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Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations

I managed to get the 16mm version synced visually to the Blu-ray, but there’s a strange audio anomaly. The soundtracks go in and out of sync.

I actually encountered this same problem trying to create my own restored audio track - the version released on record and CD is different to the original broadcast soundtrack. For that version, the music was rerecorded from the magnetic master, which features longer versions of most songs. This is the reason for the painful cut - in the original version, the chorus finished that part of the verse, only leaving out a few unnecessary lines when it occurred.

My guess is that this was done for the 2008 release, as I have an earlier DVD version which did not have this issue.

Choose-your-LD Preservation!

The sales were ending, so I ended up getting those two I previously mentioned and ISAR Star Wars.

Ghost Story was a bit above my price range and available cheaper elsewhere on eBay. The latter is also true for Cujo.

There’s a new listing though, with a bit less of a deadline:

That’s a pretty good price for 10 discs. If there’s anything worthwhile in that list, I’d gladly preserve it.