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Star Wars Deleted Scenes - Reincorporated?

There is still work going on in the deleted scenes, as mentioned above in the other projects.
The deleted scenes are just that, deleted, and not as important as the main films.

I’ve still got some access to the work on the deleted scenes, but haven’t bothered to post them,
since they’re not a priority.

The main point of this site is to restore the Original Trilogy, and since it hasn’t been done yet,
that’s the priority. As far as diverting people to it, good luck, as many people claim they want
to help, but how many actually end up doing it. The main work is being done by a few people, and
their priority right now is Star Wars 4k, and ESB.

The point is if you want these, you will have to work on them yourselves.
There are people at The Star Wars Trilogy Forums, that have set up a way
to get involved, tools, tutorials, and more, if people want to sign up.