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Planet Of The Apes - tv movies recreation (with project release info)

Some one mentioned about the original TV movies which were just episodes of this TV show joined up to form a feature length TV movie, the episodes released on DVD are just the same as these movies barring a title change on the credits.
I saw no point in recreating these for the sake of a title change and joining 2 episodes together.

It has been mentioned on certain network on the TV movie orignal run Roddy McDowall shot a introduction and end to the tv movies, I did find these but the quality is quick poor and are only around 20 seconds in length to poor to do anything with.

I then found a fan editor called David Kerin did a fan edit of the tv show back in 2017 and is available via Vimeo.

I downloaded this and enjoyed for the most part but felt his clips of the original cinema movies that he included distracted me and his use of CGI genarated effects to soft and jarring and the worst was his making the TV footage zoomed in for letterboxing, the quality suffered with this.

I did however like the blending of 3 episodes and a few snippets from others a good way of making a stand alone movie.

Instead of recreating the tv movies i decided to create my own edit but some based on the Kerin edit, so I used his idea and around 80% of the flow of the episodes to recreate my own edit from my DVD set and getting rid of the bits that bothered me his over use of the original movie sequences, bad CGI that didnt fit and the letterboxing.

I created my own opening using documentry footage inspired by Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as that used it very well to create the spaceship taking off.

I nabbed a 2 second scene from the Kerin edit reframed.

New title created.

Footage that was created by a real professional and uploaded onto Youtube of what it would have been like if the footage of the ship crashing from the first movie was filmed and inserted into that movie, this was excellent and very well crafted.

As the ship in this edit and the kerin edit was the same I used some of this to create the ship landing on earth, I also used footage from Buck Rogers, Superman the Movie and farscape to achive this.

When the ship lands in the tv pilot it had credits on the screen but the TV movie did not so I upscaled and used several seconds of this.

We then have numerous edits of 3 episodes reordered and joined togther I chose some different edit points away from the Kerin edit as didn’t like some of his soft blends.

I also did a couple of my own FX shots that seem to fit the 70’s type matte effects and not the CGI genarated effects.

I like the idea of a downbeat ending to match the movies but thought the kerin edit was not quite right so I created my own take on this and gave a downbeat ending that does wrap the movie up but done what I think is a better way.

We end with words from Charles Darwin to close the movie out. I have uploaded this to the Organ.

Planet Of The Apes - tv movies recreation (with project release info)

I have 3 of the tv movies but I’m afraid they don’t have the Galen introductions or book ends I believe these where shown on a standalone network in the USA only, quality is to poor on the introduction and bookends to really do anything with them even the sound is to poor,

As the TV movies are pretty decent quality I could do a fan edit reproduction of the movies from the dvd series set or at least 3, I have Back to, Forgotten and Farewell to.

Boss Level The Groove Cut (Released)

Boss Level is a 2021 American science fiction action film directed by Joe Carnahan and written by Carnahan and Chris and Eddie Borey, from a story by the Boreys. It stars Frank Grillo as a retired special forces soldier who tries to escape a never-ending time loop that results in his death.

Frank Grillo as Roy Pulver
Mel Gibson as Colonel Clive Ventor
Naomi Watts as Jemma Wells
Annabelle Wallis as Alice
Ken Jeong as Chef Jake
Will Sasso as Brett
Selina Lo as Guan Yin
Meadow Williams as Pam
Michelle Yeoh as Dai Feng

This is a fan edit of the movie Boss Level tht I havejust finished and released on everones favourite organ, this was an enjoyable movie in it’s own right but I thought it lacked a kick ass soundtrack and needed a few tweeks here and there.

I used the TV cut of the movie and the blu ray as there are different cuts only minor but the endings are different, Strangley no release in the States which is a shame.

I’ve called this edit the Groove cut thats to the replacement music I’ve added in.

List of some of the changes to many minor cuts to list.

The opening uses the TV cut logos then an added Groove Cut logo added
We then jump into the Blu Ray this opening fight and descruction has music replacement I have added a blend of Jonny Cash’s Gods Gunna Cut you Down but remixed with Marilyn Masons version along with the instrumental version.
I also added in some effects such as helicopter, bullets and impact sounds.

A few moments later during the car chase with the female assasins I removed the original music and replaced with Blondies One Way or Another Instrumental version.

When our hero Roy is recapping on the looped events and the assasins after him I trimmed a few seconds here and there and added in the song I Gotcha by Joe Tex.

We then have some trims to the introduction of Mel Gibson few seconds and some reworked lines to get to the point of the story.

