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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Extended Cut

Well after my take on the extended cut of the Hateful 8 available on the organ, I decided to get the web download of Tarantino’s new Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plus the separate special features/extra’s that are available to buy and try and duplicate a form of Roadshow/Extended Cut.

This is not a straight forward duplicate of the standard theatrical cut, as in the standard cut is 2hrs 41mins and this version is 3hrs 7mins around 26mins longer

How did I achieve this fan edit, well I inserted all the available deleted scenes back into the movie as well as inserting a Overture, an Intermission and 2 of the 60’s made tv commercials that Tarantino made but didn’t make the final cut.

The run of the movie is an overture followed by a Red Apple advertisement before the movie kicks in, the overture title card I created and tried to make it look basic and bright for the setting of the Hollywood Hills movie.

I inserted music from Death Proof in the title card, Death Proof I hear you say but yes this is the music by Keith Mansfield, Funky Fanfare that fit’s the late 60’s groove of the movie.

I added some film grain here and some reel change blip followed by the advertisement, this then has a feature presentation logo that is aged, the 1 from Kill Bill fitted this very nice.

We then roll into the movie with an added Cinerama title card added.

Our first deleted scene is an extended play on an episode of Bounty Law played in when being discussed between Rick Dalton and Marvin Schwarz in the restaurant.

This is quickly followed by an extended version of Rick singing Green door at Hullabuloo, I had to insert Marvin’s voice over into the extend scene as this was not present as in the theatrical version.

We continue until we insert the next deleted scene of the Stacey Brothers on the cowboy set.

This is followed by a new scene of Charlie paying house calls whilst Cliff is on the roof.

To insert an intermission break half way through the movie I had to rearrange a few scenes so the cowboy set section is split but the Sharon Tate Movie Theatre visit plays together.

The split of the cowboy set section is done by inserting Tarantino saying action/cut etc in the background to keep focus this is a movie in a movie and ends with Cliff Booth driving on the Motorway rocking out to Los Bravos “Bring a little Lovin” I extended this by redoing all the sound in the section, background noise, cars, wind the music everything so the music would keep playing into the tile card of the Intermission and play the full song.

The intermission was extended a little longer by a radio channel change sound effect followed by an instrumental version of Treat Her Right and not the singing version that plays in the movie so it offered a slight difference.

After the intermission we have a new commercial from the deleted scenes, followed by a cinema reel countdown before continuation on the cowboy set again with Tarantino yelling action added in to make up splitting the scene, new scene new take.

We then have another deleted scene with Rick Dalton and the director Sam Wanamaker talking and giving Rick inspiration, this is mentioned a little later in the theatrical version.

The film then continues but again I had to split and rearrange a few scenes as the insertion of the deleted scene above didn’t fit unless I changed split the visit to the farm with Cliff and Pussy.

After this change the film runs through to the end.

The edit is finished and will be on everyone favourite organ shortly.

Hateful 8 Roadshow Cut

ChainsawAsh said:

So it’s the Netflix extended cut with the original film structure (chapters and all) and an overture & intermission?

I’m interested.

Indeed, structured to represent the closest we will get to the Roadshow version but as the Netflix version has more footage than the roadshow version this was my take on a new extended version but all the chapters and cutaways representing the theatrical version but with added overture and intermission to break up the 3hrs 13mins run time

Hateful 8 Roadshow Cut

I have completed a fan edit based off the extended version, theatrical and roadshow elements with overture, intermission.

This is with new Weinstein logo and Cinerama title cards alongside the overture and intermission, this is a V2 I shared version 1 on everyone’s favourite organ anyone wants to experience the closest version we will get until the Roadshow version comes out drop me a PM, the run time is 3hrs and 12mins all in.

The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2

guys this was released as a V1 on another site a private tracker just think of your spleen.

However I removed this after a few days due to some members starting an argument over a plot story revolving around the young boy on the movie that had no relevance to this fan edit.

I completed V2 with a few more trims here and there removing the silly invisible ball but due to the above incident I didn’t upload it.

I have no issues sharing this if someone messages me how to do this without it costing me to set some form of shared drive up if it’s free more than happy to do this.

RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration

Thank you very much for the link, watched today had a giggle at the thoughts of the ITV version that I remember.

