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Idea: The Expendables prequels

I recently watched all 3 of the The Expendables films. I didn’t like 1 and 3, but loved 2. And I wondered, what if we expanded the franchise?


Well, what if we took the films that the actors playing the main characters (both heroes and villains) and turned some of their standalone action films into prequels of their Expendables characters?

For example, We could use the many films of Chuck Norris to see how he became the unstoppable badass we see in Expendebles 2. use the Missing in Action trilogy to show him surriving various perils, and maybe use his earlier films to show him as a drifter that gets into all kinds of trouble before he’s recruited into the army, who have been following all his escapades.

I’m just spitballing ideas, but I think I’m onto something.

The Breakfast Club: No Cringe edition (VFX help needed)

The Breakfast Club is quintesenntial 80’s teen movie, but there are aspects that have aged pooly. So far, I’ve cut 11 minutes and I’m ready to ask for some help.

I’ve never liked Allison’s transformation and only recently, I thought of using rotoscoping to remove it entirely. I’ve cut down the shots that need to be reotoscoped down to 2. If anyone is interested in helping me, please let me know (and some other VFX work is needed as well).

As for the cuts, here they are:

1: Claire no longer interrupts Vernon while he’s talking about the rules of detention (used a shot of Andrew shaking his head from slightly later in the scene to cover the transition).

2: Trimmed Vernon telling Claire there will be no talking.

3: Brian no longer stands up and sits back down again (used shot of Claire I cut out from cut 2 to cover the transition).

4: Bender no longer insults Vernon’s clothes (I have never heard of the guy Bender compares his clothes to anyway).

5: Trimmed Allison biting her fingernails and the Club’s response to it.

6: Vernon no longer leans back telling the Club to be quiet.

7: Bender and Brian look at each other for longer.

8: Bender no longer pretends to go to the toilet in the room, (now Andrew gets annoyed at him because he’s making annoying noises).

9: Cut out a close-up of Bender (as his face and head position changes in-between shots).

10: Trimmed Bender telling Claire she couldn’t ignore him if she tried (used a close-up of Allison from later to cover the transition).

11: Bender no longer suggests they impregnate Claire (used a close-up of Allison from later to cover the transition, now Claire and Andrew get pissed off because Bender suggests they are lovers).

12: The characters look at each other for less longer after Vernon tells them to shut up (used a shot of Claire I cut out from cut 10 to cover the transition.

13: Trimmed Andrew telling Bender nobody would miss him so now Bender interrupts him earlier.
14: Bender doesn’t ask Brian to repeat the fact he’s in the physics club.

15: Bender asks Brain quicker what happens in the physics club.

16: Brian responds quicker to Bender insinuating the physics club has sex.

17: Andrew no longer uses a gay slur (used a shot of Brian from earlier to cover the transistion).

18: Brian responds to the tights comments quicker.

19: Trimmed club saying they have no idea what happened to the screw.

20: Vernon no longer threatens to beat up Bender to get the screw.

21: Fixed continuity error of the chair changing positions between shots by simply having Vernon grab the chair off-screen.

22: Trimmed Vernon giving Bender extra detentions to remove the reference to cut 4 and having the music fade-out earlier to reflect the anti-climatic end to Bender and Vernon’s argument.

23: Vernon stares at Bender for less longer.

24: Removed Bender whispering ‘fuck’.

25: Trimmed Bender and Andrew talk about language.

26: Trimmed party talk (moved a shot of Bender to cover the transition).

27: Trimmed Bender asking Claire which of her parents she likes more.

28: Trimmed Bender asking Andrew if he gets along with his parents.

29: Trimmed Bender and Claire’s talk so now he’s less harassing her and more like he’s making her realise how much she’s missing out by being a virgin.

30: Andrew gets up sooner after telling Bender to leave Claire alone.

31: Fixed continuity error of the knife changing positions between shots by trimming the knife stab into the chair.

32: Trimmed argument between Bender and Andrew.

