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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

rockin said:

I think it's not a matter of denying people the 25gb high quality release because others can't dl or burn it, it's the fact that there should be a choice for people on both sides of the fence. If it's relatively easy to transform a 25gb high quality video into an AVCHD so others can have it play on certain players, then that's a fair option without Ady having to do extra work. But, to say (not pointing fingers - just speaking generally) that it's going to be only in one particular format end of, then quite a few people are going to lose out, that's all some of us are saying.

Since it should be easy from the sound of it, for people to transform the 25gb file to AVCHD themselves, it won't be so bad for those who don't have burners.

The other alternative is, for people who can't dl 25gb files at all to do the AVCHD themselves, is someone that can, does it, and uploads the AVCHD to somewhere where these people can dl the smaller file. That way Ady doesn't have to upload so many files and convert it himself. We are a community afterall, I'm sure people could help out on the release.


Return of the Jedi - The Spence Final Cut (Released)

adywan said:

brash_stryker said:

^What the old man said. However, the links I got from Spence weren't urls but clickable descriptions, so not pastable into jdownloader as a list that you can parse.

if you are using firefox and you have jdownloader open you can just right click on the links and select "copy link location" and it will load the link into jdownloader.

but it's all stopped with me. been downloading since last night and the last 7 rars just aren't downloading. It keeps counting down then saying "limit reached, waiting for a new ip" and its been doing this for the past 10 hours. i've restarted and it still does the same.

Same here.