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so there is the TV version and the theatrical version.
Got it and got them.
But is there really an official release of the theatrical edition INCLUDING the 12 minutes of extra scenes from the TV cut? Because if not then this clearly is a fanedit IMO. A version that is not commercially available like this.

edit: got clarification on it now. Apparently the limited edition contains the theatrical cut including the extended scenes. So, yes: custom DVD for me as well.

Help Wanted: Fan Edit in German Language audio track

actually it is about impossible to recreate the audio for such a huge project like adywan's revisited. It will never be close to perfect. You can split the audio to seperate waves with various tools like cinematize pro or besweet (freeware), but even that won't get you close, because adywan did extensive changes to the audio, which you cannot do (effects, score, voices).
The only solution for this is to ask adywan to create it by sending him the German audio.
If he has his work files still saved, it could be done with quite a simple replacing of the original audio files. Well, that's at least how I do it, when I add different languages.
What you can do though is add German subtitles. Star Wars is definitely best enjoyed in the English original and subtitles can be very helpful for understanding. Half the world watches movies in the original language with subtitles in their own language.
Wir Deutschen sind es aber gewohnt, dass alles für uns synchronisiert wird.
Sorry, if this sounds demotivating, but I just want to keep you from wasting time on what seems to me an impossible task.

Star Trek - The Pegasus (Released)

that is a funny comment actually, bingowings.
I for one think that when people release something to the public that they give it their best shot. That they properly test it, before they send it out with big words.
Yes, we all have to learn the tools, but I as an audience am entitled to an opinion. And I have seen enough fanedits that were executed just fine. This one isn't.
If he released it as a "preview" this would have been no issue at all. But when he posts on places where people release good quality fanedits, he will be compared to them. And rightfully so.
This very faneditor here has a long history...
started with selling fanedits, claiming that the works of others were made by him, releasing unfinished bad quality works over and over again and always making big words about it, like he did this time.
Now you can of course attack me, because I am so mean and criticize poor vengeance for another crappy release, but you can also may dig a bit and get informed where this reaction might come from.
If you enjoy Star Trek Pegasus: cool. be happy with it. My post was meant as a warning to all who hope for quality and waste their resources on it.

The Evil Dead Treasures Collection (Released)

oh, thanks for the info. This kind of explains this. :)

moth3r said:
That said, what exactly is your arrangement with linktalk? A fan project does not neccesarily have to be listed on the fe.org main site to be uploaded there, does it?

no, moth3r, it doesn't.
I was referring to the fanedit section of linktalk, which only lists those things that are approved on fanedit.org. There are of course various other sections to post links.
They are a nice place so far, good guys.

Star Trek - The Pegasus (Released)

and to share this with my fellow OT friends:
to me this is another piece of crap from vengeance. Those who can enjoy releases that are technically insufficient are of course welcome to enjoy it. I for one can't. It is the 10th, 15th 20th fanedit of this guy that has huge errors and should have never been released this way.

I stopped watching after 10 minutes. Maybe I missed the best parts of it, I think I did not. A proper release of this could be nice, but I am rather sure it will not come from vengeance.