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Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations

captainsolo said:

Fantastic. Count me in as well. I’ve wanted to find the LD for years and watch my original issue vhs copy every year.

Also for those who love the soundtrack as much as I do the 200gram Kevin Gray mastered LP is still available and in some ways I think even better than the Analogue Productions 45rpm version. Definitely get the 200g before it’s gone as it will go sky high in price.

Take a look on eBay for the laserdisc. It comes up every once and a while, and the prices of common discs aren’t too bad. That’s how I got my copy, at least.

Ghostbusters Criterion PCM Track

00shevin said:

for some reason that PCM track doesn’t sync up to my blu ray despite having the same duration and is at 23.976 a shame cause it’ sounds pretty good also had to convert it to PCM for it to work in mkvtoolnix corrupt file perhaps?

Unfortunately, this is just a straight rip of the PCM audio from the laserdisc. It would have to be manually resynchronized to match alongside the BD footage.

Interest Check: The Matrix 1 pass Blu-ray regrade. Based upon earlier 35mm release.

2, 3, & 4 don’t look too bad, but there are some significant problems with 1.

You’ve got some color fringing with the lights, which tells me you either did a manual correction with them or the color manipulation blew them out.

There’s also a problem with the grain structure; there’s a lot of color blotching in many parts of the image. This is likely due to the very thick grain in this scene on the original print, but many walls and objects have very poorly resolved color.

It also is significantly darker, which crushes a lot of the facial details in the scene, Neo and the postman’s eyes being prime examples.

This isn’t to say your results are poor. I understand that these are supposed to be a source to reference for a proper Blu-ray color restoration, and that job is fulfilled pretty well in the later screenshots. But DrDre’s tool isn’t an end-all be-all solution for a single-pass regrade of a film. Scanning 35mm introduces its own biases, and some scenes like this one have heavy generational loss that will require their own tactics to resolve in a way that resembles the original material.

Superman (1941) (Mild-Mannered Edition)

davextreme, would you be able to put the original uncompressed files for this on MEGA or another filesharing site?

YouTube’s compression is terrible on anything lower than 720p. It specifically has a lot of trouble with macroblocking (square image artifacts across the screen) and edge aliasing (jagged edges on objects). These two greatly degrade the image quality.