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Is <em>Revenge of the Sith</em> the Best or Worst Prequel?

Personally, I think ROTS is by far the best prequel, and more than that, it is the only one that I actually enjoy. (Just a little).

For me, this mostly comes down to Ewan McGregor, who is so likable and delivers his dialogue so well that I can’t help but enjoy it. I know objectively that his dialogue isn’t good, but he delivers it perfectly.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

Ok. First off HI! I haven’t seen you before and it looks like your pretty new, so welcome!. I like you, you have creative and interesting ideas, which you write out well. We need more users like you.

Your idea is great and would be fantastic and I would love to see it. Like really ❤️. However it’s legality is extremely murky, so no real programmer would help us with the complex task you propose. I don’t know if there’s any programmer that good willing to do it for free either. However the other part of your idea the box set kits would be a great eBay store.

Again, great concept but sadly not likely to happen

Have a nice day

R2 left out in the rain on degobah

You guys say he is waterproof, which would be fine with me if it weren’t for the fact that we see water pouring out of him. You could say his internals are waterproof, but when we get glimpses of them there are exposed servos and circuits. It’s okay, ESB is still my favorite movie, but this In my mind is a flaw.

Related question, are Star Wars droids slaves?

4K restoration on Star Wars

Alderaan said:

At some point both SE and OOT versions will be available. It might not be until the copyright expires and the films enter the public domain, but eventually the OOT will be available to new viewers as long as it’s preserved.

When the two versions are both made available on equal terms, it’s obvious which one will be more often viewed.

I really hope you are right, but my faith diminishes every passing year.