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Star Wars GOUT in HD using super resolution algorithm

This may not be the place to ask, but I've done a fair bit of looking around and can't find anywhere better, and I don't feel like it warrants its own thread, so please be gentle. Are there any HD GOUT upscales of the entire trilogy already available? I've got Team Blu's Star Wars '77 BD, but I don't see the other two on myspleen and I don't know that they even exist, and I've seen Dark Jedi's 720p upscale listed as a source on Harmy's Despecialized Editions, but I've only ever been able to find his SD dvds. Am I searching for something that doesn't exist, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD (AVCHD DVD9 & NTSC DVD5 available!!! SEE FIRST POST!!!)

MVacho said:

Curious on the progress of ROTJ 2.0

Do you think it will be released this year?

No rush, I think 1.0 looks great! The only thing that I think even looks odd is one shot of Luke on the plank looking down at the Sarlacc

 Yeah, that and the dip in quality at Lapti Nek are the only things that jump out at me, otherwise everything's really stellar. That said, I thought the same thing about Star Wars and Empire 1.0 and then was totally blown away by the later versions.

kk650's Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized

Just last week I had a conversation with an old friend about how we wished we could order a set of OT blu rays and pick and choose which of the various changes to keep and to ditch a la carte. Your list is exactly what we came up with. I just finished downloading Star Wars 2.2, and unfortunately it's way too late to watch it start to finish, but I jumped around to a few scenes and the job you've done on the color is really spectacular. I'll be waiting for Empire and Jedi 2.2 with baited breath.