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Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI - Grindhouse 35mm LPP (Released)

garfnodie said:

Please forgive my ignorance, but not being a film and theater aficionado, I don’t understand what a grindhouse version of Star Wars means. According to Wikipedia, grindhouse are horror, splatter and exploitation films. I also don’t know what the LLP version is, and googling it didn’t reveal any suitable answers other than Limited Liability Partnership. Also, what is a silverscreen version?

IIRC “grindhouse” versions of star wars are when the film print isn’t cleaned up THAT much

Star Wars: 2020 4K Disney Blu-ray Edition Remastered and corrected

BetaMedia said:

That guy with no name said:

the 2020 Blu-ray IS in 4k. Also, it’s available everywhere, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you own it.
this should be in the “star Wars Preservations” section not here.

It is on 4K HDR10+. Not 4K UltraHD like Disney+.

(And the Blu-ray is very rare to be found as a video file.)

the 4k uhd blu-ray is considered to be better quality then the dolby vision disney+ stream

Will Disney eventually release every version of all Star Wars movies?

Chillye said:

I hope that they do! That would be great if Disney would do that, considering that a lot of the Star Wars prints, (such as the lost 70mm print of The Empire Strikes Back, the IMAX print of Attack of the Clones, and the 1997 version of the Special Edition) have not been publicly released on any home media. But we all know that George Lucas will not let Disney release the original versions, so my guess it that it is unlikely that they will.

in what way is ESB 70mm “lost”

D+80 - Empire Strikes Back - 4K Theatrical Reconstruction (Released)

omas4071 said:

pat man said:

Moiisty said:

so is this better than 4k80 or close?

4k80 is not even done yet. No idea when it’ll be released, they are taking there time and making sure everything is in order.
4K80 will be true to the Original edits of the film. D+80 uses either the Disney+ (v1.x) and UHD (v2.x)(v2.1 is the newest). D+80 is a reconstruction of the original theater version. It mainly uses the 4k 2019 masters as a source, but with the Special Editions changes replaced with 35mm film scans.

Hello everyone,

I have watched version 2.1 of this amazing edit about four times and I honestly did not notice any changes that were missed personally. The only change that was not changed back to the original theatrical version was the logo on the correct side of the imperial officer in the end, which was different from the original 1980 version.

Other than that, everything else seems to be pretty much the original theatrical version to me.

or the cropped falcon cockpit shots

The 'Naysayer Guide’ by people who DON'T want an unaltered theatrical release of the OT

darklordoftech said:

“There’s multiple original versions”/“it’s debatable which versions are actually the originals”.

Aside fron sound mix variations and the addition of “Episode IV: A New Hope”, I’m not aware of any pre-1997 variations.

and also the elusive 70mm version of ESB

D+77 - Star Wars - 4k Theatrical reconstruction (Released)

Ryan said:

omas4071 said:

What changes were missed in this awesome edit?

The changes that I noticed were:

  • R2-D2 and C-3PO’s escape pod cover on Tatooine remained grey and was not changed back to blue.

  • Darth Vader’s lightsaber stayed red when Luke blasted the door on the Death Star.

  • The detention hall’s hallway remained altered with the special edition version when Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca were attempting to escape.

These were the only changes that I noticed which were not restored to the theatrical version; otherwise, everything else was pretty much originally unaltered and theatrical.

I remember hearing that special edition “thud” noise from when the Storm Tropper hits his head on the blast door.

When I was checking it out on the computer and comparing it to other projects side by side, I think there are some shots that can be updated to better versions. You know the film scans used to cover up the crappy CGI.

One thing that surprised me was when Luke and Leia were in that tube where they had to swing over to get away from the Storm Troopers. Their voices were super echoey.

i thought the audio was sourced from schorman’s Star Wars LaserDisc Audio Archive and hairy_hen’s 70mm recreation

schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation (Released)

The Phantom Menace, aside from visual changes like CGI Yoda and audio changes like the removal of the “Vote now!” chanting, one of the biggest changes is that the video masters are very different. I believe the 2001 master might have more edge enhancement. The 2011 master might have been better if it wasn’t smudged to oblivion. The 2019 master adds one minor change to the podracing sequence, but it’s not something you’d notice unless you were looking for it (a visual change when Anakin was reaching out for a cable)

the podrace change was from the 3D version IIRC

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD - V3.0

CatBus said:

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

Kyp_Astaar said:

I can finally rewatch Return of the Jedi without any embarassing CGI shenanigans (of which this particular movie is fuller than any other in the trilogy), i could never thank each and everyone that took part in this project enough.

May the force be with you all.

4K83 is superior. It’s a 35mm scan from film prints.

4K83 is impressive, but I personally prefer DeEd, YMMV. IMO the dividing line is between those who want a perfect recreation of the theatrical experience, versus those who are looking more for something like what a respectful Blu-ray restoration of the film to have been. Both are fine goals.

i agree, although something like D+77 D+80 and OTD83 fit that as well

looking for specific star wars holiday special copy

Joel said:

The link is broken. Was the Rifftrax version sync’d to the WMAR broadcast? Anyway, a google search suggests that Zion Hybrid v2 is what you want.

Good luck!

i have access to Zion’s Hybrid v2, Rifftrax synced it to this google video copy and they later bundled their commentry with Zion’s Hybrid v1