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Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Here’s the cue list for Rise of Skywalker, apparently:

The order of scenes at the start went (roughly) Rey Training -> Mustafar (Vader’s Castle?) -> Rey Training -> Getting the message from the spy. The names also hint at scenes that were cut at some point.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

The cultist I wanna try (minus any deleted material that may appear on the Blu-Ray):

-Open with our heroes playing dejarik and meeting up with Boolio. The scene is over when they make the first jump to hyperspace.

-Cut to Rey training on Ajan Kloss, with Kylo communing with Vader’s helmet, sparking visions in both of them. (I really want to change the style of flashback in this movie because I think the cuts are too quick and they just hurt my eyes.)

-Cut to Kylo on Mustafar

-In Exegol scene, you don’t see Palpatine’s face, it remains in darkness.

-Cut lines about creating Snoke and digitally alter Snoke tube into Palpatine tube, or maybe just a body-part tube. (Maybe the Sith Acolytes are cloning parts of Palpatine himself just to reattach them)

-End scene with ships erupting from the ice, but remove the Voice Over. That scene felt very very off to me.

-The Falcon lands on Ajan Kloss, and Rey fights with Poe.

-Remove Poe’s verbal reference to Ackbar Junior.

-Re-organize Poe’s briefing to reduce the feeling that Oscar has given up/make things less silly.

-Reduce Leia’s onscreen presense. She feels very off in this movie and there is a very good reason for that!

-Make the ‘leaving for Pasanna’ section of the movie a little slower. (You cut from 3PO saying goodbye to R2 to Rose saying goodbye to Leia saying goodbye to Rey looking at some trees within like a minute.)

-Make Rey’s half of her Force Communication with Kylo less dark? Why is it suddenly night time where she is? I understand the filmmaking reasons for it, but in all other cases of that effect both sides’ environments are unaffected.

-Remove Rey’s “I recognize that ship” moment.

-I like the Pasanna bits for the most part, until Kylo Ren shows up.

-Reduce Finn’s flanderization (cut him yelling REY!!! as much as possible. Maybe keep “They got Chewie!!!”

-Remove Chewie’s reappearance until Rey senses him on Kjimi.

-On Kjimi, remove any explicit mentions to Poe’s romantic past with Zorri, as well as removing the drug runner origin story of the Guatemalen lead actor.

-Remove Kylo saying that Rey is a Palpatine, because she isn’t and that’s silly. Instead have her scene with him in that hanger center on him trying to recruit her to kill Palpatine with her. Because so many lines are removed, play around with the scene being largely silent.

-Remove any later references to Rey’s family, including flashbacks. Rey’s parents abandoned her like garbage and sold her into indentured servitude.

-Remove any implication of romantic chemistry between Finn and Jannah.

-Remove the fact the Leia intentionally is reaching out to Kylo while he fights Rey on the Death Star. It makes it seem like she is trying to distract him and get him killed. Leia just passes away and that distracts Kylo.

-Remove “The weapon of a Jedi deserves more respect” mostly because of the awful delivery.

-Remove flashback to young Luke and Leia.

-Reduce the “remember this?” vibe of the 'lifting the x-wing scene.

-Remove destruction of Kjimi. Mainly to have who’s operating the Sith Star Destroyers be more vague.

-Remove Finn’s VO when Rey is flying to Exegol.

-Remove Nebula around Exegol? To explain all the ships at the end getting there so easily?

-We see Palpatine when Rey first meets him. He doesn’t welcome her home or talk about family. Maybe some of the removed dialogue from the opening can be used here, maybe the name drop of “The Final Order” can be here.

-If it’s at all possible, remove/reduce The Fleet Moment.

-Remove Palpatine shooting lightening up into the sky if possible.

-Remove Ben’s kiss and him fading away.

-Have the movie end with the celebration, with Kylo walking into the distance, or something.

I’m forgetting a lot, so don’t take this as final or even possible.

&quot;Champions of the Force&quot;; Snooker's Attack of the Clones edit

EddieDean said:

Looking good Snook. Are there any ‘common’ edits (from L8wrtr’s, Hal’s, etc) that you definitely will or won’t include? You’re understandably hesitant to talk about the more aspirational stuff, but, for example, will you make the common changes of removing the diner scene and removing C3PO’s antics in the droid factory?

C3PO won’t step foot on Geonosis, and I don’t plan on Dex making an appearance.

&quot;Champions of the Force&quot;; Snooker's Attack of the Clones edit

SparkySywer said:

How different will this fanedit be?

While bullet points of plot points and specific cuts and changes are useful, I plan on shifting the feel and of this whole movie, so it’s sort of hard to describe. It will be completely different from every edit I’ve seen of this movie.

I would talk further about my specific plans but I don’t want to disappoint anyone if those changes end up not happening, and I would absolutely hate to oversell anything.

&quot;Champions of the Force&quot;; Snooker's Attack of the Clones edit

DominicCobb said:

Most interested in your visual changes. I think a couple shots in the teaser might be a bit too blue but otherwise looking rather filmic.

I agree about the blue comment, and will work to improve this. : )

DominicCobb said:

I’m curious to see what ideas you have for TROS.

I’ve discussed my plans for it a little bit in the main ideas thread, but I don’t think I’ll have any concrete ideas until we get our hands on the home release.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

I can only assume that the Vader helmet footage was originally meant to be placed before Kylo arrived at Palpatine’s Fortress? Maybe he heard Vader’s voice beckon him to find the source of Snoke’s power, only for Palpatine to reveal it was him all along?

I really dislike how the quick flashbacks were edited in this movie so I would just remove all of them, and remove Kylo’s appearance during Rey’s training because it only makes things confusing.