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The Fallen Temple


This edit is made using the Italian dub and is subtitled so as to - assuming you don’t understand the vocals - say another thing, hopefully changing the story significantly.

Apologies to those who can understand Italian and similar language, I made the faux pas of choosing a language that can be understood by people who don’t even speak it.

Anyway, I hope you take no offence to my butchering of the language 😅


Inspired by David Houghton’s article; “George Lucas nearly wrote a perfect prequel trilogy. He just didn’t notice” and my own philosophical and political opinions - as well as my understanding and interest in historical eras - this edit is an attempt to change the meaning and themes of the prequel’s story, whilst keeping most beats intact.

This is a foreign language edit, akin to The Blackened Mantle, using the Italiano dub.


In the final days of the second Clone War, the Galactic Republic is crumbling from the inside and out.
Jedi Knight Anakin Vallorum’s world is imploding.
His friendship with the most powerful man in the Galaxy makes him a target.
His oath to the Jedi makes him a slave.
His love for his wife makes him a criminal.
His pain will make him a monster.


Depict the Jedi as not the good guys.
Depict the Sith as not the bad guys.
Depict Anakin as emotionally and psychologically troubled, dealing with guilt and nightmares from the war, and with the stress of his life in general.
Depict Obi-Wan and Anakin as genuine friends.
Depict Anakin and Padme as convincingly in love.
Improve the film overall.



Hal9000 for creating my first viewed fan edits and inspiring me – and humouring me.

ThatGuyWhoEdits for helping me with my editing endeavours.

Snooker for introducing me to foreign language editing and for making high-quality edits.

Darth Lunar for being the first – I think – to use foreign language editing and for making The Blackened

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

LordZerome1080 said:

I love it!! I think that it is great to have Anakin actually do this himself instead of being told to by Doko, have it be him avenging Obi Wan’s force bitch-slap.

You screw with Obi-Wan, you screw with Anakin, you screw with Anakin, you get screwed.

CourtlyHades296 said:

Amazing clip! Will this edit work in Machete Order?

Which clip? My clip? If so; thanks, and I think so.

snooker said:

In an attempt to make Phantom Menace more tonally ‘mature’, here’s an edit of the Naboo space battle.

It has been completely rescored/re-sound-effected. There’s also color correction.

Snooker, stop hogging the limelight. Very good stuff!

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Has anyone tried to make the Jedi the ‘bad guys’ in an edit? This has always been an interest of mine, to see Anakin and Palpatine as the good guys, or at least as the lesser of two evils.
This is something that I’m toying with in my possible foreign language edit, though I’ve ripped my version of RotS in Italian rather than Japanese - thought I’d be ‘original’.