Have to offer some feedback the editor did a great job of the sound mix however the mix of alternative footage through me out of the movie, some of the quality of the alternate footage was quite poor and didn’t mix well for a HD restoration I understand you may be limited trying to copy the TV version but perhaps create your own take on the TV version with your own edits in HD this may work better, after all the TV version is infamous for the alternate sound dubbing not necessarily the footage.
Reducing the violence via edits in HD could be an easy option and then adding the alternate sound dubs for the bad language could be the way forward.

Night Hawks Sylvester Stallone Alternate TV Version

I have noticed that a German retailer is releasing a Blu Ray of Sylvester Stallone’s Movie Night Hawks on Blu Ray come March

It states is a Blu Ray and 2 DVD edition containing an alternate TV version?

I’ve never heard of this having an alternate TV version, yes it was heavily cut in the UK on its first few TV airings but has been uncut last several years

The US Blu Ray was lacking on decent extras and this hasn’t been released on UK Blu Ray as yet so would be very interested if this alternate TV version has additional footage as we all know this was butched by Universal on its original cinema release but is wide known for having lots of additional material shot that was cut out.

If anyone has any info would be very keen to know.

The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2

I have just finished my re tweaked V2 of The Predator V2, this differs from the initial version hosted on everyone’s personal organ, I removed that due to arguments from members of an off topic subject matter which distracted from the fan edit.

The purpose of this fan edit is to foremost remove every aspect of those Dam Predator Dogs.

The movie runs at a lean 87 mins and removes or tightens 100’s of areas of the movie with small and big edits.

To start with I isolated the score to 6 streams so i could remove some of the over used areas of the original Predator music cues.

I then went to work with the following.

The predator crash landing stream lined
The hostage opening and bad lines trimmed, tightened
The predator first encounter trimmed, tightened, Predator tech/ball removed V2
Helicopter search tightened
Mckenna posting items removed all aspects of invisibility and the predator tech/ball removed V2
Boy walking home trimmed
Mckenna introduced to the loonies trimmed
Casey introduction to Stargazer Head Quarters trimmed removed silly jokes
Introduction to the Predator trimmed removed one liner from original movie
Predator escape trimmed, tightened
Loonies on the bus all bad jokes trimmed, tightened
The chase reorganised and trimmed
New Predator coming to earth, new subtitles added V2
The predator attacking soldiers cut
Casey in Hotel trimmed
McKenna and his wife with loonies, cut, trimmed and re organised V2
The new Predator with his dogs trimmed
Search for his son heavilly reorganised, cut and scenes added V2 see link for sample

This area is used with areas from Aliens vs Predator Requiem but all dogs removed
McKenna, Casey and Nebraska interrogation reorganised, trimmed and cut to remove The Predator dogs
The Spaceship compound trimmed, tightened, cut and reorganised
McKenna giving his son invisibility ball cut V2
Compound joining forces, trimmed and cut to remove Predator dog
Explosion trimmed to remove Predator dog
Fire fight in forest trimmed when they get killed they just die not silly expanded deaths
Spaceship fall trimmed
Final fight trimmed with Predator all areas of invisibility removed
End of the movie redone to remove what ever the hell that Predator tech thing was, this is redone leaving a lot more to the imagination without seeing what was in the casket.

If I can figure out to share this for free with anyone more than happy to try.

Dracula 1979 - The original theatrical color version

Aagentt said:


No One Really have Dracula 79 pan&scan VHSrip please!!!

Thanks for the PM, the only widescreen release is an old TCM tv broadcast on a foreign tv network The pan and scan english version is available via everyones favourite organ. This is from a pre cert VHS better quality than the one pointed out. Guess the letterbox version is still the holly grail.

Dracula 1979 - The original theatrical color version

Do you have the pan and scan version as apparently this is the only natural colour version barring the old VHS pan and scan which I have.

UFOclub1977 said:

I have the original laserdisc, but haven’t had a chance to unpack my player and test it yet. I aim to create a re-colorized HD version as soon as I have time (currently renovating my basement as my home studio)

The A-Team Broadcast Restoration

I did the same with the forces version. Pretty sure its the section were Murdoch is cooking but does quick cut aways to time with a missing soundtrack i.e cooking food flipped, customers, receipts, food flipped, Murdoch cooking ect pretty sure its that part but all music gone doesnt quite look right. Checked my UK Gold recorded version and its the same and thats a few years apart. Looks like Spike stopped at season 2 although they were syndicated versions cut with missing intros.
Best bet may be US or other European TV broadcasts.