33: Vernon picks Allison to accompany Andrew quicker.

34: Trimmed conversation between Andrew and Allison.

35: Trimmed conversation between Bender, Claire and Andrew.

36: Trimmed talk between Bender and Claire about sushi.

37: Fixed continuity error of Claire’s arm moving between shots by having Andrew get out all his food during their conversation.

38: Cut out a shot of Allison to fix continuity error of having captain crunch just appear in-between shots. Now the sound suggests that she got them out of her bag.

39: Bender no longer sits back down, only to get up again, while impersonating Brian’s (and then his own) parents.

40: Bender no longer put his face in between Claire’s legs (with some rearranging of the material).

41: Trimmed Carl blackmailing Vernon.

42: Trimmed Bender and Claire questioning each other.

43: Used a shot of Allison from earlier to cover up a continuity error.

44: Trimmed shot of Allison for cut 43.

45: Trimmed conversation between Carl and Vernon.

46: Trimmed group therapy session.

47: Zoomed in on a shot of Claire to fix a continuity error.

48: Trimmed Club chastising Bender.

49: Trimmed Club talking about parents.

50: Trimmed Club talking about Monday.

51: Allison no longer gets a makeover, and all shots of her are either removed, or altered.

52: Trimmed Bender and Claire in the closet.

51: Got rid of Carl goodbye.

I do have somebody making the deleted scenes look less terrible for a special workprint edit I’m planning, so there’s that. I do plan having a deleted scene in this edit.

Now You See Me: Hybrid Cut (Released)

Now You See Me is a great movie. It’s very tightly written and is very smart and logical. When I saw that there were 2 cuts and half an hour of deleted scenes, I decided to create a hybrid cut. Here’s a list:

-Used theatrical cut for the opening as I thought the title cards from the extended cut were unessecery (although I did use a different line from Merritt from the extended cut to fix a continuity error. Also trimmed Merritt scene to fix contiunity error.

-Used a zoomed in and reversed shot of Merritt to fix a contnuity error in the apartment scene.

-Used a trimmed version of Alma’s introduction from the extended cut.

-Used Bradley’s introduction from the theatrical cut because it was easier to follow dialouge-wise.

-Trimmed the interagtion scenes (and zoomed-in when the cuffs fly off Atlas).

-Trimmed scene when the Horsemen steal Tressler’s money.

-Trimmed and zoomed in on parts of Dylan/Alma’s make-up conversation.

-Cut out all images of young Dylan and his father.

-Used flashback opening from the sequel near the end.

-Used a deleted scene as a post-credits scene.

P.S. I posted this on Reddit a while back and decided to share it so more fans of Now You See Me could watch it.

SALT: The Hybrid Closure Cut (spoilers) (Released)

SALT is a 2010 film directed by Phillip Noyce. It’s a pretty standard spy movie, except for 1 thing: there’s 3 cuts: The theatrical cut, the extended cut and the director’s cut. I’ll go over the differences quickly.

Theatrical: Pretty light on the violence, boyfriend is killed by being shot, Orlov is killed on the boat, the president stays alive and Salt escapes from a helicopter to set-up a sequel.

Director’s: Heavier on the violence, boyfirend is killed by drowning, Orlov is killed on the boat, the president is killed, and Salt escapes from a helicopter to set-up a sequel, while a voice-over implies the new-president is a Russian sleeper agent. There’s also a few light scene extensions and more flashbacks.

Extended: Same as Director’s except Orlov does not die on the boat, instead, Salt escapes from a hospital rather than a helicopter, goes to where she was trained as a child, kills Orlov there and blows up the building, meaning their’s no sequel set-up.

From my reaserch, the extended cut was the original before they did reshoots to set-up a sequel. But it’s 10 years and it looks like that isn’t happening, so I want to avoid the sequel tease.

My version (The Hybrid Closure Cut), starts of with theatrical and stays with it until Salt kills Orlov. This is because I didn’t think much of the scene extensions and new flashbacks (with the exception of Salt saying she needed a pee, as it explains how she gets out of the intergation room).

