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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Recently I returned some of my attention to the edit I started all the way back in October.
Damn, I’m productive.


Mild grain and sharpening added, new colour grade, flashes added to lightsaber cuts and ignitions, among other things.

PS: Please ignore misspelling of the word “Stir”

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Neither quite work for me in their current states. I’m not entirely keen on them.

Not sure how the first would be made to work, what with there being no background that would fit the spatial continuity of that scene. The second one I doubt could work simply due to the footage available.

Alas, toying around doesn’t always yield perfect clips, especially when unfinished of course.

PS, really tried to word this well. Nearly pulled a Starkiller 😛

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

The sound redesign was impressive, but man Williams really saves that fight. Without music, it helped me notice just how bad the choreography of the whole fight is. The fight in Empire is so good they didn’t even use music for most of it. I’m mad.

The AotC and RotS fights are probably the worst because they oscillate from moves that feel functional and historically inspired to move that would fit in Final Fantasy.

Without the music to deal with, I think that making the fight functional is finally a possibility.




Sourcing the Theatrical and Director cuts of the horror classic, I’d planned to improve the film by removing the worst cases of ADR and the worst visual effects, and also by cutting unnecessary shots, whilst keeping the feel of the film consistent with the original.

Another plan was to slightly change the relationship between Ripley and Dallas. In the film, to me, they come off as an obvious ‘item,’ but it is vague enough for many to feel differently. By making the hints more pronounced, and adding one or two more, I hope to make the relationship more obvious.

Along with these changes, I’ve also made mild changes to the score of the film. Using the rejected score and the score of Alien3. I’ve re-scored the cocoon sequence, as well as the Acid scene. I also reinserted part of the “A New Face” track to the face hugger scene and used the last few seconds of said track as a motif for other parts of the film.


RUN TIME: 1 hour 48 minutes

Theatrical/DC RUN TIME: 1 hour 57 minutes

Footage Cut: 15 minutes

Footage Added: 6 minutes

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3 (Released)

Mattdg63 said:

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:


It’s done just message me for link & consider this my last & final take on BF just until the official Director’s Cut gets green lited & released then i’ll come back & re-do everything with the new footage.

I watched it and loved it! One of the best fan edits I’ve seen in general! But why is the audio so bad?

The isolation of dialogue is a process which can vary wildly in the quality of the outcome.

MEMORY - Dixon's Novel Based on Alien (1979)



The concept is one that humans have always struggled with. The struggle to shake any thought that it exists. The struggle to forget our built-in idea that our lives and the many moments in them will last. As our lives draw ever closer and closer to the end, we begin to finally understand the truth.

Tired, groggy, sick, boiling. Those were the symptoms of Suspended Animation. Four years of her life would Ellen Lousie Ripley lose to this. Or rather, of her loved ones’ lives.

She had signed up to work on the United Americas Cargo Star Ship around five years ago. She was nineteen then, she was now twenty-one.

Waking, one eye sealed shut, the other just barely open, she looked around, slowly remembering her current situation. She looked down, her body clad in nought but the hair which grew from it. Pulling herself up, she wobbled and swayed till she sat up, holding her legs against her.

‘Ripley.’ mumbled Kane, from beside the pod.

Executive Officer Tamara Dylan Kane was born in Yorkshire, England, Great Britain, a part of The Three World Empire, one of the two great confederacies back home on Earth, the birthplace of the Human Species. Not the birthplace of Ripley.

Kane was a woman in her early thirties, with jet-black, curly hair that reached halfway down her back, and she stood at around five feet and four inches, one of the shortest members of the crew. She was considerate and charming, yet introverted and unimaginative, well-educated and skilled, yet absent creativity and innate talent.

Kane passed her a bathrobe, not for fear that Ripley could be bashful, but instead for the simple factor that the ship was – what felt to one whose body bordered on feverish temperatures – freezing.

The ships life support and air conditioning were built cheaply and made to reduce cost. The crew was expected to only be outside of their pods for days at a time. The climate of the ship would develop gradually from crisp, cold, and fresh to humid, hot, and stuffy.

‘Thanks, who’s up?’ spoke Ripley, her accent was queer, yet easily intelligible.

‘Dallas.’ Replied Kane. ‘Though, he’s not very lucid.’

