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Star Wars: The Legend of the Solo Twins - Released!

I’ve now finished both parts and I honestly have to say that I really enjoyed them!
Of course, you can only do so much with the material at hand. But I think you made the best of it!

The idea behind this is impressive, your creativity in implementation is remarkable and your technical skills are enviable! 😄
It may not be my go-to version of the ST, but this is definitely an edit I’ll watch again sometimes!

(One question though: who is Snoke? Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the reference…)

The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)

SpenceEdit said:

Next time I render I’ll send it to you, we can compare and contrast!

Don’t let your edit rest, we need as many different, interesting versions of this movie as possible.

That’s bloody generous of you! I would love to compare some of my takes on similar (or resembling) ideas like yours.

But don’t stress yourself too much, I’m a patient person and can wait for the final product 😉

Do you already have a complete cut list of all changes made/intended?

The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)

SpenceEdit said:

So there’s two things I’ve been wrestling with this whole time, and I’ve decided to put them back in.

  • C-3PO will exclaim “Oh, they fly now!” without Finn and Poe mimicking it. I think the initial line from 3PO is funny, but the other two don’t need to parrot it.

  • I’m gonna have Babu Frik pop up in the big battle. Honestly, it made me and everyone I was with laugh at the theater, and I still enjoy it.

A little humor never hurt anyone, right?

Oh dude, with each of your posts here I get closer to the point where I just let my personal edit rest 😄
90 percent of your ideas correspond to my imagination (and the other 10 are better than mine)

The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)

Spence, I haven’t seen your workprint yet (I didn’t ask for it either, as unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to review it appropriately), but only based on what you’ve planed and what you’ve already shown, I am very impressed by your edit.
Especially Leia’s death should work even better with the new changes and the connection to the mask-rebuild.
Thank you for your work!

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

SpenceEdit said:

That’s very cool!

I don’t know that you need the last bit of new dialogue from Luke. You could leave it with the original “confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi” because the vision gets the point across fine on its own.

I’ve been struggling with this scene in my edit, so I might play around with this idea. Cool stuff!

Thank you, Spence!

I would love to use the “confronting fear”-line, but since my edit will end the jedi, I would have to change it to something like “confronting your fear is your destiny”, and I wasn’t able to make this sound right…

Looking forward to see what you’ll come up with!

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

Alright: In my eyes, the scene on Ahch-To is a key sequence of the film: instead of exiling herself, Rey (guided by Luke) realizes that she must fight for what she stands for. Now, if one simply strips away any reference to her origins, very little remains of the scene.

I wasted hours and days trying to somehow change the message of the scene, inserting lines from other Mark Hamill films and even interviews. Nothing was remotely satisfactory.

I’ve recently tried something different: Luke challenges Rey to reflect on herself again (“I’m scared of myself” “OK, but who exactly are YOU?”). She realizes that she is not only much more than her dark visions, but above all that she can choose who she wants to be (“This is your journey”).

So here is my attempt at the scene:
PW: fanedit

It’s certainly not good and I’m a complete newbie to editing, but maybe it’ll at least serve as an inspiration for you pros.
(I especially want to expand her thoughts/memories of her “good” side in contrast to her dark visions. Oh, and my edit is centered around the theme of “Balance”, hence the the line by Luke)

The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)

SpenceEdit said:

This is my attempt at it so far, if you care to take a look. I included the surrounding scenes because the Leia stuff doesn’t happen here now.


Yeah, that works.
I would have loved it if this scene has had some more weight to it, like being the third lesson Luke was owing Rey from VIII. But there is just not much to work with.

Under those circumstances, your take seems to be the most solid one.

The Final Order - A no Leia/Rey Nobody TROS edit by Spence (Completed)

Since you intend to both limit Leia’s role (accordingly, she doesn’t train Rey early in the film) while also eliminating the Palpatine lineage, what’s your plan for the sequence on Ahch-To?

If you just cut out everything about Rey Palpatine here, as well as the part about Leia, there’s not much left of the scene.
In my eyes, however, this is a key sequence of the film: After she has striked Kylo down in her anger, she is so afraid of her feelings that she wants to exile herself. Luke motivates her to accept those feelings, confront them and keep fighting.But if that only lasts a minute, it loses credibility.

