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<strong>The &quot;EditDroid&quot; Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread</strong> (Released)
Spudz777 said:

The three main DVDs are currently seeded at pirate bay as torrents. I've had no luck finding the extras discs. Arnie.d was kind enough to seed long enough for me to finish the main set, and I'm personally committed to long term seeding on those three, but my upload is kind of slow.


If you manage to get your hands on the extras, let us know, as I'd like a set as well.


I'd like to get Episode IV but it doesn't appear to be on Pirate Bay.  Only Empire & Jedi are there.

There are other Episode IV EditDroid torrents on other sites but they are labelled Mysterious Mysteries so they are probably the original version & not version 2 which has the selectable crawl.

PS  I'd love to get disc 4 of the extras for the reinserted music scenes & the LP player.

Wookie Groomer's 1080p Star Wars Saga project (Released)
Wookie Groomer said:

I might have a chance in about 2-3 weeks to post something so pick what's most wanted. 1080p WMV DVD9 or 480p NTSC DVD9 split screens. My updated New Hope Split screen came and went without a peep from anyone so I assumed no one was interested.

I have & love the orginal splitscreens.  I only found out about the new versions thanx to an external link:

& was stunned that I hadn't heard of them on OT. 


I think the reason the V2's came & went without barely a peep is because any reference to them is buried deep within this thread.  You'd have to sit here for an hour to read this whole conversation.  I can think of a number of reasons why some folks aren't ready to aquire the HD versions though they may be ready for the splitscreens.  But they aren't mentioned in the title or first posts.  I'd suggest editing a first post with a list of the releases (though I still think they should have their own thread).


Wookie Groomer, thanx 4 all your effort.

Rad (1986) (Released)
skywalka said:

I've got love & respect for those who made this project possible BUT...

People are buying these DVDs because they have no other way of getting them. Torrents are a poor way of sharing files because they are hard to find. Even when a torrent is found, people don't neccesarily have access to it. For example ******* at the moment won't allow new users. At some stage new registrations will probably be made available. By then the torrent may be dead or, for some, their time is worth more than their money so they will just buy it.

Torrenting this DVD will not have a significant affect on the eBay sales.

If someone shared this with eMule it would take on a life of it's own. eMule has built-in global server searching. It would not have to be seeded for more than a day or two initially & then will not die unless a superior version becomes available.

I hate to say I told you so but...

...over a year later & I still don't have this movie. I've been stuck at 60% but hanging on just in case. Would love some help with this.
Rad (1986) (Released)
Originally posted by: skywalka
Torrents are a poor way of sharing files
I'll say it again.

Originally posted by: Insanity
Looks like Demonoid bit the dust.I know there were a few people on these discs.

I was on 59%.

Originally posted by: Insanity
My discs bit the dust.I don't know how but they hardly play and I cant rip them to my HDD

Dunno if this is of any use:
Originally posted by: maurice2029
Perhaps there is some hope after all. I took a month of complete rest and not working on my T23D special edition because of some of the program problems. Today I took a look at it again, with a fresh start and... came up with another index of contents which makes the info fit in 6 VMG segments which the program allows to be compiled. So yes, finally, disc 1 can be compiled. I'm gonna take a look at the font now, because the font I used was hard to read on a regular tv screen. Hopefully I can replace it with something easy... crossing my fingers that this solution will work.

Originally posted by: Jambe Davdar
I am making an updated version of 'Building Empire' for the 'Miami Underground Film Festival' in March 2008.
Good luck. Are you going to release the new version?
Originally posted by: Jambe Davdar

DVD: Single Layer 4.7GB

Why is the Spleen version: 4.21 GB
& the Demon version: 3.98 GB

And these are both these sites' respective PAL versions not the NTSC conversions.

I'd rather not downlaod something that has been reencoded so I'd like to check if Jambe listed the original size correctly.
Classic Edition: Return of the Jedi by Ocpmovie (Released)
Originally posted by: skyjedi2005

either ocpmovie does a decent dual layer version of a new hope aka a 3.0 or i have to wait for pauls vintage edit.

Which project is "pauls vintage edit"?

Originally posted by: lordjedi
This is now up on Demonoid.

If this was on Demononid then it has dissapeared. Can anybody confirm where this is available for download, please.