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Phantom Menace '99 - HD Theatrical Version by Chewielewis

Jesta’ said:

Makeshift Python said:

Count me in as someone interested in acquiring the download link. 😃

I’m planning to do a Star Wars countdown with friends over the months. The only theatrical cut I have of this is an old VHS widescreen copy, but if there’s a chance to get this in a quality relative to LD or HD…

Palpatine voice: I look forward to watching it with great interest.

Zig Zig uploaded a composite HDTV relative to LD on spleen that you might want to check out.

PS, I also wanna copy. Pretty please, sugar on top?

Man I wish I had access to myspleen. I’d like to see that.

Also, yes please. I call 3rd in line for a copy if they’re going! I’ll bake you a Jar Jar cake!

Phantom Menace '99 - HD Theatrical Version by Chewielewis

Vladimon said:

Could anyone please help me get a working download link to an unaltered HDTV version of The Phantom Menace? All the torrents or file sharing services’ links that used to work are now dead 😦 I am interested in all these projects as well, but I would really want to have the HDTV version first. That is the best we got besides these projects, right? Unfortunately, most of these projects, while they fix a lot, they mess up on other stuff at the same time, and so I still prefer the HDTV version. So disappointed by the official blu ray releases 😦 Whose idea was it to make everything look so very very bad. I thought they had sensible professionals doing those color and image quality corrections. Apparently not.

THIS. I would also love to know how to get this. I want to watch this movie in it’s purest form. The Blu-Ray version looks awful.