I’m curious what your idea is!

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

SpenceEdit said:

Here’s what I came up with for that scene. Not a lot of meat on the bones, but it works as a little pop of action and showing Rey giving in to her anger a little bit.

Because I put Leia’s death where the “dark rey” vision originally occurred, I’ve tied her visions to the dagger. So she gets one when she picks it up in the desert, and then another one here. A few minutes later, I’m using a version of the “You will kill Palpatine and take the throne” edit that’s further up the thread. So we get a little reminder of that here too.


Yes, why not… that actually works quite well imo! Currently I’m losing my mind over changing the dialogue, but simply triming it like you did seems to be a good option.
Spence, What is your approach for the hangar scene?

Collection of Text-to-Speech-Tools and other line-altering resources

I’ve already searched the Index, the How-To’s and via google, but couldn’t find anything: is there already a collection/resources thread collecting alternative voices for Star Wars projects (e.g. voice emulators, voice parts from video-games, etc.)?

If not, wouldn’t that make sense?

Recently, the topic of replacing or changing individual words or entire sentences has come up again and again. Some resources and text-to-speech AIs (e.g. https://fakeyou.com/?vocodes=1) have already been mentioned in various threats.

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

Ah, it feels like Christmas 😊 Everything here is developing exactly how I imagine it!

I’m actually in the process of incorporating the changes listed here (by RougeLeader and octorox) into my edit. That works quite well, but it feels like Rey’s agenda seem a bit thin.
So my idea was to base her motivation more around her identity crisis. RL’s idea for the Force Bond duel would actually be such a move: Kylo pouring gas on the fire that is her inner conflict (her fear of losing her friends/family, fear of her feelings, fear of her dark visions). Kylo fuels these fears, which he is familiar with (because he sees into her).

What I personally think should also be important is that Kylo’s agenda is not neglected: What is his motivation for this? I feel that Rey and Kylo’s character arcs and development mesh directly. For me, the “dyad” is the symbiosis between the two: where doubts grow in Rey, doubts also grow in Kylo; her pull to the dark, his pull to the light.

I’m looking forward to whatever you cook together, RougeLeader! You are the man!

Help needed: looking for a word by Mark Hamill

Hi community!

In my TROS-edit I want to change Luke saying “[…] and the war will be lost” to “[…] and the war will be over”.

All I need now is the word “over” from (old) Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill.

I’ve looked through the movies, trailers and also a few recent interviews, with no success.
Does anyone of you have an idea? Maybe I missed something? I might find something in the OTs, but of course Mark Hamill’s voice sounds much younger there.

The Rise Of Skywalker - The Balance Cut (early WIP)

sade1212 said:

I also entirely disagree with the […]

Thank you, sade!
I must confess, I haven’t watched Rebels (or any other animated series). But that sounds interesting, thanks for the tip!
Let me try to explain myself: Of course, the idea that Balance is some sort of “greyness” is just an exaggerated, artificial metaphor that can only appear in a fairy tale (which is what Star Wars is to me). Of course, there is no such thing as good and bad either—there are only the subjective definitions of what is good or bad, right or wrong for the person interpreting a situation, action, or object (this is what sociology calls the “interpretative paradigm”).
For me, balance in this story mainly stands for one’s own identity and the process that it is. The moral, the greater wisdom behind it could then be (or is for me) that you don’t have to be afraid of this process, you have to face it and you shouldn’t submit to ready-made, rigid doctrines – or at least critically examine them.

But I agree with you on the point you described regarding TLJ: As the quintessence of the film, I could have used Yoda’s tenet " The greatest teacher, failure is / we are what they grow beyond" (an I loved that right from the first time I’ve saw it in the movies) instead of Luke’s fairly pessimistic “It’s time for the Jedi to end”. From this one could have concluded that the Jedi – as you say – are in fact not fundamentally flawed and can’t be fixed, but simply need reform (and this reform is ultimately personified by Rey). This would also still fit perfectly with my whole identity-process-theme - as the great Adam Savage used to say: failure is always an option. Unfortunately, I find that TROS doesn’t give enough for that – it just reversed TLJ too much. So, I find the path I have devised to go not only more practical, but also philosophically more attractive.

