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The Random <em>Star Wars</em> Pics &amp; GIFs Thread

LexX said:

Tyrphanax said:

The algorithm more or less “listens” (there are a lot of different ways to do this, but it works similarly to how Cortana or Siri work) to the file and then matches what it “hears” to the sound of words it knows.

It seems to swing towards political and news stuff, so those are probably things it hears a lot so it favors those.

Off topic, but how on Earth this kind of algorithm helps anyone? If you were deaf you’d be better off just guessing by yourself. It’s just a ridicilous thought that someone has actully published the entire system and been serious.

It might not help anyone directly, though it can be used as training for future development.


Jeebus said:

yhwx said:

Jeebus said:

yhwx said:

Which was anti-semetic.

I’m not sure if it was intentionally anti-semetic, but I can definitely see how people see it that way.

It was intentionally anti-semitic. The image was sourced from a Neo-Nazi board on 4chan.

I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m gonna take your word. I assume you’re talking about /pol/ when you say Neo-Nazi board, but they aren’t one entity. A good amount of them are legitimately alt-right, but there’s also a good amount of them that are trolls. That’s beside the point though, I don’t think Trump shared it knowing what it meant. I think that Trump is such a dunce that he didn’t realize what it meant or who made it, he just saw it was anti-Hillary and posted it.