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Michael Jackson - Long Live The King (Complete Videography) [4K Upscale] - Work In Progress

Very little AI is being used, only one pass per video with fairly low settings. These screenshots are not final, so they may differ a little from what will be released.

While I agree AI is not ideal, its the only thing that can somewhat save such low quality videos. None of these are ever going to look absolutely perfect. Just trying my best with whats available.

Michael Jackson - Long Live The King (Complete Videography) [4K Upscale] - Work In Progress

This is a project I’ve been wanting to do since AI upscaling was first introduced several years ago. The project will have virtually every MJ video released during his career, as well as some bonus features like Making Of’s, Interviews, etc. Obvoiusly, Beat It and Thriller have been officially released in 4K, but I wasn’t too keen on the color correction on either one. Beat It was a little too warm, and Thriller has a strong blue tint that was never present before. Also not a fan of the remastered audio for either as they have a bit of a loudness war thing going on.

All videos will be sourced from numerous DVD and Blu-ray releases, and will include original uncut versions as well as alternate cuts and shortened versions. Below is a list of everything that will be included in the initial release. The bonus features will be done at a later date, but I’m hoping to get the first version out by Christmas.

“Off The Wall” Era:

  1. Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  2. Rock With You
  3. She’s Out Of My Life

“Thriller” Era:

  1. Billie Jean
  2. Beat It
  3. Thriller
  4. Thriller (Shortened Version)

“Bad” Era:

  1. Bad
  2. Bad (Shortened Version)
  3. The Way You Make Me Feel
  4. The Way You Make Me Feel (Shortened Version)
  5. Man In The Mirror
  6. Dirty Diana
  7. Another Part Of Me
  8. Smooth Criminal
  9. Smooth Criminal (Shortened Version)
  10. Speed Demon
  11. Come Together
  12. Leave Me Alone
  13. Liberian Girl

“Dangerous” Era:

  1. Black Or White (Uncensored Version)
  2. Black Or White (Graffiti Version)
  3. Black Or White (Shortened Version)
  4. Remember The Time
  5. In The Closet
  6. Who Is It
  7. Jam
  8. Heal The World
  9. Give In To Me
  10. Will You Be There
  11. Will You Be There (“Free Willy” Version)
  12. Gone Too Soon (Version 1)
  13. Gone Too Soon (Version 2)

“HIStory” Era

  1. Scream
  2. Childhood
  3. You Are Not Alone (Angel Version)
  4. You Are Not Alone (Standard Version)
  5. Earth Song
  6. They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version)
  7. They Don’t Care About Us (Prison Version)
  8. Stranger In Moscow
  9. Blood On The Dance Floor
  10. Blood On The Dance Floor (Refugee Camp Mix)
  11. Ghosts (Uncut Version)
  12. Ghosts (Shortened Version)

“Invincible” Era:

  1. You Rock My World
  2. You Rock My World (Shortened Version)
  3. Cry

All videos will be released in 4K and HD.


Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough:

Rock With You:

She’s Out Of My Life:

Billie Jean:


Michael Jackson's Ghosts [4K AI Upscale] (Available Now Via PM)

I’m working on a 4K AI upscale of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts, a rarely seen short film from the king of pop from 1997. This film has pretty much never had a home video release in the US and just barely had a VHS and Laserdisc in other parts of the world, both of which are pretty rare. There was a VCD release in the US, but that hardly counts in my eyes as VCD is one of the worst formats in history.

2 years ago, the MJ Estate released an HD version on youtube, only to take it down almost immediately after. They put it back up again for the Halloween season, but I bet it’ll just be taken down again. It’s not that good an HD version anyway. It’s sourced from a video master, causing some problems with the black and white segments, its got an atrocious blue tint that is NOT present on a 35MM print that aired on WOWOW TV in Japan, and worst of all, it’s missing the original Kingdom Entertainment logo at the beginning. Still, its the best source currently available, so it is the main source for this upscale. I’m also including HD (not 4K) upscales of the VH1 “Making Of Ghosts” documentary, and the 1993 rough cut (titled “Is It Scary?”) taken from an early version of “The Addams Family Values”. The segment was originally meant to be included in that film, but was scrapped after the 1993 allegations went public. MJ reshot much of the film and completed it in 1997.

The release of my upscale will be October 31st 2023 (of course!) and will be available as both the raw MOV exports and a blu-ray with custom artwork.

Project DEVO [WIP]

Since official restorations seem to be on the way, I decided I should dial back the project a bit. I still want to release something, so I’ve decided to just do what I was going to do in the first place. Preserve the three classic compilation films without the use of AI upscaling.

