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Star Wars fans - have you ever...

Described your dancing skills as those of a protocol droid.

Confronted people using Greedo's dialogue.

Created dialogue for R2's beeps and whistles?

Thought of SW characters in the real world? Jabba as a FedEx guy.

Gloated in full Palpatine swagger?

Pretended to strangle those with lack of faith and/or force lightning puny weaklings?

Gone into differences between SE and original versions with non-SW fans?

Wished you had a good Blastech at your side?

Dreamt of having the Falcon in your garage?

Wished to join Rogue Squadron?

Have a large SW action figure collection?

Tried to build a lightsaber?

Made fun of Lando?

Played Jar-Jar Hockey?

Played Star Wars Trilogy Arcade?

The Problem with George Lucas
OzoneSherrif said:

Call me crazy but i thought the CG'd version of THX 1138 was an improvement. i mean there was actually some smart decisions there


Most are actually improvements in THX 1138, but it is merely the idea that George would go back and change it. THX is one of the most visually brilliant films ever made. Now one has to have a tape to see the original version. THX isn't so bad CGI-wise, but George seems to have problems being satisfied. Indiana Jones would have probably been messed with if it had been a entirely Lucas run production.

You do what you can when you can. I'm a big supporter of Director's cuts-when they merit it! When a film is cut by a studio or butchered by an outside party-then it needs a new cut. When scenes are put back in that are necessary-a new cut is acceptable. Not one every time you feel like it!!


I really wouldn't care about some new 2xxx version of the OT. As long as the original versions are preserved along with the 1997 SEs I would be happy. The 2004 versions should be obliterated from mankind, and everyone stuck with them should be awarded damages. A Star Wars Blade Runner style briefcase blu-ray would be beyond my wildest dreams. I'm not sure that I'd be quite happy with a blu-ray of the GOUT though. There should be a massive undertaking to restore the trilogy by actual experts like Robert A. Harris. Something as culturally siginificant as Star Wars should not be allowed to fade into distant memory.Then the masterstroke would be to theatrically rerelease the fully restored original versions of the Star Wars Trilogy.


Even in the prequels, Boba Fett is not a clone

Boba Fett is the mysterius background figure-the one man everyone knows, but is too afraid to speak of. This is the basis of his appeal. He has no past. He has no face. He is an enigma who speaks very little, saying even less. One could argue that Fett is Lucas's nod to the Man With No Name.

So why the hell does he have to be a freaking clone? Why? I have a mental block around this and Boba having Temura Morrison's voice.

A theory about the coloring on the 04 DVDs.
Mielr said:
Octorox said:

I have a theory that the reason for the extreme coloring on the 04 DVDs may have been to make the films look truer to Ralph McQuarrie's original art. Take a look at some McQuarrie art, all which has the blue cast which can be seen prominently on the 04 dvds. I'm not defending the coloring, just pointing out a probable cause.

It's an interesting theory (and sharp of you to notice that in the McQuarrie art), but I think you're giving Lucas too much credit. I think his days of doing anything for artistic reasons are long gone. :-P

I'm hearing Lowry has done a fantastic job on the new James Bond blu-rays - I wonder how they managed to do such a botched job on the '04 SW dvds (assuming it wasn't deliberate). I've heard various theories - I wonder if Lucas really requested that "look" for the dvds?

The Bond films have been meticulously restored to their original glory by Lowry. That's it. Lowry restored the OT and Indy. Nothing else. Lucasfilm then took the OT and desecrated it.

It would be nice to think that the color correction on these discs was actually some type of creative decision, but it still makes me want to puke.



An oblate sphere of purple fire.

The novelization is the best part of ROTS-Stover really gets these characters: read Shatterpoint for more.

Anakin in the books is a much more believable and likeable character. The Clone Wars Anakin exists to drive the plot forward and is devoid of any and all real emotion or thought-just like the cartoon itself.

The books really make the prequels seem as if they might be connected to the OT. All three novels are light years ahead of the films and are my preferred way to reexperience I/II/ and III.

I was watching AOTC again in almost 5 years... ugh!

THX-1138 is fantastic. Lucas was a visionary director, and ANH is well directed for what it is-despite "faster and more intense". Kershner was able to direct the actors in a way that Lucas never could, and Kasdan infused new life into the script. I have nothing against George but the prequels and the OT fiascos are really pissing me off. At least we can remember the George Lucas who made the phenominal THX-1138.

