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80's cartoons on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!

yeah, I own a number of mill creek dvds and some other oddbll “value brands” they all have that sort of problem. Mill creek doesn’t do any sort of quality work. I swear they’ll take multi generational video masters from the prehistoric age and capture them. no high quality releases from that company, just stuff that would otherwise not exist.

The Criterion Collection Thread

joefavs said:

The November sale is here again and again I’ve gone a little overboard. I just ordered…

12 Angry Men
Barry Lyndon
Bottle Rocket
Brief Encounter
The Exterminating Angel
His Girl Friday
The Princess Bride

A friend and I might also go halvesies on the Zatoichi boxed set, since our access to the series dies with Filmstruck at the end of the month.

His Girl Friday is great fun.

Movies you watch every Halloween

Where to start, for a really creepy oldie, it’s hard to beat City of the Dead, and it’s hard to skip the original House on Haunted Hill. On the lighter side Little Shop of Horrors is a good option if you have kids, or a decent sense of humor. More recently, aka color era, I’ll probably re-watch Rituals 1977(sort of along the lines of deliverance) since it’s apparently getting a restoration for bluray.

Adventures of Luke Skywalker LP

I recently acquired the empire strikes back adventures of luke skywalker, I don’t have a record player so I have no way to play it at the moment. I couldn’t find a modern release. Are there any preservations or is this something I need to look into taking care of myself. As I understand it’s essentially the the same story of the movies edited down to fit on an LP record with the cast doing the voices. Did they do the other two movies? all that I found on ebay is the empire strikes back. I hope somebody knows more about this than I do.