I then trimmed a special effect shot of a car exploding twice the effect not that great so now just the once.

The biggest trims are the introduction of Roy’s wife and Brett and Mr Gibson, this drags the plot down with filler talk so reduced this down to the elements of the story.

The next trims and additional music is in the bar with Roy and the girl he has picked up, I have added background music of Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield.
This scene was extended on the Blu Ray and trimmed on the TV cut but both versions drag the pace down so I have edited to the story ellements.

We continue until Roy remembers his wifes present to try and escape the loop this is edited to make it more fun with his constant deaths and assasin chases in the car so a few trims here and there and added new music of Highway to Hell by AC/DC

I then fixed a loop hole in the story with his son scene, Spoiler…His son is alive after Roy is shot muliple times whilst Roy is holding him but later in the film it is revealed his son died at this shoot out so I fixed this error, you don’t see the son once Roy is shot.

Anotherbitof fun I had is Roy’s attempts to get into the bad guys security complex with multiple attemps whilst been killed each time, I trimmed a few lines and few seconds here and there and added in the song I Can’t Hardly Take It by Charlie Feathers.

After Roy get sword lessons we have the showdown with the female sword assasin, I have changed the musicand added in Woo Hoo by the 5,6,7,8’s

The last music change and edits per say is when Roy revisits his son multiple time to play arcade games, I trimmed taking scenes to let the music and play scenes do the talking, I added in the song For What its Worth by Buffalo Springfield, this plays until the nuclear explosion.

We then continue until the end where I have changed the blu Ray ending to that of the TV cut with Roy knowing he has to fight one more time to live, we then blend into the credits how ever I replaced 98% of the cridit music with The Rolling Stones Out of Time, The Animals We gotta get outa this Place and finally Cher with her take on Bang Bang my Baby Shot me Down.

The movie has a new Groove now.

If you know where it’s at go get it.

Help Wanted: The Fall Guy Broadcast Episodes

I’m after a little help obtaining broadcast episodes of the Fall Guy mostly season 1 and 2.

Some of you maybe aware of the project I did redubbing Young Indiana Jones season 1 from a French uncut broadcast back into English with old Indy intact, still available on everyone’s favourite organ.

I did redub selective episodes of season 4 and 5 of the fall Guy from the French broadcasts as a picture source and old off air recording in English that had very poor quality picture wise as the audio source to make better episodes picture wise in English and with all the original as broadcast music.

I have season 1 and 2 retail and the french broadcasts in mono French the problem is the retail versions are cut and have lots of music replacement the french versions are uncut but in French with dubbed french speaking over the original music so I need broadcast episodes in English.

I have searched high and low to no avail all YouTube versions are the retail copies, bootleg dvds were out many years ago but seems these bootleggers now only use the retail copies for season 1 and 2.

Does anyone have off air recording of season 1 and or 2 regardless of quality as long as they are in English? I know the UK channel ITV4 broadcast The Fall Guy season 1 to 3 a few years back but I only snagged season 3.

Any help appriciated to preserve this great show with its original as broadcast music.

SUPERMAN 2 CRYSTAL EDITION (Update 111h June 2021)

Sky_ said:

UPDATE 11th June 2021
Here is an update on what I have so far I would really appreciate some feedback as I can’t tell where I’m going wrong
the video has a time code on it, so if you have a suggestion please refer to that timecode.
so please take a look at it thanks, would mean a lot
stay awesome guys, and stay safe 😃

These are my comments, if these are individual shots I would edit as follows, if this the beginning of the movie and flows as the video I would reduce and trim a lot more and add louder superman music to the background to ensure it all flows better as a recap.

101.23 – remove poor SFX shot, colours don’t appear to match and stands out/takes you out of the movie.
101.44 – remove or recolour SFX shot
101.53 – The glow on the rocket needs movement looks to static
102.46 – remove this shot as doesn’t match the others and stands out to much
103.02 – remove this shot, not needed and speed looks an issue.
(the destruction scene that follows substitute this music for something else of the superman soundtracks as the music is end of world and not Superman)
103.31 – trim this shot by a second so not to focus on the matte effect
103.35 – remove duplicate shot
103.48 – trim the scene, remove section when camera follows inside the building, and resume 103.58
104.06 – remove superman from this shot, he appears way to bright and the main image to pale and superman just seems to appear mid shot.
105.24 – the rocket glow to pale and need sound of the rocket engine cutting out to sell the shot.
105.47 – remove the final blue wave before the glass explodes as looks out of place to the rest of the shot just before.
(personal choice but I would add in the scream of Free when the glass explodes, can see you marked the shot not complete and the matte work on the original does need work as some of the characters appear to bright against the space background.)
107.39 – remove ship top of the screen, scene to busy