When Salt kills Orlov, we switch to director’s cut because of the extra violence (even if it meant having to replace a shot of the boyfriend being drowned with the one of him dead on the floor for pacing reasons) and stay with it until we get to the point of Ted pointing the gun at the president.

At this point, we switch back to theatrical beccause it means the president only gets knocked out (and make the sequel set-up less likey, because the president could prove that Ted was a bad guy and clear Salt’s name). That and I couldn’t be bothered to switch between the different cuts to keep the president alive and include the extra violence (which was about an extra second so it wasn’t worth it.

Once the theatrical cut ends, we switch to the Extended ending before the theatrical credits roll with a simple fade and we include the establishing shot of the school and the children being trained in it, before cutting to the school exploding (since I couldn’t include the stuff with Orlov because he was killed on the boat because it would be easier for Salt to get her name cleared and avoid a sequel set-up) and credits.

It also brings the runtime to 1 hour, 40 minutes and 47 seconds, 47 seconds longer than theatrical, 17 seconds shorter than extended and 4 minutes shorter than director’s cut.

That and if I ever need a sequence of Angelina Jolie killing while dressed as a nun, and escaping from a hospital/interragtion, that will be useful.

The X-Files Mythology collection (Released)

Making The X-Files Mythology more consistent. Episodes done so far:

-New pre-titles sequence
-Cut scenes of the 2 teenagers.
-Trimmed a few dialogue scenes.
-The abduction scenes now happens off-screen, so it’s a surprise as to who the abductor is.
-Got rid of most of the fade-to-blacks.
-Added a neck snap for when #spoiler# dies, just to make their death more definitive.
-Added a post-credits scene.
Runtime: 39 minutes.

Gethsemane and Redux 1 and 2.
-Trimmed dialogue scenes.
-Rearranged Redux 2 so it makes more sense and it allowed me to get rid of the fake Samantha.
-Got rid of most of the fade-to-blacks.
-Cut out a few scenes that don’t have Mulder or Scully in them.
-Trimmed CSM’s supposed death so that his survival is more believable.
-Cut out most of Bill Scully JR because he’s such an unlikeable character.
Runtime: 97 minutes.

Red Museum
-Get rid of pre-credits scene.
-Get rid of alot of things.
Runtime: 29 minutes.

The X-Files: Final cases (Released)

WitchDR said:

bob79519 said:

WitchDR said:

Any update on this?

Yeah, I’ll have a full cut/change list soon!

Awesome! Can’t wait!

Finished, here’s the changes (most of which have been for pacing unless specified elsewhere):

Movie 1: Lost (Within, Without, Via Negative and Per Manum).


-Removed pre-title sequence to use in edit of ‘Requiem’
-Trimmed conversation with Kersh
-Trimmed first meeting with Doggett to remove anti-Mulder and Scully talk.
-Got rid of as many fade-to-blacks as possible.
-Get rid of Doggett confronting Scully in Mulder’s apartment, the thing with Mulder’s pass card, the thing with the gravestone, the retcon brain disease and the whole scene of Scully, Skinner and Doggett arguing over how far Mulder
would go, along with Skinner’s flashback.
-Cut out Doggett mentioning missing files and incorrect dates.
-Cut Scully dreaming about Mulder being tortured in car.


-Cut out pre-title sequence for because it ruined suspense.
-Zoomed in to remove on-screen credits in most edits.
–Reverse footage of downwards pan of cliff so that when Skinner looks at it and comments on it, it looks like a POV shot, and it reduces amount of zooming in required.
-Trim Scully telling Doggett that what he thought was Mulder, was actually an alien bounty hunter, to reduce amount of zooming in required.
-Trim phone conversation between Kersh and Doggett.
-Removed scenes of the alien bounty hunter to keep the audience guessing who the alien bounty hunter is.
-Adding establishing shot of FBI from another episode with a ‘48 hours later’ to help audience keep track of time. Time stamps added throughout the movies to keep audience to keep track of time and avoid issue of 'Scully being pregnant for a year. The new timeline is this:

-May 2000: Scully gets pregnant after having sex with Mulder in All Things.
-July 2000: Mulder goes missing.
-October 2000: Mulder is found dead.
-January 2001: Mulder comes back to life.
-February 2001: Scully gives birth.

