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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

CarboniteSolo said:

Great work. That poster is yet another reminder of how much I miss painted movie posters. I guess it’s hard hiring artists. Today, if a movie does have a painted poster in marketing, it’s either for Dolby cinemas, or IMAX, instead of making it the official one for its theatrical release.

Thank you Skywalkerfan101. Nobody will step up like Drew Struzan did. I think the studios don’t care anymore. They can make a poster in Photoshop. I just wish they would hire some artists for these big summer films. Can you imagine an Avengers Endgame poster drawn by Drew Struzan?

Please bring back the painted movie posters.

Granted, there are some good digital posters out there, but a painted one is always more iconic for bigger movies. Look at Struzan’s unreleased sketches for other films.

Cinderella (1950) 35mm Preservation!

TLMerman said:

A new Cinderella Blu-Ray is coming soon (Anniversary Edition - The Signature Collection) but it’s not confirmed if it’s a new remaster. Let’s hope is is…

I don’t know what to say about the cover art. She’s running down the castle steps, desperate trying to leave as the clock is striking twelve (while the spell is fading away), and she’s smiling? The picture looks as though she is casually walking down the stairs, then “oops.” She just dropped her slipper. Better turn around and get it. Don’t get me wrong, the art and composition look great (as expected from Disney), but If they want to make cover art of Cinderella smiling, I don’t think that’s really the ideal scene to use.