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Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?

There seem to be many R2 releases. Dutch, German, Italian & Polish at least. Some have localized intro titles, some not it seems. Assuming the same transfer but different encoding it could be possible to average/median several videos to eliminate macroblocking.

If someone was so inclined & willing to track down several dvd copies of course :)

Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?

A quick comparison between the rutracker rip and an r1 dvd rip - the pal dvd they used is indeed way better than the us one.

I'd say it was worth it trying to track an r2 dvd down if you're really looking for a better version. They don't specify on rutracker what specific r2 dvd was used though, as far as I can see.

There are German (der tapfere kleine toaster) and Polish (dzielny maly toster) dvds that can be had quite cheap(ish), however they may be a different transfer.

Song Of The South - many projects, much info & discussion thread (Released)

Which dvd are you talking about? The 35mm scan dvd that was up for a short time on myspleen (anyone know why it's gone now btw)?

'Song of the South 35mm NTSC DVD.nfo said:

Song of the South - 35mm IB Technicolor Spirit Telecine, NTSC DVD5 release (version 1)

Welcome to part 2/3 of our Song of the South Christmas Release!

This is the 35mm IB Tech scan in DVD format with a menu, performed on a Spirit Telecine.

Format : NTSC DVD5
       VIDEO: MPEG2 720x480
       AUDIO: 35mm stereo, AC3

No cleanup or color correction has been done - Technicolor is one of the most color-fast processes
and this print looks the same as the day it was struck. This print was scanned on a Spirit telecine,
so unfortunately not top of the line, but still the best quality out there. This far surpasses the
BBC release, and should be the definitive until a 4k scan occurs. Again, for the holiday season we
wanted to make it available to the general public.

Originally, the small team working on this had considered waiting for cleanup on the Raw files
to be completed before release. However, due in large part to the cleanup coming to a virtual halt
(with other scanning projects taking precedence over a clean-up job and lack of true raw files)
we feel that now is the time.


This project is not affiliated, sponsored, or related to Disney. All properties are (c) and (r) to them.


Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD - V2.0 - MKV & AVCHD (Released)

doubleofive said:

Harmy said:
Oh, no, they are just in the order in which the donations came. I will probably try to put them into alphabetic order. Anyone know how to do this easily? I have them as a simple .txt file.

Copy them into a spreadsheet program, sort A-Z. Should work. If you don't want to do it, just PM them to me.

 Psh, young people these days...

sort acb.txt > abc.txt

Nezha Conquers the Dragon King (1979) - BBC 1.66:1 & Theatrical 2.35:1 preservations (Released)

I was rushing to finish this little project and was about to release it when I discovered I had made a mistake resulting in some blown out whites in the last part of the film. I didn't have time to redo it at that point.

I don't have as much time for this kind of work anymore though unfortunately, however these and other projects are definitely not abandoned. I will get them finished and out there at some point. I can't say exactly when though, sorry.

* If someone wants to help with subtitle editing/syncing that would help immensely

* If someone can capture SECAM VHS that would be an excellent help also

This would speed things up A LOT