-Adding establishing shot of FBI from another episode with a ‘2 weeks later’ timestamp to give time for Scully and Skinner to be released from hospital.
-Use part of a scene from ‘Patience’ for transition purposes.


-Trim conversation between Doggett and Skinner on the dead cult members.
-Trim first scene in Kersh’s office.
-got rid of first scene with homeless man, drug dealer making drugs and scene where Skinner and Doggett establish the murder weapon.
-Trim second scene in Kersh’s office.
-Insert pre-title sequence from Nothing Important Happened Today 2, with establishing shot of FBI building and footage from ‘Release’ for transition purposes.

-Got rid of pre-title sequence because it gives away the plot a bit too much.
-Trimmed first office scene with Duffy.
-Trimmed first flashback.
-Got rid of Scully being caught in lift by Doggett.
-Trim Doggett confronting Scully.
-Trimmed second office scene with Duffy.
-Cut out entire scene of Scully and Skinner lying to Doggett.
-Trim scene of Doggett seeing Skinner.

New post-credits scene.

Movie 2: Found (This is Not Happening, DeadAlive and Three Words).

This is Not Happening
-Got rid of pre-credits sequence.
-Trimmed Scully and Doggett talking.
-Trim scene with Gary.
-Cut out Jeremiah Smith showing up at the hospital and disgusting himself as the Doctor.
-Trim first encounter with Monica Reyes.
-got rid of Jeremiah Smith healing Teresa.
-Trim scene of Scully and Monica talking about feelings.
-Got rid of Scully seeing a vision of Mulder.
-Trim interrogation.
-Used footage from Release, Patience and Providence to transisiton to the funeral.


-Get rid of Kersh offering Doggett a promotion, and Scully and Doggett talking in the X-Files office.
-Trim car scene between Doggett and Skinner.
-Trim Doggett not letting Scully see Mulder.
-Trim first office scene between Kersh and Doggett to remove reference to cut job offering scene.
-Trim first encounter between Skinner and Krycek.
-Trim Scully arguing with Doggett.
-Trim Scully and Doggett arguing again.
-Trimmed encounter between Kryek and Doggett encounter.
-Used footage from Providence for transition purposes (along with 2 weeks later timestamp).


-Get rid of everything from the pre-title sequence to Mulder and Scully going to Mulder’s apartment, so now the first piece of footage from the episode is an exterior shot of the prison.
-Trim Kersh office scene to remove references to Mulder’s home.
-Cut scene of Skinner, Mulder and Scully in Mulder’s apartment.
-Inserted footage from ‘Sixth Extinction 2: Amor Fath’ to cover-up fade-to-black.
-Trim office scene between Mulder, Scully and Skinner.
-Get rid of Lone Gunmen questioning who the baby’s father is.
-Trim scene between Mulder, Scully and the Lone Gunmen.
-Used scenes from ‘Nothing Important Happened Today 2’ to cover-up fade to black.

New post-credits scene.

Movie 3: The End of The End (Empedocles, Vienen, Essence and Existence).
EDITS FOR: Empedocles.
-Cut pre-title sequence
-Add tagline from The End.
-Remove jealous pizza man routine, so with an establishing shot of Scully’s apartment, the pizza man just shows up.
-MAYBE get rid of scene of killer failing to commit suicide.
-Trim Mulder and Reyes meeting and get rid of fade to black.
-Remove Doggett visiting Scully the first time.
-Trim Reyes visiting Mulder.
-Add scene from Release of Doggett visiting his ex-wife.
-trim Monica visiting killer’s wife.
-remove killer arriving home.
-Get rid of pizza man reference.
-Use footage from ‘Nothing Important Happened Today 2’ and ‘Release’.

