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Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [Version 3 Complete]

So after a week of trying to sort out the rendering issue I’ve had to come up with a very unsatisfactory workaround of rendering the project in two halves and then reimporting them to FCP and rendering that.

Anyway, the 1080 is done and is uploading to Google Drive, so will be available once its been processed, which usually takes 24 hours!

Then I’ll sort the BR render.

Here is the new artwork and updated chapter list.

Andor Season 1 Edit (WIP of course)

If you’re looking to make a chronological edit of the 4 arcs separately, or splitting the season into 2 edits it’s a good time to get ideas together.

I’ll be doing an edit of this series but with 7 hours of footage it’s too early for me to know how to approach it.

My main questions at the moment are:
1 edit or 2?
Are the flashbacks needed or not?
How will the 4 arcs connect?

I’ve been floating ideas around and the main one I’m playing with at the moment is to set up the scene with the opening crawl and jump straight to the Security Force arriving at Ferrix. Episode 3 can then largely play out as the opening act.

It’ll certainly be fun to speculate and discuss over the next 2 months. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [Version 3 Complete]

So version 3, with the Jawas reinserted, is completed. Absolutely love having them back! Version weighs in at 2h 43! Sadly I’m having massive issues with FCP/Compressor and cannot get it rendered, which is baffling me.
I’ll re-upload the previous versions of Ep1 and Ep2 1080 for those that want them whilst I attempt to sort the issue.

Out of interest has anyone had experience of this error “RequestCVPixelBufferForFrame returned: 3 for absolute frame:”

It is occurring around 34,000 Frame mark at 10mins, and is now happening in all my projects (not just Ep1). There is no corrupt Frame at the referenced frames in the project.
I have:
Replaced my hard drive (which I planned anyway to speed workflow)
Deleted and reinstalled FCP and compressor
Re-linked all the original files
Re-downloaded the original file which coincides with the frame marker
Created a new library and copied the project across.
Deleted FCP preferences.


Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

liambrazier said:

Just finished watching this through and liked it a lot more than the series itself. The shuffling of all the Mando stuff really does make it feel like a proper Mando series 3, albeit with more Fett this time around - but the new framing makes it feel like he’s guesting in Mando’s show, not the other way around.

I liked the Fett Tusken stuff the best of that series originally but wholeheartedly agree it just isn’t needed here. There’s just enough remaining for everything to make sense. And I didn’t miss any of the other cut elements either.

The Luke Grogu stuff feels like a perfect coda and lead into what comes next too.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s quite shocking really that you can turn a Boba Fett series into a Mando film! Poor Boba got shafted.

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [Version 3 Complete]

Hi all,

Sorry for the silence on this thread, I’ve been focusing on getting Mando 3 released.

Now its done I’ve come back to Ep1 to update it.

  1. The new Logo is added
  2. I’ve inserted the slightly extended scene of Boba finding Fennec from BOBF.
  3. I’ve also added the Boba-Fennec campfire scene to provide a through-line for Boba’s story. It also acts as a nice spacer between Mando leaving Tatooine and arriving on Sorgan. I toyed with also including the Mod Parlour scene because I quite like that scene, but I suspect most will prefer it left out. If Thundercat ends up becoming a recurring character in future seasons I might have to put it in.
  4. The main point for discussion is whether I add the Jawas back in. I love the depiction of the Jawas, it nicely extends the first act and it gives more time for Kuill and Mando to bond which is important for the finale. It also means that I can use the full Mudhorn scene rather than the edited version which, although it worked for what I needed, wasn’t ideal. The issue would be run time. Current run time is 2:31 and adding the Jawas would extend it to roughly 2:42. However, this will match the new Episode 2 run time having put more of the Ahsoka episode in to explain the Beskar spear. Thoughts?
Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

hansolox73 said:

Just finished reading through your edits, really excited to give this a view. Like many, I wasn’t really enjoying what they did to Boba Fett so I’m excited to see how this flows - sounds great!

Not sure if you want us to send you a PM or just ask for a link here. Thanks for all the great work you’ve done!

PM sent

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

stevepaynter said:

Hey Smudger, do you plan on doing a Obi Wan Kenobi edit (The Smudger Cut)?

That was my my intention, but I just didn’t have any free time when Kenobi was airing and there are now a lot of completed edits. My priorities at the moment are.

