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Star Wars 1313

Looking back, it’s a bit too derivative of Uncharted and the like, but the concept of a deep underground prison in Star Wars was so awesome. We kind of got something similar to that tone in The Mandalorian with the prison transport episode, but of all the Star Wars media that died with LucasArts, this hurts the most.

Downloading from Google Drive

se7en8n9ne said:

I was just overly cautious because last time I dl’d a video from Google drive I got a cease and desist from Disney.

Were you perhaps downloading other things around the same time? Otherwise, this doesn’t make sense. Your traffic to Google Drive is encrypted by TLS, so at most an outsider could see that you are transferring encrypted data from (no URL past that, as it’s encrypted). And I don’t think Google shares its private traffic data with other companies.

Rey's lightsaber color

Has anyone noticed that Rey’s lightsaber color is different throughout the new trilogy?

Here it is in the forest at the end of The Force Awakens, with a very saturated blue hue:

In The Last Jedi, it is almost a pure white, with what appears to be a wider blade, and a subtle hint of blue around the edges:

The Rise of Skywalker seems to be a hybrid of the two approaches:

Do you have a favorite? I lean that TLJ is generally the best shot of the trilogy, but I really love the blue glow of the lightsaber in TFA, especially the way it lights up Rey’s face as we hadn’t seen that effect on human characters before.

Should I watch the prequels on DVD or Disney+?

I would actually recommend the DVD version here. The prequels were extremely heavy on special effects, and they pioneered a lot of techniques that were ahead of their time. For instance, Marvel’s entire production is basically what they did for the prequels. However, being products of 1999-2005, the special effects do not hold up and they’re actively distracting. I think a lower resolution video stream can help paper over this.

UHD Blu-ray Authoring - Technical Discussion

railerswim said:


You can author UHD Blu-rays on 25GB Single Layer, 50GB Dual Layer, and 100GB Triple Layer discs. 66GB DL and 128GB Quad Layer discs are not available to consumers at this moment.

It appears that 128GB BD-R XL discs have been released by Sony, but I only see them on eBay. e.g.

Edit: By the way, I found this on AVSForum when I was looking to calibrate my TV, so it looks like at least one independent person has worked out 4K Blu-ray authoring. I’m not sure if he’ll be open to sharing techniques though.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

Could someone please confirm SHA1 checksums for the BD50s with me? I’ve long since lost the original archives.

217177d9982cd6b023f302c83f1db4188ab1a3db Star Wars.iso
e70eb6f0c4e805f3584ccdca438a4da4af3e9c52 The Empire Strikes Back.iso
f4275385ea7843c2289d439d7dd9bcdd96ca0f28 Return of the Jedi.iso

My SHA1 for Star Wars matches Bluto’s, just looking for the others.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

one69chev said:

Vader21 said:

Is there any way to get these without myspleen…? looks fantastic you did an outstanding job on these well done.!

PM sent. Enjoy!

And a Jedit: just for the record, the “you” being referred to hear is NJVC who created the set using Harmey’s fan preservations. I had nothing to do with the end result, other than enjoying the community’s efforts.

Hi one69chev, would you be able to send me a PM as well? I’m looking to create a full BD50 set with covers and boxes.