Edits for: Vienen;
-Get rid of pre-title sequence.
-Remove Mulder getting mad at Kersh for wanting to send Scully to the oil rig (he should be smart enough to figure out that’s not the case).
-Get rid of shot of Taylor being infected with the black oil after Mulder and Doggett leave him.
-Get rid of Taylor murdering communication transmission.
-Get rid of Scully being surprised that Mulder is on the rig.
-Get rid of Mulder telling Scully to tell their child that they went down swinging.
-Trim Mulder and Doggett arguing.
-Get rid of scene of Kersh threatening Scully and Skinner.
-Add shot of Washington D.C. from The Truth.
-Cut to first scene of Jump the Shark, but re-edited so that Morris Fletcher is killed (with a Wilhelm Scream sound effect to prove this).
-Cut to trimmed version of the first scene of Alone, where Scully goes on maternity leave.

Edits for: Essence;
-Get rid of pre-title sequence.
-Get rid of baby shower, Lizzy in the toilet and Billy Miles killing scientist.
-Trim Mulder at Doggett’s house.
-Get rid of Lizzy leaving Scully’s apartment.
-Get rid of Billy Miles visiting Doctor Parenti.
-Get rid of Scully in shower.
-Get rid of Lizzy calling guy Duffy.
-Trim Skinner asking Mulder who the father is.
-Delay revelation that Crane is a super-soldier.

Edits for: Existence;
-Get rid of Scully and Monica in the car.
-Trim discussion between Krycek, Doggett, Mulder and Skinner.
-Get rid of fade to black after Skinner is injured.
-Trim discussion between Mulder and Doggett about super soldiers.
-Trim Mulder and Doggett talking about the future in the car.
-After screen fades to black, re-edit audio from Chinga, so that Mulder proposes marriage to Scully, and she says yes.

New post-credits sequence to resolve the story.

The X-Files: Final cases (Released)

Danacky said:

Looking forward to seeing these

Here are some preview clips (ignore colours on the first clip, I was having some rendering issues that I have fixed since) and

The X-Files: Final cases (Released)

Let me tell you a story: last year, I got Amazon Prime and watched the X-Files. I loved it: from the atmosphere, to the story, to the amazing characters I loved it all. But then I got to season 9, and I started to not like it. The plots were stupid, the writing was terrible, the mythology episodes became boring, and the finale was one of the worst I have ever seen. Then I was almost bored to death with I Want to Believe, season 10 would have been a complete disaster had it not been for the Darin Morgan episode, and while season 11 was a bit better, the mythology was worse then ever and the finale was awful.

Afterwards, I retreaded into the world of fanfiction. And while I read some amazing X-Files fics, I wondered: what if the X-Files ever got the grand finale it deserved? So, as my opinions above indicate, I think season 8 is the last good season, so that would have to be the final one.

Now, I actually really like the X-Files season 8. The mythology has been the best it was since season 5, and the episodes were pretty good and there was a sense of direction (unlike the second half of season 7). I think people tend to hate the season just because Mulder is absent for half of it, which is kind of understandable, but still. However, there’s still problems. There is some stupid reveles (like Mulder’s retcon brain disease, or John Doggett’s skepticalness not really making sense after a certain point), the reveal of who the father of Scully’s baby is increadly obvious and it takes a bit too long for Mulder to show back up.

So, the intentions of my edit is this:
1: Get rid of as much stupid stuff as possible.
2: Give as much closure as possible.
3: Make the events of season 9 and beyond impossible.

I will not be doing these:
1: Include the Gift. I know it’s a mythology episode, but it relies on the retcon brain disease, which I’m getting rid of, so I can’t use it. Plus, cutting Doggett dying and coming back to life makes him being a skeptic more believable.
2: Include most of the stand-alone episodes. Most of them are pointless anyway, and just delay Mulder coming back.
3: Include footage from the revival. Not only is it completely devoid of atmosphere, but it also looks increadly different to the rest of the series. Plus, I’m not going to waste money on 2 terrible seasons of TV, just for a few seconds of footage.

