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Asking for a friend who is keen about Star Wars details.
“For ROTJ:R, could you please change the throne room layout to how it looks in TROS?
Most importantly, the wall with the door that leads to the wayfinder that clearly isn’t there in ROTJ?”

Otherwise, it’s good to see this project is still going strong!
Thanks very much!

I need to figure out how to post these pictures.
Wait a sec.

Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Released)

This is what I get when I use Media Info for the properties of this DYRL LD wav.
Can you make sense of this?

Complete name : G:\Macross Extras\DYRL LD AUDIO\DYRL Side 01 ANALOG STEREO LD.wav
Format : Wave
File size : 903 MiB
Duration : 59 min 38 s
Overall bit rate mode : Constant
Overall bit rate : 2 117 kb/s
Album : SIDE 01
Track name : SDF DYRL LD
Track name/Position : 01
Recorded date : 1986
Original source form/Name : SIDE 01
Comment : SF078-5022
ITRK : 01
Format : PCM
Format settings : Little / Signed
Codec ID : 1
Duration : 59 min 38 s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 2 117 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
Bit depth : 24 bits
Stream size : 903 MiB (100%)

The 2 Ewok Films - '<strong>Caravan Of Courage</strong>' (aka 'The Ewok Adventure'), &amp; '<strong>Battle For Endor</strong>'

Hi Silverwook:

I know high school French and can use google translate, but TMBTM fan editor lives in Quebec, Canada and is fluent in French. Do you want to ask TMBTM (the man behind the mask) fan editor if he can make some inquiries on this Ewoks 16mm film to track down the new owner to see if s/he would like to participate in a Star Wars film preservation?

Star Wars: A New Hope - The Darklighter Cut (Released)

After recently reading The Art of Star Wars script book, my memories of watching Star Wars in Winnipeg for the first time are confirmed that at least the Biggs scene at Yavin base was exactly what I watched and never saw again in the subsequent re-releases!

I would be interested in seeing this version, too!

<strong>Clone Wars</strong> (2003 animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky) - a general discussion thread

Has nobody seen Adigitalman’s movie version of this excellent Genndy cartoon series?
It’s a great lead up to SW episode 3 Revenge of the Sith!

And one more thing,
where’s the blu-ray for this cartoon!

The 2 Ewok Films - '<strong>Caravan Of Courage</strong>' (aka 'The Ewok Adventure'), &amp; '<strong>Battle For Endor</strong>'

Hi Silverwook:

Can you track down that guy who did buy the Ewoks movie films and ask him if he would like to participate in a digital film preservation project?

Those films will deteriorate and be unwatchable eventually and then no one will be able to get an HD version!
But, not like the SW holiday special. That SW show must remain as an obscure DVD fan preservation for the sake of humanity.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

If the D+ “Empire of Dreams” documentary is upscale in parts and HD in parts, then would somebody be able to swap out the upscale scenes with fan edits like Harmy’s despecialized or the fan SW film preservations?
That was a really good, thorough SW documentary!
Even The Beginning documentary showed a lot about the production process (warts and all) of the Prequels unlike any SW documentaries in this new Disney sequel era.
The Beginning documentary would be better seen and preserved in HD, too.
More fun hobbies for SW fans to keep busy with!

The 'Final' Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?)

If I get what you’re saying is that season 23 episode: “Holidays of Future Passed” was supposed to be the final episode of all The Simpsons if all the voice actors walked off from their contract negotiations?

Did somebody already say that you could do this final Simpsons season like X-Files, where the 1st episode and every other other episode would be continuity stories that show how characters develop or die along the way to lead to the final episode? And then every other episode would be the best of the Simpsons shows after season 23 or something?

I have hardly watched The Simpsons since Phil Hartman has been gone. Not the same show to me.
But I would watch this final season!

I’m not sure if the Simpsons: Embiggened fan edit project would also be helpful in making sure that the Simpsons episodes are unedited?

I just read Zarius’ post on this thread.
Maybe, the Simpsons has more than 1 final episode like “22 Short Films About Springfield” 21st episode of 7th season?

I could not find Zarius Simpsons movie fan edit on fe info, so I would like to see that if it could be a possible final episode for the “final season” of The Simpsons,thanks!

The Dark Crystal: The Great Conjunction (Released)

This looks awesome!
The Age of Resistance reached new heights for puppetry!
I enjoyed that show a lot and look forward to new episodes with
a possible Garthim War.
Put me down for the list of people that are keen to watch your fan edit.
Thanks for doing this!

Is there anybody still working on a fan edit for Dark Crystal
that uses the original soundtrack that has the original Skeksis language?

Idea: TOTAL RECALL (1990) - UNCUT Version Reconstruction

Are you talking about the Uncut Total Recall- The Mind-Bending edition USA Region 1 BD, director approved version? Or are you looking at making an extended cut version of Total Recall. I bought this version, but I haven’t watched it yet. I forgot all about it until I saw this thread. My recall is not so total.

Enter the Dragon (a WIP)

I was reading about how the last avatar anime was up-scaled to 720p and colour-corrected, but I have not figured out how to do it myself.

Or even Neat Video stand-alone or video edit plug-in can be used for
up-scaling and some digital noise reduction.

And then there is AVCHDcoder for simple BD menu-making of HD video and

Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Released)

Macross LD audio and even more Macross audio files are available.
PM me with your email for web-links.

Do you remember a whole lot of Macross audio?

  1. DYRL AC3 LD
    (DYRL part 01 to 04 RAR Sync’d to Remastered;
    DRYL side part 01 and part 01 non-Sync’d)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  2. DYRL Perfect Edition AC3 LD
    (DYRL 01 of 06 to 06 of 06)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (5 parts each)

  3. DYRL Analog LD
    (DYRL Analog STEREO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  4. DYRL Analog English LD
    (DYRL Analog MONO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  5. Flashback 2012 AC3 LD
    (FB2012 Side 01)
    .wav and .flac (1 part each)

  6. SDF Macross DYRL Movie LP
    (01.m4a to 04.m4a)

  7. DYRL 5.1 split into MONO wav files
    (28 parts, WinRAR)

  8. Two Spanish DYRL dubs

  9. One Swedish DYRL dub

None of these audio files have been sync’d with the new DYRL BD video. The new BD DYRL does have the Director’s cut 5.1 audio from the last BD with its edits, the Special Edition Dolby stereo PCM audio and the theatrical MONO PCM audio.

Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Released)

I have the LD audio files, but the files have not been sync’ed up to any video because I was waiting on what was the latest DYRL BD. The new DYRL BD is 13.9 seconds longer than the Director’s Cut DYRL BD due to video branching and so any LD audio files or subtitles sync’ed to the Director’s Cut DYRL BD would need to be adjusted for the longer video.

This new DYRL BD has all the bells and whistles I was hoping for minus the English Dub and English subtitles. It has mono, stereo, 5.1 and commentary soundtracks (Japanese only). It has branching video for theatrical and special edition versions with the deleted scenes fully restored and further upgrades in video quality. My copy of the DYRL BD is awaiting me at the post office to confirm the audio quality in comparison to the LD audio files.

In one way, I am a little bummed out that I spent a lot of time and money in preparation for this project, but at least someone more qualified and official made this BD happen and very likely did a way better job than I ever could.

I can package the non-sync’ed LD audio files as is and upload to Mega for next week.

Perhaps, I could do a simultaneous viewing video of each version of DYRL from Special Edition DVD to the newest DYRL BD to see if there is any room for improvement of video or colour by mixing and matching video?

Or maybe just put together the abominable Clash of the Bionoids HD restoration?