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Slipstream 1989

2.0 out of 5 starsSlipstream is pan & scan 1.33:1.
BySteven W. Hillon June 13, 2017
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To clarify some possibly confusing information -
The transfers are upscaled, yes.
They are from old video transfers, with dirt and other defects.
Two of the films, Creature and Incident at Raven’s Gate, are widescreen (appearing to be about 2.35:1) while Slipstream - arguably the most wanted in widescreen - is pan & scan 4:3, 1.33: 1 (only the opening titles are presented “letterboxed”).

DTS audio preservation .... UPDATE 07 May 2015 ... Work In Progress

junh1024 said:

Turisu said:

I’ve now had the chance to sample the Matrix theatrical DTS and compare it to the BR audio. To me the two sound very similar with any perceived difference possibly being due to levels as hairy_hen mentioned.

That being said, there’s something about knowing I’m listening to the original theatrical audio that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and an outstanding job has been done syncing it to the BR so this will remain my preferred track for watching the movie. Many thanks Jetrell Fo for making this available. 😃

Seeing how the BD & CINEMA tracks are ± identical, and keeping in mind cinema DTS is presumably worse than consumer DTS, which is about half the quality as AC3 at the same bitrate, it is incredibly daft to listen to the cinema track when BD AC3 is available because you’re listening to much reduced quality for no benefit.

Oh, and thanks hairy_hen for explanation/comparison.

Home mixes are normally nearfield and remixed.
These are the original mixes and therefore better and not watered down.

Slipstream 1989

Pineapples101 said:

Heads up!

Damn, the German listing on eBay says it’s still 4:3 😦

And here:

I liked that above, can anyone in the states try the Amazon video version.

Terminator 2 in search of the theatrical sound mix

mumbles_ said:

Has anyone compared the latest Lionsgate blu-ray transfer? (Studio Canal+ here in Canada) Apparently they’ve managed to release it with a minimal amount of DNR so it looks to be an improvement. I considered buying this version but didn’t want to buy it yet again on blu-ray with the T2 3D having been announced for release this year. I’m hoping for a new 4K transfer along with the original theatrical mix but I doubt we’ll see the latter.

It’s the same master comparable to the UK disc

4K restoration on Star Wars

Wazzles said:

dvdmike said:

Verboten said:

Isn’t that story from Edwards a bad sign?

I mean, it seems to confirm that no one is working on a theatrical restoration.

Or not

He doesn’t state what version it is. It could very well be the SE.

The thought was it’s not the SE not the GOUT but between