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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

Besides, it’s not like Luke would remember the place he was born at.

I know it’s cheap but, THE FORCE!

I assume such a force sensitive planet as Dagobah would leave a lasting impact on someone born there. Especially if the person themselves were connecting with the force, the long forgotten ‘aura’ of the planet would likely seem familiar.

That was the most hippie / nerdy bullshit I’ve ever said.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

I feel like the choking scene is the best part of the fight, though. It would be incredibly easy to cut around, but I feel like that’s the only part of the actual fight where there’s pure, raw emotion.

It’s also one of the very few moments in any Star Wars duel where grappling happens, which, hisorically was a common part of swordfights.

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

adywan said:

arosa1091 said:

Don’t get all the hate for Ivan. All Youtubers use Patreon. I understand why some might consider it an ethical issue,but its out of our control. Drop it and get over it. He’s gonna be remembered as one of the greatest fan editors because of what he’s doing to TLJ.

Why the f**k should we “drop it and get over it”? His actions could have serious repercussions for every Star Wars fan edits & fan editors. We have seen what happened when Axanar decided to personally profit from a brand they had no rights to. Disney could see what he is doing and decide to clamp down on fan edits. This could put an end to a whole section of the fan editing community through the actions of one person. Years worth of work, down the drain. And, no, not all youtubers use Patreon. NO fan genuine fan editors monetise their videos on youtube, for one, and certainly not set up a Patreon to pay themselves a wage.

Agreed, it’s also just plain scummy.

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)

4throck said:

So that’s a lot of people around the world that might notice it.

Damn, that’s a definite lapse of judgement on my part.
I should have remembered the similarities between Romance languages.

And, unfortunately, even English speakers can understand when someone is saying: Mother, Mum, Council, Chancellor, Master, Senator, Republic and so on.

I’m feeling like a twonk now

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Yeah, if the edit goes well I might have to consider making a track with the Japanese dub, then only those who speak both languages get are screwed!
It’s interesting how different languages butcher foreign / ancient names.
Avgvstvs in Latin, Augusto in Italian, Augustus in English. Strange
I digress.

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Yeah, I can assure you for italians this is odd, strange.
(PS: I don’t know other dubbing systems, but the italian one is considered one of the best in general)

Yeah, I thought you’d find it funny / insulting seeing a foreigner butcher your language like this, but, I suppose it’s the trade off for a foreign language edit, probably the reason why so few have been made.

I just thought I’d use the Italian dub to change it up a bit, which is a dub I quite like. It also gives the universe a Latin-like sound, fitting for the fall of the Roman Republic setting.

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Vladius said:

I thought the F bombs were a little bit much, but overall I loved the tone and atmosphere you set with those clips. Great work.

Thanks a bunch.
And, yeah, I definitely understand that course language could feel gratuitous or out of place.
Come the final edit I’ll likely have som of said course language but I’ll be more conservative with the use.

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Hal 9000 said:

stickydixon said:

A little taste of what’s to come:

Interesting. Reminds me of MagnoliaFan’s “The Clone Wars,” which I really enjoyed back then.

Yeah, as soon as you mentioned it in your The Approaching Storm commentary I wanted to see / make an edit with a yellow saber.

The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon's Cut of Attack of the Clones (WORK IN PROGRESS)


This edit is made using the Italian dub and is subtitled so as to - assuming you don’t comprehend the vocals - say another thing, hopefully changing the story significantly.

Apologies to those can understand Italian and similar language, for you’ll either find this baffling or funny.

Either way, I hope you take no offence to my butchering of the language 😅


Inspired by David Houghton’s article; “George Lucas nearly wrote a perfect prequel trilogy. He just didn’t notice” and my own philosophical and political opinions - as well as my understanding and interest in historical eras - this edit is an attempt to change the meaning and themes of the prequel’s story, whilst keeping most beats intact.

This is a foreign language edit, akin to The Blackened Mantle, using the Italiano dub.


War is brewing, the Republic and their Jedi Knights are readying for war, and love is burgeoning.

Childhood sweethearts, Jedi Knight Anakin Lars and Republic Senator Padme Amidala are reunited after 5 years apart. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is on the scent of a conspiracy to destroy the Republic, the centre of civilization and order in the Galaxy.

Whilst on the Capital planet of Coruscant, the mysterious Chancellor Palpatine and the pompous Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Maximilian Windu are fighting to decide the fate of the Galaxy.


Unlike in theatrical cut of Attack of the Clones, I – through my edit – hope to depict Anakin as a lucid,
intelligent and considerate – if unbalanced – young man, and his relationships with Padme and Obi-Wan as genuine.

As well as this, I hope to flip the morality of much of the cast of characters, whilst leaving their roles in the
story the same.

Dooku is now a reluctant Revolutionnaire and the exiled Jedi Master who instructed Obi-Wan, and Windu is the
warlike and arrogant Grand Master of the Jedi Order, with Yoda relegated to the roll of trusted wiseman, a bit like
Nestor from the Iliad.

Feel free to view these sample clips:


Save, Change, and Jedi

Palpatine’s Wisdom

More coming soon…


Hal9000 for creating my first viewed fan edits and inspiring me – and humouring me.

ThatGuyWhoEdits for helping me with my editing endeavours.

Snooker for introducing me to foreign language editing and for making advanced, quality edits.

Darth Lunar for being the first – I think – to use foreign language editing and for making The Blackened

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

LordZerome1080 said:

I love it!! I think that it is great to have Anakin actually do this himself instead of being told to by Doko, have it be him avenging Obi Wan’s force bitch-slap.

You screw with Obi-Wan, you screw with Anakin, you screw with Anakin, you get screwed.

CourtlyHades296 said:

Amazing clip! Will this edit work in Machete Order?

Which clip? My clip? If so; thanks, and I think so.

snooker said:

In an attempt to make Phantom Menace more tonally ‘mature’, here’s an edit of the Naboo space battle.

It has been completely rescored/re-sound-effected. There’s also color correction.

Snooker, stop hogging the limelight. Very good stuff!