The original 1993 cut of The Complete Truth About De-Evolution is exporting now, transferred and enhanced in HD from a recording of the original laserdisc (sans bonus features for the initial release, though they may be done some other time). Audio is from the 2003 DVD, except for R U Experienced which is take from the LD. Extensive work has been done to color correct and denoise while retaining original detail. No AI was used. Next I’ll finish up We’re All DEVO from a recording of the 1984 LD with audio taken from a VHS recording found on Internet Archive since my disc is a little rotted, and Devovision from a recording of the 1989 VHS re-release.

I’m kinda sad this is ending not only abruptly, but not as extravagant as I had hoped, but I am very optimistic that official remasters are on the way. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Devo after all, and theres been several hints about them dropped. Everything will be up later today as both raw MOV files and blu-ray ISOs with artwork.

~ Mango

Talking Heads - Storytelling Giant + Complete Videography (4K Upscale + Blu-Ray ISO)

In celebration of the upcoming 4K remaster of Stop Making Sense, I have decided to make an HD upscale of Storytelling Giant, a 1988 compilation video by Talking Heads. The original cut of this compilation video was only released on VHS and LaserDisc, but an extended version was released on DVD in 2003. The project will restore the original 1988 version of Storytelling Giant upscaled in HD using Topaz and some other methods, as well as a complete videography collection including the videos that were missing from the 1988 version. I have lovingly titled the secondary compilation with all the videos (excluding segments from Stop Making Sense that occasionally aired on MTV), The Name Of This Compilation Is Talking Heads.

Thankfully, some videos have already been officially restored in HD, (they will be further restored using Topaz) and the DVD of Storytelling Giant is an excellent source. One of the best looking DVD’s I’ve ever seen. Other sources include Youtube uploads and iTunes Versions.

Expect MKV and BluRay versions later this month.

The Place to Go for Emotional Support

I feel like I never should have gotten interested in A/V restoration and film preservation because it led me to waste six years of my life talking to someone I met on the internet who expressed interest in my work. They were annoying at times, but in all truth, we did have a LOT of good times together. Then something happened. They committed an inexcusable crime. Even If i wanted to be their friend again, I’d risk feeling like an evil person for enabling and associating with someone depraved enough to commit such a horrible act. Even worse, this week marks the 1 year anniversary of me vowing to never talk to them again.

In the years Since I’ve joined this site, I’ve announced so many projects, and only completed 2. I make so many empty promises. People tell me they like my work, but I have no work to give. All I’m know for is “being the guy that scanned a 35MM Shrek Print”. There are so many other things I want to offer to the world, including some of my own fiction. I’d love to make movies myself. I’d like be known as an innovator in horror fiction. But I can’t bring myself to work on such things, because I’m afraid of failure.

I feel like I’ll always just be “that guy that was friends with an evil person and did 2 projects out of almost a dozen promised and couldn’t make art to the world because he was afraid of judgement.”

Project DEVO [WIP]

At last, Topaz Labs have released a completely new version of their Video Enhance AI software. Now that upscaling technology has progressed, it seems that I can finally create the look I was going for with this project.

Expect a release later this month or early next month. My laserdisc Player is out for repairs, so it’ll take longer to get the commentary tracks done then I’d hoped, but everything else for the project will be ready very soon. Over the next few days, I’ll upload a couple of restorations to youtube, (the ones I can get away with anyway).

Duty now, spuds!
~ mango

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Just Stupid Enough (Complete Videography) [WIP]

Sorry for the delay. I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life for the past few years. Sometimes I have long periods of time where I wonder whether my projects are even worth doing. My anxiety tells me “nobody will care” even though I know that’s untrue. I’ve made a lot of empty promises to you guys and I’m very sorry. This year was supposed to be really involved for me, but health issues came creeping in, and long story short, I now have a pacemaker.

I hope nobody feels like I’ve cheated them on these projects. Working with SD sources is extremely difficult, especially with the bare minimum of technology and software to edit things. AI upscaling while quite impressive, is still in its infancy. It takes much more than just putting a file through an upscaler. Everything has to be adjusted for each individual video. This is why this and my DEVO project have been taking so long. I was attempting to just come up with a simple one step solution for every video, but now I realize it takes a lot of tweaking and experimenting.

I promise I will at least deliver a small group of videos from this project by christmas, say the first 3 albums worth. This little A’V restoration community means the world to me, and this hobby has given me a way to pass my time that doesn’t stress me out and feels rewarding. I love you all. Thank you so much for your patience and support.