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You "fans" have won.

I just want to thank all you “fans” for disrespecting and bullying me for liking the prequels all these years and for disrespecting George Lucas, the man who created SW, and for continuing to push your conspiracy theories that he had nothing to do with SW creation (it was all Kurtz, Right?). You have finally won. Star Wars is dead to me. I want nothing to do with Disney Star Wars…now that they chose to cater to you guys…congratulations to you all…

George Lucas today:

“You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized,” is how George explains why he stepped away from the world-famous franchise he created. “And it’s not much fun. You can’t experiment.”

“The issue was, ultimately, they looked at the stories and they said we want to make something for the fans. So I said all I wanted to do was tell a story of what happened, you know it started here and went there. And it’s all about generations, the issues of fathers and sons and grandfathers, it’s a family soap opera. They call it a space opera, but people don’t realize it’s actually a soap opera, and it’s all about family problems and that kind of… it’s not about spaceships.

So they decided they didn’t want to use those stories, they decided they were going to go do their own thing, so I decided fine, basically I’m not going try to… they weren’t that keen on having me involved anyway, but at the same time I am not going to, if I get in there I am just going to cause trouble. Cause they’re not going to do what I want them to do, and I don’t have the control anymore to do that anymore and all I’ll do is just muck everything up. So I said I will go my way, and let them go their way.”

I’ve been predicting this is what was going on behind the scenes for years, and I’m truly sad to now have it confirmed that I was right. Lucas walked away from the thing HE created because he was just sick and tired of entitled fan bs. I don’t blame him one bit. I think the critical part about the Vanity Fair video is when he talks about all the Peggs of the world “wanting it a certain way.” The conflict in fandom has always been about ownership. Some fans feel that buying tickets, buying toys, buying collectible is some sort of investment in the franchise that allowed them the right to have a say in its creation. To make George Lucas their b***h. What’s galling is the fact that Star Wars began as an experiment. Everything we all love about Star Wars exists because Lucas pursued a dream, didn’t listen to naysayers and took risks to push filmmaking forward. Ever since the the studios took away THX-1138 and American Graffiti, Lucas was determined that HE was going to call the shots on HIS movies. Fans SHOULD know this. Fans SHOULD have appreciated this because it’s the reason we have a Star Wars to love. But no. A bunch of self-important asses charged to the Internet (beginning with Mark A. Altman and his “my childhood has been raped” comments about the SE) and began a decades long campaign to make life miserable for George Lucas. So they could own it. They’ve said so. On guys were openly soliciting other fans to steal prints of the original cuts of IV-VI so that “Star Wars will finally be OURS!” (Their words) This is a dismal day not only for Star Wars but for art. Here was an artist who spent the majority of his life creating arguably the 20th century’s most significant piece of cinema art and a bunch of insane, butthurt fans hounded him until he had to walk away. I know they’re gloating. I know they’ll keep gloating. When the day comes when Lucas finally passes away, the first thing they’ll say is, “Good. Hopefully now we’ll finally get the originals!” I guarantee it.

STAR WARS: REBELS (animated tv series) - general discussion thread

This show is f&$@ing pathetic…never thought there would be a character more annoying to me than Jar Jar and Episode 2 Anakin…Ezra…I hate this character with all my black heart…a total Luke Skywalker rip off and all this crap about inquisitors is ridiculous…Vader is suppose to be the one purging the galaxy if Jedi! I can’t believe so many of you give this crap show a pass…you’re clearly blinded by your nostaligia for the OT

I can’t believe so many people are into this show, even granting it status equal to the original trilogy. For me, this show is a huge disappointment. It’s lame and completely misses the mark in the kind of story that I wanted to see take place between episode 3 and 4. I would think that if you were to ask fans what they wanted to see in a show that takes place between episode 3 and 4 the number one answer would have been Darth Vader. I know for me personally I want to see Vader hunt down the remaining Jedi. Instead we get no Vader except for one episode (those stupid cameos that aren’t even a minute long in season 1 don’t count for me). Instead we get the Inquisitors, stupid and pointless characters who are playing the role Vader should be doing.