Now, season 8 is going to be split up into 3 movies: Lost, Found and the end of the end.

-this will be comprised of Within, Without, Via Negativa and Per Manum. It will be less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

-this will be comprised of This is Not Happening, DeadAlive and Three Words. It will be under 2 hours.

The end of the end:
-this will be comprised of Empedocles, Vinen, Essence and Existence. It will probably be over 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Now I will be using footage from other episodes and there will be some unpredictable stuff in here.

The X-Files: The final adventures (Released)

The X-Files: The final cases

I love the X-Files, but like almost every good TV show, it went on too long. Everybody has their own opinion on when they think the X-Files should have ended. I personally think that it should have ended with season 8. Season 9 is painful to sit through because of a lack of Mulder and the episodes being mediocre at best, I want to Believe was boring and uninteresting, season 10 was almost a complete waste of time and season 11, while being alright, had an atrocious conclusion. All of these seasons also have loads of continuity errors, moronic retcons, and Mulder and Scully, one of my favourite couples in history, break-up for no good reason. So therefore, season 8 has to be the last season. Besides, the ending has a sense of closure to it.

Unfortunately, some of the stupidity that plagued the future seasons can be seen in season 8 (like the stupid retcon that Mulder was dying in season 7, even though he looked perfectly fine and healthy in that season, so it makes no sense). I also want to add a sense of closure. So my plan is to turn multiple episodes into movies. while adding scenes from other TV shows and movies to adding to the feeling of closure.

Movie 1: Lost. The edit would begin with Within (without the stupid retcon I mentioned), before transitioning to Without. Then we would get a trimmed version of the first scene from Patience to establish their partnership better, and then Via Negativa would play out. I would skip Via Negativa, but John needs to meet the Lone Gunmen for future episodes, so it has to stay. Then end on Per Manum, as it reminds us of what we have lost: Mulder. Also, I have a post-credits scene to add.

Movie 2: Found. This comprise of: This Is Not Happening, Deadalive and Three Words. I would love to cut out Mulder’s pointless death and Resurrection, but there’s no way to do so. I also have a post-credits scene to add.

Movie 3: Revelations. This will comprise of: Empedocles, Vienen, Essence and Existence. I would skip Empedocies, but Mulder needs to meet Monica Reyes because of the finale. I also have a post-credits scene to resolve the colonisation arc.

I also want to try and cut out as many fade to black’s as possible.

Idea: Star Wars - Legends edits

SparkySywer said:

Retcons don’t really deserve to count. You can retcon any contradiction, but they’re still contradictions.

But the retcons in Legends (except for the Dave Filoni Clone Wars TV show, and even then, any true Legends fan knows that it’s canon to Legends and Disney are just being complete trolls) work because they don’t contradict anything which came before and they make sense.

Idea: Star Wars - Legends edits

DuracellEnergizer said:

bob79519 said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Make the clones of the eponymous wars the villains, as was indicated in the Thrawn Trilogy.

Give Windu and the other Jedi Council members their proper lightsaber colours:

Likewise, Aayla had a magenta lightsaber in her initial appearances in the EU. Gotta give that back.

Likewise likewise, the Dark Forces Trilogy mentioned that Qu Rahn’s golden lightsaber used to be Yoda’s. Gotta follow suit.

According to this story, Boba Fett was an alias used by the exiled Journeyman Protector Jaster Merell, not a clone of Jango Fett. I suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble to rename the characters.

You do know all of those were explained at some point?

Through inane retcons which stress credibility to the breaking point?

Alright then, let’s look at the examples you gave:

-The Thrawn trilogy dating system and inaccurate description of the Clone Wars was explained by the fact that the date was given by the Noghri, who have a different calendar from the rest of the galaxy. Also, the clones being villains were later explained by a clone rebellion during the Galactic Empire days (which made for a pretty fun level in Star Wars Battlefront 2, where you got to play as Boba Fett).