But like I said, that’s all my personal world view. Thank you for your critical encouragement! It’s still an very early WIP, so it’s fun to logically take everything apart again and check if it makes sense.

The Rise Of Skywalker - The Balance Cut (early WIP)

[First off: I’m not a native speaker, so I hope all this makes sense (well, at least language-wise)]


After vowing to myself never to watch a version of TROS where Rey is a Palpatine again, the release and instant praise of HALs “Ascendant” eventually made me weak. It’s still incredibly impressive what this community has accomplished - what an improvement! The film is suddenly somehow enjoyable. And yet I’m still missing two things to finally can grow happy with it: first, Rey has to remain a Nobody; second, I still miss the sense, the necessity of the Disney trilogy.

While the Rey-Nobody-cut of Ascendant is apparently in the making, the second point (after solely lurking and consuming here for two years) made me decide to make my own head-canon-friendly cut of TROS. The following idea lingers through my head ever since watching TLJ (which I really love) for the first time.


The short version:
Apply minimalistic (but somehow radical) changes to create a version of “The Rise Of Skywalker” that – by picking up strings introduced in “The Last Jedi” – is centered around the theme of “BALANCE” to bring it more in line with the previous trilogy and thus bring a meaningful and dignified conclusion to the Skywalker-Saga

More specific motives and goals:

  • The main theme of the trilogy is “Balance”. Balance in this case means the absence of extreme positions/philosophies/moral imperatives. TROS thereby delivers the final moral lection and ends the ST and the Skywalker saga in a senseful way (PT -> The Rise of Evil; OT -> The Return of Good; ST -> balance, equalization, compromise, peace)
  • Rey and Kylo represent balance: Both are naïve idealists, unthinkingly devoted to their cause. Both begin to have doubts, both struggle with an identity crisis. Both are and feel connected to each other in this respect, they become a dyad along their way.
  • The Jedi end, along with the Sith. With this the dogmatic black-and-white system of previous generations ends and Rey ushers in a new epoch, the epoch of balance, the “Skywalker” (those who walk along the horizon)
  • Rey is a Nobody -> Anybody. Her parents were drinking scamps who abandoned her alone on Jakku. She is highly Force sensitive, like many others, thereby representing “anybody”

The long version (skip if you are not interested in my personal background/motives):
I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the 90’s and grew up with the PT. For me (like for many others here as well) Star Wars is more than a film series: it is not just a hobby, but also an identity-forming part of my life. So I always read a lot out of George Lucas’ story (and I’m sure I interpreted a lot into it, too). Then Disney happened…

Viewing the three trilogies as three parts of the same saga (that, to me, actually and satisfactorily ended with ROTJ), each with its own mood, the PT could stand for the dark, the OT for the light, and the ST for the grey: the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the victory of the dark side; the purification of Anakin Skywalker by his son and the victory of the light side; the shadow of the legend of Anakin Skywalker and the beginning of something new, less dogmatic.
If the ST should have any philosophical raison d’être, then please not that of a hiccup of the OT, in which the caricatured “good” (the light side -> Jedi) wins again, but rather that of a meaningful morality, according to which the classification into good or evil is a subjective process and critical but tolerant thinking and acting and a general softening of extreme, fundamental attitudes should be a maxim.
To me, the main theme of the whole ST should be Balance. While I honestly thought after viewing TROS for the first time that the sequels are telling a story not worth telling, the lone justification for them (at least in my grown-up-with-the-prequels-eyes) might be that the “balance” of the force (between light and dark, good and evil, etc.) was not restored when Luke (a jedi) “killed” Palpatine (a sith), because that way the balance would be outweighed by the jedi again.
That is, of course, because “That Force does not belong to the Jedi”: Both Jedi and Sith are nothing but religions, with all their dogmatic rules and prophecies and you name it, while the force is something bigger (and I’m not saying midichlorians! After all, Star Wars is a mythological space-opera, which is why a metaphysical force-power is perfectly ok).

