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looking for specific star wars holiday special copy

Joel said:

The link is broken. Was the Rifftrax version sync’d to the WMAR broadcast? Anyway, a google search suggests that Zion Hybrid v2 is what you want.

Good luck!

i have access to Zion’s Hybrid v2, Rifftrax synced it to this google video copy and they later bundled their commentry with Zion’s Hybrid v1

The Star Wars Holiday Special: The Definitive Release (Help Needed) (WIP)

Darth telly said:

nobodybutjarjar42 said:

Darth telly said:

Does anyone have the Rifftrax version of the special?

the rifftrax version is availible here and on youtube albeit with the very start replaced with some stock music and the cartoon is removed

can someone just send me the audio in high quality please, I dont care about the video.

btw the rifftrax release is drm free

List of Changes between Versions of the Prequel Trilogy

D-O said:

nobodybutjarjar42 said:

“-During Mace Windu and Jango Fett’s fight, additional smoke and sparks were added to Jango’s jetpack.” this does not seem to be true

I’ve seen conflicting reports, but I haven’t been able to confirm or deny it either way. I haven’t seen any comparisons, nor am I able to make my own (since I don’t currently have a copy of any of the theatrical versions), so I’m leaving it there for now until a definitive answer appears.

it seems like the reason this spread was the fact in the commentry track george lucas says they changed it for the digital theatrical and dvd releases but when you check there is not a difference

List of Changes between Versions of the Prequel Trilogy

D-O said:

Never came across a single definitive list, so I thought I would make one myself.

The Phantom Menace


-When the Jedi, Queen Amidala and Anakin arrive on Coruscant, Qui-Gon states that ‘the situation has become much more complicated’, there is an optical wipe to an establishing shot of Senator Palpatine’s quarters. It then cuts to the interior.


-In his first scene, Sebulba’s subtitles are changed to remove “Skywalker", since Sebulba doesn’t actually say Anakin’s last name in the scene.
-Several introductions of other racers are included.
-A shot of Watto cheering Sebulba is removed.
-Shots of the podracers starting were added.
-The podrace scene is extended, with more footage during the second lap: A shot of a tradesman in the stands, Anakin outwitting his rival Gasgano, Anakin repairing his racer after an engine detaches, and a reaction shot of a racer before he crashes.
-After Qui-Gon’s line, there is a new scene in which Padmé, Anakin and Jar Jar board an air taxi. The taxi’s journey allows for an extended view of the Coruscant cityscape before the wipe to Palpatine’s quarters. The establishing shot of Senator Palpatine’s quarters is omitted, with an optical wipe at the end of the air taxi sequence to the inside of the building. The shot with Jar Jar and Ani at the beginning of the scene is also shortened.
-Orn Free Taa’s aides have been replaced by Twi’leks.
-A bridge is added to a shot of the Naboo landscape.
-Pink tints appear during certain scenes.


-The opening crawl was re-composited against the starfield.
-A new blurring effect is used when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn use Force Speed to escape the droidekas. This new effect is also visible as the Jedi run down the corridor in the next shot.
-When Nute Gunray and Rune Haako are observing the droideka on a viewscreen as they pursue the Jedi, the shot looks very different. It’s no longer a close-up, but a wide shot. It also features a new digital effect for the screen itself.
-An error that causes Fode and Beed’s hand to clip through their clothing has been fixed.
-Right after Jabba the Hutt’s introduction before the podrace a new voice is heard from a spectator when the camera is focused on the crowd.
-In the scene where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discuss Anakin Skywalker’s fate on Coruscant, the sun was brightened from orange to white.
-Calls from the Senate to “Vote now!” when Queen Amidala puts forward a motion of no confidence have been replaced with the sound of a general uproar.
-The Yoda puppet has been replaced with CGI.
-The pink tints have been corrected.
-The scene composition affected by image magnification in the original DVD release was restored bringing around 8% more picture to the frame.

Attack of the Clones

35mm Theatrical

-Anakin and Padme do not hold hands.

Digital Theatrical

-Anakin and Padme hold hands.

IMAX Cutdown Version

-20+ minutes are cut. Cut scenes include:
The Jedi Council meeting with Palpatine after the first assassination attempt
Obi-Wan in the Jedi Archives
Anakin complaining about Obi-Wan’s mentorship skills to Padme
Padme and Anakin meet with Queen Jamillia on Naboo.
The meadow picnic scene
Anakin riding on a shaak
Dooku speaking with Obi-Wan while Obi-Wan is being held prisoner on Geonosis
Anakin and Obi-Wan’s initial meeting with Padme
Bail Organa’s lines are all removed.
-The closing credits are played in a slide-show format rather than the traditional upward scroll.


-Extra speeders are removed in the scene where Obi-Wan catches the lightsaber.
-The scene with Anakin’s confession to Padme about the Tusken slaughter is extended, and the music has been looped to accommodate the footage.
-During Mace Windu and Jango Fett’s fight, additional smoke and sparks were added to Jango’s jetpack.
-Padme’s “Yes” is changed to a more natural “Uh-huh” after falling out of the Republic Gunship.


-Shmi’s voice is added into Anakin’s nightmare, calling to Anakin for help.
-During the speeder chase, when Anakin and Obi-Wan pass through the damaged power coupling, several shots are rearranged.
-Dooku’s escape scene is re-edited, which created an irregularity in background music.
-There is a new color grade.

Revenge of the Sith


-In the scene where Obi-Wan has just left Mustafar aboard Padmé’s skiff, there is an optical wipe to a shot of Vader clawing his way up the bank of a river of molten lava.


