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A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released)

joshuabri said:

So, question. Here is Kylo Ren finding the fleet on Exegol.
Password: kyloren

Is Papa Palp’s voice too audible? I muted out the center channel whenever he speaks, but there is a little reverb in the surround channels. Does it come across as ambiance or do I need to cut these scenes further?

I’ve seen and listened to it so many times I can’t be sure if I can make out dialogue or my mind is filling in what it knows is supposed to be there.

It sounds like ambient mumbling or something by the cultists, so it’s fine, I guess

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

A (probably) rather minor thing that is recently bugging me is the alignment of the twin-suns over Tatooine in the final scene:

In the first shot (with BB-8 rolling by), the suns are aligned like this…

… while in the very next shot, they look like this:

So maybe I missed something, maybe they just move like this or maybe some time has went by between the shots. But maybe not.
Ever since I noticed it I can’t unsee it…

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

OutboundFlight said:

Am I the only one who feels this is too much? Breaking from tradition for a two minute fan service end for Leia? I don’t deny Carrie Fisher was a fantastic person and important character to Star Wars, but it’s not worth completely botching the pacing and traditions. I’d prefer just having the movie dedicated to her in the credits.


Return of the Jedi Renewed (released)

Finally watched it and really liked it! The color throughout is just overwhelming. I also loved the usage of PT-music, it’s really fitting and also adds some connectivity.
The one bitter thing to me is the Hayden-Christensen-forceghost, but this is a very controversial point anyway (and my pain with it is also rather minor).

Keep it up!
Hopefully you are doing well over there in Italy and best thoughts from Germany!

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

RogueLeader said:

If Rey believes Palpatine will kill her friends, and Kylo Ren destroys her key to finding Palpatine and killing him, it could be enough to warrant her anger.

Basically you’re just changing “Palpatine killed your old family” to “Palpatine will kill your new family”, so if you feel like Rey doesn’t have enough motivation to attack Kylo in that moment, then it is just a problem with the theatrical film.

Sorry to bring this up again, but I think this is exactly it: Rey’s motivation to fight Kylo and the FO and eventually kill Palpatine is all about protecting her new family and her newly found purpose of life:

An insignificant scavenger, abandoned by her insignificant and absolutely uninteresting parents for drinking-money on a (somehow not so insignificant) planet, unexpectedly gets pulled into an adventure (-> beginning of the classic hero’s journey as we know it from Star Wars). Up to that point, she has neither a family, community, belonging nor purpose, but all of a sudden she is in the middle of a galactic-wide conflict (plus, the force is awakening in her). She gets introduced to this world she has only heard of in stories (or learned from through stuffed puppets of rebellion pilots) and connects with it (namely with the “good guys” that is the Resistance). End of the first act (the so called “exposition”)/Ep7.

She then begins to struggle with her role as she gets confronted with the reality of her new world. Her somewhat naïve views of the force, Jedi and Sith, good and evil getting put to a test.
Eventually, the second act (“Complication”; Ep8) is perfectly concluded with this ( scene: Rey introduces herself to Poe, who answers that he already knows her. She at last is somebody, part of something, finally has a “family”. Something to fight for as well as something to fight against. Credits roll.

Then the third act (Ep9) happens, which is supposed to be the climax, dénouement and ultimately the resolution. The structural tendency of TROS to sort of contradict TLJ, at least in one major point (and that is Rey’s ancestry), is what needs to be addressed: make it clear that Rey is fighting for what she accomplished in the previous movies, and that is an identity of her own that is solely based on her role in this adventure of hers (as sort of an unwritten page) and not on blood and cloned Sithlord-Sons and not on parents she can’t even remember, because what cause should she have to stand up in their names?

Rey’s parents really shouldn’t matter. They sold her for drinking-money, and as far as I’m concerned, they can just as well already have died of liver cirrhosis or something. Somewhere, sometime. Doesn’t matter.

The Sequel Trilogy: Trilogized (a Work In Progress)

ChainsawAsh said:

EddieDean said:

Do we need to retain the Chewie fakeout? What if Rey just kills him and that’s it? It leaves a nice shadow over her character for the rest of the movie.

+1 if this can be implemented successfully, though I imagine you and I will be the only two that are for this idea.

Nope, I would be fine with it to (if it’s doable)

The Sequel Trilogy: Trilogized (a Work In Progress)

This might be the best possible way to save this trilogy in the most gentle manner there is. I love it and already consider this could be my new GoTo-ST.

Just three things:

  • In the crawl for TFA, I wouldn’t call this returned ancient evil familiar just yet. That decreases the room for suspense.
  • Just like Dr. Krogshöj sayed, make Snoke either a clone made by palpatine or maybe a dead body (e.g. the exhumed body of an anccient sith-lord, but this doesn’t even needs to be deepend) occupied by Palpatine. But make it a mere vessel controled by Palpatine rather than a moreorless independend individuum driven by his own will.
  • That said, I’m totally pro Clone-Palpatine. The real one died at the end of VI. The clone was created by him as a safety blanket (stashed secreatly on Exegol, treasured and then activated by the cultists).
Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

CassusFett said:

Thanks! You are definitely making me think. I like your thoughts on Rey coming to represent the balance and I think that’s what they were going for, but I think they wanted to have it both ways. Rey clearly denied Kylo many times, and she only accepted him once he came to the light. She turns her saber yellow, but I didnt buy it at that point. I think her character is too dead set on the light side of the force, and so to me she clearly represents the Jedi.

I will attempt to portray her death as victorious and satisfying. She will bring balance to the force by destroying palpatine and herself.


I want to (somehow) add a few lines suggesting that she knows she will die and she chooses to sacrifice herself to defeat the Sith. Thereby completing her arc. She has to sacrifice the future of the Jedi in order to save the Galaxy.

Maybe this could be acomplished by hearing her thoughts/memories (instead of or in addition to the jedis-of-the-past-voices) right before she sacrifices herself: You could hear Luke saying “it’s time for the jedi to end” and/or Kylo saying “let the past die. Kill it, if you have to” (both lines from TLJ). She then smiles, showing that she understands and accepts her destiny, and subsequently dies while killing Palpatine (I’m thinking of a scene similar to Obi Wan vs Vader in ANH).