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team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (release details and updates)

Setzer said:

jawa scrapper said:

do not go to and expect to find links to the movies…i just registered and it was a complete waste of time.
jumped through all the hoops and there wasn’t anything worthwhile…so I spent a few minutes to tell others on this forum not to bother, hopefully save your time. = waste of time.

You didn’t provide links to the movies either; ergo you’re a waste of time too!

I found them by going to the usual “guess where” places for these things. duh.

Screening of the Original Version of STAR WARS July at Stockton, CA

okay did some checking, looking at criterion usa, it seems they specialize in film licensing for non theater screenings, like universities and the whatnot, and the theater in question seems to be largely volunteer based. I’m guessing its just easier than dealing directly with fox, or buena vista, or the other big distrubutors. my best guess.

Screening of the Original Version of STAR WARS July at Stockton, CA

SilverWook said:

We don’t know the bigger picture on this though. I doubt George was even texted on this one.

And I seriously doubt Criterion would touch the SE unless they could include the original version as well. If any company respects film fans, it’s them.

I think in this case they’re talking about Criterion Pictures USA, which as I understand it is in no way connected with the Criterion Collection, just for clarification.

Star Wars trilogy box sets coming next year?

nl0428 said:

It would be great to have a nine film box set of all three trilogies. The unfortunate truth is that the unaltered versions of the original trilogy will never be released (most likely something George Lucas made clear when selling his property to Disney in the contract). It would be nice is Lucasfilm color corrected the Special Editions to remove the color timing issues that were introduced in the original 2004 DVD release.

What Disney business executive would be crazy enough to agree to that deal?

The Keep (1983) 35mm Preservation

The Real Monroville said:

timemeddler said:

I guess nobody wants this 35mm preservation because it’s not a disney movie. who cares if it hasn’t made it past vhs and laserdisc. we only preserve stuff that is out on dvd and bluray because the color or something is off.

There “are” plenty of people interested… but who do you send the money to? What guarantee is there that this is legit? Like I posted before, if the person who has the negative/film print would post pictures of the film reels and some shots of the negative (to confirm that it is THE KEEP), that would increase likelihood in people donating money.

A Kickstarter or GoFundMe wouldn’t hurt either.

There is someone on MySpleen who has been doing 35mm transfers to digital… if they could be contacted to look into this (to verify things), that could help too.

I was being a bit sarcastic, and yes we should verify this, I was just ranting that there a plenty of disney projects going on taking donations that have yet to come to any kind of release, many of which have been ongoing for eons.

80's cartoons on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!

yeah, I own a number of mill creek dvds and some other oddbll “value brands” they all have that sort of problem. Mill creek doesn’t do any sort of quality work. I swear they’ll take multi generational video masters from the prehistoric age and capture them. no high quality releases from that company, just stuff that would otherwise not exist.

The Criterion Collection Thread

joefavs said:

The November sale is here again and again I’ve gone a little overboard. I just ordered…

12 Angry Men
Barry Lyndon
Bottle Rocket
Brief Encounter
The Exterminating Angel
His Girl Friday
The Princess Bride

A friend and I might also go halvesies on the Zatoichi boxed set, since our access to the series dies with Filmstruck at the end of the month.

His Girl Friday is great fun.