THX-1138 was made by the same guy who made AOTC? HOW IN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN??

I was watching AOTC again in almost 5 years... ugh!

I too have recntly come back to the prequels after years of disowning them. While TPM is bad at least it works as a film in its own right. AOTC is a near atrocity. I wince in almost every scene Anakin appears and has any dialogue! What I wondered was: what does Dooku have in mind if Obi-Wan joins him-he's now a Sith so why would he destroy them? On top of that, if the Separatists supposedly designed the Death Star-wouldn't that undermine the story of Maw Installation and render parts of the EU null and void?

AOTC would have been a great film if it had been nothing but Obi-Wan and Dooku-how the hell did they get Christopher Lee to be in this mess? His scenes are the only high point, and he maimed Hayden Christensen-at least he still has some sense!

Jango Fett is retarded! Boba Fett is not some little retarded clone! Long live Mandalorians! Why couldn't the novel Shatterpoint be a film? It is leagues above this absolute heap of bantha fodder!

Am going on to ROTS next, hopefully it isn't as bad as I remember.

These prequels made me give up SW for some time-until I discovered the GOUTS!

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope Deleted Scenes

That cantina scene was almost surreal. There are instances of the final dialogue with completely different lines etc. That just goes to show all of the editing brilliance that went into the original film. There must have been a mountain of fottage to worm through. The Greedo scene has completely new angles-even closeups of Greedo! why didn't George utilize some of this cut footage when he redid things for the SE in stead of just manipulating existing frames?

Gotta love that one British guy voicing all of the minor characters.....Now with Michael Caine as Princess Leia!

Hypothetical: What would you KEEP?

I agree with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan-absolutely perfect. Mace Windu is strong enough to warrant deeper stories. Other than that, nothing from the prequels save for Duel of the Fates.

Sequels to the OT would have to be far along in the EU if the original actors are used. There can be no Heir to the Empire etc. because that passed long ago. With the current shift in moviegoer taste, it might be prevelent to do a film version of the NJO. (Can't believe I said that.)

So what exactly are you a fan of?

ROTJ bad points:

Han is a giant wimp.

Vader is a giant wimp and is a tethered guard dog: VADER? WHERE THE HELL IS MY MOCHA LATTE?

The "final epic" father-son battle is over in a flash- anti-climactic as hell: what happened to Bespin?

The Emperor just sits and gloats.

The ewoks are too tribal and magically set up traps in a matter of moments to stop Imperials.

Chewie has a Tarzan yell.

Leia does relatively nothing but sit around-she shoots a couple of guys, strangles Jabba, and crashes a speeder bike-that's about it.

The Imperial troops on Endor are pathetically stupid.

Lando flies the Falcon in the Battle of Endor!

Boba Fett "dies" like a fool.

Han is blind in the beginning.

Luke's planning skills need work.

Script needed lots of work.

direction could have been light-years ahead.

"He's my brother." "Oh."

The final scene of Star Wars is beyond comprehension of lame! Oh look, I'm Lando-I'm just gonna stand here and clap awkwardly...woo I'm so great!

Good points:

Lando hitting head in close-up.

Palpy's taunts.

Luke having a tantrum and thrashing Vader.

Luke voluntarily surrendering.

Luke has a damaged mechanical hand in a black glove.

Luke in black.

Luke uses force grip on Gammoreans.

Luke getting pissed at Ben.

Jabba gets owned.

The slave outfit-there are you happy? I said it.

Vader's death.

Yoda's death.

Ben and Yoda joined by older Anakin in the force as they stare at Luke.

C3PO's Revenge!

Papaloo on the speeder bike!

I could keep on with good and bad points.

The best shot of the film: Luke setting an ember to his father's armor as the Binary sunset theme begins to wail up in the background. The film should have ended with this and the last shot would have been Luke standing in front of the flames. Oh, that would have been Irvin Kirshner making an actual film about characters instead of this uninspired mediocrity.

Jedi is not a bad movie, but it is disappointing to encounter after the escapism of ANH and the force of ESB. It is painfully obvious that more time could have been used in preproduction, a better director could have been used, and that this one was for the kiddies. I lament for what could have been a true fitting end to the Star Wars Trilogy, but my complaints are only out of nitpicking love for these films.