Now, the tandem of Rey and Kylo are kind of mirroring each other in their search for purpose as well as all the doubts that come along with that. Both of them are somehow bound to an illusion of good/evil, almost caricatured trying to fit in those predetermined jedi-/sith-roles (i.e. Kylos fixation towards his grandfather, Reys naiv definition of the force in TLJ). Then again, they’re having feelings that are just not fitting in (or accidentally (not-)killing Chewie with darkside-forcepowers).
The balance lies in between all of that, with both characters representing the opposite side of an imaginary scale during most of the trilogy, going back and forth and then ultimately meet each other in the middle, in balance: Palpatine gets destroyed, bringing an definite end to the sith-order, while Rey, understanding in that very moment that the way of extremes, of differencing solely between good and evil, can not be the solution. The sith end. The jedi end. The force outlives both of them, as it always was there and always will be there. It belongs to no one and lives in every one.
Then, Kylo (redeemed from the dark, but tainted) brings his final sacrifice by saving Rey, who gets reborn as something new, the personification of balance (in that point, I really like her new yellow lightsaber, as it is something new, never seen before (outside the old EU).

Another theme of the saga that gains weight, especially in the ST, is that of family and origin. The saga manages more or less well to empathize with the protagonists and their emotional world (depending on the trilogy). The unmistakable and morally universal message of the ST up to and including Episode VIII is that everyone defines themselves by their actions and not by their origin, blood or ancestry. Therefore, Rey must be a Nobody.

This is how the acts fit together according to the classical definition of a three-act-play:

  1. An insignificant scavenger, abandoned by her insignificant and absolutely uninteresting parents for drinking-money on a (somehow not so insignificant) planet, unexpectedly gets pulled into an adventure (-> beginning of the classical hero’s journey as we know it from Star Wars). Up to that point, she has neither a family, community, belonging nor purpose, but all of a sudden she is in the middle of a galactic-wide conflict. She gets introduced to this world she has only heard of in stories (or learned from through stuffed puppets of rebellion pilots) and connects with it (namely with the “good guys” that is the Resistance). End of the first act (the so called “exposition”)/Ep7.
  2. She then begins to struggle with her role as she gets confronted with the reality of her new world. Her somewhat naïve views of the force, Jedi and Sith, good and evil getting put to a test: Luke Skywalker himself teaches her, that there is a third way, a compromise.
    Eventually, Reys personal second act (“Complication”; Ep8) is perfectly concluded with this scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co3QrHKcV9c): Rey introduces herself to Poe, who answers that he already knows her. She at last is somebody, part of something, finally has a “family”. Something to fight for as well as something to fight against. Now the only thing remains open (and leads to the final act) is the way to lead this fight.
  3. Then the third act (Ep9) happens, which is supposed to be the climax, dénouement and ultimately the resolution. The structural tendency of TROS to sort of contradict TLJ in the above mentioned major points (Rey’s ancestry and the nature of the force), is what needs to be addressed: make it clear that Rey is fighting for what she accomplished in the previous movies, and that is an identity of her own that is solely based on her role in this adventure of hers (as sort of an unwritten page) and not on blood and cloned sithlord-sons and not even on parents she can’t even remember, because what cause should she have to stand up in their names? And especially: give the whole story a purpose, let there be a lection learned: the world is not divided in just “good” and “bad”, as there are more than one definition of what that might be. The world (regardless of how far far away the galaxy it exists in is) is much more complex. Moral is a part of ones very own identity and a process, not a state. To find balance within and without is ones destiny.

Changes in mind (intentions in italics, optional/still undecided changes in [ ])

