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Once Upon a Time in the West 35mm print scanning (interest thread)

Post by ptb is from Jan 2020 @ hometheaterforum.

But his post over is from 11-10-2019, 07:42 PM
Currently watching the broadcast on French television…

Il était une fois dans l’Ouest (W9) : A qui sont ces yeux ? Retour sur les regards cultes du cinéma 10 nov. 2019
Dès 21h05, W9 diffuse le cultissime Il était une fois dans l’Ouest…

Prochaine diffusion : (Next broadcast Smile
Lundi 13 avril à 23h00 (Monday April 13 at 11:00 p.m.) VOSTFR - FR Dubbed

Il Etait une fois dans l’Ouest 1968 Rediff HDTV 720p MKV x264 AAC - 2.97GB - Old 4 months @ yggt***
Date de rediffusion : 10 novembre 2019

Stereo Remix from the early-90s
I’m curious what they’ll do about the audio mix.
I’ve caught a print of this once and it was a stereo remix from the early-90s that sounded too good, if that makes sense. I appreciate good audio, but it’s distracting to see older pre-Dolby films futzed like this.

Incredibly Grainy 😃
Once Upon a Time in the West, like many of Leone’s westerns, was shot in 2-perf Techniscope. This is inherently an incredibly grainy format that looks really bad for home video – a postage-stamp-sized frame roughly the same height as 16mm. It looked even worse in the theater, because of the optical blow-ups and anamorphic conversion involved. It’s never gonna be super-sharp, because the frame size is so small, plus it’s a 45-year-old movie.

Once Upon a Time in the West 35mm print scanning (interest thread)

Once Upon Time In The West had a showing on French television a few weeks ago in a gorgeous HD print with the best colour I’ve seen, far superior to the Blu Ray release we currently have available.

I read the so called “new” release is the same as the last one so maybe French tv got theirs from another source. Certainly better from the colour pov and of course it was the full length French release.

Saw it in October in a cinema in Toulouse, great to see again on a huge screen, and the print was the same as the Blu Ray, so in many ways the tv broadcast was a revelation!

ptb Jan 2020

Currently watching the broadcast on French television , the best transfer I’ve seen, sharp focus, gorgeous colour palette, rich and varied. A real treat.

I watched it on GRIT TV yesterday, and the color was amazing.

Team Negative1 - Unofficial Jurassic Park 35mm

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Cinema: Remembering “Jurassic Park” on its 25th Anniversary

(Cinema) DTS was offered in two versions:
(1) DTS-6, a discrete 6-track (i.e. 5.1) mix and
(2) DTS-S, a matrixed, 4-channel Lt-Rt stereo mix.
The 6-track presentations, where known, are identified in the listing below with an asterisk.
(Eventually, the DTS-S format was discontinued.)

The Matrix 35mm

Preservazione di Matrix in italiano a partire da pellicola 35mm possibile!
Preservation of Matrix in Italian starting from 35mm film possible!

Un nostro carissimo amico americano ci ha detto di possedere una copia italiana in 35mm del film Matrix, del 1999, che è in procinto di digitalizzare in HD.

A very dear American friend of ours told us that he owns an Italian 35mm copy of the 1999 film Matrix, which is about to digitize in HD.

January 28, 2016 By Evit
Whole text is in Italian:

The Matrix 35mm

The Matrix Original 35mm Transparency Slide 1999

Original 35mm Cells:

And whole bunch from Newer (Green tinted) Matrix 35mm Film Cell strips

The Matrix 35mm

The Matrix 35mm Regrade?

2.0 was a total botch job.
Insane contrast - so much detail missing.
There are many scenes that are still too yellow.
Some scenes just look so weird that I distrust the whole thing.

The person who did the scan had this to say about the print:
“I think many people will be surprised that their memory of the film doesn’t match what is actually was in the cinema, it had a very blown-out, almost bleach bypass look in many scenes, with white burned out skies and a high contrast look.”

High contrast look - this don’t mean that contarst must be pumped that much to insanity?

Screenshots V2

Maybe someone can fix it…
35mm V2 is released for Christmas 2015.
I think it would be sacrilege to leave it in this shape.
And of course to leave All scratches, dirt, and other damage in.

Original 1999 35mm print projection [No Green Tint!]

Mighty Max (Cartoon 1993–1995)

Mighty Max (Cartoon 1993–1995)
Epic cartoon which is not yet released on DVD… But…

Small clip with TCR - property of studiocanal

Quote from Studiocanal:
We do have Home video rights for this series in the USA.

With some ‘‘Magic’’ it finally could be out…

Before the rights for this show was all messed up, and even at that time, Shout Factory couldn’t get them.

