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Star Wars Tosche Station Restored (a WIP)

This is looking great. I’d agree you should tweak the colors a little to fit in with the rest of the film, but it’s already looking far better than than any other version of the footage I’ve seen. Awesome job on the restoration.

I’m little curious how progress is going on the Tosche station scenes. Is the restoration work finished, or is this something you’re working on alongside them?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

TheAlaskanSandman said:

thebluefrog said:

TheAlaskanSandman said:

Id enjoy seeing an R rated Star Wars. Itd be a pain with all the blood simulation but i think id be pretty cool. As a kid i always liked the blood in ANH and wondered why they did away with it in the other movies. Corridor crew did some small quick vids but they were more on the ridiculous side. I later understood that the wounds were being cauterized but still. I miss the bombastic squids used in the 80’s like in Robocop haha

You know, I actually had an idea for an R-rated Star Wars, complete with sex and nudity. It’d be doable with some actors’ other works and deepfaking.

However, we have to be honest, the SW community is extremely immature and conservative about sexual material, so it would be negatively received (in public) and get a lot of spiteful attempts to stop it.

Too bad, there’s enough source material out there to make it work…maybe I should take another crack at it. Quick mock up. No nudity tho

Probably NSFW to click on.

This is awesome. Not sure why the hate, as I thought the nudity was very tastefully edited out to make it fit in with the saga. I’ve been interested in fan edits that aim to portray a more physical and less whiny relationship between Anakin and Padme, but it’s always felt like the scenes in the movie lack the punch to get across their intimacy. This is the edge their relationship needed. It also underscores the temptation element that would have made Palpatine want to pair them together in the first place. Great idea using it as a segue into Anakin’s nightmare, especially with the lighting on the sex scene already giving it a dreamy quality. I’d love to see where this could go with some more work, though I honestly can’t think this could be improved.


TheAlaskanSandman said:

Part of me wishes some of the deleted scenes were cleaned up and worked into the movies. I know the movie would have to be recut due to pacing, but some of the scenes were cool. Like Luke making his green saber.

There’s a guy in the preservation section currently working on restoring/touching up the Tosche scenes, and he claims to be almost finished. I think it’s outside of the scope of Adywan’s edit to reintegrate them, but they’d work great as a bridge in an ANH/R1 combo edit and Adywan’s edit seems it would be the perfect base for that.

Info: Star Wars - The Lost Cut is not exactly what you think it is....

yotsuya said:

ifjg said:

videoFred’s film restoration avisynth script is what you want. I ran it in the Bigg’s scene and it did a great job of removing the scratches. It actually came out looking too waxy and clean compared to the rest of the film, but still way better than the original version.

Where do we find that script?