So what exactly are you a fan of?

ROTJ gets a hard time because of the change in tone. It really isn't that bad. Keep in mind: it's not a prequel despite what George would like you to think! TPM works as a film on its own. In the SW universe, it does leave much to be desired. (Damn midiclhorians!) However it isn't terrible. (Except for the damn midichlorians!) AOTC is absolutely unforgivable. ROTS is tedium save for Ewan McGregor channeling Sir Alec Guinness.


SW in theaters-the way it was meant to be seen.

The 1977 ANH

The 1980 and 97 ESB

The 1983 and 97 ROTJ (except for freakin Jedi Rocks-arrgh!)

IV, V, and VI soundtracks.

Kenner toys-especially Power of the Force 2 series action figures and vehicles.

The old Star Wars Insider

Ben's original Krayt dragon call.

The Han Solo Adventures- (Star's End/Revenge/Lost Legacy)

Shatterpoint (SW meets Apocalypse Now)

Boba Fett's real voice.

Jedi Apprentice series-best thing to come out of the prequels. I know they're for "younger readers" but I love them anyway.

Toy lightsabers and blasters.

Jedi Knight/Dark Forces Game Series.

Rogue Squadron Game Series.

Rebel Assault II.

Star Wars Demolition and Jedi Power Battles (Game that nearly made me destroy a PlayStation in frustration!)

Mara Jade

Oh, and Han before ROTJ. Especially Han in IV and before-traveling the space lanes far and wide with loyal Wookie in tow-blasting Rodians from under the table at a moments notice.

This is not to mention old Obi-Wan on some fool's idea of an idealistic crusade...

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Outcast, or Del Rey just is not trying anymore.

I started the NJO years ago and gave up. Tried the first of the Legacy series, and gave up. Then Mara was killed off and Jacen went to the dark side-hasn't this already been done before? How stupid could Jacen be to say: "Oh. I have to be a Sith so that everything will turn out OK and we'll have peace. All I have to do now is kill everybody." It sounds like Episode III!

What's with all these "epic series" of SW the Del Rey keeps putting out? Shadows of Mindor had its problems, but at least it was an attempt to return to the greatness of Han Solo at Star's End. I don't know if I'm even going to try Outcast. I'll probably try to go back into the NJO just to make sense of it all. I just don't understand why we've had to go into an EU where everything is upside down.

1997 Special Edition Restoration thoughts...

I have a feeling that we'll never see the '97 SE again. It will become the lost version, and an eventual blu-ray will posess only the altered '04 version (likely to be further augmented) and a better version of the originals in some anamorphic transfer.

The only hope for the '97's seems to be Max Rebo's superset preservation as our tapes are starting to wear thin. 

The old interviews on the tapes have Lucas talking about almost losing the original negatives due to decomposition and that they were restored to former glory before embarking on the SE footage. there are even short comparisons between the damaged negative and the 97 restoration!! IV had the most damage, and this is why it cost the most to repair and remaster. V and VI were then done as a: "Oh that was cool with the first one, why not redo the other two..."

What does this mean? The negatives were remastered, but all we have to show for it is the 93 Definitive laserdisc? Nice try, but even the THX 95 faces set is better than the 93 set. The OT was restored in '97 and is probably sitting in a Lucasfilm vault somewhere in the Dune Sea.


Top 100 - best of post-1983 SW

Rogue Squadron on the N64 took forever to finish!

The Jedi Knight games are fantastic.

For me the best thing to come out of the prequels was the Jedi Apprentice book series that followed young Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. I know they were supposedly for young readers, but the stories are actually quite good.

Mace Windu: Shatterpoint- Star Wars meets Heart of Darkness.

The 1997 Re-release in theaters.

Electronic lightsabers.


Differences in VHS versions
Mielr said:

Yeah, there's no contest. Don't bother with the VHS.

BTW- the 1993 set is the set with the Hologram on the box, correct?

That one has a different sound mix than the 'faces' tapes (it has the extra C-3P0 line, etc.), and it's a different video transfer, too, AFAIK.

Yes it's the first letterbox release and is supposedly from the first widescreen laserdiscs.