  1. Have a clear slate for when Andor starts so that I can edit it as the series happens. Looks like there will be enough footage for 2 movies.

  2. Update Mando Episodes 1 and 2 to include some footage from BOBF and add in the fight from the Ahsoka episode. Episode 1 is completed apart from one music transition. Episode 2 is completed other than tightening up the Battle from the Ahsoka episode.

  3. Complete my 2 edits from Bad Batch. Episode 2 is completed apart from the opening pan. Episode 1 needs more work. I need a satisfying way of including some of the Clone Wars arc.

  4. Kenobi Edit.

So Kenobi probably isn’t happening before Andor 😦

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

boy6824 said:

@smudger9 I finished your edit and it was pretty great! its amazing how editing can really making a meandering story a lot more compelling haha. Overall i think its a pretty solid effort and i appreciate the time put into it. If you want some feedback i have a few things that i thought might be tightened up a bit!:

-like @g00b pointed out the fighter flight transition to fennec is a tad weird feeling. i think its actually because the triumphant nature of the launch into space is very abruptly cut short when he lands again. i think it would do the scene a lot of good to see him flying through space and even putting the scene back where he flies past the kid in the shuttle. I know that part of the scene is used later to show him leaving to see luke but i think it would do the other scene a lot of good. speaking of…
-like you mentioned, it might be better to excise the whole luke part entirely and add it onto the season 3 edit instead for mando. it doesnt belong at all narratively the way the current movie edit works and feels like some over extended epilogue. it also creates problems when you see grogus choice, which is supposed to be a big deal, smash cuts to him in the back seat which comes off much more comedic then maybe it should feel. it felt dramatically cheap i guess
-the final climax spend a tad too much time too with the mods and the free town people i think for what they have been built up to be in these current edit, it makes it last a bit too long i feel and the pacing ends up being off
-finally the last point i felt is that some of the flashbacks maybe should be added back, and this is really personal and i know you mentioned debating on doing that or not. if you remove the luke scenes and less climax scenes that frees up a lot of time i feel. but boba steeling his ship back and blowing up the sarlac and then the biker gang are such good beats it feels like a waste not to have them in, but for pacing if it doesnt work i understand. maybe doing it in montage form could help? also it feels like there wasnt enough time with the tuskins really to justify even spending some time with them in the flashbacks, maybe more scenes of them bonding like the train scene could help but it feels like something is missing still with them.
-as a minor quibble too, the fight scene between boba and fennec and the red shield guys is still incredibly goofy, that could be tightened up a bit to be faster paced and cooler and less clunky from the original episode

Anyways, i hope these points dont come off overly critical because i didnt spend a whole lot of time praising the rest of the work which i think was very very good. it made these few points stand out more since the rest was very well done! im guessing youve already considered most of these points anyways, but uit doesnt hurt to bring them up i hope! Lin

Thankyou so much for the Review and the points you make are the things that I struggled with most in this edit.

Let’s take the Luke scenes first. The first thing I needed to in this edit do was remove them from the middle of the movie because it totally details the story. This then meant removing Grogu’s arrival on Tatooine and hence his and Pelli’s appearance in the final battle. Once I achieved that the question was whether to leave in the Luke scenes or remove them.
My decision to keep them was for 2 main reasons:

  1. They are great scenes that I ultimately need in this movie series.
  2. Because I was trying to create a “Mando” episode 3 out of the BOBF I felt that I needed the scenes to give Mando enough plot and story progression.

However, it did always feel “tacked on” and way too easy for Mando to find where Luke was. What I will almost certainly do is have the scenes as the opening to episode IV and reference his search in the opening crawl. I can then hopefully
cut from Grogu being told he needs to make a decision to another scene without Din and have the reunion happen off screen.

Now, the starfighter transition. Again this is something I tried to fix but there just isn’t the footage to achieve this without removing the Rhodian child.
I’m really determined to keep the Rhodian child scene where it is because it works so well as a motivation and pointer for Mando’s journey and when I remove the Luke scenes it will give the needed emotional weight to end the movie, a bit like ESB.
I’m hoping that when Mando S3 comes it will give me enough new starfighter scenes to correct this transition.

