death Star is partially in the background, Home One and some Rebel fighters are closest in the foreground, and debris from destroyed ships is all around.
    – Then a new shot of Ackbar when he says, “Move the fleet away from the Death Star!” This way he isn’t leaning over a railing to the briefing room as originally.
    – Then the briefing room shot with the hologram of the DS with a flashing red center. Enhanced the VFX.
    – Then added an exciting new CGI shot or two following the MF as it is manuevering through the obstacles of the DS interior, all while being chased by the flames (imagine the intense sequence in Aladdin where they are on the magic carpet trying to escape the collapsing Cave of Wonders). This new bit should be the same length as the footage showing Luke escaping the Death Star.
    – Then the cockpit shot with Wedge fleeing the Death Star.
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Removed all shots showing Luke fleeing the Death Star in the shuttle. This will add more suspense and have greater bearing to Leia’s ‘Force sense’ later when Han asks.
  • Edited the fleet in the background, when Wedge and also Lando escape the Death Star, so they don’t appear static.
  • Edited the VFX for a new and more realistic explosion to this massive Death Star, instead of ‘flicker’ and boom. The crashed Executor should also be seen just prior to the explosion.

Leia And Han

  • Edited the explosion up in the sky to match the new explosion previously seen in space.
  • Edited the lighting here so the day is later afternoon and the sun is getting low.
  • Inserted a new quick shot of more surviving Rebel commandos, including Dameron (last view of him), looking to the sky in joyous relief.
  • Removed Han’s apparent jealousy of Luke while he’s speaking to Leia. Leia already made it very clear to Han that she chose him (when she freed him from carbonite, for example), so his jealousy has always felt unwarranted.
    – The dialogue is as follows:
    – After the cheering of Rebels and Ewoks, Leia and Han look up to the sky and then he asks her, “I’m sure Luke wasn’t on that thing when it blew.”
    – Leia responds, “He wasn’t. I can feel it.”
    – Then the shot of Han, looking a bit confused as he is looking to her and continues listening (trimmed it just before he asks “You love him, don’t you?”).
    – In that same shot with Han, dubbed in a voice of Leia where off-screen she begins explaining, “It seems it’s a special gift we both share, because…”, and she pauses.
    – Then the shot of Leia leaning in and continuing, “…he’s my brother.”
    – Continues as normal from there.
  • Fixed it so Leia’s and Han’s hands around Wicket are consistent between shots.
  • Edited the shots while the Ewok is trumpeting the victory and the panoramic view of the forest so it is evening with the sun setting behind the forested horizon.
  • Added brand new music starting to swell up at the end of this shot, as it then transitions into the next sequence - the liberation of Coruscant.

The Moon Of Endor Celebration

  • Removed this entire sequence. I know this will not be the popular opinion, but hear me out! It really isn’t integral to the plot, on top of being silly. So there is no ‘yippee’ campfire dancing, no ‘all-is-forgiven-we’re-buddies-again’ reunion of the Force spirits, no cheesy ‘kodak moment’ encore with the stars, etc. The ending should feel bittersweet in tone, especially after so much sacrifice and loss. There are undoubtedly a couple heartfelt and fun shots during the celebration, but keeping any of that would be greatly out of place when so much should be removed - so it all must be taken out. Besides, why would the characters, such as Lando and Ackbar, ever have the thought and go through the trouble to land on tree-filled moon, climb up the trees, and dance with the Ewoks anyway? It’s silly as they have more important matters and places to go.