(Over the credits I would reduce some of the spoken words in the background and let the images do the taking, example the pimp talking to superman about bad outfit and the rescue of Louis, trim the scenes and let the image talk, some throw you out the school bus another example, tension has built then we appear to have a happy comment hey there’s Superman tone down some of the soundbites)

If this is the beginning of the movie in this order from a personal choice I would start with the Kyrpton trial and feed directly into the credits but utilise your hard word on the above and blend some of these scenes into the credits with the Superman theme and lose some of the others example the school bus on the bridge and carry on the destruction of the dam snippets may look more powerful in less is more and the villains flying to the moon as the music fades out.

Young Indiana Jones... a preservation (* unfinished project *) - a mass of info & ideas

gary1 said:

Thanks for doing this, looks great and looking forward to grabbing. A supreme effort. With this and retartedted’s edits of Ewoks & Droids I’ve been truly blessed (thanks again for those) Thank you and glad that the French versions were of use 😛

Your welcome, not a massive fan but killed a week in lockdown redubbing them.

Will leave season 2 and 3 to a fan of the show.

Info Wanted: THE FAMOUS VAMPIRE KILLERS - Versions? Workprint?

SilverWook said:

lorang said:

Wouldn’t hold your breath on this one, one that might be better is the very hard to find US cut that did get limited TV play at some point in the US with trimmed scenes and overdubbed voices for some of the characters as well as the alternate animated opening.

I’d love to get hold of this version to upgrade via the Blu Ray footage and use the soundtrack.

Totally different take is Im working on my own edit of this as a B/W Silent movie but with font words sliced in like a silent movie but using soundtracks from mostly Hammer Movies and giving it an old movie feel and frame rate.

Currently on 24hr encode in Premier Pro for the picture before I start on the soundtrack.

I think that version ran on Elvira’s Movie Macabre back in 1982.

You should start a thread for your edit instead of posting in this one though.

Yes looks like Elvira’s Movie Macabre did show it in the first season so my personal seeking continues.

Info Wanted: THE FAMOUS VAMPIRE KILLERS - Versions? Workprint?

Got highest setting on plus multiple Fx adjustments running through it, colour changes, light beam effect, frame rate at 19 but processed at 23.97 to get silent movie effect, dirt and dust effects, noise slight effect, worn border effect to name a few, it did take me by surprise the length the longest I’ve ever had in truth. 6hrs and counting.

The soundtrack of multiple hammer movies plus some original soundtrack cues from the movie itself is the one thats going to take time but UK back in national lockdown for a month from Thurs so need some thing to keep me accupied.

Info Wanted: THE FAMOUS VAMPIRE KILLERS - Versions? Workprint?

Wouldn’t hold your breath on this one, one that might be better is the very hard to find US cut that did get limited TV play at some point in the US with trimmed scenes and overdubbed voices for some of the characters as well as the alternate animated opening.

I’d love to get hold of this version to upgrade via the Blu Ray footage and use the soundtrack.

Totally different take is Im working on my own edit of this as a B/W Silent movie but with font words sliced in like a silent movie but using soundtracks from mostly Hammer Movies and giving it an old movie feel and frame rate.

Currently on 24hr encode in Premier Pro for the picture before I start on the soundtrack.

My Re-Edits of The Pink Panther: 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again - Extended' (Released)

Knotty Pine said:

How can one get a hold of your extended cut of The Pink panther Strikes Again? Sooo eager to see this.

I did a re edit of this last year placing all deleted footage back in and rescoring some of the music in the deleted footage to blend better but belive I placed more back in than above fan edit. V1 of this is on every ones favourite organ but did a v2 shortly after to correct some small volume issues.

Info Wanted: 'Salem's Lot' - Uncut vs cut - what are the differences?

Moiisty said:

so ur making two versions or only 1 version?

I’m making 2 already made the reproduction of the original 2 part mini series with all intros, credits and recaps for both parts duplicated from the UK DVD with Blu Ray footage.
Im just now working on reproducing the theatrical movie based off the Italian and German DVD with the shotgun scene placed back in.

Should be done in a day or so.

Info Wanted: 'Salem's Lot' - Uncut vs cut - what are the differences?

All DVDs have arrived, after viewing the dubbed italian version with the uncut shotgun scene I think I will add this into the theatrical reconstruction based off the blu ray footage but colour correct and upscale these few moments with the uncut scene.