Another point where this show fails is in the Rebels crew. I would think that a majority of Star Wars fans when asked what they would want to see in a Rebels show would say they want to see Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter and a young princess Leia coordinating their rebellion against the empire. Instead we get a lame and corny wannabe Luke Skywalker character, Ezra, who is more annoying than Anakin in AOTC could ever be, and feels like a total gimmick to copy the Luke character. Ezra is a totally unlikable character for me and I hate his stupid Sling shot! Man, how lame can you be? Sabine is another gimmicky character, sporting pink mandalorian armor, it just feels like a Disney business ploy to target little girls, which is exactly what it is ( “look! she’s a girl! and she has pink mandalorian armor! ain’t it cool girls? now buy all her toys!”). There’s nothing wrong with female characters but why depict it like this? Sabine even spray paints a TIE fighter hot flourescent colors! I wish this show would have been more like the EU Dark Horse comics “The Purge” and “At War With the Empire.” You know, actually tried to have some edge? The clone wars TV show was more edgy than this and at least they focused on their main characters like Anakin and Obi Wan and didn’t pull a bunch of gimmicky lame characters out of their butts.

This show just feels too kiddy at times and feels like they competely missed the mark. I want to see Vader hunting down Jedi, I want to see Mon Mothma getting the the Death Star plans, I want to see Wedge and Biggs in their X Wings, I want to see Bail Organa’s last stand on alderaan before he’s blown to bits, I want to see how Leia came to be a leader of the rebellion. As far as new characters Hera and Kanan are likable and I wish the show would cut the rest of the crew out because I don’t like them, especially Zeb and Ezra, who horseplay way too much like Tom and Jerry. The only good thing about this show was seeing Tarkin show up at the end if season 1, revealing Ashoka’s return and that Vader episode in season 2.

I know many of you disliked the prequels but to me this is far more blasphemous…I’d rather watch bith clone wars tv shows and revenge of the sith than thismlame shit any day

Episode II has the best story of the prequels. Discuss.

Harmy i love you man for all your hard work…that being said…get back to work on that Return of the Jedi 2.0 and stop bitching and whining about movies that came out over 10 years ago…all you guys need to do this…get the f&$@ over the prequels already…it’s lame and you all sound like a bunch of naggy housewives that haven’t had sex in decades…shut up Frink!

How will you be watching the saga in preparation for Force Awakens?

I have been preparing for months already…since way back in june…starting with…

Reading the

Darth Bane trilogy
Cloak of Deception
Darth Plagues

then watching

Episode 2 attack of the clones
the Clone Wars Tv show
clone wars microseries

reading Labyrinth of Evil

watching Revenge of the Sith


Dark Lord The Rise of Vader
Lords of the Sith


Star Wars despecialized edition
Empire strikes back Special edition 2011

reading Shadows of the empire

watching Return of the Jedi Despecialized edition

Right now I am currently reading Lords of the Sith. One more month to go!

Was Samuel L a good addition to the Prequels?

No way. I hate how he delivered his lines and his character is the worst character in Star Wars history, worst than Jar Jar. At leats Jar Jar had a personality. Mace was Totally lame and a "eat your fruits and vegetables" kind of character. I could never get over that line in Ep. 2 when out of nowhere and out of context to what was being discussed he tells Obi "Remember, if the prophecy is true, only Anakin can bring the force into balance."

I wanted Obi one to comically say, "Of course I remember you moron! It was my dying master's last wish you f--king dumbass!!!!. Not to mention i have to remind myself everyday as to why I put up with the little twerp"

I half expected him to break the fourth wall and tell the audience, "Remember everyone, Anakin's character is the chosen one and only he can bring balance to the force..remember episode 1?"

Should Darth Plagueis have had a larger part in the PT?

HELL YEAH! The book "Darth Plagueis" is the greatest piece of Star Wars property since Empire Strikes back! After I read that I was really pissed off at the fact that if Lucas hadn't been at the helm and the book was a movie, we would have had a real serious film that actually delved into the motivations of the Sith, especially Palpatine. I've said it before and I'll say it again the book  "Darth Plaugeuis" is the real episode 1, forget the movies