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Info: The Godfather Trilogy 1901 - 1980

I just watched Godfather 2 last night. I think when arranged in chronological order ("Novel for Television"), the story of Vito coming up in New York becomes its own movie, which I like because it's much more interesting than Michael's story. The overall story grows less interesting as it progresses. I want to see every deleted scrap from Vito's story, and from Godfather 1.

I have seen a fanedit of Vito's story all about the Vito scenes in Godfather 2 including his death scene at old age. With the inclusion of title cards it could have been an interesting watch, but with just the scenes pasted together it seemed something was seriously missing to make it complete or feel like a movie. Additional footage from that time would also come in nicely.

Info: is GONE!!!!

Jay said:
I seriously doubt anybody "ratted out" They received a cease and desist notice a long time ago regarding a certain fan edit just like we did, so somebody has been keeping tabs on them. It's not like the lawyers delete your file once you comply.
If a site plans on hosting files--even just torrents--they need to have the technical and financial resources of The Pirate Bay (profit estimated at $75,000 USD monthly according to Wikipedia) in order to deal with the legal fallout. And it hardly matters if you host outside the US; The Pirate Bay was raided and had all their hardware confiscated by the Swedish police because of a complaint filed by the MPAA.
Whatever your position on the legality of fan edits, the fact remains that smaller sites like and are not equipped to battle the MPAA in court. Providing files is a bad idea unless you want your door kicked in and your servers taken

No rats were needed for that. I agree to what you say, Jay. And we all knew it was a matter of time until someone bothered. 2 years are a long time actually and now it is again getting a bit more difficult to get fanedits.
Of course I for one do not intend to defend the case at court. I could not afford that at all. And I see it as a lost cause anyway, because fanedits do in fact infringe on copyright. They were just tolerated for quite a long time and we were all happy about that. Now these fun times are over. Next chapter.
This does not at all mean the end for fanedits or their sharing. In fact what the mpaa did started a lot of discussions worldwide and put a lot of attention, not just to, but to everything fanedit related. Still most people have never heard of them. So, as bad as it is to have the links removed, it was the best possible promotion for this artform.
I am very please to see the positive reactions HERE and on so many other websites. I got loads of emails wishing us well and hoping for a future and I want to say thanks for all the support. It's you guys that make all the work and effort worthwhile. And without the continuous help we simply would not exist.
Of course there are other voices too, who like to be heard. It's in the nature of things that opinions differ.
I once asked the piratebay mods, if they could do something about rude comments (like demonoid does) and they sent me quite a funny reply: "Not really. Only if it is about mud wrestling. And we don't care about mud wrestling at all. So, no."

Waterworld ABC Cut? A ton of info - see McFly's posts for details (Released)
here is my updated cover art for this project. I made a prety similar one for the first project of this kind some time ago and was asked and fed with info by Jaiman Tuckuh. I have used Copperlate Gothic Bold as font to match the DVD menus. if you like it, you can download it here: Mediafire
the rapidshare links are now available.
I have also included the fix that ady sent me.

Once again I want to say a big thank you to adywan for taking the time to create what is supposedly the best effort in fanediting EVER created by a human being. You have given us NEW HOPE and let the Jedi return to our hearts.
Originally posted by: discostewart
1) Seen it on and mininova but for the life of me cant see anything that says whether its the NTSC or PAL version ?

2) Also guys 1 seeder ! come on . I will seed for atleast 2 weeks. If you are worried about your isp just use a service like

3) Indcidently when we talk NTSC / PAL version Im assuming we are talking the lines on screen not the actual region coding? As I would have thought this would be set to region 0. What Im basically saying is as most UK tv's can show ntsc signals it doesnt really matter which version we downlaod if its coded region 0 ?

this is from the torrent info:
anedit Details for the DVD-5 version:

* ReLeaSe DaTe 01.03.2008
* ViDeo
* auDio AC3 448kbps 5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL
* FRaMe RaTe 29fps
* ReSoLuTioN 720 X 480
* Subtitles ENGLISH

NTSC DVD-5 with extras

there is no region code whatever...
and, yes, I am the only seeder still, but the torrent is brand new, speed is VERY good (thanks to the ones who really share) and soon there will be more.

Help Wanted: A pitch-corrected Star Wars for PAL?
Originally posted by: Arnie.d
I used dvd-lab pro v2.? It didn't complain at all. It recognized the file as PAL, 25 fps 2:3 pulldown (but it still is 23.976 fps progressive). If I open a 23.976 fps progressive NTSC file with pulldown in dvd-lab it is recognized as NTSC, 29.97 fps 2:3 pulldown.

I got this method from boon23. I think he used it to turn a PAL movie into NTSC without having to mess with the audio. I think he resized the NTSC video to 720x576 at 25 fps and applied 2:3 pulldown to 29.97 (setting: "25 --> 29.97"). It was a long time ago in a thread here at but I can't remeber what thread.

I turn PAL movies into NTSC, not vice versa. And, yes, it is done by resizing the video and the using DGpulldown to create the framerate of 29.97fps. Works like a charm, but the PAL speedup remains of course, since I don't change the audio and timings are equal.
*** The Official DigitalFreakNYC Release Thread*** (SW, Indy + Others!)
I just received this comment for DF011: Batman - The Making and Hype of the Movie (1989):
I just downloaded this. The link for the “20/20 News Report” from the main menu doesn’t work. Trying to navigate to the feature by pressing the chapter skip button doesn’t work either. This is disappointing. The “20/20? segment was what I was most looking forward to on this FanEdit.