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4K77 Artwork

calculon559 said:

JadedSkywalker said:

Are there covers with John Alvin’s art for Star Wars and Return of the Jedi.
The images that appeared on the Japanese Laserdisc.

They weren’t made specifically for the 4Kxx series, but I did make these a year or two ago.
If I can find the old .psd files I should be able to mod them if you so desire

calculon559 said:

Here’s some '95 International style BluRay covers. I’ve tried to make them as generic as possible, so they can be used for whatever version of the unaltered original trilogy you may have. Having said that, I believe these covers should fit the standard 12mm spine cases, as opposed to the 14mm cases used in some countries e.g. Australia. If anyone wants me to modify them for the wider spine or to add some classification markings, just let me know.
Star Wars - John Alvin '95 BD
Empire Strikes Back - John Alvin '95 BD
Return Of The Jedi - John Alvin '95 BD

Can you send me this without logos so i can make german versions of it?

Artwork of the 2004 bonus dvd with vaders face on it (Silver box)

oojason said:

ccfilms said:

i search for this

The front cover of this here seems to be the same - though sadly not the back of the cover…


link -


link -


The art itself is by John Berkey - a quick google image search of ‘star wars john berkey’ brings up a good selection of his work. His website is

where can i found hi res pics of his SW artwork?

Help Wanted: with the Turkish opening crawl

CatBus said:

It’s probably better to do a targeted request to someone who knows how to do this. Making real theatrical-quality international crawls is very difficult, and only three projects that I know about have done it: our German, French, and Italian teams. It’s not something a lot of people know how to do, or at least not well.

Part of the difficulty you might run into is that the German, Italian, and French teams are using the actual international crawls as their guide, so they know exactly where to break lines, how much spacing between lines, appearance of letters, etc. Our Turkish translation is just words–we’d need to do layout/appearance issues by hand and by guesswork. Even then, we don’t know if it would exactly match the appearance of what the original crawls would have looked like–if they were even translated originally–many languages did not translate the crawl and simply subtitled it.

in turkey they used subs very rare caus many couldnt read so for the broadcast they let somebody read the crawl

Help Wanted: with the Turkish opening crawl

Can somebody do this for our Fan-Ptoject?

Uzun zaman önce
çok, çok uzak bir galakside…


İç savaş dönemi.

Asiler gizli üslerinden
yaptıkları saldırıyla…

…kötüler İmparatorluğuna karşı
ilk zaferlerini kazandılar.

Çarpışmalar esnasında
İttifakın casusları…

…İmparatorluğun korkunç silahı…

…bir gezegeni yok edecek güçteki
zırhlı uzay istasyonu…

…ÖLÜM YILDIZI’nın planlarını
çalmayı başardılar.

İmparatorluk casusları tarafından
takip edilen…

…Prenses Leia uzay gemisiyle
kendi gezegenine doğru kaçmaktadır.

Prenses bu planlar sayesinde
halkını kurtarabilir…

…ve galaksiyi özgürlüğüne