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The Star Wars Movie Score Unused/Replaced Music Restoration Thread (Released)

Return of the Jedi time!

[b]Vadar Contacts Luke (With Insert)[b]

You will notice if you line up the SE track with the deleted scene, that it doesn’t line up, this is due to microedits (6:08-6:12 is crossfaded out in the Blu-ray Deleted Scene) but also due to the fact that there is an insert added in (5:15-5:42). My theory is that the cut we see in the Blu-Ray scene is a shortened cut, and that this insert was written to cover it, but Lucas/Marquand decided to use the original cue cut down.

[b] The Iron Door/To Jabba’s Throne[/b]

I had a tough time lining these up, previous attempts at this placed “The Iron Door” over the droid sentry stuff and “To Jabba’s Throne” over R2 bumping into the Gamorrean, However that didn’t sit right with me, for three reasons:

#1 The titles of those cues didn’t match the placement, the title “The Iron Door” could have theoretically indicated Threepio and R2 trying to get inside the door, but the title “To Jabba’s Throne” didn’t really match anything that was going on in that part of his video.

#2 In the 1997 issue of the Film Score Monthly magazine Michael Matessino stated that the cues covered the opening of the door and for the reception of the droids by Bib Fortuna.

#3 It seemed odd to me that Williams would score that droid moment with dissonant music, as it seems more of a muted comedic bit, and the big fanfare seemed like it was too dramatic to cover anything other than a scene change.

[B]Jabba’s Prisoners[/b]

[B]The Big Thaw (Original Version)[/B]

[B]A Strange Visitor[/B]

[B]Fight in the Dungeon (with deleted footage)[/B]

This one was a PAIN! I don’t really know if I got it correct, it seems like Williams scored a cut in between the one in the final film, and the one in the Rinzler eBook material.

[B]The Sarlacc Pit/Jabba’s End[/B]

Film Version:

Original Version:

This one is probably incorrect.

[B]The Emperor (Original Version)[/B]

[B]Yoda’s Scene (Restored Opening)[/B]

[B]Luke and Ben[/B]

[B]Enter the Ewok - More Trouble (Original Version)[/B]

This has the original version of Vader and Palpatine’s conversation, the film and 1997 SE soundtrack uses an insert at 6:30-6:47 to shift the Emperor’s Theme earlier and replace part of the eerie quiet section.

[B]Using the Force[/B]

This is my attempt at recreating the original edit, since I had no real info to go on (except that there is footage of R2 in the background free of his bonds long before the Ewoks actually release him), I basically ended up just recutting the scene into a way that seemed to make some kind of sense.

The Star Wars Movie Score Unused/Replaced Music Restoration Thread (Released)

AOTC’s Finale (Original)

Dooku Vs. Obi-Wan

Yoda Strikes Back

Love Pledge

Entrance of the Monsters

The Arrival at Tatooine

The Spare Canister Caper

The Dinner Scene

The Meadow Scene

Finding Kamino (Original Ending)

Dom's Useless Prequel Edits

DominicCobb said:

MalàStrana said:

Dom, since you aim at replacing the soundtrack on many scenes, are you going to try something with the AOTC ending in order to remove the Vader’s theme that’s quite out of place here ? I’m thinking about trying myself with Shadow of the Empire soundtrack. Don’t know if feasible though.

Yeah I want to change that, but it might be hard to get something else to fit.

I know this post was a few months ago, but have you thought about using William’s own original version?

The Star Wars Movie Score Unused/Replaced Music Restoration Thread (Released)

Some unused cues in ROTS restored to picture:

Goodbye Old Friend (Alternate):

Option 2:

Boys Into Battle (As Written)

Boys Into Battle (Revised Percussion)

Get Em’ R2

The Elevator Scene

Greivous and the Droids

Council Meeting

Palpatine’s Seduction

I Am The Senate

Palpatine Instructs Anakin

Moving Things Along

A Home for the Twins (Original)

TFA: A Gentle Restructure (Released)

Definitely works well!

Only issue is the quiet music starting 2:38, either 2:30-2:38 should be replaced with something quieter (or go unscored), or 2:39-2:48 should be replaced with something louder to keep the musical pace going.

Perhaps Hux’s “Fire!” should be made to sound a bit more like it is coming from a speaker? it sounds kind of silly coming out of the blue with so much clarity.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure (Released)

BTW, Watched your Leia and the Starkiller 4 video, and while I miss the statement of the Han and Leia theme over the final shot of Leia that was originally her sensing Han’s death, I do like how it fades to silence and then snaps back into reality/action with Chewbacca’s roar, it reminds me of something from the Middle-Earth films or something.

And You’re Welcome! Maybe Frink will be able to find a use for them in TRA in 2049 😉

Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy

ChainsawAsh said:

Old Republic trilogy, calling it now.

Whether Revan is in it or not is up in the air for me (I’d say it’s likely to include either Revan or Bane), but I bet Mandalore will be a major focus.

I am thinking more “Dawn of the Jedi”, seeing of TLJ deals with The First Jedi Temple in some capacity, it would make sense to use Johnson on a trilogy dealing with that.


ray_afraid said:

doubleofive said:

Are people saying that it should be removed from the celebration? Can’t it just be implied he picked it back up while he was slowly dragging Vader’s body down to a shuttle bay?

It’s just me. And no big deal.

There are others out there that feel the same way about Luke giving up his saber.