It wont be a perfect reproduction as both the Italian and German movies are cut differently with some having more scenes than others but will duplicate based off both.

Lots of small alternate takes but dont really add much to upscale the DVD footage over the superior blu ray, example long shots on DVD but close up shots on blu ray and Crockett and Bonnie in bed has crocket on top of her in the theatrical but on the blu ray they are side by side, only last about 1 second so will leave that alone.

Yes there are some different music cues and the opening will have them and some scenes dependant on editing, as previous the 2 parter is done and I’m quarter into the theatrical cut now.

Info Wanted: 'Salem's Lot' - Uncut vs cut - what are the differences?

Well I’ve just finished my reconstruction of the original mini series by using the superior blu ray footage.

Reading this thread spiked my interest again in this project and watching the blu ray I found fond memories of watching this as a child coming back.

So by using the blu ray and purchasing the 2 disc UK DVD with all the recap, intro’s credits I recreated the mini series 2 parter by using the sound of the DVD for the intros and end portions and editing together all the images from the Blu ray to duplicate all the intro’s, credits and recaps and then the rest of the blu ray for the remaining portions of the mini series I only used 2 small sequences from the DVD but upscaled and colour corrected.

The intro’s are as close as I can get to the original although there were a few alternate takes in the intros from the DVD that were not in the blu ray so had to duplicate an alternate scene from the blu ray best as I could, so 99% accurate reconstruction in blu ray quality.

I also added in and edited the audio commentary into the separate 2 parts.

Now I will upload this to every ones favourite organ soon but although these are finished I also ordered the German DVD and the Italian DVD both are the shorter movie versions, I intend to do a reconstruction of the theatrical movie again using the blu ray source footage but the Italian DVD has the uncut shotgun in the mouth so was toying with inserting this into the 2 part version although the audio commentary does discuss this so may not match what’s on screen if I insert.

As I’m expecting these to arrive in the next several days I’m undersided to wait or not.

Jumanji Next Level Cliff Hanger 5 Part Serial (Released)

Well we all need some fun in these times and after some time working from home and watching Jumanji The Next Level I thought the movie would work as a cliff hanger serial, so I went to work on that idea.

I was always a fan of the cliff hanger serial so I have tried to represent that here with a new opening to the episodes with clips from Jumanji, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji The Next Level and with a new Sony logo to resemble the Republic logo beginning from B/W to colour with original Republic music intro.

Then we have new title cards for each episode showing the title of the episode followed by character cards giving a recap on the previous episode.

The music on all these is from the official sound track of the Next Level and the original movie for example I have mixed 3 scores to create the opening credits then a score from the Next Level for the title/recap cards.

The episodes are edited across 5 episodes with the beginning of the movie having some edits for pace and time before the first cliff hanger scene, I wanted to cut this down some more but it would spoil the story so were the other episodes run roughly just over the 22 minute mark this 1st episode is 30mins.

Each episode ends on a cliff hanger with music build up to the title card for the next episode followed by new short end credits as per the cliff hangers had also showing the title for the next chapter.

Each new episode has a brief edited down section of the previous cliff hanger as a recap.

Way to many edits done and music edits placed in to list but overall a good bit of fun and a new way to enjoy the movie.

Why you may ask the 2nd movie first solely because it was fresh in my mind, I hopefully will do the first movie as well but will need to re,watch if it will play the same way this movie did to create it.

Lets have some fun whilst we are at home.

The A-Team Broadcast Restoration (Released)

Good to know, I bought it second hand off e bay, didn’t know they did a second pressing other than the one with audio commentary tracks but there a bit to pricey for me and I believe the commentary tracks are again on split 2 parters?
Would be good to listen to though.
Guess my take at least restores the intro.

Baobab Archiver said:

lorang said:

Baobab Archiver you may want to check Spleen for my latest upload of the restored Range Rider feature length special restored in HD as originally broadcast including restored intro in HD

Thanks for the heads up. Just so you know, later pressings of the Blu-ray had the two partners presented as movie length. You could also send away the 2 parter discs and they’d send the corrected discs in the post. Still no pre-credits sequence on this episode though.
You may find that there were scenes cut in the 2 parter too, as they often did that to bring the individual episodes down to a certain length.
I’m downloading now and will try to seed for a bit.

Incidentally, I haven’t yet received that DVD I won. It should’ve arrived a few days ago, so I’ve had to chase up with the seller. Hopefully it hasn’t got lost in the post somewhere 😦