Only a few ep’s was released on VHS,
and what is available for now are pooooor vhs Rip - dcoy complete avi
Mighty Max better quality S01 (incomplete) mkv - 2, 3, 8, and 12 are missing (spleen)
uncompressed TV-VHS transfer - heavily used/old vhs (spleen)
Mighty Max - 1x11 - “Werewolves of Dunneglen”
Mighty Max - 1x12 - “Out in the Cold”
Mighty Max - 1x13 - “The Maxnificent Seven”
Mighty Max - 2x02 - “Pandora’s Box, part 2”
Mighty Max - 2x03 - “Blood of the Dragon”
Mighty Max - 2x01 - “Pandora’s Box, part 1”
Mighty Max - 2x13 - “Clown Without Pity”
Mighty Max - 2x14 - “Max vs. Max”

And another fella:
Mighty Max Restoration Project
His approach to restore them is wrong [heavily filtered] - not tasteful at all, too bad.

Mighty Max Production Cel Set-Up (Film Roman, 1993)

Young Indiana Jones...

JimJimBinks - 7 years ago

When I worked at Lowry Digital Images, we restored the entire Young Indiana Jones Chronicles at 1080p at least, though I’m pretty sure it was a higher resolution than that. So the HD masters are out there.

dannyboylee - 7 years ago


That is so cool. I wonder why they aren’t releasing them along with the movies?

JimJimBinks - 7 years ago

I don’t know. Maybe they’re prepping for a bigger release. At the time Lucas made the Young Indy Chronicles, he wanted it all to be for sale on an “Interactive CD-ROM” complete with learning materials about actual historical events talked about or shown in each episode.

The films of Sergio Leone- The best available versions

A Fistful of Dollars - New Restoration

The HFPA Film Restoration Summit including panel discussion and the screening of Sergio Leone’s “A Fistful of Dollars” will take place March 9, 2019 at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more infos…

“Cinema heritage documents the way we lived, shows us the way we felt, captures the dreams we dreamed, and helps us to understand the experiences of times different to us so future filmmakers can be inspired to add to that heritage,” stated HFPA President Meher Tatna in her opening remarks. Since 1996, the HFPA has been a great champion for restoration– dedicating 6.5 million dollars over 125 projects. Among these, Sergio Leone’s masterpiece A Fist Full of Dollars starring Clint Eastwood, which screened for all present Saturday.

DCP screening - maybe is it.


We already have 4k BD - perfect home video release for 1.85:1.
So, I’m more for preserve this film as uncropped - Full Frame.

Do you see how much is lost? Sure, the whole frames were not intended to be seen by us, “mere” mortals (read: director’s composition and such…) but hey, if they are available somehow, why can’t we have a chance to see them?

Full Frame film cells Vs 1.33:1 DVD

From Trailer:


Super 8mm Derann
SUPER 8 FILM REVIEW by BFCC - British Film Collectors Convention
A professional film director; “it is amazing that this sort of quality is obtainable from Super 8.”

The super 8 prints were printed “open mask”; ie. same as the 35mm negative to 35mm print and were projected in theatres with a 1.85 to 1 mask in the projector gate.

Picture quality is just superb with pin sharp focus throughout and excellent colours although with a very slight blue tint, but that is to be expected with most Derann features nowadays.

…and have to admit I agree it is up there with the sharpest of super 8 print releases I have seen, accompanied with a dynamic stereo recording to enhance the viewing experience. …and left me with the same impression and impact as it did in the actual cinema back in 1987!

I don’t recall anything creeping into the top and bottom of frame on “Predator” that you really shouldn’t see (like microphones, etc.), although I do remember that on the heat camera effect “Predator Vision” shots, you ocasionally see words like so-and-so VIDEO, etc. in the extreme bottom of frame!!!;f=4;t=000199

The films of Sergio Leone- The best available versions

For a Few Dollars More – Blu-ray Kino Lorber
Posted on March 2, 2019 by Robert Harris

This particular release of Leone’s 1965 For a Few Dollars More, is finally, a revelation.

I have no idea why it’s taken this long to get it correct. Whether the hands, the budgets, or intimately, the post facilities and their hard and software.

I’ve not seen a quality representation of this film, since I saw it as a dye transfer print back in 1965.

The same problems seem to have affected the entire series.

Courtesy of Kino Lorber, we now have proper color, stability, black levels, grain and shadow detail.

And along with them, more extras than one might think would fit on a single disc.

While I’m not familiar with any of the foreign releases, domestically, this is the one to own. It beautifully mimics the look and textures of dye transfer prints derived from the Techniscope originals.

Image – 5
Audio – 5
Pass / Fail – Pass
Upgrade from previous Blu-ray – Yes!

Highly Recommended