  • Use HALs „TROS – Ascendant – Rey Nobody version“ as a basis (as soon as it exists and with his permission)
  • Ajan Kloss:
    o [Optional: [Somehow] Cut/trim/change the dialogue between Rey and Leia: „I’m starting to think it isn’t possible…“ „Nothing is impossible“] (Leia is already aware of what needs to happen at the end. In a way, alongside Luke, she is a driving force in Rey’s development towards overcoming the old dualistic order (see also Luke on Leia: “Leia told me that she had sensed the death of her son at the end of her Jedi path. She surrendered her saber to me and said that one day… it would be picked up again… by someone who would finish her journey.” This “journey” could be the journey to a more progressive path. In my opinion Leia was always the “cooler” and more open-minded one (and according to Yoda also “the other one”). Leia would therefore not train Rey to make contact with the Jedis who came before. But maybe there is a better solution here)
  • Ahch-To:
    o Cut Luke saying „A Jedi’s weapon deserves more respect“. The first thing he’s saying is „what are you doing?!“ after Rey says „Master Skywalker!“ (The lightsaber is no longer just the weapon of the Jedi/Sith. Luke has already figured that out, he’s guiding Rey to transcend the “Jedi-Sith” dogma)
    o [somehow] change Lukes „Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. Your destiny“, maybe to „Confronting (your) fear is your destiny“ (Facing her fear is Rey’s destiny. She has to confront it, get to know it instead of being guided by it. Only that will bring her salvation)
    o [somehow] change Lukes „If you don’t face Palpatine… it will mean the end of the Jedi. And the war will be lost“, maybe to „If you (do) face Palpatine… it will mean the end of the Jedi. And the war will be over.“ (Luke is subtly, almost tongue-in-cheek, pointing out to Rey that the confrontation with Palpatine will bring ane end to the war, but also an end to the Jedi. She understands this, accepts it and starts the journey to Exegol)
    o Cut Lukes „A thousand generations live in you now“ (and make it go from „[…] by someone who would finish her journey” to “But this is your fight“) (It’s Rey’s story now. The previous generations don’t matter anymore, their story ends in the final battle.)
  • Exegol:
    o Cut/Silence Rey saying „Yes“ after Palpatine asks her „As a Jedi?“ (Rey is silent to Palpatine’s obviously snide rhetorical question. She does not just not reveal her plans to him, but also doesn’t feel the need to play Palpatine’s game)
    o [No-Dyad-Cut: Cut/Silence Palpatine saying „Unseen for generations“ while speaking of extract the lifeforce of Rey and Ben] (The “Dyad” – in my head-canon – isn’t something mythological, it’s just used here to describe the special bond between Rey and Ben. Palpatine is just improvising here, draining their life and empowering himself with it)
    o Reinsert the original Rey-Palpatine-forcelightning-fightscene (as cool as jonhs version is…) (It’s Rey’s fight and story now. The previous generations no longer matter)
    o Silence all voices during Reys reach-out and replace them with lines from Ben/Rey/Luke (in this order, after Reys „be with me“): 1. “You’re not alone“ (Ben, TLJ); 2. „It’s time to let old things die“ (Ben, TLJ); 3. „It’s time for the jedi to end“ (Luke, TLJ); 4. “Balance“ (Rey, TLJ) [additional options: „I need someone to show me my place in all this“ (Rey, TLJ)/“Don’t be afraid of who you are“ (Ben, TROS)] (this makes it finally clear what is happening now and what must happen. Rey understands at last. Also, Rey and Ben finally come together and form a unit: They meet in the middle – balance)
    o Change Palpatines line „A scavenger girl is no match for the power in me“ to „A jedi is no match for the power in me“ (That’s the way to set you up for the next one (…and creating an effect similar to the corresponding scene with Éowyn in LOTR:ROTK))
    o Change Reys line „I’m all the jedi“ to „I’m no(t) (a) jedi“ (Rey finally breaks the dogma, she ignores and thereby negates Palpatine’s backward thinking; she lets the Jedi die (as she was the last to date) as she denies being one. Instead, she acts as a free individual who thinks freely of any dogma (and thus ultimately uses the force in a more sober and thus more efficient way to defeat him))
  • Tatooine:
    o [Optional: Remove the force-ghosts of the Skywalkers. Rey just looks ahead, into the future] (The saga ends with the beginning of Rey’s story, that is, the future. The past is complete. On the other hand, this scene can also remain: Nothing speaks against the fact that the Skywalkers have become one with the Force (especially since all three contribute their role to the end of the Jedi and the future). Rey also calls herself Skywalker, which is now more of a title than a name: “those who walk among the horizon”)

Now these are probably rather simple changes; mostly only dialogue has to be cut/muted/changed. But since I’ve never edited a film before and therefore have no idea how to even start, it’s going to be quite a challenge. That said, I’m grateful for any kind of help, how-tos and input along the way!