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Slipstream 1989 (WIP)

drsyn71 said:

dvdmike said:

It’s my holy grail film, ever since it came out.
I still think that AR is wrong, I would love to know the source on it

Not that IMDb doesn’t ever have wrong information, but they list it as 1.85:1


When you start talking about aspect ratios, you get into a tangled web. You hear stuff like WELL, THE DIRECTOR INTENDED IT TO BE _______________. And it’ll be an old film and the director has passed away and can’t confirm that’s correct. It can sometime seem like idle gossip: WELL, I HEARD…
I read an article a few years back that talked about that.

Invasion of the Aspect Ratios

You really get into the artistic and aesthetic look of a movie seeing it in a wider scope. “Artistic vision”. When I watch a movie I want to immerse myself in that world. I want as much information about that world as I can get. That includes seeing as much of that world as possible. I run across a lot of old DVDs that have “open matte” versions of the films. Not pan and scan, but open matte. Yes, I understand that the director intended that image to be matted for presentation in theaters (or home theaters), but I can’t help it. Some might say, OPEN MATTE?! SACRILIDGE! Not me. I just want to see as much as I can see. For me, I feel sometimes like the director can ruin their own movie. Going back and changing things again and again and again. Yes, I’m talking to you, George Lucas. How many times are you going to change the sound that Obi Wan makes in New Hope to scare off the Sand People?


Anyway, I just thought I’d pipe in and share my thoughts. Yeah, I know - no one asked! 😃

If it has the same framing as the LD then the trailer is miles different in its framing

Slipstream 1989 (WIP)

drsyn71 said:

Someone in a comment on the Facebook post from DVD News Flash says, “My sources tell me Arrow Video will be releasing this early to mid 2024.”

I SO hope that’s true.


That’s just as Flowers mentioned it on Twitter. I hope they do but sadly I bet it’s a box set with other movies style release

The 2 Ewok Films - '<strong>Caravan Of Courage</strong>' (aka 'The Ewok Adventure'), &amp; '<strong>Battle For Endor</strong>'

Chewielewis said:

Just had a hunt for some, found some german versions with german audio. 720p 16:9, is this what you have?

Edit: They are pillarboxed, but they do seem Highish quality.

Edit2: On closer inspection, they look to come from the same SD masters as the DVD and dont have much more detail.

They have English audio, I can cap later if needed?

Slipstream 1989 (WIP)

2.0 out of 5 starsSlipstream is pan & scan 1.33:1.
BySteven W. Hillon June 13, 2017
Verified Purchase
To clarify some possibly confusing information -
The transfers are upscaled, yes.
They are from old video transfers, with dirt and other defects.
Two of the films, Creature and Incident at Raven’s Gate, are widescreen (appearing to be about 2.35:1) while Slipstream - arguably the most wanted in widescreen - is pan & scan 4:3, 1.33: 1 (only the opening titles are presented “letterboxed”).

DTS audio preservation .... UPDATE 07 May 2015 ... Work In Progress

junh1024 said:

Turisu said:

I’ve now had the chance to sample the Matrix theatrical DTS and compare it to the BR audio. To me the two sound very similar with any perceived difference possibly being due to levels as hairy_hen mentioned.

That being said, there’s something about knowing I’m listening to the original theatrical audio that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and an outstanding job has been done syncing it to the BR so this will remain my preferred track for watching the movie. Many thanks Jetrell Fo for making this available. 😃

Seeing how the BD & CINEMA tracks are ± identical, and keeping in mind cinema DTS is presumably worse than consumer DTS, which is about half the quality as AC3 at the same bitrate, it is incredibly daft to listen to the cinema track when BD AC3 is available because you’re listening to much reduced quality for no benefit.

Oh, and thanks hairy_hen for explanation/comparison.

Home mixes are normally nearfield and remixed.
These are the original mixes and therefore better and not watered down.

Alien 1979 - 35mm scan opportunity (a WIP)

RU.08 said:

By the way if there’s any Britons here, Alien is playing in 70MM at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on the 1st, 3rd, and 7th of June (details here). If you go please take notes and then tell us how it compares to the Bluray colour grading, contrast, and black levels. 😃
Had tickets but had to miss it sadly, I saw aliens there tho