Liberation Of Coruscant

  • Inserted this new sequence in place of the removed Endor Celebration. There is no dialogue during this sequence, just indistinct sounds/cheering and music that’s fitting for what’s happening onscreen.
  • Added a new series of montage shots at Coruscant.
    – The sequence is as follows:
    – An establishing shot of the planet Coruscant, the planet-sized city and capital for the Galactic Empire. There may or may not be some Star Destroyers around.
    – Then a shot somewhere within the cityscape, where the large senate building may be seen. The sky looks more smoggy and the skyscrapers appear more run-down than we are used to in the PT.
    – Then some shots of citizens receiving holograms/transmissions in aurebesh, headlined <subtitled> “The Emperor Has Fallen” (pun not intended) and “The Empire Is Shattered”. Wipe/transition to next scene.
    – Then some shots of Imperial soldiers and officers attempting to keep the citizens in line. Wipe/transition to next scene.
    – Then riots from the citizens eventually overwhelm the Imperials. Wipe/transition to next scene.
    – Then an extreme long-view shot of Mon Mothma at a podium, surrounded by some senators and General Dodonna, who just finished a speech to a huge crowd and they cheer/applaud. Above her is a huge holographic/video display of herself and the camera zooms away to reveal more of the crowd cheering. It can be inferred she gave an official speech regarding the Empire’s downfall and will perhaps become the elected leader of the New Republic.
    – Then conclude the sequence with the SE panning shot of Coruscant celebrating and the Palpatine statue pulled down. Updated some of the VFX here.
    – In that shot, kept the blu-ray addition of the senate building and the Jedi temple in the backgrounds. While it makes sense that Palpatine would have destroyed the temple, it equally makes sense that he’d keep it as a mockery.
    – Removed the Wilhelm scream of the stormtrooper in that SE shot.
    – Then wipe to the next sequence, the funeral pyre.
    – No footage with other planets celebrating. They aren’t as important to see, sorry to say, and seeing some of those other locations celebrating actually didn’t make much sense anyway, such as Tatooine. Coruscant is the only really important one.

The Funeral Pyre

  • Moved this scene to be the very last sequence. This would be the perfect way to end the film.
  • Edited in the ghost of Sebastian Shaw to be seen within the flames. Inspired by the mock-up of this seen somewhere online which used Hayden as a ghost.
  • Alternate Idea: If not that idea, it’s fine if we don’t see the ghost of Anakin either. It’s a plot hole with endless debates on how he was able to become a ghost anyway. It makes more sense that he’d not be a ghost than being one. He may have made a redeeming act at the end, but it’s no reason for him to then have a place in the ‘netherworld’.
  • Edited it so when the camera pans up to the sky as normal, the end credits will now appear.
  • Removed the Rebel starships originally shooting fireworks over Endor at the pan-up. It isn’t necessary nor is it logical that they’d prep their starships beforehand with fireworks.

End Credits

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Wishlist Of Ideas/Suggestions For Improving ROTJ


If anyone can make this fanedit here, they’re a god and I’d start worshipping them.

The Empire did nothing wrong


I started to read, then I just scrolled. How long did that take to write. I’ll honestly never read it due to its length.

I just want to see:

  1. More ships in the space battle scene
  2. Luke’s original blue lightsaber (probably won’t happen)
  3. Removal of the lightsaber shadows that are seen from the top view right before Vader and Luke get to the bridge and Vader loses his hand.

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In the words of Shrek, “You’ve had a lot of time to plan this, haven’t you…”

There are some good suggestions for continuity or error fixes, and some of the small enhancements suggested such as Jabba’s eyes going bloodshot when he’s strangled could work, but imho you’ve also gone way leftfield into fan fic territory.

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There are a lot good ideas in here, but holy crap, most of this would be un-doable.


You mean to tell me not everyone has read it from top to bottom yet? 😉 Yeah, I know, that thing up there takes a certain level of dedication and patience to get through all of it… and with a dash of interest to start with, too, that’s for sure. 😄

snooker said:

There are a lot good ideas in here, but holy crap, most of this would be un-doable.

That is very likely true, and of course I started thinking that at times also.