With the Mods and Freetowners in the final battle, I felt I had to keep their scenes in because Mando recruiting the Freetowners is basically what brings Mando and Boba’s stories together. Without them having a significant part in the final battle it doesn’t give the stories a reason to connect. And since I removed the awful Mod speeder chase and the Krrsantan palace infiltration, the final battle is the only time we really see the mods “in action”.
For version 2 I will look at how it plays out removing the sniper scenes and remove that if it works.

The flashbacks… I must confess I really didn’t enjoy them as much as others, but ultimately I cut them down to the minimum in order to keep the story moving. In terms of Boba’s journey what we needed to know was how he escaped the sarlacc, how he lost his armour, how he became part of the Tusken tribe and learned to use a Gaffi stick (pays off in the Cad Bane fight) and how his tribe got destroyed.
I definitely wanted to cut that dreadful sand monster, and by doing that lots of other stuff needed to be cut. The train chase was cool and does explain the Pike’s spice trade, but the sequence was far too long and then you really need to explain how they get the bikes.
I did consider keeping the scene where he makes his Gaffi stick, but again it made the sequence too long.
The Fenec/Boba scenes and Slave 1 capture was in the edit until the very end, but I finally made a decision to cut them and add them
into my Mando 1 and Mando 2 edits to be released soon. Going to the sarlacc to find his armour never made sense to me, so I never intended to include that.

Finally the assassin scene. I did cut a little out, including the slo-Mo of Boba and the the electro staff. I’ll look at trimming it more for V2.

Again thanks for the input. Hopefully version 2, post Mando season 3, will allow me to put the icing on the cake! 😊

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

g00b said:

@smudger9 Wow! That was almost as good as I think the Book of Boba Fett can get! I think you’ve done an awesome job maintaining Boba Fett’s character (given the source material) and the flow of the whole movie is great!

I found the transition of the Mando’s star fighter flight into him being recruited by Fennec to be a touch clunky (nothing to do with the editing per say just the two shots being joined, I think the colour tone of them is a bit too similar and the cut seems a bit abrupt). I’d also cut down a lot of Grogu’s training as I think after the climax with the big fight, it seems to drag a bit (similar problem to the end of Force Awakens IMO). I’d think you could afford to lose a lot of Grogu’s training as it does feel quite fan servicey and in the context of your movie, I think its a bit too detached from the overall story. I do much prefer Grogu being absent from that end fight and the decision being placed at the end!

I think you’ve done an incredible job here smudger! Really looking forward to your rereleased versions of Mando ep1 + 2. Glad you got to release the edit! I’ll be keeping an eye on your work! I loved it! 😄

Thanks for the review.

I totally see your point about the starfighter transition. It’s that way because I took out the space scenes to use for when Mando leaves Tattooine. I tried putting the Cob Vanth v Pykes scene in between but it affected the flow of the rest of the movie.

The Luke-Grogu stuff is difficult. There is some great material there but, as you say, it all just feels tacked on at the end. However, that is probably a better alternative to having the movie derailed half way through. I’m kinda hoping that I can remove it completely and use it as the opening scene of episode IV, but I’ll have to see how Mando season 3 plays out first!

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [Version 3 Complete]

Apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been busy recently. I’ve now managed to complete and release Episode 3, so can go back and update episodes 1 and 2.

For episode 1 I’ve added in the extended scene of Boba approaching the wounded Fennec and added in their post-modification campfire scene. I’ve also done the opening crawl with my new logo. The last thing I’m toying with is re-instating the Jawa scenes…

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

Finally…… the edit is completed and available in 1080. If you want a Blu-ray version then I will render that this coming week.

Apologies for the time this edit had taken. Life is pretty busy at the moment meaning that editing time is limited. I needed a block of time to get this over the line, which I finally got this weekend.

I’ve massively reduced the flashback scenes and just left 3 short sequences in that show Boba escaping the sarlacc, losing his armour, a snapshot of him at the Tusken camp, the Pike negotiation and the Tusken Massacre. Some of the other flashback sequences will be added into Mando episodes 1 and 2.

I’ve also removed the Krrsantan infiltration of the palace to help speed up the story, remove another example of Boba appearing weak and remove more of the mods.

A full, updated list of the changes is in the original post.

In addition I’ve used a new logo that looks better in the opening crawl.

PM if you want a link to the completed edit.