-The wipe in the Mustafar scene is changed to a hard cut.
-At the end of the scene where Darth Vader is created, there is a different wipe.


-The scene in which the Clone Army arrives on Utapau is altered, adding dialogue from the troopers as they land on platform.
-The Kashyyyk headquarters rooftop was rendered to appear more significantly aged by adding moss and rust.
-The wipe in the Mustafar scene has been restored.

If there is anything that needs correcting/added, feel free to bring it up.

“-During Mace Windu and Jango Fett’s fight, additional smoke and sparks were added to Jango’s jetpack.” this does not seem to be true

The Star Wars Holiday Special: The Definitive Release (Help Needed) (WIP)

zman said:

I realize it’s not the Amazon web-rip, but there is a 1080p Chasing Christmas up on Youtube, and it appears to be the full movie

This is my list of parameters when downloading with youtube-dl

-f bestvideo+bestaudio/best
--fixup detect_or_warn

yt-dlp is WAY better, use -S hdr:dv with yt-dlp

The Star Wars Holiday Special: The Definitive Release (Help Needed) (WIP)

Darth telly said:

Special thanks to Matt Mahdi and Snoopac for making this project possible.

Hello everybody, the goal of this project is to create a definitive release of the star wars holiday special. I have gathered together VHS recordings of different airings of the special, the editdroid DVD, and many interviews with the cast and crew along with other little things released throughout the years to create the definitive release of The Star Wars Holiday special. This release will include the following:

My own version of the Special (expanded on below)
Editdroid DVD
KCCI airing
WCBS airing
WMAR airing
Tasjo’s WHIO edition
Zion V2
Digital Spy Anthony Daniels interview
Screen Rant Plus: Anthony Daniels on the lego star wars holiday special
beatrice arthur interview
Bruce VIlanch interview
Harvey Koreman interview
Harrison Ford On Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Harrison Ford on the star wars holiday special and cowboys and aliens
Boba Fett screentest
Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett Animator JOHN CELESTRI Interview
Mark Hamill - Memories of Carrie Fisher, The Holiday Special, and a Broken Promise
JJ abrams on the canonicity of the star wars holiday special
Skywalking through wonderland Steve Binder Interview
Fox News coverage
Cartoon anamatic
South Park: Uncle Hanks Christmas Classics
TV land segment on the special
Robot Chicken commmercials
Holiday Special/Flying High Promo
Holiday Special/Flying High Promo 2
Clips from the Flying High November 17, 1978 episode
Clips from Lucy Comes to Nashville
Hot City: the almost complete series (missing 2 episodes)
The interviews from the editdroid DVD
Honest Trailer
Ryan George Pitch Meeting
From the Desk of Charles Lippincott article
Vanity Fair Han Solo Comedy Hour article
Starlog #19
A Photo Gallery
All the interviews from
All the graphics from Holonet 59
Chef Gamora article in Holonet 59
The transcript
The original story treatment
The fourth Draft of the script
The production notes
Proto-Fett the Birth of Boba article, along with all the graphics from the article.
The Depths of Kashyk
A Forest Apart

What I Need

  1. Censored audio track for South Park: Uncle Hanks Christmas classics from south park season 3 DVD.
  2. KMGH airing
  3. KNXT airing
  4. WBNS airing
  5. ATV airing
  6. Network10 airing
  7. Full Sweden airing
  8. Good quality french airing with commercials
  9. Scan of filmfax magazine 69/70
  10. anything else you are able to contribute
    (for all airings a recording including commercials is preferable)

stuff I would like but I am not certain of their existence

  1. KCMO airing with commercials
  2. KCCI airing with commercials

Other things I need

  1. someone to create some nice blu-ray menus when I am done with everything else
  2. People who can subtitle the special in different languages
  3. someone who can create optional Wookie subtitles

Currently, I think this release will be on two Blu-ray50s, but this might change later on.

My version of the special will aim to improve on Zion, Editdroid, and Tasjos’s work. Here is a outline of its goals.

  1. replace shots tooken from star wars with 4K77 footage
  2. Include the fighting the frizzies segment and any other promos/bumpers from different TV channels
  3. Have the option to watch with or without commercials
  4. Have synced french, Spanish, and Rifftrax audio tracks
  5. Have optional Wookie subtitles
  6. Compile an audio commentary from different Interviews (only a possibility)

The main source I will use for my version of the special will be The Editdroid DVD. Then I will use 4K77 for the sections taken from A New Hope, and the official Blu-ray for the Vader widens the search scene. I will color correct the Editdroid using 4K77 as a reference up against the scenes taken from a New hope on the editdroid DVD. Then I will be using tasjo’s WHIO release for the audio dropouts and missing frames in the editdroid version. I will be sourcing the commercials from the zion hybrid and the WHIO for the opening CBS bumpers.

If you can contribute anything please do.

“Vader widens the search scene” on blu-ray is a different take

PS for youtube downloader use yt-dlp

Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet

Bluto said:

I haven’t been on Usenet for ages and hadn’t realised was down… Thanks for alerting me! It looks like it disappeared in early December according to a forum on Reddit.

While there are plenty of free trials around from the major Usenet providers, a quick online search hasn’t revealed anything that is permanently free (albeit slow) like was. If anyone knows of a similar Usenet server, please either respond to this thread or let me know by PM and I shall update my guide.

i found

Does anyone have an Isolated score track of ANH?

That guy with no name said:

alexp120 said:

Harmy’s ‘Despecialized Edition’ of ANH has an 'isolated score’audio track (track 20).

The problem is that, that’s the theatrical version, I need the 2011 blu-ray.


also doesnt the 2020 blu-ray releases have the same audio just upmixed with a bit of silent macklunkey