Ripley stepped from the pod, the damp sole of her foot smacked against the frigid floor. She brought the other leg over the side of the pod. She donned her robe and stumbled over to a door, one of seven in a row. Pressing the button beside the portal, it opened, the door sliding into the wall quickly. She stepped inside and behold a bathroom. Stepping across the minuscule room, she reached the shower, she typed in the temperature she desired and turned it on.

She rubbed her neck with one hand and pulled the girdle of her robe with the other. She dropped her robe to the floor and viewed her naked reflection.

She sported dark, bushy, wavy-textured hair, that settled naturally into a mane. Her face was gorgeous, long and slim, with high cheekbones, a strong jaw, thin streamlined lips, and large round eyes. Her eyebrows were of a coveted, thin shape. Her body was lanky yet attractive, with small breasts, hips of a common width, and a rear that suited the rest of her. Her body and facial hair were untrimmed and she wore no make-up. She was genuine and natural, not interested in pleasing others, and content with herself.

Ripley was born in New Praetoria, Luna, on Olympia, a world colonised by The Three World Empire.

Thoughts welcome

MEMORY - Dixon's Novel Based on Alien (1979)

Very Early Stages

Based on the Universe and Characters created by Dan O’Bannon, Ridley Scott, H. R. Giger, Ronald Shusett James Cameron

About a month ago I re-watched the horror classic which I had fallen love with during my childhood. Now, 17, I think I’m just old enough to appreciate the films brilliant acting, direction, score, cinematography, effects, design, and themes.

I became absolutely enamored and, to tell the truth, a bit obsessed with the film. Moreover, I became obsessed with all the possibilities, and, what I would do were I to adapt the film into my own work.

Inspired by and named after Dan O’Bannon’s early concepts for “Memory,” I hope to expand upon the work that came before, retaining most of the themes and story of O’Bannon’s scripts, returning much of what was cut from the later scripts and film.


1 Kane is Female but remains mostly the same in regards to personality.
2 Ash is a human with ASPD.
3 The concept of promiscuity amongst crew members is returned.
4 The relationship between Dallas and Ripley is no longer ambiguous and is now a substantial sub plot.
5 Ripley is now obviously the main character from the beginning.
6 The LV-436 segment is closer to the script and novelization. Including the location of the eggs and appearance of the planet. The Space Jockey is closer to the original design as well.
7 Original Space Jockey backstory returned and expanded upon.
8 Egg Silo likely brought back.
9 Airlock sequence retained.
10 Fate of Captain Dallas included.
More Changes likely to come.

I’d like to hear your guys thoughts.


Harry Potter Revisited: PoA, HBP and DH (Released)

Anjohan said:

At first I was unsure of the inclusion of Richard Harris, whom I’ve become unsure of due to my preference towards Michael Gambon and how much of a continuity issue the recast is, but, your editing abilities alongside Lily’s theme rid me of any doubt.
Good stuff, and I’m truly glad you’ve used the theme in your edits.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

Besides, it’s not like Luke would remember the place he was born at.

I know it’s cheap but, THE FORCE!

I assume such a force sensitive planet as Dagobah would leave a lasting impact on someone born there. Especially if the person themselves were connecting with the force, the long forgotten ‘aura’ of the planet would likely seem familiar.

That was the most hippie / nerdy bullshit I’ve ever said.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

I feel like the choking scene is the best part of the fight, though. It would be incredibly easy to cut around, but I feel like that’s the only part of the actual fight where there’s pure, raw emotion.

It’s also one of the very few moments in any Star Wars duel where grappling happens, which, hisorically was a common part of swordfights.

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

adywan said:

arosa1091 said:

Don’t get all the hate for Ivan. All Youtubers use Patreon. I understand why some might consider it an ethical issue,but its out of our control. Drop it and get over it. He’s gonna be remembered as one of the greatest fan editors because of what he’s doing to TLJ.

Why the f**k should we “drop it and get over it”? His actions could have serious repercussions for every Star Wars fan edits & fan editors. We have seen what happened when Axanar decided to personally profit from a brand they had no rights to. Disney could see what he is doing and decide to clamp down on fan edits. This could put an end to a whole section of the fan editing community through the actions of one person. Years worth of work, down the drain. And, no, not all youtubers use Patreon. NO fan genuine fan editors monetise their videos on youtube, for one, and certainly not set up a Patreon to pay themselves a wage.

Agreed, it’s also just plain scummy.