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Batman: Oath Sworn - A Completed Batman Novel

Anakin Starkiller said:

I’d love to hear your ideas for this novel!

The story is a period piece, set in 1985, complete with big hair and the decadence and consumerism the era is now known for. It is being made with the intent of being as realistic as I can manage it–how unoriginal. Most of my inclusions are plays on previously existing ideas, moments, and characters from the franchise. I can only hope I have re-contextualised and adapted them to a sufficient degree that they feel more original than they truly are.
I hope to depict the characters and scenarios in a way that is as emotionally moving and internally consistent as I can.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

paja said:

Thought I’d experiment a little. Aged up Anakin similar to his appearance in the Kenobi flashbacks.

That’s great. Could really work to heighten the feeling that Anakin’s gone through hell. Stress, war, and time have weathered him since AotC. Would make an edit where he does what he does just to end the war even more compelling.

Three Effing Bears - A John Rambo story.

Vilgefortz said:

The trailer was made before I’ve even started working on the actual edit. At that stage not everything was planned. “Red Heat” material was considered as Uncle Bear’s backstory, then I watched Red Heat first time in ten years and eventually decided I will use “Commando” material instead.

Ah, makes sense. I do wish that you would’ve included both sources–I feel like having Arnie play an evil Russian commando in Vietnam would both be funny and make sense, given what happens in the real movie.

BATMAN & ROBIN: DEEP FREEZE (Major Batman & Robin edit RELEASED)

musiced921 said:

This is the scene that follows where we see the fundraiser party that both Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze crash. Poison Ivy makes her first appearance in costume without first being seen inside a gorilla suit. I’ve also changed the music to feature her actual theme written by Elliot Goldenthal. When Mr. Freeze arrives, the scene was heavily edited to remove his cringey lines as well as his vine swing.

I love that. The way you edited the reveal coupled with Goldenthal’s music managed to make Ivey both threatening and sexy–a big step up from the gorilla suit sequence!

Batman: Oath Sworn - A Completed Batman Novel

“1985. Gotham City is a symbol of apathy and dishonesty left unmatched too long. The corruption of Chicago in the prohibition, the poverty of New York in the depression, and the rampant violence of the 1960s live on in Gotham. In the city of rot exist three crusaders: one law-man who will not take the bribe, one counsellor who will not be cowed into submission, and one man whose guilt can only be matched by an undying fury–The Bat-Man.”

Bruce Wayne begins his crusade against crime as Bat-Man. The Falcone Crime Family–led by Bruce’s Godfather, Carmine Falcone–holds Gotham city in its clutches, the police force and judicial system in their pockets.
The deprived citizens turn to crime, the streets are overrun by drugs and disease, and the city is content as a cess-pool of suffering. Bruce, as Bat-Man, must join forces with the newly transferred Lieutenant James Gordon, and the Assistant District Attorney, Harvey Dent, to have any chance of rooting out the snakes who poison the people to whom Bruce owes all.
All the while, Bruce finds himself detached from his mother figure Leslie Thompkins, and starts an affair with photo-journalist Vicki Vale in an attempt to spread awareness of his playboy personality, only to find himself yearning for love in earnest.

Having been a fan of the Batman franchise since before I can remember, I have always wanted to do something of my own with the character. Spurred on by the ever expanding wealth of ideas that have been perpetuated over the years, I have come to the conclusion that I must write something. An unofficial, derivative, and self-satisfied novel–which I hope will bring at least someone a modicum of amusement.

Sources from which elements of the story are derived:
The Batman Forever Screenplay by Akiva Goldsman and Lee & Janett Scott Batchler – The details of Bruce’s guilt
Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli – Gotham city’s systemic corruption and brutality, as well as much of the plot
The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale – The Falcone Crime Family
Batman Annual Volume 1 #14: Eye of the Beholder by Andrew Helfer and Chris Sprouse – Harvey Dent’s Origin
The Man Who Falls by Dennis O’Neil and Dick Giordano – The Batman’s worldwide quest for skills
Batman (1989) by Tim Burton, Sam Hamm, and Warren Skaaren – Vicki Vale and Alexander Knox, reporters who intend to make an exposé on Gotham city

Sample Chapters:
Chapter One – The Emperor’s Physician:
Chapter Six – The Night Descends:
Chapter Nine – The Low Down:

I Am Not Okay With This - The Movie (Released)

Hiya, while this thread isn’t one that pertains to me, I’m stopping by to say that you should take down that link. Forum rules state that the sharing of edit links should be limited to personal messages - it’s a legal precaution. I’m sure a mod will pop around soon to ask you do just so.

That said, I wish you well on your fan-editing journey!


Heavysyde said:

The sample clip you shared looks great, really good job in removing the laugh track. The audio drop at 1:36 is a bit sudden, might wanna smooth that out. The additional bell ringing sound effect at 1:47 is very well done, and you’ve done a great job at adding additional sound effects (or removing the laugh track channel? I doubt that’s possible), must’ve been hard.
I thought opening with the Australian broadcast was a bit odd since it’s an American show. Only a minor gripe.

How’s this coming along? And what kind of plot are you aiming for.

Thanks for the kind words and criticism!
I myself am proud of the removal of the laugh track, because there was no “track”, every one of the six channels had the laughs in them. If there was a laugh, I had to try remaking all the sounds that would have been there. The doorbell I felt was too loud, but I’m glad you didn’t pick up the other sounds being inserted by me. The Australian broadcast was a bit odd, now that you mention it, I just felt it fit the tone and was already part of the song I put in.

Currently, I haven’t worked on it in some months - that’s my method of editing, lol, start a project and never finish it. If there are any updates, I’ll post them, but at the moment this is just an idea I have for an edit, much less and actual edit,


Last year I decided to watch Friends for the first time since seeing episodes as a small child. It was a week of constant emotion, from mirth to sadness to wishing they’d done things differently. It was not long after that that I began wondering what the show would be like if the focus were taken away from the humour, the jokes, the ridiculous situations, and placed more upon what I personally adore about the show: the characters and the concept.

FOCUS OF THE EDIT: Take the first season of the show, remove the laugh tracks, homophobic jokes, and mind-numbingly stupid moments, restructure the events in the story to feel more like the characters have arcs, and to pull everything together into something that resembles a movie.

A short first test from months ago: