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Complete Star Wars Poster Collection

Love your work SkyderHouseMafia. This was the sort of thing I had in mind when I started collecting digital posters. I was going to wait until I had scoured the entirety of the Heritage Auctions site to re-upload my collection but have been slack (I’m not even close). No Solo posters and many probably missing from R1/TLJ, but here is the latest Posters.rar anyway if you want to update links and check it out (1.92 GB). I have already replaced quite a few with superior examples from Heritage Auctions. I haven’t seen everything you have put up yet, but here are some suggested updates/additions off the top of my head:

Star Wars Style A has glue marks, the latest rar has 3 from HA that I think are better overall (not sure which printing they are though)

SW '82 Re-release with no bubble

More textless transparencies, including Star Wars Style A without droids (colour corrected version by NeverarGreat)

ESB Style C (Australian) with fold lines removed (courtesy of CarboniteSolo). This could use a colour correction or at least a bump in saturation

I believe ESB Unknown was an unused poster design and I’m almost positive it was done by Tom Chantrell, although I can’t remember where I got that information

ROTJ SE is horizontally stretched, better one from HA (Date says March 14, not March 7 so I guess there are variants of these)

Struzan Caravan of Courage with no fold lines

SW Style B 15th Anniversary less blown out/more detail

1995 VHS “Faces” posters

I often find it hard to pick one best example, I’m glad it’s not me doing the choosing!

HI-Res Poster Art

Found the mother lode:  Heritage Auctions

I’m quite sure this is the source of almost all the best vintage posters on the 'net. It took me a while because they don’t come up in Google image searches when you are searching for large images. You have to go to the page and click the image to actually get hi-res. Pretty sure I’ve just been uploading cropped and compressed versions of many of these posters. I’m going to wait on uploading the next rar archive until I’ve sorted through all of these.

Finally found my holy grail too, it’s from a transparency and needs correction, but check it out: Tom Jung’s style A without the droids!

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Hardcore Legend said:

In ROTJ, Leia is captured by the ewoks while wearing her assault garb.

When Han and Luke arrive to be eaten, she is wearing a medieval gown.

Did the Ewoks happen to have one that fit her? Do you think she had just accepted that this was her life now? Her lover and that other guy she kissed are still in the woods being chased by the Empire on their way to destroy a planet killing weapon and she has gone through a wardrobe change. Do you think she intended to take a native lover and live as one of them until Han/Luke showed up?

Normally I’d chime in here, cynically opining that they just did it to sell more action figures. But they didn’t even make one with that outfit. At least not in the vintage collection.

Kodi / Plex / Media Center Posters?

If they are the vectorized ones made by Man_Overboard, they have missing detail and some spelling mistakes. Still good though. Star Wars is the only original one I have found above 853x1280, at Gizmodo. 1280 is probably fine for Kodi/Media Center, just image search Google for “Olly Moss Star Wars” using those dimensions.

Info Wanted: The go to definitive prequel cuts?

While I enjoyed Q2’s edit of TPM (especially the first 30 minutes), the major problem with it is that a no-name pilot destroys the control ship at the climax of the movie. L8wrtr’s edit has Anakin doing this, edited to make his actions seem deliberate and confident. It is a needed payoff.

I also didn’t like Q2’s removal of Qui-Gonn influencing the chance cube. His removal of galaxy-shrinking cameos and OT spoilers is great though. You really don’t miss the droids and the less Sidious shown in TPM the better. He also removes even more annoying moments from Jar-Jar, Anakin and Padme than L8wrtr does, and removes the battle droid voices entirely.

The best edit of TPM would be a combination of these two.