But then again, I’m not even sure what is or isn’t doable now. In fact at the moment, I doubt if anyone here actually knows. Ady may have opened a whole new door of possibilities since that release of ESB:R, as there are so many more people out there and their wizardly talents and hookups who are aware of this project now who’d be willing to help any way possible (whether it’s the technical stuff, all the various costumes, materials for constructing, etc), all for the love of Star Wars, and he may soon find that out if he hasn’t already. That’s why I wanted to set the bar this high with these ideas n suggestions, because if Ady wanted to and if most of it can be accomplished, it would absolutely be amazing. And I figured there are people in this forum who know more about this stuff than I do and if they believe it’s possible to do something like remove Fett from this film or had hopes to restructure the PT entirely, then actually most all of these wouldn’t be any more difficult in comparison.

Wishlist Of Ideas/Suggestions For Improving ROTJ


doubleofive said:

I’m not sure what this is.

Hey, be nice 😄 I distinctly remember reading through your list of ideas for ROTJ:R back in the day, and I have to say, I really liked a lot of those ideas you had. So, it was actually your wish list that inspired me to create this wish list of my own, one where I could go deeper and to the next (1000th?) level 😃

Wishlist Of Ideas/Suggestions For Improving ROTJ


Okay, honestly guys, did I make a wrong move with creating a new thread and sharing this outline? I seriously do not know.

I don’t post very often and so I’m not necessarily up on “forum etiquette”. I never intended this to be improper, attention-seeking, or for it steal anyone’s thunder if that was case (Ady’s especially, as I have upmost respect for him). Again, the reason I created a separate thread instead of putting it in the official was because of the length. So if what I did here was in bad taste in any way, please, someone in the upper echelon tell me so.

Or, if the issue is simply because it’s so long to read, then I’m really sorry if that bothers you… certian things cannot always be kept to a nice sweet blurb, especially when it comes to restructuring and editing an entire film such as ROTJ; I always felt this one needed the most work of the OT. So just treat it as you would a book. If you don’t want to read at all what I wrote, that’s perfectly fine too, but you do not have to pass by and be rude about it, please. I am just a guy who is very passionate about Star Wars (if you couldn’t tell) and wanted to share, just like anyone else, what I would love to see in a Revisited ROTJ.

I really thought it’d be an interesting and refreshing read for most people here, too, regardless of its length, for it’s something that is actually relevant and about fan editing Star Wars, which to me is a whole lot better than reading all of the bickering and nonsense posts that have been going on as of late.

Wishlist Of Ideas/Suggestions For Improving ROTJ


.Mac. said:

Okay, honestly guys, did I make a wrong move with creating a new thread and sharing this outline? I seriously do not know.

I don’t post very often and so I’m not necessarily up on “forum etiquette”. I never intended this to be improper, attention-seeking, or for it steal anyone’s thunder if that was case (Ady’s especially, as I have upmost respect for him). Again, the reason I created a separate thread instead of putting it in the official was because of the length. So if what I did here was in bad taste in any way, please, someone in the upper echelon tell me so.

Or, if the issue is simply because it’s so long to read, then I’m really sorry if that bothers you… certian things cannot always be kept to a nice sweet blurb, especially when it comes to restructuring and editing an entire film such as ROTJ; I always felt this one needed the most work of the OT. So just treat it as you would a book. If you don’t want to read at all what I wrote, that’s perfectly fine too, but you do not have to pass by and be rude about it, please. I am just a guy who is very passionate about Star Wars (if you couldn’t tell) and wanted to share, just like anyone else, what I would love to see in a Revisited ROTJ.

I really thought it’d be an interesting and refreshing read for most people here, too, regardless of its length, for it’s something that is actually relevant and about fan editing Star Wars, which to me is a whole lot better than reading all of the bickering and nonsense posts that have been going on as of late.

I don’t think you did anything wrong. I like some of the ideas you had though some of them might be difficult to be made possible.


Personally I read the whole thing and loved it, especially the boba fett scenes and the new rebel strike team. While I don’t think much of this could actually be done, Adywan should definitely take some of your sugggestions into account. Thanks for posting this, it is the best thing I’ve read on here for weeks.


Did you manage to archive any of the ideas and mockups from your wordpress collection of wishlist ideas 005?

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