-As for the Lightsaber colours, I think they got new Lightsaber’s at some point.

-Yoda could have had more then 1 Lightsaber (always good to have spares).

-There’s no need to rename the characters, their history is well established by now.

Idea: Star Wars - Legends edits

DuracellEnergizer said:

Make the clones of the eponymous wars the villains, as was indicated in the Thrawn Trilogy.

Give Windu and the other Jedi Council members their proper lightsaber colours:

Likewise, Aayla had a magenta lightsaber in her initial appearances in the EU. Gotta give that back.

Likewise likewise, the Dark Forces Trilogy mentioned that Qu Rahn’s golden lightsaber used to be Yoda’s. Gotta follow suit.

According to this story, Boba Fett was an alias used by the exiled Journeyman Protector Jaster Merell, not a clone of Jango Fett. I suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble to rename the characters.

You do know all of those were explained at some point?

Idea: Star Wars - Legends edits

Now, we all know that there are hundreds of Star Wars fan-edits out there, but I have not found any that would edit the films so that they match with Legends better (the superior Star Wars universe and not the crap Disney has made). What I mean by this, is adding various elements from Legends into the background. I also want to remove production mistakes and annoying stuff.

Ever since Star Wars Revisited was released, I have been wondering how to do this, and I have a few ideas about

The Phantom Menace:
-Re-write title crawl to incorporate Legends elements and make it more exciting.
-Add an Aayla Secura cameo (since she was on an undercover mission with Quinlan Vos at the time).
-Add cameos of Jorus C’baoth and Jerec (main villain of Dark Forces 2) to the scenes in the Jedi Temple.

Attack of the Clones:
-Re-write title crawl to incorporate Legends elements and make it more exciting.
-Add various Legends Jedi and Clone Troopers to the Battle of Geonosis.
-Recolour Anakin’s robot hand at the end of the film gold, so it matches with Star Wars Clone Wars.

Revenge of the Sith:
-Re-colour the Millennium Falcon’s engines blue.
-Re-insert the deleted Mon Mothma scenes back in and insert Garm Bel Ibis digitally into them.
-Extend the Order 66 scene in order to add various cameos to show multiple Jedi getting killed (that weren’t in the original scene).
-Digitally alter Palpatine’s statues so that they have golden versions of Darth Revan and Darth Nihilus’ masks on.
-Re-insert the deleted scene of Yoda arriving on Dagobah.

A New Hope:
-Re-write title crawl to incorporate Legends elements.
-Add various Legends ships to the battle of Yavin.

Empire Strikes Back:
-Re-write title crawl to incorporate Legends elements.
-Add an Outrider or Dash Rendar cameo so that it matches up with Shadows of the Empire.
-Add landing crafts to deploy AT-ATs
-Add shot of Derek Klivian flying his damaged vessel directly into the cockpit of Maximilian Veers’s walker.
-Add Mon Calamari ships to the Rebel Fleet at the end.
-Make it so the fleet jumps to lightspeed just before the credits.

Return of the Jedi:
-Re-write title crawl to incorporate Legends elements.
-Add a Mara Jade cameo so that it matches up with the novel: Tales from Jabba’s Palace.
-Add shot of Boba Fett escaping from the Sarlacc pit (possibly as post-credits scene for the sake of pacing).
-Add various Legends ships to the Battle of Endor.

I’m not sure what version of the films I want to use. I know for the prequels I will use the 2011 special edition versions (as they fix some of the bad CGI). As for the original trilogy, I want to use a mix of Revisited and Despecialized. Revisited for the effects, Despecialized for undoing special edition changes that Adywan did not change (and I would have to remove anything that conforms to the Disney continuity).

If you have any ideas, let me know so I can add them to this post and increase the number of edits to make. Also, I will not be able to make these edits for a long time, so don’t be surprised if these edits don’t get made within the next decade.