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The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)

abnog said:

Thank you, thank you very much! This is an amazing job, and the one who got me to want to watch again the movie(s). You did a very professional editing job indeed. 😃

I have one cuestion. How hard would it be for me (or anyone) to edit the audio tracks of other languages to match your edit? Could you give any indications on where to make the cuts? Or is it too hard for someone not involved in your work to tackle?

I would love to have this edit with the spanish dub. I have no problem whatsoever with english, but I would like to show your cut to my child when he becomes old enough.

Hi. About this question, I can share with you my experience: for this edit and for my private vision, i created the italian dub (@sidshady12 write me if you are interested to add to your edit). It’s long process (it depends how much time do you dedicate, probably in a month you can do it, i worked mostly at the weekends), but it isn’t so hard. What you need are: the audio tracks of the extended version of the movies and the list of changes and cut made by sidshady12 (you can find them here or on his website). What i did is extract the audio track of M4 Book edit and all extended movies and i opened them in Adobe Audition (i think it’s a great program to do this kind of things because you can work on audio adding effects or separate dialogue and backing music). Then i opened the movie on a video player and the original movie on another video player. Then i watched the two movies at the same time, so i can noticed when he made cuts. I suggest to you to maintain the M4 Book Edit’s track as basic track and replace only dialogues parts. Then is easy compiling a new movie edit file adding the track in your language (i used MKVToolnix) and forced subtitle track. The only parts not translated is the final Gandalf’s speech at Thorin’s funeral, that part i left it in english with subtitle. Ask me anything you want.

The New Republic EP1: A Vergence in the Force 4K (The Mandalorian Season 1 Edit) [V4 RELEASED]

This edit is incredible! I mean, The Mandalorian is a great series but ,like most of series, has filler episodes, characters say and do things completely useless. This edit made all in the right way and all works perfectly.
Anyway, i didn’t appreciate so much the way to make this movie a “star wars movie”, i mean the crawl is useful to introduce the story and to cut many and many useless minutes, but i think the crawl is only for the Skywalker Saga. The same thing about the ending theme. The mandalorian’s score is so beautiful like John Williams’s score, there isn’t a reason to substitute the soundtrack with Williams’s soundtrack.
Anyway, the movie is great, brilliant and i can’t wait to watch the others episodes.

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

This edit is simply amazing. In my opinion is like “Kenobi - A Star Wars Story” should have been done. I like the Star Wars Classic Movie structure, the transitions tipicals of a Star Wars Movie and how emotions and pathos grows through the movie. All useless scenes or sequences are removed and the focus is only on Obi Wan-Vader and Obi Wan-Leia… that’s enough. These are the only important things. Unfortunately isn’t clear how the First inquisitor survived, but also in the TV series wasn’t clear; Reva’s destiny is perfect, because we don’t know if she survived or not and she can comes back in others future projects, and her end is better than what she does in TV series.
That’s it.
Good job, Spence.

Lost - The Ultimate Series Tribute (Cinematic HD)

Hi. I saw your video. It’s incredible! The best video i ever seen dedicated to LOST. I think it wasn’t easy to compress six seasons in 42 minutes. Great job. A lot of characters and events, but you did it. The last 5 minutes are so intense, so emotional. I think i will watch again in the future when i will want to come back to the island. I would like to say more things about your video, about LOST, but i just ended to watch the video and i’m so touched that i can’t write. Thanks.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Well, nothing else to do for the moment but wait a long time for it to encode. Unless I find anything show-stopping, I expect I’ll be able to get the big ‘ol 1080p version up sometime tomorrow. Then the two 720p mp4 versions, and then I will do the DVD5 whenever I can (I’m sure this is the least valuable).

So anyone hoping to make a Christmas viewing out of this, I hope not to disappoint.

Great news! Thanks Hal and to who contributed to realize this project.